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The Steppe
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The Cemetery (Кладбище) is the home of the Town's dead. It is located in the Steppe, south of the Abattoir.


The Cemetery is where the Town's dead are buried. Some time ago, the Kin and the Townspeople were buried in different places, but according to Big Vlad, the Cemetery now buries both. The orphan girl Grace lives in a lodge in the Cemetery. Herbs such as twyre are plentiful around and inside of the Cemetery.

Pathologic 2

You're always welcome here.

Similar to the Warehouses, the Cemetery does not have a reputation status. A children's cache can be found behind one of the graves. Herbs throughout the Cemetary: Notably, Ashen Swish can be occasionally found within its perimeter, and Swevery can be harvested directly outside it.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, Anna Angel will ask for the Bachelor's assistance with discreetly burying a body. Should the Bachelor choose to help her, it will cost him 2000 coins to have the body buried. Grace will not be in her Lodge on this day.

On Day 2, the Bachelor is directed to the Cemetery to speak with Grace at Sticky's urging. She will explain more about what a Shabnak-Adyr is and gives him a Lockpick.

On Day 3, while attempting to employ the help of local Butchers, the Bachelor will find that all three of them have perished - though they all cut the bodies they had been asked to. Unfortunately, all but one body has been returned to their families. The third body, an individual with no known relatives, has been taken to the Cemetery. While visiting the Cemetery, the Bachelor may speak to Grace and take a Shmowder from her, or refuse and gain a reputation increase. The dissected body is in the Cemetery, but it's being guarded by two men. The men demand will 10,000 coins for the body. If the Bachelor pays this fee, he will be allowed to take the bodies blood. If he refuses, the men will attack him and he will be arrested and must return later. If he kills them, he will lose reputation.

On Day 6, while looking for the Changeling, the Bachelor will be sent by Katerina Saburova to speak to Grace at the Cemetery.

On Day 7, in order to obtain an Executor Cloak for the Executor outfit requested by the Haruspex, the Bachelor goes to a pit containing bodies that has been dug next to the Cemetery.

On Day 11, Andrey Stamatin has gone missing. The Bachelor will discover that he has been taken and sentenced to execution by the Military. In the search the Bachelor will find a gathering of riflemen and their commander. The commander will mistake him for Andrey and demand a Panacea from him in exchange for his freedom. If the Bachelor refuses and loses health while being attacked, he will wake in the Cemetery without his items. He will be attacked by dogs, but can escape them by running to Grace's Lodge. Here, he may ask Grace for aid and she will give him a Knife, a Tourniquet, and a Bandage. The Cemetery will then be guarded by two military men which the Bachelor must either kill or sneak past to return to the Train Station and the commander.

On Day 12, as Grace is one of the Haruspex's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed inside of the Cemetery in front of Grace's Lodge, with Grace being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Haruspex to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Grace a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, an injured man - a man the Haruspex himself wounded - can be found in Grace's Lodge in the Cemetery. The Haruspex may choose to kill the man and lose a significant amount of reputation, or try to save him. To save the man, the Haruspex will need to have his blood drawn by Var in the Atrium so that a blood transfusion can be performed. After having his blood drawn, the Haruspex returns to the Cemetery.

On Day 3, the Bachelor will request a sample of infected tissue. The tissue can be either be obtained from victims of the Plague in the infected districts, or it may be found on the guarded body in the Cemetery. The Haruspex will not lose reputation for killing the guards.

On Day 4, the Haruspex can choose to assist Sticky and the Soul-and-a-Halves. If he helps them, a boy named Stump will be waiting for him near the Cemetery.

On Day 6, the Changeling sends the Haruspex a letter, telling him to meet her at the Cemetery. She offers to help him in his quest to obtain bull blood for the Bachelor.

On Day 9, when checking on Sticky at the behest of Capella, the Haruspex will have to re-light the bonfires around the Steppe. In order to do so, he meets with Stump once again near the Cemetery.

On Day 10, if the Haruspex chooses to investigate the occurrence at the Bone Stake Lot, he will have to talk to Grace at the Cemetery about what to do with the auroch. However, when he arrives at the Cemetery, he will find that Grace has gone missing and another girl is inside of Grace's Lodge. After rescuing Grace from the army, she will return to her lodge in the Cemetery.

On Day 11, the Changeling will send a letter to the Haruspex, asking him to meet her concerning Foreman Oyun's final trial. She can be found in Grace's Lodge in the Cemetery.

Changeling Route

On Day 1, the Changeling will wake up in the Cemetery after experiencing a strange dream. In the Cemetery, she will meet not only the Executor and Tragedian who teach her to eat and sleep, but she will also find Grace and Katerina Saburova inside of Grace's Lodge. Katerina will ask her to meet her at the Rod after finishing up her business in the Cemetery. While trying to prove that she is a harbinger, the Changeling returns to the Cemetery in her search for a man who had been injured by the Haruspex.

On Day 2, Katerina Saburova will request that the Changeling convince Grace to change to the beliefs of the Humbles. The Changeling brings a Flower, a loaf of Bread, and a bottle of Milk to the Cemetery as gifts for Grace.

On Day 5, the Changeling receives a letter from Grace about someone who is said to be her best friend. At the Cemetery, Grace will give the Changeling more details on when and where she can meet them.

On Day 6, the Changeling receives a letter from the Albino who says he must leave the Town. Distressed, the Changeling seeks out Grace for advice.

On Day 7, the Changeling can find an Executor Cloak and an Executor Mask on a body next to the pit that has been dug near the Cemetery.

On Day 12, as Grace is one of the Haruspex's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed inside of the Cemetery in front of Grace's Lodge, with Grace being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Haruspex to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Grace a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Pathologic 2

Grace looks after the dead at the cemetery. This place smells of soil and milk.
Haruspex's map hover over Grace's Lodge

Empty. Good. Let the dead take care of themselves.
Haruspex's map hover over Grace's Lodge if Grace is removed from the Cemetery

Day 2
On Day 2, the Haruspex will arrive at the Cemetery to see his father's body still unburied. If the Haruspex examines his father's body, he will note two oddities; unusually dry skin, and dirt under his fingernails. Grace and those of the Kin who have gathered to pay their respects will inform him that Isidor remains unburied as the earth has rejected him, pushing him back out from the soil even after burial. The Kin tell the Haruspex that this is due to an unfinished debt Isidor carried, one that the Haruspex must take in order for the earth to take the body. If the Haruspex accepts the burden Isidor's body will be buried peacefully. If he refuses, and instead chooses the taboo method of cremation, Isidor's body will be burned.
If the Haruspex is late to his father's funeral, the choice of burning by pyre will be made for him. and he will come upon the scene late in the day.
Later that day, the Changeling will stop the Haruspex on the street and ask him to check on Grace. In the Cemetery, Grace is attempting to contact Isidor's spirit, but it is hurting her and will potentially kill her if she continues. The Haruspex may choose to leave her be, or continue with the seance. If he chooses to continue with the seance, Isidor will speak to him, though his words imply that he does not know who he is talking to and seems to be talking past the Haruspex to someone else. Outside, Murky laments Grace's methods, claiming that she has a far superior method of talking to the dead. If the Haruspex takes Murky up on her offer, they will travel near the Ragi Barrow to harvest herbs.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
On Day 7, the Haruspex will be told of worrying events occurring down at the Cemetery. Grace, who has become overwhelmed by the number of new dead created by the Plague, is coming apart at the seams. She begs the Haruspex not to touch the dead, as there is no one more cold and lonely than them. Grace will temporarily allow the Haruspex to speak to the dead, should he wish to listen. A pile of corpses may be spoken to outside of the Cemetery. Regarding the corpse pile, the Haruspex may choose one of three options:
  • The Haruspex may choose to disregard Grace's pleas and burn the dead and secure her safety at the cost of their spirits.
  • The Haruspex may speak to the Rat Prophet outside of the Lodge, who will dispose of the spirits in mysterious ways.
  • The Haruspex may choose to listen to Grace and do nothing to the bodies.
None of these three options has any bearing on future events, however if the quest is ignored entirely, Grace will die at the end of Day 8 (presumeably because she was overwhelmed by the bodies).
Regardless of the choice made, Dora Feugel will appear in Grace's Lodge, informing the Haruspex that the Town has found a place for Grace to live. He may refuse and keep Grace in the Cemetery, or he may allow Dora to take Grace to an unspecified home. If the latter option is taken, Grace will no longer live in the Cemetery and will instead be found in Peter Stamatin's Loft.
Day 10
On Day 10, if she still remains at the Cemetery, Grace can be found infected in her Lodge.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

An underage girl used to be in charge of the funerals. Small wonder everything went to hell.
Bachelor's map hover over Grace's Lodge in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

The Cemetery is located in the condemned part of Town and is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovering over the Cemetery on the map, Grace will be noted as dead.


Official Art

Pathologic 2 Seance

In Pathologic 2 the Haruspex is able to contact his father Isidor Burakh through Grace's gift. If he attempts to contact Isidor the room will shake and the following audio will play, though the original is reversed. The audio is of "A Dream Within A Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe.


  • In Pathologic, the soundtrack that plays within the Cemetery is Stvorki main.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays within the Cemetery is Endless Rest.
  • In Pathologic 2 several graves posess a bell strung over them. These bells emit a constant chiming and tinging. This design is likely a so-called Safety coffin which is a real life construction used to prevent premature burial of the supposedly dead. The coffin is constructed in a way that allows the buried to pull on a string, to alert the surface if they are to be buried alive. The design is frequent throughout historical pandemic events, such as Cholera.[1]
    • Due to the nature of the earth in Pathologic and Pathologic 2, it is likely that the bells over the graves are not in fact being rung by the person in the coffin. It is however equally likely be due to Grace's ability to commune with the dead.