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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Map ID
boiny (Pathologic)
Butchers (Pathologic)
Oyun (Pathologic)
Herb Brides (Pathologic 2)
Nara (Pathologic 2)
Albino (Pathologic 2)

An ancient temple turned into a slaughterhouse. A place where the town’s zoomorphic nature is particularly salient. A theme of nestedness: as the town had grown atop the bull of the earth and crushed it down, so has the gray-concrete Termitary, housing the workers, grown atop the Abattoir, humanizing it and taking away its magnetism.
[from the game’s design documents]

The Abattoir (Бойни), also known as Olonngo, is the womb from which the whole city was born, the heart of the Bull Project (the economic basis of the city) and the "neolithic swelling on the edge", as the Bachelor puts it. The Foreman is the main link between the Abattoir and the Town.


The Abattoir is the core of the Bull Enterprise and the place where the bulls are slaughtered. It is said the Abattoir's transformation into a prosperous industrial facility (that simultaneously remains a pagan temple where Steppe rites are performed) is due to Foreman Oyun's efforts in working with Big Vlad.[1]

The Abattoir can be accessed through one of three gates: the Gates of Labour, which are used by the workers; the Gates of Sorrow, through which slaughtered bulls are taken away by the railway track; and the Gorge (or the Bulljaw in Pathologic 2), a corridor in the depths of the Abattoir, the route that Supremes take when they come from the Steppe to be celebrated. There's also a passage to the Abattoir from the Termitary. Entrances to the Abattoir are limited, and getting there is not easy. Butchers cover the gate with boulders and at the right time, they roll them back. Opening and closing the gates is subject to complex laws established by the Foreman. Previously, it was run by Father Superior Tycheek, and it is now run by his daughter. According to Aglaya Lilich, it is impossible to enter into a slaughterhouse when it's off limits due to an overwhelming mental barrier.


On the day of the Inquisitor's arrival, at her command, all the gates are opened. However, the Butchers and Worms inside the Abattoir will be hostile to outsiders.

Local kids believe the Abattoir is inhabited by gods so old that beasts used to believe in them before humans even came to exist. Some townsfolk say the Abattoir is so big because it covers the cavities of the unburied Udurgh.

Over the centuries, butchers poured ritual bovine blood under the Abattoir through various underground cavities, causing all the ground under the town to be soaked in it.

In the depths of the Abattoir, Haruspex is able to find the living blood, which he uses to create the Panacea. Aglaya Lilich suggests that the Polyhedron caused the wound in the earth which prompted the infection, therefore removing it will save the town.

The Bachelor insists that the Plague was born underground in the temple, in mineral deposits, so with its soil poisoned, the Abattoir and the Town must be destroyed to eradicate the disease and the blood that has gathered below.



Bachelor Route

On Day 6, the Bachelor can find the Albino wandering in the Steppe near the Gates of Sorrow. Var and his arsonists will attempt to launch an attack on the Termitary at the Gates of Labour.

On Day 8, the Bachelor can convince Taya Tycheek to give him access to the Abattoir by exchanging one of the Olgimsky men, or by retrieving her toy from an infected house. The Abattoir will open at 23:00, and entering will lead to a cutscene of the Bachelor being accosted by Butchers for trespassing. He is rescued by the Army and will regain consciousness on Day 9.

Haruspex Route

On Day 7, the Haruspex learns that the Abattoir has been opened again and enters to meet with Foreman Oyun. He will receive a vial of Abattoir Blood.

On Day 8, the Inquisitor asks the Haruspex to enter the Abattoir, but finds that it has been closed once again. The Haruspex must find the Changeling and trick her into telling him the true ending to a story for Taya Tycheek in order to reopen the Abattoir. Once inside, he speaks to Oyun who tells him that he is not ready to fully accept his inheritance. The Haruspex must speak with Aspity and receive the Bone Horn before returning to Oyun again.

On Day 9, the army Commander Alexander Block will ask the Haruspex to enter the Abattoir. After speaking with Oyun, the Haruspex's exhaustion suddenly begins to rise as part of his trial. In order to complete the trial, the Haruspex must find the Bachelor and return to Oyun.

On Day 10, at the Bachelor's urging, the Haruspex enters the Abattoir again to speak with Oyun. Oyun gives him another trial in which he must capture several Butchers who have violated the Law while experiencing starvation. After finding and killing all of the Butchers, the Haruspex returns to the Abattoir and speaks to Oyun to complete his trial.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 11, the Haruspex faces his final trial with Oyun. Oyun tells him that the last trial is a spiritual journey that is completed by jumping into a large pit in the previous chamber. If the Haruspex does so, he will die. In order to complete the trial, he must accept help from the Changeling, who sent him a letter in the morning.

After completing the trial, the Haruspex confronts Oyun with the knowledge that Oyun killed his father, Isidor Burakh. The two will move to a fighting area and Oyun will don a bull-shaped piece of headgear. The Haruspex must fight and kill Oyun in order to fully come into his inheritance.

The Haruspex may also completely skip the final trial and directly fight Oyun by talking with Aspity, the Bachelor, or the remaining Olgimsky. They will tell him what he needs to know in order to confront Oyun about his father's death without having to jump into the pit.

Significant plot details end here.

Changeling Route

On Day 8, the Inquisitor asks the Changeling to investigate the Abattoir. The Changeling convinces Taya Tycheek to allow her entry by telling her a story. Inside of the Abattoir, the Changeling will encounter Foreman Oyun.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 11, the Changeling learns about the 'final trial' that the Haruspex is planning to do. She convinces him to wait until the end of the day before confronting the Foreman, as she has her own plans. The Changeling enters the Abattoir and talks to Oyun, who will agree to become a sacrifice in order to atone for his sins.

After speaking with Oyun, the Changeling will find the Haruspex standing outside the Foreman's chamber.

Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic 2

Used to be a temple. Now a giant slaughterhouse. Off limits.
Haruspex's map hover description

"Any trickle of blood seeps from Olonngo."
Haruspex's map hover description after completing the Abattoir quest

Day 1
The Abattoir is initially inaccessible to the Haruspex.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 9
At 15:00 on Day 9, a Siskin NPC messenger will inform the Haruspex that foreman Oyun wishes to speak with him. Oyun can be found in Shekhen unless the Haruspex previously invited him to stay in Isidor Burakh's House. Oyun will instruct the Haruspex to enter the Abattoir, so that he may learn what happened to his father. After this conversation, the Abattoir becomes accessible to the Haruspex, and will remain available for entry until 07:30 on Day 11. Oyun will advise the Haruspex that he drop all his possessions before entering, however all that is required is that he make space for two 2-cell vertical items: A Menkhu's Finger and a unique blood vial.
Of the Abattoir's three entrances, only the Bulljaw -- the southern exterior entrance traditionally reserved for bulls -- is open. Upon entering, the Haruspex will be temporarily relieved of his entire inventory and any death punishments accumulated thus far. The game will automatically save at the Abattoir's beginning, in-game time will be slowed to the point of being effectively frozen, and bodily functions such as Hunger and Exhaustion will accumulate much slower while inside. Before entering, it is highly recommended that the player eliminate their Thirst entirely, as there are no traditional means to do so inside.
  • If the Haruspex enters at any point during Day 9, he will eventually exit the Abattoir (emerging from the well in Vlad the Younger's Dilapidated Shack) at 01:00 on Day 10.
  • Conversely, if he enters any time after Day 9, then he will exit 2 in-game hours after his time of entry (still emerging from the well in Vlad Jr.'s Shack).
The Haruspex is greeted by a friendly Worm sitting by a spring running with a unique consumable blood. The Worm says there are 6 springs in total, but forbids the Haruspex from drinking from them on the grounds that the blood is not for him, as it comes from Mother Boddho. Despite this warning, the Worm will not become hostile if the Haruspex takes or consumes blood from the spring in front of them.
The Haruspex is then subjected to a trial in which he must subdue 5 violent Worms. Each of these worms will drop an Empty Bottle, which can be used to collect Living Blood from the springs found throughout the chamber. The Living Blood may also be consumed on the spot for immediate benefits to health and other status bars, details of which may be read on its page.
Partway through the chambers, he will find a group of Herb Brides (including Nara), who help him learn more about the nature of the Plague, why it appeared, and why the Kin are not affected by it. The Brides give the Haruspex a Menkhu's Finger, with which he is forced to autopsy Nara via a string of dialogue. The dialogue is framed as a test regarding whether the Haruspex knows the lines, however the interaction cannot result in a fail state. In absence of her Kidney, Nara's body instead contains a Spindle featuring unique hover & touch quotes that allude to Layers and it being one of three integral items. Two of the aggressive Worms will drop similar items: A Fingernail and a Candle Stub, both featuring similar hover & touch quotes.
Eventually the Abattoir's caverns will lead to a much larger chamber containing an enormous pit in the ground, preceded directly by another friendly worm standing by an autopsy table. The worm instructs the Haruspex to "make connections" as a true Menkhu, which initially confuses the Haruspex. The autopsy table contains a user interface identical to the alembic, but instead of herbs and water, its only ingredients are the aforementioned three items featuring unique hover & text quotes. When combined, they produce a small heart that can be spoken to, which holds the title Zurkhen's Small Chamber. The heart explains more about the plague, and says that it is "only lethal to humans, but not to those who forget the word I." The heart encourages the Haruspex to return to the Kin, and abandon The Town's predominate culture. Finally, it instructs the Haruspex to exit the chamber as the bulls do: Into the pit.
  • Some players have found that jumping into the pit results in them hitting a killbox, or missing the intended landing area. It is best to walk into the pit directly behind the autopsy table supporting Zurkhen's Small Chamber.
Upon falling into the pit, the Haruspex finds himself in an even tighter corridor, resembling a larger creature's intestines. The corridor reveals itself to be circular, featuring an exit ladder and a much larger heart. This second heart is titled Zurkhen's Large Chamber, and is apparently threatened by a large pointed object protruding from the ceiling. This heart's dialogue is more abstract, to the point that the Haruspex questions its consciousness. If the Haruspex is infected with plague prior to talking with the heart, he will be cured after having done so, and the player will unlock the "Big Heart" achievement.
Day 10
Upon leaving via the ladder, the Haruspex will emerge from the well inside Vlad the Younger's Dilapidated Shack, where he will be greeted by Oyun. Vlad the Younger will also be present unless he has been taken to the Lump by his father's men or is already dead, details of which can be read on the Termitary's page.
The Haruspex will receive his prior inventory plus all relevant death punishments. He will also retain the Menkhu's Finger (with its durability repaired fully) and any Living Blood accumulated within the Abattoir, but will forfeit any additional organs or Empty Bottles. If the player's inventory was entirely full when they entered the Abattoir -- leaving insufficient space for the resulting Living Blood and/or Menkhu's Finger -- then those items will be found in a sack at the player's feet upon exiting the well.
  • However if the day changes in the time that they are in the Abattoir, then the sack will spawn and promptly despawn when they ascend from the well, thus losing those items. This can happen in two circumstances:
    • The player entered the Abattoir at any point on Day 9, in which case they will exit on Day 10.
    • The player entered the Abattoir between ~22:00 and 23:59 on Day 10, in which case they will exit on Day 11.
When next he sleeps, the Haruspex will dream that he is once again in the Abattoir, where he can speak to a number of Albino and Isidor. If he chooses to name the Albinos, the player will unlock the "Adam" achievement.
At any point afterward, if the Kin are released from the Termitary and move to Shekhen, then Oyun will move to the Abattoir in turn. If the Haruspex approaches the Kin in Shekhen, and learns that Oyun murdered his father, he will have the option of deciding Oyun's fate in the Abattoir. Oyun will insist that Isidor had already lost his mind, and that he killed him out of mercy. He will ask that the Haruspex kill him as a means of repentance. If the Haruspex kills Oyun here, he will immediately move to the Cemetery, where a cutscene of him burying Oyun occurs. If he declines, then he will be transported outside of the Abattoir, and its doors will be locked for the indefinite future.
Day 12
In the Nocturnal Ending, the Changeling can be found in the Abattoir, along with Sticky and Oyun.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

As far as I understand, bulls are slaughtered here.
Bachelor's map hover description

Located in the condemned part of Town, the Abattoir is inaccessible during The Marble Nest.


Official Art


Blood spills from the Abattoir, from where the workers and occupants slaughter bulls. Above is the blood spilling into the Gorkhon river.


  • In Pathologic, it was stated that there are 1800 workers currently working at the Abattoir.
  • The ancient name for the Abattoir is Olonngo, "a ford".
  • In ancient days, the Abattoir used to be twice as tall as it is now.
  • Despite the production of meat, the Abattoir doesn't let the scent of death out.
  • The townsfolk claim different things about the origin of the Abattoir. Some say it was built even before men came, while others say it was built only 80 years ago.[2]
  • The water of Gorkhon is not suitable for drinking because the Abattoir dumps its waste into the river.
  • In Pathologic 2, after completing the Abattoir quest on Day 9, the Haruspex's map changes the name of the Abattoir to "Olonngo".
  • In Pathologic 2, an ice pick can be found sticking out of a rock in an out of bounds area close to where Herb Brides are. This is an homage to Ice-Pick Lodge themselves.
  • Within the Abattoir, in-game time flows at the same rate as real-world time, rather than the accelerated time experienced within the Town.


  1. "The access to the Abattoir was restricted, so the Works emerged as a separate complex. All because the Foreman of the Abattoir made a deal with Olgimsky, promising to double the product in exchange for nonintervention into the Abattoir's internal matters."
  2. "Historically, the oldest craft around here was tanning; eventually a group of factories sprouted on the river bank. About eighty years ago that settlement burned away, and then the Abattoir was constructed."