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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Albino (Альбинос)
Tumbler Human (Кукла человека)
The Haruspex's Lair
The Abattoir

The Albino is a strange being made out of clay and bones, a creature tied to the Earth.


A Steppe creature, elusive and rarely seen. Its appearance matches descriptions of the Shabnak-Adyg.


The first appearance of an Albino comes through the "Tumbler Human", which is Artemy Burakh's childhood doll which he used to speak to. He comes upon it again in what becomes his hideout. Upon repairing the alembic, the doll once more converses with Artemy, seemingly as a reflection of Artemy's father. In a dream-like state the doll teaches the Haruspex the art of creating tinctures and how to heal using the Layers of the body.

Only after the Haruspex emerges from the Abattoir does he encounter an Albino, in a dream sequence where he speaks to (and optionally names, leading to the Adam achievement) a number of them, who tell him of the connection between the Earth and the Plague, and of their near-extinction.

On Day 11, an Albino appears along with other creatures of Earth to plead on the Earth's behalf and beseeching the Haruspex to take pity on them.


Official Art


  • Albinos are sometimes referred to as "vampires", namely by Sticky.
  • During the Abattoir Dream, the Haruspex can give the first Albino four names: Artemy, Isidor, Hюmhan, or Khooloy. The second Albino can be given the name Ushkhaan and the third Albino can be named Amahn.

Albino (Альбинос)
The Thing from the Steppe
(Вещь, из Степи приходящая)
The Ragi Barrow, The Town

The Albino is a strange being made out of bone, sticks, and clay[1]. He considers himself to be Clara's brother and is an embodiment of the Sand Plague. He is hunted by Sticky.

Being close to it appears to harm people, as the Bachelor takes significant health damage while talking to it in close proximity.


The Albino is a man-like creature with skin so pale that it seems to be gleaming. The creature came from the Steppe, from under the ground. It turns up somewhere around the Rotten Field, between the Cemetery and the Abattoir.

After seeing the longneck monster, Sticky has been obsessed with hunting the Albino for a few years. Capella believes that the search for Albino has changed Sticky and might have turned into a mania. Sticky is positive that the Albino is the last vampire.

Although being close to the Albino causes people harm, he is not very strong and can be killed very easily. Albino possesses prophetic abilities and predicts events that are yet to come. [2]

Grace described the albino as supple-necked, white-faced, almost human[3], which also could be attributed to shabnak. She also says that the Albino has been haunting the Cemetery and even peered into the lodge's window. The Albino goes to Ragi Barrow at nightfall. Grace suggests that the creature might have been born there, but it also might be about what's buried in the barrow.


Bachelor Route

By talking to Sticky, the Bachelor finds out about "The Thing from the Steppe" — a mysterious creature, who is thought to be a shabnak. The Bachelor will only meet the Albino once during his route on Day 6 near the Abattoir.

The Bachelor can try to talk to the Albino and decide to either kill the Albino or let him go. The Albino says that he was only searching for a body because he is hungry and tired. He asks the Bachelor to let him go and not hurt him. If the Albino dies, the Changeling will come to visit his grave. Although the Bachelor can shoot the Albino and it appears to die, it is said that it cannot be completely killed.

Haruspex Route

The Haruspex never meets the Albino.

Changeling Route

The Changeling will see the Albino twice during her route, on Day 5 and Day 6, at the Ragi Barrow. He can tell the Changeling more about her background and origins.

The Albino appears to be very friendly to Changeling, claiming that he is her brother and that he loves her[4]. Changeling acknowledges their likeness, saying that Albino is indeed her: hated by everyone and all; born of some mysterious power; suffering; vulnerable[5]. The creature asks Changeling for protection from looters and arsonists while he is leaving to the Steppe.

Sticky says that there are rumors of Albino visiting Mother Superior and whispering fairy tales in her ear, after which she would lavish it with gifts. After Albino's visit, the Termitary got boarded up.

Something that looks like the Albino will appear every day somewhere in the Town starting from Day 6 during the Changeling route. It appears to be leading a group of people who have a cult-like faith in the Changeling's twin. The Changeling must talk to it and perform a miracle to prove she is the real Clara and the real harbinger, forcing them to disperse. If she does not find them and correctly perform the miracle, the district that they were gathering in will become permanently infected.

This is not the same creature as that Clara talks to at Ragi Barrow, despite sharing the same model, as it doesn't recognize her when she talks to it.



  1. I thought it was the Albino who had brought the Sand Plague to us. The shabnak-adyr... It's certainly made of clay, sticks, and ground bone.
  2. There's another creature. The Albino. It said it was an earth spirit, but it, too, had made prophecies about today's events.
  3. Have you seen that two-legged creature? Supple-necked, white-faced... It looks human, but also looks like it's about to pass into my care.
  4. You are flesh of my flesh, and I love you, even though you and I are only a few days old…
  5. The creature is indeed me! Hated by everyone and all; born of some mysterious power; suffering; vulnerable. I am the epitome of everything that has befallen the town since the disappearance of Simon Kain, the suprahuman. But that also makes him the key to our salvation...