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Bad Grief's Nest
The Warehouses
Map ID
warehouse_grif (Pathologic)
Bad Grief
Spoiler: Click to reveal residents.
Barley the Barber (Pathologic 2; Day 8 onward; temporary)
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Bad Grief's Nest (Гнездо Грифа) is a type of store found in Pathologic and Pathologic 2. It is a factory building located in the northern end of the Warehouse district, and is the home base for Bad Grief.


Only rats live here.
The Warehouses' subtitle

Bad Grief's Nest is the home of crime in the Town. The abandoned warehouse is the center of Bad Grief's operations and is a gathering place for his men, existing beyond the otherwise watchful eye of the Big Vlad.


Though the price is steep, all three playable characters are able to trade with Bad Grief for shady (and sometimes unique) items here. Notable among these items are bullets, weapons and Twyrine.

Pathologic 2

Bad Grief's Nest houses a fifteen slot cabinet where items may be stored indefinitely, as well as a clock where the Haruspex may save. Here, the Haruspex is able to buy and sell weaponry to Bad Grief.



Bachelor Route

On Day 2, the Bachelor may speak to Bad Grief in his lair and tell him “Andrey is going to the kennel" to receive a Revolver.

On Day 4, Bad Grief will direct the Bachelor to the warehouse with Barley the Barber. Upon dealing with Barley, the Bachelor may return to Bad Grief to collect a reward of 10,000 money.

On Day 5, the Bachelor may choose to visit Bad Grief and pay him a sum to help free the Haruspex.

On Day 9, Bad Grief will have a Rifle available for purchase if the Bachelor requires one for the main quest.

On Day 10, the Bachelor may purchase Twyrine at Bad Grief's Nest for the main quest.

On Day 12, as Bad Grief is one of the Changeling's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of Bad Grief's Nest with Grief being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Changeling to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Grief a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure him.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, the Haruspex may choose to visit the lair and help Bad Grief with a troublesome Doghead. Depending on how the Haruspex chooses to deal with the Doghead, he will be rewarded with either 5 Shotgun Ammo, a small reputation boost if he denies them, or a larger reputation increase. If the Haruspex asks Bad Grief how to increase his reputation, Bad Grief will direct the Haruspex to the Cemetery. Later in the day, Vlad the Younger will direct the Haruspex to Bad Grief's Nest. Upon speaking with Bad Grief, Haruspex will learn that someone is looking for him.

On Day 2, if the Haruspex chooses, he may ask for Bad Grief's help with the muggers hanging around Notkin's warehouse.

On Day 12, as Bad Grief is one of the Changeling's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of Bad Grief's Nest with Grief being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Changeling to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Grief a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure him.

Changeling Route

On Day 4, Alexander Saburov suspects Bad Grief was responsible for starting the Plague. When spoken to Bad Grief insists upon his innocence, but refuses to answer honestly. He will ask Changeling to steal a bag from Barley that will prove his innocence in exchange for his cooperation.

If the Changeling tells Saburov that Bad Grief is guilty of committing a crime, he will become infected at midnight and an Executor will be found standing in front of Bad Grief's Nest every day until the end of the game, unless he is cured with a Shmowder or Panacea.

On Day 11, as one of the Changeling's Bound, Bad Grief may be chosen to be spoken to in relation to the main quest.

Pathologic 2

Grigory Filin, also known as Bad Grief, reigns over a small warehouse kingdom these days.
Haruspex's map hover

Day 1
On Day 1 the Haruspex will be guided to the Nest as Bad Grief is one of the few people in the Town who will believe in his innocence. While speaking to Bad Grief, the Haruspex will be asked to give medical attention to Piecework, an henchman of Bad Grief's that was recently stabbed. Bad Grief invites Haruspex to take supplies from his cabinet in the Nest, which initially contains 1 damaged Rusty Scalpel, 1 Bandage, 1 Coffee, 1 Egg, 2 Needles, and some money.
Piecework and his peer Shiner can be found in an abandoned house in the Tanners district, where they have taken refuge after the stabbing. Shiner, who remains healthy, explains that Piecework has a "shiv" stuck in his side as a product of them murdering an Herb Bride on the basis that she was a Shabnak-adyr that may have killed Isidor Burakh. Getting the shiv out of Piecework will likely be the player's first attempt at autopsy, so it is not uncommon for new players to mistakenly remove piecework's organs in addition to the Bloody Lockpick that occupies the slot where his Kidney should be (which is the leftmost organ slot). This exchange can serve as an exposition on autopsy etiquette, as removing any of Piecework's organs will result in his immediate death, a loss in reputation, and Shiner's ire, however removing just the lockpick and draining his Blood does not (as draining Blood does not impact reputation). If for some reason the Haruspex is not carrying an autopsy tool when he first speaks with Shiner, then Shiner will give him a brand new Rusty Scalpel.
When the Haruspex reports back to Bad Grief regarding Piecework's condition, Grief is fairly indifferent, regardless of whether the outcome was successful. After concluding this event, or after declining when initially asked by Grief, Var will appear at the Nest's exit, where he will invite the player to visit him for his services in the organ trade.
If at any point the Haruspex should die during Day 1, his first death will result in him being brought to Bad Grief's Nest, where he will be admonished by Bad Grief's men for being so careless. Subsequent deaths on Day 1 will result in prompt respawns a short distance from the place of death, as death punishments start to occur on Day 2.
Day 3
On Day 3 the Haruspex may speak to Bad Grief on matters concerning their childhood friend group, which included Stanislav Rubin and Lara Ravel. He can convince Grief to come to their old meeting place after midnight. Grief (and Rubin) must be pursuaded to do this before the Town Hall meeting occurs (which starts at 19:00, or if the Haruspex enters the Stillwater in search of the Bachelor.), after which the Gumstone event will be voided.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
In the early morning of Day 5, Bad Grief helps Rubin hide from the Kin in an abandoned warehouse building by the Nest. The Haruspex may interrogate Grief regarding Rubin's whereabouts, however Grief is reluctant to share where his hideout lies. The Haruspex eventually discovers the Rubin's hideout by following a trail of blood just outside the Nest.
Day 7
On Day 7 Grief will begin to sell Inquisitorial Coupons (initially called Candy Wrappers until when the Inquisitor arrives at 07:30) in exchange for ¤1000 each. Unlike all other items sold in stores, these do not fluctuate in price as the game progresses.
Day 8
At 07:30 on Day 8, Bad Grief will move to the Cathedral, and will ask the Haruspex to close up some of his old business in the Nest. Upon arriving at the Nest the Haruspex will find it inhabited by Barley the Barber and his men. The Haruspex can choose to leave Barley alone and retain the shady storefront, or kill the three inside and return to Bad Grief who will reward him with a Shotgun. If Barley is allowed to stay, he will have a refreshed inventory and purse similar to Grief's, however he will not receive more items or money during the ensuing days (but will also not lose what items/money he retains). Regardless of how the Haruspex chooses to handle the situation, once Barley has moved into the Nest, its save clock will be broken, and it will no longer be possible for the player to save there. The Nest's cabinet will still serve as a reliable means for storage.
Significant plot details end here.

Residents of Bad Grief's Nest will be under threat of being infected with Sand Plague on Days 4, 7, and 9.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Bad Grief, a local thief, used to hide here. But one can't steal themselves from Death.
Bachelor's map hover details in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Located in the condemned part of Town, Bad Grief's Nest is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When the player examines the map, Bad Grief will be noted as dead.


Bad Grief will always trade with the player, regardless of reputation. As with all stores, Bad Grief's Nest item prices plateau on Day 9.

Inventory[ | ]

As with all stores, the Bad Grief's daily inventory is randomly generated at midnight each day, and will offer a random assortment of the items listed below. Some items may not be available on particular days. Bad Grief's Needle prices are identical to those of Tailors.

Attacks Price
Light Heavy Backstab Day 1 Day 9+
45 60 80 ¤1200 ¤2880
40 60 85 ¤150 ¤360
Firearms Attacks Ammo
Body Headshot Initial Day 9+
50 100 6 ¤6820 ¤8800
Shotgun new
110† 165† 2 ¤12920 ¤15200
Ammo Sold Price
Days 1-2 Day 3+ Day 1 Day 9+
Revolver Ammo
¤80 ¤100 ¤150 ¤360
Shotgun Ammo
¤160 ¤200 ¤300 ¤720
Rifle Ammo
¤240 ¤300 ¤450 ¤1080
Other Use Price
Initial Day 9+
Unlocks Cabinet Drawers ¤66 ¤132
Trades to Hardheads in Groceries for food ¤1000‡ ¤1000‡
  • * As of Day 4, Bad Grief will begin to sell the Revolver.
  • † As of Day 5, Bad Grief will begin to sell the Shotgun. Shotgun damage values reflect when all 5 of the Shotgun's pellets have connected with the target.
  • ‡ As of Day 7, Bad Grief will begin to sell 10-12 Inquisitorial Coupons (initially called Candy Wrappers) per day for ¤1000 each. Unlike all other items sold in stores, these do not fluctuate in price as the game progresses.

Daily Purse[ | ]

As with his inventory, Bad Grief's daily purse resets each day at midnight. On Day 8, he will receive a refreshed purse and inventory at 00:00, but will be replaced by Barley at 07:30 (whose inventory pool and prices are identical). Barley will have a refreshed inventory and a larger purse, but will not receive additional resources for the rest of the game (nor will he lose any remaining items or money). If the Haruspex is looking to sell a Revolver, Bad Grief pays 30% less for them than all other stores. Unlike all other stores, Bad Grief does not buy Charms.

Day 1 2-4 5-6 7-8 Barley
Purse ¤1500 ¤2500 ¤3500 ¤4500 ~¤6000

Item Description
An outdated model of army rifle. Powerful, reliable, and long-ranged, it became a favorite of soldiers and craftsmen during the latest war. Is light and has a soft recoil. A useful weapon for long-range combat. Its main drawback is the slow rate of fire.
A six-round semi-automatic revolver. Employed by certain special units in the active army. Accurate and has a good fire rate, but only limited penetrative power. Easy to handle with weak recoil and good balance. Such revolvers are a rarity in modern times.
An ordinary meat-cutting knife. Can be used as a melee weapon. Not as good as a sharp scalpel in a face to face fight, but can instantly kill if stabbing the back. Becomes dull and brittle after about half a hundred blows.
Ui tvirin b
A strong infusion of the oxitocia tvirinum herb. Boosts immunity. Acts as an analgesic, restores strength during sleep. According to elder locals, critical doses of twyrine can alter the effects of infection. Some of the effects of twyrine are still unknown.
A homemade disposable lockpick. Such lockpicks can be used to open simple locks on the doors of typical houses.
Ui revolver ammo b
Revolver Ammo
A revolver bullet with a round nose. Steel jacket, steel core. A relatively rare type of round. It's recommended to use it sparingly.
Ui rifle ammo b
Rifle Ammo
This ammo is for long-barreled rifles. The heavy bullet with a lead core in a steel jacket is highly lethal at long distances. Fired from the army rifle.
Kerosene is used for refilling the lamp.
Ui polusapogi repellenty b
Repellent Ankle Boots
Short boots. The material is a good repellent. Protect the feet and ankles from contact with infected surfaces. Provide no protection against blows and rat bites.
Ui sapogi repellenty b
Repellent Jackboots
Strong tall jackboots. The material is a good repellent. Protects the legs and ankles from contact with infected surfaces. Provide little protection against blows and dog bites for the lower legs and ankles.
Ui armeyskie botinki b
Army Boots
Protect the feet and lower legs from both infection and wounds, including stab wounds. Make it safe to walk over burning coals and sharp objects such as nails.
Ui balahon b
Army-issue sanitary overalls. An excellent repellent. Protects the torso, hands, legs, and head from accidental contact with infected surfaces. The durable material of the overalls protects from stab wounds and burns. Its camouflage colouring makes it difficult to target the wearer with a firearm.
Ui armeyskie perchatki b
Army Gloves
Strong army-issue gloves. The fingertips and striking surfaces are reinforced with leather inserts. The fabric is an excellent repellent. They protect the hands, wrists, and forearms from contact with infected surfaces, as well as from burns and wounds.
Double Barrelled Pistol
An old derringer-type pocket pistol. Has minimal recoil and weak penetrative power. The handle is fashions for a very small palm, too small even for some women. A last resort weapon.
A large cartilage scalpel. Can be used as a close combat weapon. Not very easy to handle, but very effective due to its sharpness. Deals the most damage when attacking from the front. Frequent use causes it to dull quickly.


Official Art


  • In original Pathologic English translation the Nest was called Gryph's Lair.
  • In Pathologic Classic HD English translation the Nest was called Bad Grief's Lair.
  • In Pathologic Classic HD, the soundtrack that plays within Bad Grief's Nest is Warehouse Grif.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays within Bad Grief's Nest is Gears Of Law.
  • In the Pathologic 2 alpha, hovering over Bad Grief's Nest shows that as children, Artemy and his friends would hang out in a 'secret lair' in one of the warehouses.[1]
  • In the late days of Pathologic 2, Bad Grief will still be considered as being in danger of infection while his Nest is, even when he can be found elsewhere.


  1. "Redhead Grigory Filin, aka Bad Grief, always goads me into doing crazy stunts. We used to have a secret lair in a warehouse."