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We live in the Tower, and they crawl in the Earth. They're drawn to animals, and we reach for the stars. What's so hard to comprehend?
Pathologic 2

The Dogheads are a gang of children under the leadership of Khan. The Dogheads are named as such due to the dog masks they all wear. They adore the Polyhedron and believe in miracles. They are a counter to Notkin's Soul-and-a-Halves.


In Pathologic, the Dogheads are in charge of the Rat Races. They live in the Polyhedron and require a password from adults in order to enter.

One of the Dogheads, Lika, will be encountered by the Haruspex and the Changeling on Day 1 of their routes. Depending on the actions taken by the Haruspex, he may meet Lika again on Day 9.

On Day 9, the Dogheads ask the Bachelor for Rifles in order to protect the Polyhedron from the Army. In The Haruspex's Route, the Bachelor attempts to fool them with fake Rifle Ammo and they imprison him in a factory in the The Works.

Pathologic 2

These masks remind us we're still beasts, and the true humans inside us are yet to come out. They can't see well, are almost deaf, and speak only in gibberish. Lots of room left for growth.

The Dogheads act as the protectors and residents of the Polyhedron. They refuse the Haruspex entry until they can no longer protect it.

After their leader Khan leaves the Polyhedron following his journey into the House of Death, there are whispers of a mutiny in the Dogheads. Nothing comes of this.

A Doghead appears in the Nutshell alongside Khan, and can reveal that they collect leashes from "defeated" Soul-and-a-Halves as a sort of trophy or status marker, though diplomacy and deception are also acceptable ways of acquiring them.

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  • In Pathologic, conversation with Notkin as the Haruspex reveals there are five hundred Dogheads. However, conversation with a Boy puts their numbers at seventy.
  • In Pathologic 2, the Dogheads are said to have organised roles (such as watchdogs, shepherd dogs, service dogs, hounds, and guide dogs). However, no details on these roles are given.