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The Bridge Square
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The Crucible (Горны) is home to the Kain family. It's located in The Bridge Square, on the West bank of The Gullet.



The Crucible labeled

The Crucible consists of three separate mansions surrounded by a high, gated wall. The three wings of the mansion belong to Victor Kain, Georgiy Kain, and Maria Kaina respectively. The Crucible is covered in intriguing and strange artwork, as well as portraits of members of the Kains. It is the closest residence to The Polyhedron and is also located close to the family tomb, where Nina Kaina is buried.


All playable healers may rest in either of the beds in Maria's wing. One of the beds is located in a bedroom with childish knickknacks and likely belongs to Khan, who rarely leaves the Polyhedron.

Pathologic 2

The Haruspex is able to save at the clocks in all three wings. In contrast to Pathologic, in Pathologic 2 Georgiy is not found in the main section of the mansion, but is instead found inside of a workshop on the left side of his home.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, after arriving in Town, the Bachelor goes to meet with Georgiy Kain. He will learn that Simon Kain died before he arrived, and is then sent to speak with Victor Kain and Maria Kaina. After spending the day investigating, it becomes apparent that Simon died of a contagious illness, and the Bachelor hurries to Victor's Wing to find Stanislav Rubin to warn him.

On Day 2, the Bachelor must show Georgiy Kain proof of the Plague. While assisting Lara Ravel with her 'House of the Living', the Bachelor can collect donations from Maria Kaina. If Alexander Saburov already has emergency powers, the Bachelor can also receive a donation from Victor Kain. The Bachelor can also visit Maria in order to learn about why the Stamatin brothers - Andrey Stamatin and Peter Stamatin - are unwilling to leave the Town.

On Day 3, the Bachelor receives a letter from Georgiy Kain, who tells him that something has happened to Rubin and Simon Kain's body. Georgiy will also tell the Bachelor to talk to Victor Kain. Victor suspects Vlad the Younger knows more and the Bachelor must relay messages between Vlad Jr. and Victor until he is allowed to enter the Polyhedron and Vlad Jr. tells the Bachelor where he suspects the body to be. After investigating the location, the Bachelor returns to Georgiy to report his findings.

On Day 4, Victor asks the Bachelor to investigate the Skinners district. The Bachelor brings him a Crowbar as proof that the district is free of infection, as reported by looters.

On Day 5, the Bachelor can ask Victor to help free some innocent people who had been imprisoned by Saburov.

On Day 6, Victor tells the Bachelor that the Cathedral's quarantine was apparently broken during the night and everyone inside became infected and died. The Bachelor can also ask Georgiy to forgive Rubin, but Georgiy will only speak cryptically about 'the lens of Focus' and believes his brother Simon is still alive.

On Day 7, the Inquisitor asks the Bachelor to help her reconcile with her niece, Maria Kaina. When the Bachelor talks to Maria about this, she becomes upset and afraid and threatens to leave her house. The Bachelor then talks to Victor, who tells him that his daughter likely went to Peter Stamatin's Loft.

On Day 9, Victor tells the Bachelor that the whole Kain family is fated to die soon. He asks the Bachelor to look after his son, Khan.

On Day 10, Katerina Saburova tells the Bachelor that she felt Simon Kain's presence at the Crucible. After talking to Rubin, the Bachelor decides to personally investigate and speak to the Kains. Maria and Georgiy speak as though they have become different people, Georgiy in particular is apparently becoming possessed by Simon. Victor will provide some explanation as to what is occurring and asks the Bachelor to spread the rumour that Georgiy is going insane.

On Day 11, the Kains request the Bachelor to assist with Maria's transition into becoming a Mistress. Maria's Wing will be locked and inaccessible. Victor tells the Bachelor that new Mistresses need to be recognized and requests he bring tokens of acknowledgement from the other future Mistresses, Capella and the Changeling. After the Bachelor obtains the items, he will find a crowd of people in front of Maria's Wing. They will tell him to take the items to Nina's tomb.

Haruspex Route

On Day 6, the Haruspex will receive a letter from Victor Kain with an invitation to visit him. After being directed to her, Maria will offer an insincere apology and request he retrieve a diary from her mother's grave.

On Day 7, while looking for the Inquisitor, the Haruspex will be directed to Victor Kain. Victor will tell the Haruspex that the Inquisitor has already left and returned to the Cathedral.

On Day 8, Georgiy Kain sends a letter asking the Haruspex to speak with him. He will advise the Haruspex to give up Vlad the Younger to Taya Tycheek. The Haruspex can do this for a monetary reward from Georgiy, or give up Big Vlad instead.

On Day 12, as all residents of the Crucible are members of the Bachelor's Bound, there is a chance that they will be infected and an Executor will be stationed outside of their wings. If the player wishes for the Bachelor to join them in the Cathedral, they must cure them with a Shmowder or Panacea.

Changeling Route

On Day 1, Alexander Saburov asks the Changeling to question Georgiy Kain. Georgiy will refuse to speak to the Changeling until she has met with Maria Kaina. After talking to Maria, the Changeling can question Georgiy.

On Day 3, after finding Stanislav Rubin, the Changeling can choose to betray him and tell the Kains where he is. If she attempts to talk to Georgiy or Maria, she will lose a lot of reputation. If she talks to Victor, he will not arrest Rubin, but thanks her for her honesty and gives her a monetary reward.

On Day 4, Katerina Saburova asks the Changeling to convert Mark Immortell to the Humbles. She will find Mark at the Crucible with Maria Kaina.

On Day 5, the Changeling must find Georgiy and ask him to forgive Rubin taking Simon Kain's body in order to learn about the Vaccines that Rubin and the Bachelor have made. The Changeling will also receive a letter from Capella who had a vision of something terrible happening at the Cathedral and requests the Changeling ask Maria if she also had a vision.

On Day 7, Katerina teaches the Changeling about Mistresses and sends her to speak to Capella and Maria, as they are future Mistresses.

Starting from Day 8 until Day 10, Maria Kaina will send the Changeling a letter every day asking her to look for the Bachelor and warn him that he is in danger. If the Changeling complies with her request, she can visit Maria in her wing at the Crucible for a reward.

On Day 9, the Inquisitor asks the Changeling to investigate the Polyhedron and to speak to Georgiy Kain. Georgiy will ask her to find out what happened to Simon Kain's blood. After talking to Rubin, the Changeling can speak to Georgiy again, as well as his brother Victor Kain.

On Day 12, as all residents of the Crucible are members of the Bachelor's Bound, there is a chance that they will be infected and an Executor will be stationed outside of their wings. If the player wishes for the Bachelor to join them in the Cathedral, they must cure them with a Shmowder or Panacea.

Pathologic 2

The Kains' mansion. This house belongs to Georgiy Kain, called Judge by the townsfolk.
Haruspex's map hover over Georgiy's Wing

The Kains' mansion. This house belongs to Maria Kaina, the family's heir.
Haruspex's map hover over Maria's Wing

The Kains' mansion. This house belongs to Victor Kain, the younger brother.
Haruspex's map hover over Victor's Wing

Day 3
On Day 3, the Haruspex can find Stanislav Rubin in Maria's wing during his quest to reunite his old friends at the Gumstone. Rubin can be found here until the Town Hall meeting occurs (which starts at 19:00, or if the Haruspex enters the Stillwater in search of the Bachelor.), after which the Gumstone even will be voided. On his way out, the Haruspex will be greeted by Maria herself, who will promptly kick Artemy out of her home.
Georgiy Kain will be in his workshop, and will be available for conversation about recovering the Burakh family home, the ownership of which he concedes to the Haruspex. This exchange is also voided by the aforementioned meeting in the Town Hall, which will make the home inaccessible until the evening of Day 4.
Victor Kain can be approached about his son Khan, whom he explains has taken up refuge in the Polyhedron as the leader of the Dogheads.
Outside the Crucible, there will be three Townsfolk (named Blood, Nerve, and Skin) watching birds. All three will wish to discuss their observations and the significance of the birds as omens. There is also a woman outside Georgiy's wing waiting for her partner and directing those who wish to join the militia.
Day 4
On Day 4, Georgiy will be available in his wing for a short conversation on the nature of the plague.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
On Day 5, Victor will be available during the 'Houses of the Dead' quest to discuss the Townsfolk hiding corpses. He will ask Artemy to mark the houses where this is occurring using chalk. If the Haruspex finds Maria in one of the houses, he can inform Victor of this too. Victor reveals several details about Maria's powers as a mistress. Georgiy will be available in his wing to discuss Simon Kain, Isidor Burakh, and the nature of towns.
Day 6
On Day 6, Victor will be willing to discuss time and the purpose of the Cathedral. He explains the Cathedral's role in producing time. Maria will be in her wing, and can be spoken to as part of the 'Three Graces' achievement. Her vision is similar to those of Eva Yan and Anna Angel in previous days.
Significant plot details end here.

The residents of the Crucible will be under threat of infection on Day 9. Depending on how the 'Houses of the Dead' quest was resolved, they may also be at risk on Day 6.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Footsteps can be heard from Victor Kain's house, even though I've personally declared him clinically dead.
Bachelor's map hover over Victor's Wing in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Victor's Wing is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovering over the building, Victor Kain will be noted as dead.

No one's seen Maria in the Upper Town for two days. We can't find her.
Bachelor's map hover over Maria's Wing in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Maria's Wing is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovering over the building, Maria Kaina will be noted as in danger.

The Judge's word is Law.
Bachelor's map hover over Georgiy's Wing in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Upon waking, the Bachelor will be informed by Sticky that the Judge has stopped by to see him. While walking through the Town, the Bachelor will begin to hear worrying rumours that the Judge has lifted the quarantine - an action that would put the already vulnerable Bridge Square and Atrium at risk. Outside of the Judge's Workshop, a Tragedian will be standing, uttering worrying things about the Judge's choices. Inside, the Judge waits. When confronted about the quarantine measures, Georgiy Kain will explain his philosophy, citing that the Plague may merely be a test that the Town must pass.

Three anti-plague committee members are located outside Georgiy's Wing, and can be spoken to about the Town and the epidemic. The Bachelor can express his opinion in return and encourage further measures, but ultimately cannot reverse the changes Georgiy has made. They will later be replaced by Tragedians.

Headquarters for the anti-plague committee. The place to take day-to-day concerns to.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest Demo map hover.


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  • In Russian, The Crucible is called "Горны". A «горн» is a forge, so “the Forge” would be the word-for-word translation as The Kains are forging a new reality in the depths of their mansion. The Russian term also bears semblance to the expression «мир горний», that basically means “heavens”.[1]
  • A crucible is a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures. As such, it also refers to a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development.[2]
  • In the original English translation of Pathologic, the Crucible was referred to as the Horns.
  • In Pathologic, Maria's Wing has a smaller room attached to it, formerly belonging to her little brother, Khan.
  • The soundtrack that plays in Maria's Throne in Pathologic 2 is Deep Dreaming.
  • The soundtrack that plays in Georgiy's workshop is not included on the official Pathologic 2 soundtrack.
  • The soundtrack that plays in Victor's Wing in Pathologic 2 is Useless Science.
  • The soundtrack that plays in the Crucible in Pathologic is Indoor Main.