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Dilapidated Shack
The Maw
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house_vlad (Pathologic)
Vlad the Younger
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The Dilapidated Shack (Пустой дом) is an abandoned house located in The Maw.


The Dilapidated Shack is the secret workplace of Vlad the Younger. Inside of the house there is a well - something that is forbidden to create in the Town.

Pathologic 2

In addition to its save point, Vlad Jr's Dilapidated Shack has a small 6-cell table stand beside the couch and a larger 12-cell container beside the well. Because these containers have no scripted item spawns throughout the course of the game, they are a presumably reliable means for excess item storage.



Vlad Jr. is not a member of any of the playable characters' Bound, including the Bachelor's, despite being a Utopian. However, depending on in-game events and decisions made by the player during the Bachelor and Haruspex routes, there may be an Executor standing outside of his house who will inform the player that he is dead starting from Day 9. The events which may lead to his death will not occur in the Changeling route.

Bachelor Route

On Day 1, while investigating the deaths of Simon Kain and Isidor Burakh, the Bachelor will learn that Big Vlad has a son who knows more about the Kin. When exiting Big Vlad's Wing of the Lump, the Bachelor will see a Worm running down the roads. If he follows the Worm, he will arrive at the Dilapidated Shack, which is where Vlad Jr. is staying. The Worm will notice the Bachelor has been following it and attack him.

While speaking to Vlad Jr., the Bachelor may be asked to find and kill a Butcher who has escaped the Termitary lockdown. The Bachelor may choose to accept or refuse the request. If he accepts and kills the Butcher, he can return to Vlad Jr. for a monetary reward.

On Day 2, the Bachelor assists Lara Ravel in setting up her 'House of the Living'. One of the donors whom he can collect money from is Vlad Jr.

Starting from Day 3 until the end of the game, the Bachelor can buy maps of the infected districts from Vlad Jr.

On Day 3, the Bachelor is asked by the Kains to investigate the disappearance of Simon Kain's body and Stanislav Rubin. Victor Kain suspects that Vlad Jr. knows something about where Simon's body may be found. Vlad Jr. will refuse to share any information until the Bachelor has talked to the Kains again and climbed the Polyhedron, after which the Bachelor can return to Vlad Jr. who will then tell the Bachelor of a house that he suspects houses both Simon's body and the Ripper.

On Day 4, while working on preparing the Town for quarantine and setting up a hospital, the Bachelor learns from Lara Ravel that the water supply has been damaged and she asks him to talk to Vlad Jr. Vlad Jr. will tell the Bachelor that the Cathedral and the Theatre should still have access to fresh water, as they draw from different sources than the rest of the buildings in town.

The Bachelor will also learn that Vlad Jr. has asked several women of the Town to test the efficacy of various medicines that were found in old supply boxes. The Bachelor becomes angry at the risk Vlad Jr. has put the women in and insists on testing them all himself. He visits all the women to retrieve the medicine and after completing the test, he returns to Vlad Jr. to discuss the efficacy of the medicine and Vlad Jr. will give him 3000 coins.

On Day 5, Vlad Jr. will tell the Bachelor that Alexander Saburov has been abusing his power and arrested innocent people, and asks for the Bachelor's help in freeing them. The guard will demand 10,000 coins per person, requiring a total of 60,000 to free all of the arrested people. The Bachelor returns to Vlad Jr. who will give him 20,000 coins and tells him to speak to the Kains who would likely also be willing to help. After freeing all of the people, the Bachelor can talk to Vlad Jr. and receive a reputation boost for completing the request.

On Day 6, Capella tells the Bachelor that some arsonists led by Var are planning to attack the Termitary. She asks him to warn her brother, Vlad Jr., who then requests the Bachelor help subdue the arsonists' attack. After the Bachelor handles the arsonists, Vlad Jr. will give him 10,000 coins.

On Day 8, the Bachelor receives a letter from Vlad Jr. who tells him that there are rumours of a false Panacea being spread around the Termitary using the Bachelor's name. The Bachelor investigates the rumours and finds several Worms who have been making the false cures. The Worms will beg for his forgiveness, and if pressed, will tell him that Vlad Jr. has been buying and re-selling all of the real Panacea. The Bachelor confronts Vlad Jr., who will admit to doing so, but insists that he distributed them for a minimal fee.

The Inquisitor will ask the Bachelor to investigate the well inside of the Dilapidated Shack as a possible source of the Plague. He can question Vlad Jr. who admits that it's possible the bacteria came from below the ground. Following this, the Bachelor decides to investigate the Abattoir. However, in order to do so, he must seek permission from the Mother Superior, Taya Tycheek, who asks for the head of the one who ordered the Termitary lockdown - Vlad Jr. If the Bachelor chooses to hand over Vlad Jr., the Bachelor must return to the Dilapidated Shack and tell Vlad Jr. that Taya has summoned him.

On Day 11, the Bachelor investigates the origin of the events at the Bone Stake Lot. Khan will tell the Bachelor to question Vlad Jr. Outside of the Dilapidated Shack, a mugger will be lying in wait. After speaking to Vlad Jr., when the Bachelor attempts to leave, he will be attacked by another mugger and two townsfolk.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, Big Vlad will tell the Haruspex to speak to his children, Capella and Vlad the Younger. The Haruspex will find Vlad Jr. at the Dilapidated Shack, and Vlad Jr. will tell him about how he can purchase various black market goods from Bad Grief.

On Day 2, after receiving his inheritance, the Haruspex can talk to Vlad Jr. who will then bring him to the warehouse that his father used to work in.

On Day 5, Vlad Jr. requests the Haruspex's presence at his house. He will ask the Haruspex to inspect the tunnels that have been dug underground through his well. Vlad Jr. will offer a significant amount of money for the Haruspex to do so. After investigating and returning to the Dilapidated Shack, Vlad Jr. will give the Haruspex his monetary reward, as well as Herbal Recipes #2 and #3.

On Day 8, Vlad Jr. will ask the Haruspex to once again explore the tunnels in order to retrieve a book he lost. However, the well has been blocked off, so the Haruspex must use the entrance near the Theatre. After finding Vlad the Younger's Notes, he returns to the Dilapidated Shack and Vlad Jr. gives him 4000 coins.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 11, if Vlad Jr. is still alive, the Haruspex can talk to him about Foreman Oyun. He will learn that Oyun was responsible for his father's death and he can use this information to skip the final trial and immediately fight Oyun.
Significant plot details end here.

Changeling Route

On Day 2, Alexander Saburov will ask the Changeling to investigate if Aspity was responsible for the outbreak of the Plague. In order to learn more information about Aspity, the Changeling talks to Vlad the Younger and Big Vlad.

Whilst talking to Vlad Jr. about Aspity, he will tell her that Anna Angel has a large stockpile of medicine which is now needed for the Town in preparation for the outbreak. Anna Angel will tell the Changeling there are rumours that the Haruspex is capable of mixing tinctures with antibiotic properties. The Changeling can take the medicine from Anna and return to the Dilapidated Shack to tell Vlad Jr. what she learned.

On Day 3, Anna Angel will tell the Changeling that she is likely being blackmailed by Big Vlad and asks her to talk to Big Vlad's children. Although the Changeling can ask Vlad Jr. about the accusation, he will have very little to say, leading her to ask Capella instead.

On Day 5, Saburov asks the Changeling to investigate if Stanislav Rubin is responsible for the outbreak of the Plague. In order to learn how to gain Rubin's trust, the Changeling talks to Vlad Jr. He will tell her the location of Rubin's Prosectorium and asks her to bring Rubin several bottles of Twyrine and several pieces of Fresh Meat.

On Day 6, Katerina Saburova asks the Changeling to convince Vlad Jr. to become a Humble.

Pathologic 2

A well is dug inside this house. Young Vlad is seen around here sometimes.
Haruspex's map hover

Truly vacant now. No one shall disturb the depths anymore.
Haruspex's map hover if Vlad the Younger goes to the Termitary

Day 4
On Day 4, the Haruspex can seek out Vlad the Younger in his Dilapidated Shack to ask about the identity of the Udurgh (this conversation remains available for the remainder of Act 3, which ends at 07:30 on Day 7). The Haruspex can also inquire about the Termitary, to discover that it was closed because Vlad the Younger believed there was an impending workers strike. Later that same day, Vlad the Younger will ask for the Haruspex's opinion on whether the Worms' claimed immunity to the Sand Pest is really the case.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
After 07:30 on Day 7, the Termitary is opened by Aglaya Lilich, and the Haruspex is finally able to enter and speak to Taya Tycheek. The Haruspex discovers that the Termitary has already been hit by the Plague and most of the Kin inside are dead. The Kin want the man responsible for locking them up: Big Vlad. In addition to Big Vlad, the Haruspex can also approach Vlad the Younger about this issue, as he shares some of the responsibility. There are many different ways this can play out:
  • If the Haruspex speaks to neither of the Vlads, both will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Young Vlad, Young Vlad will volunteer to go to the Termitary himself, as he originally gave the order to have it locked. At this point, if the Haruspex goes to the Termitary, the questline will conclude with Young Vlad going there alone.
    • If the Haruspex speaks to Big Vlad after Young Vlad, then Big Vlad will go instead of his son, who who will remain in his Dilapidated Shack
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Big Vlad, Big Vlad will refuse to go. If the Haruspex then goes to the Termitary, or waits until the start of Day 8, both Vlads will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
    • After speaking to Big Vlad, the Haruspex may speak to the Changeling, who is seated in the Lump's entrance chamber. She says that Young Vlad is already en route to the Termitary, as she has already encouraged him to go.
      • Regardless of whether the Haruspex speaks to the Changeling, speaking to Young Vlad after Big Vlad will produce the results already described above: Young Vlad will volunteer to go, but Big Vlad will take his place if approached afterward.
      • Conversely, if the Haruspex speaks with Big Vlad again after the Changeling, then Big Vlad will send his men to intercept Young Vlad, resulting in both Vlads remaining in the Lump for the rest of the game, where they are safe from the Termitary.
        • Should Vlad the Younger move to the Lump, he will occupy his father's office space, and Big Vlad will move upstairs into Capella's chamber. However the player's map will continue to associate Vlad Jr with his Dilapidated Shack, where his infection status can be observed. Similarly, the Maw district's infection status will continue to impact Vlad Jr, rather the the Gut's.
Either or both of the Vlads sent to the Termitary will die on the following midnight, or when the Kin's schism is laid to rest (details of which can be read on the Termitary page).
Day 10
Following the Haruspex's foray into the Abattoir, he will climb out of the pit through Vlad the Younger's well, emerging back in the Dilapidated Shack. Oyun will be waiting for the Haruspex by the well, as well as Vlad the Younger, unless he was moved to the Lump or is dead.
  • If the Haruspex entered the Abattoir at any point on Day 9, he will emerge from the well at 01:00 on Day 10.
  • If he entered the Abattoir at anytime after Day 9, then he will emerge ~2 in-game hours after his time of entry.
Upon exiting the well, the Haruspex will receive his prior inventory, which was temporarily lost in the Abattoir. He will also receive a mint condition Menkhu's Finger found in the Abattoir, and any Living Blood accumulated. If the player's inventory was entirely full when they entered the Abattoir -- leaving insufficient space for the resulting Living Blood and/or Menkhu's Finger -- then those items will be found in a sack at the player's feet upon exiting the well.
  • However if the day changes in the time that they are in the Abattoir, then the sack will spawn and promptly despawn when they ascend from the well, thus losing those items. This can happen in two circumstances:
    • The player entered the Abattoir at any point on Day 9, in which case they will exit on Day 10.
    • The player entered the Abattoir between ~22:00 and 23:59 on Day 10, in which case they will exit on Day 11.
Significant plot details end here.

On Days 5, 8, & 10 the inhabitants of the Dilapidated Shack will be in danger of becoming infected with the Sand Pest.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Olgimsky's heir works for the Committee so much that I barely see him.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

Located in the condemned part of Town, the Dilapidated Shack is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Vlad the Younger will be noted as in danger.


Official Art


  • In Pathologic the soundtrack that plays within the Dilapidated Shack is Indoor Main.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays within the Dilapidated Shack is Exhumation Of Sense.
  • In Pathologic instead of having a proper name the house is simply described with "the windows of this house are bricked in" text on the map.