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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

Butcher face.png
Butchers (Мясники)
Abattoir (Pathologic)
Termitary (Pathologic)

Butchers are people who are part of the Kin who appear only in Pathologic and Pathologic Classic HD.


Butchers are workers of the Abattoir, who are tasked with the the slaughter of bulls and the processing of their meat. They are referred to by the Kin as "Yargachin", which is implied to refer to both a butcher and a surgeon.

While butchers are traditionally able to dissect bulls, they are still forbidden from the dissection of human bodies. According to Steppe tradition, they are also the only ones permitted to dig in the earth (although Grace is allowed within the bounds of her duty as Cemetery caretaker).


Bachelor's Route

On Day 1, The Bachelor hears from Vlad Jr that a butcher managed to escape the Termitary, and he asks him to kill the Butcher. He implies that the Butcher may have been involved in Isidor's murder. The Butcher is in the basement of Aspity's Hospice. The Bachelor can either kill the Butcher for 2000 money from Vlad Jr or help Aspity help him escape for a Bronze Bracelet, a Gold Ring, and a pair of Earrings. If the Bachelor speaks to the Butcher, he will become hostile and attack him.

On Day 3, the Bachelor goes to a house in the Spleen district in search of Simon's body and finds two hostile Butchers on the second floor harboring a body. The Bachelor also visits Aspity, who is harboring fugitive Butchers. He needs their help to get infected tissue, so he convinces Big Vlad to stop pursuing them. Aspity sends three Butchers to the Skinners district. When he goes to meet them, they are all dead, killed by guards. One in the Bone Stake Lot, one behind Isidor Burakh's house, and one at the garden near Sticky's house.

On Day 7, when the Bachelor goes to seek out Eva in the marsh, he encounters three hostile Butchers and three hostile worms.

Haruspex's Route

On Day 3, Aspity tells the Haruspex about a house where a Butcher is hiding. The Butcher is on the second floor.

On Day 5, the Haruspex needs to collect an Infected Heart. He can get one by killing Butchers near the western Worm gatherer hut.

On Day 6, the Haruspex meets with Taya and two butchers.

On Day 10, after sleeping at Ragi's Barrow, the Haruspex is guided by the spirits to three worm huts, where he will have to kill a butcher at each hut no matter what dialogue options he picks.

Changeling's Route

On Days 7-11, if the Changeling finds the Haruspex he will be guarded by a butcher and 2 worms, all hostile.


Official Art


  • While Butchers do not appear in Pathologic 2, there are mentions of other "Steppe Haruspex" who may fill the Butcher's role.