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Captain Ravel (Капитан Равель)
Lara Ravel (daughter)

Captain Ravel is a minor character in Pathologic and Pathologic 2, previous owner of the Shelter and the father of Lara Ravel. At the start of the game he is already deceased.


Before his death, Captain Ravel had a promising career in the Army. He enlisted in the Fourth Army as a volunteer and had a reputation of being a staunch and fanatical supporter of his comrade, Alexander Block. He was killed some time before the events of the game (the past spring, according to Lara in Pathologic 2) either in action or, as rumored, by execution.

The townsfolk held Captain Ravel in high regard. Being the only military man in the entire town, Ravel was respected for his demeanour and intelligent skills. Some described him as a tough man, "worth a battalion", possessing a strength to snap a bull with his bare hands.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
It is revealed that Alexander Block was the one who gave the order to execute Captain Ravel by firing squad for disobeying orders. After the Battle of the Karstov Fords he was executed with other soldiers for allegedly being a mutineer and deserter, which many doubt as Ravel was known as a man of rare courage.

Driven by grief, Lara Ravel wants to take revenge on Block for killing her father. Lara plans an assassination attempt on Block's life and it is up to the protagonist to stop her from going through it.

Significant plot details end here.