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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Dreams are an integral part of Pathologic 2. They provide the player with insight into the game's world, as well as information about how to proceed with various plot points and events. Dreams are listed in their order of priority, along with the days they are available.

Seeing all the dreams during a single playthrough will reward the player with the Dream On achievement.


During the prologue sequence, the Haruspex has several dreams during his train ride to the Town. Many of these serve as tutorials for different Game Mechanics or provide the player with necessary background information about the setting.

The first dream is the derailment of the train due to a large bull - Bos Turokh - blocking the tracks. The Haruspex makes his way over to an Executor, who explains that there is no longer blood running through this artery, and that there is a clot. The Executor asks the Haruspex if he brought any medicine with him. The Haruspex asks the Executor what the black particles ahead of the train are, but the Executor is unhelpful so the Haruspex walks out into the cloud. He is quickly infected and passes out.

In the second dream, the Haruspex wakes up inside of an unfamiliar house. In the side rooms will be several members of the Bound. One of the rooms has the Mistresses - Maria Kaina, Capella, and Katerina Saburova. In the next room, there is Peter Stamatin and Anna Angel. In the third room, Oyun appears. When the characters notice they are being looked at, they will unmask and turn into Tragedians. In the back room, the Haruspex finds a sickly woman in the back room who begs for water.

The Haruspex makes his way outside to the water barrel by the door. He may be distracted by the Dogheads and the Fellow Traveller by the nearby train. After he collects the water, he returns to the house and finds all the Tragedians have now become coffins. On the way to the woman, the Haruspex opens the door to the Bachelor and the Changeling, who appear to be arguing. As soon as they notice the Haruspex they also unmask, becoming Tragedians. The Haruspex enters the room with the sickly woman and sees an Executor standing over her, upon which he wakes up.

In the third dream, the Haruspex finds himself standing outside within a circle of rocks. He is faced by a man who is also standing within the circle while several people of the Kin - including Aspity - stand around the perimeter of the rocks, watching him. The Haruspex can hear everyone speaking in the Steppe Language, but he does not understand what they are saying. The man tells the Haruspex that his heart has become rotten and through the fight, they will be able to truly inspect his heart. After winning the fight, the man offers to trade the Haruspex a good heart for his rotten one.

The fourth dream occurs immediately after the third dream. After waking from the fight, the Haruspex finds himself exiting the train directly in front of his father's house. When he enters, he notices that there seems to be something or somebody in the back room. The Haruspex can look around the house, but will hear laughter as he does so, and the laughter increases whenever he stops to loot drawers. Once he makes his way upstairs to his father's room, he opens the door and falls into nothingness.

Trainyard Dream

This is the first dream the Haruspex has on Day 1.

The Haruspex will find himself in the basement of Grace's Lodge, where the corpses of the three men who attacked him at the Train Station are laid out on cots along the floor. At the head of each cot stands a Tragedian whom the Haruspex speaks to and learns the names of each of the men and their thoughts when they attacked him. They express their regrets to the Haruspex.

From this the Haruspex discovers that not only was Isidor Burakh killed the night before he arrived, so was Simon Kain - a well-respected and beloved man in the Town. After speaking to them, the Haruspex goes up the stairs and speaks with an Executor who asks him if he's willing to do re-do the day's events. He relives the attack at the Station and if he attempts to avoid the attack, the Haruspex's health dips dramatically.

The Executor mocks him for thinking he can struggle against his fate. The Executor also warns the Haruspex that men who struggle against their fates may find themselves repeating the same events, but with a limp. After the Haruspex has spoken to the Executor he will wake.

If the Haruspex died in the Station sequence he will take health damage upon waking. Doing this will grant the Fate No More Achievement.

Rat Prophet Dream

This is the second dream the Haruspex has on Day 1.

The Haruspex will find himself standing on a Stairway to Heaven alongside the Rat Prophet. The Rat Prophet warns him not to sleep his life away while there are people in the waking world who require his help. Once the conversation is complete, the Rat Prophet explodes into a flock of birds and the Haruspex wakes up.

This dream will only occur if the player has not completed all of the quests before 20:00. If the Haruspex sleeps sometime between 17:00 and 20:00 with any of the quests related to Lara, Bad Grief, Notkin, or Rubin still incomplete, he will have this dream.

The more quests that the player has completed, the later in the day this dream will trigger. The Trainyard Dream also takes priority over this dream, so the player will need to have the Haruspex sleep twice on Day 1 in order to see this dream.

Door Dream

The first day this dream can be seen is Day 2, and may be obtained up until Day 5.

When the Haruspex sleeps, he may have the Door Dream. In this dream, the Haruspex will find himself outside in the Steppe, in an area enclosed by large rocks. The children on his List will be there as well as a door that seems to lead to nowhere in front of them. Regardless of who he speaks to, the answer will always be the same: the children don't know what is behind the door, and neither does the Haruspex. Together they theorise that it might be his mysterious Eighth. The Haruspex knocks on the door, and then he wakes.

If the Haruspex looks behind him and up towards the top of the rocks, he will find a Teensy and a Tot - named Thrush and Measly respectively - sitting there and he can speak to them. Speaking to them will reward the player with the achievement We're Only Looking.

First Herb Bride Dream

This dream occurs on Day 3.

The Haruspex will see a bright lit background along with a sequence of a Herb Bride dancing at the centre while other dancing Herb Brides fade in and out on either side. Sometimes the dancing Herb Brides at the sides are replaced by a Tragedian, a Worm or an Albino.

School Dream

The first day this dream can be seen is Day 4, and may be obtained up until Day 6.

While sleeping, the Haruspex will dream of the Shelter. Inside of what was once Lara Ravel's kitchen sits a collection of desks set up to look like a classroom. A number of children sit by the desks, including Murky, Sticky, Capella, and two of the Changeling.

The Haruspex can talk to one of the Changelings and she will ask if she can copy his homework. He can tell her that he doesn't have it or that he won't let her copy it because she was rude to him.

Lara is acting as the teacher and she is teaching the children to survive, though her methods are strangely harsh. She advocates for cannibalism and betrayal, telling the class that the only way to survive is to become wolves; to become solitary predators. The Bachelor stands in the corner, punished for questioning her. She threatens to punish the Haruspex in the same manner. Once the Haruspex speaks to her or leaves the classroom, he wakes up.

Termitary Dream

This dream occurs on either Day 5 or 6, depending on when the Haruspex finishes testing his antibiotic tinctures, as well as giving the Bull Blood sample to Dankovsky on Day 5. After the Haruspex tests three antibiotics each made with different organs, he will have this dream the first time he sleeps.

While dreaming, the Haruspex appears in the Termitary. There, he is able to speak to Taya Tycheek, the last unseen child on his List. Taya laments that she doesn't enjoy being locked in the Termitary because the other Kin won't let her out of the room or let her play, despite telling her she's the most important person, and that there is always screaming coming through the walls. Taya then comments that she is currently dreaming about him and he appeared. The Haruspex asks her what the meaning of "udurgh" is and Taya tells him an old riddle that refers to the old village, Shekhen. She tells him to go to Shekhen and look for the Ear, and he should whisper into it for a wish to be granted.

After speaking to Taya, the Haruspex is able to speak to several of her attendants that are standing nearby. The first attendant will impress upon the Haruspex that the Kin are all of one body, led by the Mother Superior. The second attendant reminds him that the Mother Superior's wish is for herself and the rest of the Kin to be taken out of the Termitary into the Steppe. When questioned about why they won't let her out of the room, the attendant replies because it is too dangerous, but it is forbidden by the Law for them to speak of why it is dangerous. The third attendant asks the Haruspex if he has seen how the udurgh suffers without the care of the Kin. He says he hasn't seen the udurgh yet and asks where it is, to which the attendant responds that it is everywhere, and tells him that he'll understand better once he's been to Shekhen.

The door leading into Taya's room, which had originally locked, is now opened and the Haruspex may exit, upon which he awakes.

This dream is required in order to find the Living Blood at Shekhen, which is needed to make Panacea.

Murky Dream

The first day this dream can be seen is Day 7, and may be obtained up until Day 11. This dream will only occur if the player ignores Murky and does not go to the Crowstone before the dawn of Day 7, or if the player refuses to accept the Changeling's deal at the Crowstone.

The Haruspex appears inside of Murky's Train Car, with the door closed. He finds Murky standing towards the back, behind a makeshift curtain. She asks him if he's sad that she went with her friend, but says that he shouldn't be since everything happens for a reason. Murky tells him that she died so she could tell him three things. The Haruspex apologizes for being unable to save her and she says that the place she's in now is sad and lonely, but not scary, and that she's used to being sad and lonely.

The first item Murky tells the Haruspex is that the Sand Pest is closely connected to the earth, which is what makes it dangerous to touch. It also means that if the Haruspex tries to cure the Plague, he would hurt the earth as well.

The second item Murky tells the Haruspex is that the outbreak isn't a calamity or a case of bad luck, like everyone seems to believe. She says that it happened for a reason and that someone purposely unleashed the Plague into the Town. The Haruspex asks her who did it and why, but Murky says she doesn't know as her friend won't talk to her anymore and doesn't seem to know anything.

The third and final item that Murky tells the Haruspex is that not everyone the Sand Plague touches will succumb to it and die. There are people who can resist the Plague and cannot be infected by it, and that this makes the Plague angry. The Haruspex asks Murky who these people are and why they cannot be infected, but Murky says she doesn't have the answer to this either and it's up to the Haruspex to find out.

The Haruspex then expresses his regrets and asks Murky if he could have saved her from death. She tells him that he needs to pay more attention to others and connect with people more and that if he had just talked to her more often, she probably wouldn't have died. Murky then says the Haruspex's touch is different from the Plague's, that his is nice because he's a doctor, and that as a doctor, he knows how to connect what has been broken. She also reminds him to take care of Sticky.

After the conversation, the door to Murky's train car opens and the Haruspex is able to leave the train car and walk into the Steppe briefly before waking.

Second Herb Bride Dream

This dream occurs on Day 7.

The background is dark, with a single bright triangle shaped light in the centre. A Herb Bride - likely Nara - stands at the centre, facing the player, and slowly turns around and walks into the light.

Theatre Dream

The first day this dream can be seen is Day 8, and may be obtained up until Day 11.

In this dream, the player is transported to the Theatre. They first appear backstage and can walk towards the stage where they will see the Haruspex standing with the Changeling and the Bachelor. The three healers are arguing over the best course of action for the Town. The Bachelor supports the path of the brain, the Haruspex the path of blood and organs, and the Changeling the path of skin; the path of touch and transformation. None of them can agree with each other and they separate, unable to co-operate even as the death toll rises higher and higher by the day.

Abattoir Dream

This dream occurs on Day 10. The player must have completed the Abattoir quest on Day 9 in order to see this dream.

As the Haruspex sleeps, he appears in the Abattoir once again, only instead of Worms and Herb Brides, he will be greeted by a collection of Albinos. They struggle to speak as they have no throat with which to make words. The Albinos have no name, but the Haruspex may choose to give names to them, which gives them the ability to speak more easily. The first Albino can be named Artemy, Isidor, Hюmhan, or Khooloy. The second Albino can be given the name Ushkhaan and the third Albino can be named Amahn.

They implore the Haruspex to think of the Earth, and to think of their Mother Boddho as his journey approaches its conclusion. They insist upon the unique worthiness of their existence alongside the existence of the Plague and all matter of strange creatures that make up this world. The Albinos tell the Haruspex that the disease is not only a disease, but it is the Earth's pain. If he destroys the Plague, he will also, in turn, destroy the living heart of the Earth. With this, all the miracles in the world would disappear.

At the end of the Abattoir, by the great pit, stands Isidor Burakh. The Haruspex is able to speak to his father and, for the first time, have his father answer him back. Isidor tells the Haruspex that it was his goal to introduce the Plague into the Town in order to prove that the Town could survive it. He needed the Town to survive the inevitable in order to provide it with a future, to provide the Town with immunity.

Isidor believes that the Town was connected wrong and in order to restore it, the Town first had to be redone, like a poorly healed bone re-broken to re-set. To him, the past and future were incompatible. Isidor tells the Haruspex that both are ways of love, but one cannot have both. He hopes that the Haruspex makes the choice he could not. He believes his son cannot make a mistake, and that both choices are the right one - so long as they are freely chosen.

Once the Haruspex finishes speaking to Isidor he will wake.

If the Haruspex gives all of the Albinos a name, he will receive the Adam achievement.