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Whatever happens, these people must live. Their fates are bound to mine; they may well hold the keys to my victory in their hands.

The Bound were originally a group of people brought together by Simon Kain. Now they have split into three groups whose fates are tied together to the three protagonists. It is said that Simon preferred the company of the Bound to any other because it is they who would decide the fate of the town. Each Bound who is saved will influence the endings of the game.


Thirty or so—each of them possessing their own unique traits. All of them hate one another, all of them are habitual liars... all of them deserve to live. Yet some of them are incompatible—someone has to die so that another may live. And you know what that means.

Simon transformed our town into a single whole… a living being... He was the heart, and we were the blood running through the town's veins. We radiated his light, and that's why we used to shine so brightly. "The Bound" are actually… bound to Simon…

The Bound are considered special people, "closer to perfection than the common crowd", all possesing a striking personalitiy and easily distinguished by their lodgings or their presence. Their individual backgrounds vary: some are locally famous or of noble descent, while others are beggars, outcasts, or young children--but all are remarkable in some aspect, be it in their character or their past. Each Bound posesses the power within that allows them to break the routine of human existence and become something greater.

The Bound are also called The Fated, The Adherents, "The Gobo's Taglur", and The Town's Circle. "Taglur," meaning "kin circle," refers to a pagan game described as a "roundelay of sorts," while "Gobo" is a character from an epic local to the Town-on-Gorkhon.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
In Pathologic Classic HD the Changeling finds out that the Bound have unique blood — they are the only people whose blood can be turned into an ingredient for panacea. In Changeling's route Clara can convice her Bound to sacrifice their lives to fight the Plague.
Significant plot details end here.

Of The Bound Fallen Ill

There are citizens—so-called "Bound" — who seem to be extraordinarily involved in town happenings. They are regularly contacted by people of different lines of occupation and social standing, including your two colleagues. They also try to compensate what they believe to be your inaction with their own efforts. In consideration of that, the Executor Committee has decided:

1. If a Bound person falls ill, the door to their home should be guarded by an Executor.

2. While the Bound person remains conscious, the Executor should collect mail deliveries from them and pass over to them the provisions and medicaments delivered by the couriers.

3. In exceptional cases it is allowed to visit the patient. To enable communication with the Bound person, the Executor should resort to higher efficiency antibiotic medicine (feromycinum).

4. Vaccines, serums, and other such solutions should be administered, if available, in the same manner as all of the above.

If the player fails to complete the day's main quest, one of their Bound will complete the quest in their stead and fall ill as a result. Depending on actions taken in the story, some Bound may even die.

Starting on Day 6, some Bound of the other Healers will fall ill, determined randomly. These Bound must be cured via Shmowder or Panacea if you wish to invite their Healer to the Cathedral on the final day.