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The Skinners

The Bone Stake Lot (Пустырь Костного Столба) is an open lot located in the Skinners District.


Located in the centre of the Earth Quarter, the Bone Stake Lot is an open lot with a large spike of bone situated in the middle. The bone spike is occasionally referred to as a splinter, as in a Kin legend it is said Suok was once walking there, became stuck, and with some effort broke free, fracturing and losing a piece of herself in the process.

Pathologic 2

The Bone Stake Lot contains both a children's cache and a patch of earth where blood may be offered in exchange for herbs. Two external scavenge cabinets exist just beyond its western border.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, a crowd can be found burning a Herb Bride alive as part of the hunt for a shadbak-adyg. A Revolver and some Revolver Ammo can be found by the fire on the body of the guards next to the stake.

On Day 3, one of the Butchers who was assisting the Bachelor can be found near the Bone Stake Lot. A guard will be standing near their body.

On Day 10, the Bachelor will receive a letter from Mark Immortell. Mark will express concern for a strange gathering at the Bone Stake Lot. As the Bachelor approaches the lot, he will see an unusually large bull impaled upon the stake in the middle of the grounds. Concerned with the sanitation risk and the potential for riots, the Bachelor will speak to Alexander Block who will send a squadron to deal with it.

Haruspex Route

On Day 10, Taya Tycheek will inform the Haruspex that a Supreme Bull has appeared in the Bone Stake Lot. As Haruspex approaches the lot, he will find not only a large bull impaled on the spike, but a gathering of several Worms nearby. The Worms will ask the Haruspex to speak to four of his bound — Notkin, Sticky, Murky and Grace - for advice on what to do with the bull. With each child's blessing, the Worms will grant the Haruspex several vials of Abattoir Blood.

On Day 11, Notkin will inform the Haruspex that the bull from the Lot has disappeared. Upon arriving at the Bone Stake Lot, the Haruspex will find the bull being burned by military men with flamethrowers. A corpsman nearby will direct the Haruspex to Captain Longin, who will inform him that the bull was ordered to be burned on the advice of the Bachelor.

Changeling Route

On Day 7, the Changeling's twin sister is hiding in a house at the north end of the Lot.

Pathologic 2

Day 1
On Day 1, the witch-hunt for a shabnak-adyg — a clay creature of Steppe legend suspected of murdering Isidor Burakh — is in full force. As a result, a crowd has gathered in the lot to burn a Herb Bride on the bone stake. A charm may be found in the ashes of the pyre.
Day 2
On Day 2, a group of children have gathered in the Bone Stake Lot, recreating the burning of the Herb Bride from the day before in a morbid game they call "Clay".

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

The Bone Stake Lot is inaccessible during The Marble Nest.