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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

Soldiers in the Prologue of Pathologic 2

The Army is a military structure in the universe of Pathologic; the force sent by the Powers That Be to the Town to combat the Sand Plague and its sources of infection. The unit dispatched to the Town is comprised of numerous riflemen and several flamethrower corps. The army is also often called the 4th Division, which is consisted of several platoons and artillery and led by Commander Block. Shortly after arriving in town, the Army establishes its headquarters in the Town Hall.

Other known members of the Army are Captain Longin, Captain Ravel, General Shoin, the Bachelor's father[1], and, formerly, Stanislav Rubin (only in Pathologic).


Alexander Block's troops were headed to the southern front when they were flung to the Town to fight the plague on the Powers That Be's orders. Being the artillery, the soldiers were likely sent to level the Town as a transport junction and settlement, and then create an exclusion zone. The forces came with the train carrying a new long-range cannon that had been transported to the front by way of the north-western railroad and now located on the railroad span, some thirty kilometers away from the Town.

It's speculated that the Powers That Be chose General Block and his soldiers for this mission to take revenge on the General. Block has been an inconvenience to the Supreme Command for starting a reform of the armed forces, striving to make perpetual warfare a thing of the past, and planning to stop the construction of weapons of mass destruction such as the cannon that was brought to bombard the town.

During the very first days the Army was staying in town they lost three quarters of their men — a total of six hundred — to disease and combat. The losses and dissatisfaction with the actions of General Block leads Captain Longin — who controls the 15th Company, the flamethrower corps, and the 42th infantry battalion — to start a mutiny and seize the weapon. Alexander Block orders every soldier who's off his post to be subject to a quick trial and immediate punishment.



After the arrival, the army soldiers shoot almost all the dogs of the Soul-and-a-Halves, leaving the kids mourning the deaths of their friends.

The bull at the Bone Stake Lot is burned by the mutineer soldiers, acting on the instructions issued by Captain Longin, who, in his own stead, acted on Bachelor Dankovsky's advice. Some time later the revolters get into a fight with the townsfolk, the fight ending with fifteen soldiers killed and the local authorities sentencing the people to be executed at the hands of the firing squad.

Andrey Stamatin gets captured by the mutineers after trying to protect his brother Peter Stamatin and killing an army officer in a fight. It's up to the Bachelor to rescue the architect from being executed at the railway dead end.

Grace is seized by the flamethrower-bearing corpsmen for forbidding them to burn the bodies.

On Day 12 Alexander Block offers Changeling to come with him and his soldiers to take power in the country.

Pathologic 2

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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

On General Block's orders, the local public fund is managed by the military following their arrival to the Town. Prior to the Army's arrival it was managed by the Town's Ruling Families.

After the mutiny stirs in the army, General Block gets arrested and Captain Longin takes the command in his hands, telling the soldiers that the general caught the plague, so now the troupes can leave the Town. However, it is speculated that Longin and other mutineers are doing it out of love and respect for their general — they seized him to make sure he doesn't have to disobey orders, and removing him from dirty work means he won't be punished when the forces return to the Capital.

One of the couriers sent by Aglaya Lilich with the Inquisitor's Orders gets caught in a crossfire between soldiers and mutineers.

The Army leaves at 22:00 on Day 11. If they have the Inquisitor's orders, they'll make the shot at the Polyhedron, otherwise, they'll leave. If Stakh Rubin is alive, the player will find him at the Train Station, saying he is leaving with the Army to war. Haruspex can convince him to stay, otherwise Stakh will leave with them too.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2: The Marble Nest. Read at your own risk.

Following Commander Block's death of the Sand Plague, the chain of command passes to Captain Longin.

The War

At the start of the game the civil war has been going on for more than two years. Due to the Kain family influence it was possible for the war to pass the Town, however, there are refugees and deserters who keep bringing military-grade equipment even to the furthest parts of the country.

Alexander Block, Captain Ravel, and General Shoin took part in the Battle of the Fords, the Karstov Fords, the broken front, and many others.

Little is known about the actual state of the war, but some people share quite pessimistic opinions: they fear that the war cannot come to an end and the frontline is about to crumble, and then the enemy armies will rush to the southern lands. Others speculate that if Shoin breaks through on the southern front and Block moves out to meet him near Orlog chances are that the war will be over soon.

The war has made postal communication and travelling by railroads complicated (for example, the Passenger Station was shut down a year ago prior the events of the game), as well as making many students leave their universities — like Artemy Burakh, who served as a field medic for a while.

Stanislav Rubin served in General Shoin's army until he was injured in the head in the battle by the Skerries, and then released soon thereafter.

Notkin's father was killed in the war, leaving his son an orphan.

Relationship With The Inquisition

The Army and the Inquisition have an age-long conflict between each other, despite military command obeying the decisions of an inquisitor as an unspoken rule — the justification was that an inquisitor would find a way to make a soldier obey their will anyway — whether the latter knows it or not. The Inquisition does everything its own way, interfering with the Army's plans since they are able to countermand military orders. Aglaya Lilich fears that the Army arriving is equal to the Powers That Be signing her death sentence.


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  1. "My father was an officer. Until I enrolled into the university, he never abandoned the hope to make a military man out of me.", Pathologic Classic HD