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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

This page contains spoilers for all Pathologic endings, across all games!

A decision must be made on what to do with the Town. Depending on the character played, the evidence collected, and people still alive, the player may have multiple endings to choose from.


In order to successfully choose your chosen healer's ending, you must have kept all of their Bound alive. You may have the option to choose another healer's ending, so long that you have successfully kept their Bound alive as well.

On Day 11, multiple Bound may fall ill, despite being healthy the day before. Upon curing them, they will count towards your possible ending.

Your decision will be made on Day 12.

Utopian, the Bachelor Ending

Requirements: Keep Andrey Stamatin, Georgiy Kain, Maria Kaina, Mark Immortell, Peter Stamatin, and Victor Kain alive. The survival of Eva Yan and Vlad the Younger is not necessary. Speak to Alexander Block in the Cathedral and tell the bombardment to preserve the Polyhedron. Sleep until midnight.

You create a vaccine for the plague and order the town to be shelled.

Termite, the Haruspex Ending

Requirements: Keep Capella, Grace, Khan, Murky, Notkin, Sticky, and Taya Tycheek alive. Speak to Alexander Block in the Cathedral and tell the bombardment to destroy the Polyhedron. Sleep until midnight.

You create a cure for the plague and order the polyhedron to be shelled.

Humble, the Changeling Ending

Requirements: Keep Alexander Saburov, Anna Angel, Aspity, Bad Grief, Katerina Saburova, Lara Ravel, Oyun, Stanislav Rubin, and Yulia Lyuricheva alive. Choose seven of your nine Bound to be sacrificed. Speak to alexander block in the Cathedral and tell him to preserve both the Town and the Polyhedron. Sleep until midnight.

You convert 7 of your 9 bound's blood into a cure, sacrifice them to extract the cure, and stop the shelling.

Bad Ending

Requirements: Fail to complete your main quests, resulting in your bound falling ill, and don't cure them in time to enter the Cathedral. Sleep until midnight.


Go to the Cathedral, speak to Alexander Block and tell him you refuse to make a choice. Sleep until midnight.

Pathologic 2

On Day 11, the Haruspex must find the courier sent by Aglaya Lilich to stop them before they can deliver the Inquisitor's Orders to the Town Hall. After relieving the Inquisitor's Orders, the Haruspex is given the choice to deliver the orders, or to destroy them. The Haruspex has until 22:00 (10:00 PM) to make his decision.

The survival of your Bound is not necessary to choose an ending.

Nocturnal Ending

Requirements: Collect the Inquisitor's Orders, and either destroy them in a fire pit next to the Wonder Bull, or simply do not deliver them to the Town Hall.

Upon choosing the Nocturnal Ending, the day will immediately end, and after the roll of fate that determines the surivival of sick and in danger individuals, the Haruspex will awaken inside a train car. He will speak briefly to the Fellow Traveller, and then disembark to confront The Town. If Sticky is alive, he will ask to see the town, donning more traditional clothing to welcome the new way of life; if he had perished, Measly will be present, briefly berating him for failing to protect his protege. Both will say the same things to the player.

Navigating the Nocturnal Ending is done through teleportation to different areas, rather than walking across town. On the horizon of the town, the Polyhedron remains standing, and large aurochs will wander. Bursts of plague clouds can be seen, but as the Earth is once again soothed, it cannot harm anyone.

The Haruspex will meet with Murky in her train car, if she is alive. She will ask him what life will be like now, and the Haruspex is given the option to tell her he will protect her. He encourages her to embrace the new-old ways, and that the Kin are good people.

He is then sent to the marshes south of the Lair, where all remaining survivors will be present. This can include: Daniil Dankovsky, Stanislav Rubin, Georgiy Kain, Victor Kain, Maria Kaina, Khan, Capella, Vlad the Younger, Big Vlad, Notkin, Bad Grief, Lara Ravel, Anna Angel, Peter Stamatin, Andrey Stamatin, Yulia Lyuricheva, Katerina Saburova, and Alexander Saburov. All of these characters will say the same set of dialogue, announcing that the Town will no longer accept them, and that they will venture into the Steppe to leave. Each individual seems to be in a hazy state of mind, speaking past the Haruspex and failing to truly remember who he is. After speaking with several people, the Haruspex will be sent elsewhere.

He will be sent to the Abattoir, where he speak with Oyun, if he is alive, and Clara once more. Oyun will ask him why he chose to spare him in this coming world, and ask if the Haruspex believes that he is ready to lead the Kin in the wake of his father. Clara speaks with him about the mystery of the Earth. The Haruspex can leap into the Maw once more.

His next visit will be on a Stairway to Heaven, with Aspity. She will proclaim her pride and love for the Haruspex, celebrating his devotion to the Earth. She will show him the aurochs as they wander the Earth once more, and tell him the Kin are ready to be led by him. The Haruspex can respond with equal joy or worried apprehension, trying to hold firm to his decision.

On top of the Polyhedron, the Haruspex will be able to speak with Taya Tycheek, Grace, and Clara, the three new Mistresses. The Haruspex - or, rather, the player - can choose to walk up the Polyhedron to first speak with the Devisers of the story. Speaking with the three Mistresses will reveal that they will help lead the Town as it is taken back by the Kin. Clara does not acknowledge the Haruspex as if she previously saw him in the Abattoir.

He will then be sent to the Cathedral, where Sticky (or Measly) will be waiting for him. Once again, the Haruspex is asked what kind of world they will be living in, and the Haruspex will encourage him that the world is not a scary place - it is a place of miracles and magic, and that they can learn from it. He enters the Cathedral, where Herb Brides are showing Eva Yan their dances. Eva comments that she thinks the dancers are beautiful, and that she wants to become one. The Haruspex does not entertain her desires, saying that she won't fit in.

Finally, he will visit the Theatre, and speak with Mark Immortell. Mark asks him if he is content with his decision, but also berates the actor for his indecision and failure to follow script. He will speak of hiring another actor to tell the story once more. Then, he asks the actor - Haruspex, or the player, depending - what they wish to do next. They may choose to remain as Artemy Burakh and walk out into the night, embracing the old ways they had worked to reestablish. They may choose to remain Artemy Burakh, but that they wish to remain in the Theatre a little longer. Or, they may declare themselves tired of the Mask, and suggest they will take the Theatre from Mark. Artemy Burakh will then turn into a Tragedian, who will turn to the camera and bow.

Diurnal Ending

Requirements: Collect the Inquisitor's Orders and deliver them to the Town Hall. Allow Alexander Block to destroy the Polyhedron. Visit the Bridge Square to witness the Polyhedron's destruction, and then drink from the blood that spills from the Earth.

Upon bringing the Inquisitor's Orders to Alexander Block, the Haruspex will walk to the Polyhedron to see it destroyed. As the dust settles from the destruction, blood will flood the Earth where the tower once pierced the ground, and the Haruspex will drink from it. Then, the Diurnal Ending will begin.

The Haruspex will awake in a train car, speaking with the Fellow Traveller. They will speak about who is left in the Town, and the Haruspex will decide it is time to "turn off the lights". Travel in the Diurnal Ending is done on foot, or by ferrymen. The Haruspex is able to visit anyone he wants in Town at his leisure, as time will be frozen at 12:00 PM noon and no longer will the Haruspex feel hunger or exhaustion.

In the Broken Heart, the Haruspex may speak with Daniil Dankovsky, Andrey Stamatin, Peter Stamatin, and Yulia Lyuricheva. Anna Angel will also be present, but is separate from the group. Daniil speaks with the Haruspex as an exhausted comrade, congratulating him on his decision but lamenting that he has nothing left to return to the Capital to. Daniil promises to tell him about Thanatica some time. The brothers Stamatin both reflect in sadness and anger about the fall of the Polyhedron, with Peter lamenting it’s destruction and Andrey promising death to every soldier responsible for the bombardment. If the Haruspex claims responsibility for the decision, Andrey accuses him of drinking too much. Yulia, conversely, is aware of the Haruspex's decision to destroy the tower, and suggests his intellect would have him as a fantastic assistant when she leaves to begin more work. Beyond the group, Anna will be muttering to herself, and the Haruspex encourages her to look forward to the future.

Further in Town, the Haruspex can stop by his father’s house, where Sticky and Murky are waiting for him. Sticky asks him if he plans on living here, and the Haruspex has the opportunity to promise he will protect and raise them both. Murky asks which room she's going to get, and the Haruspex promises she can pick whatever one she wants. He leaves them at home as he continues to travel town.

Around the Termitary, the Haruspex will find Notkin, Taya Tycheek, Aspity, and Oyun. Notkin will ask the Haruspex if he's seen Jester, and then tell him he'll earn his Half yet. Taya will be up on a larger rock, likely healed up by either Oyun or Aspity, and will be practising her declarations for the future — that no one will be caged, that history will still be remembered, and that the Mother Superior has the rights to every kind of candy she wants. She is saddened that Mother Boddho seems to be ignoring her third declaration.

Oyun will ask the Haruspex about his decision to spare his life. The Haruspex will have the opportunity to either scorn him or encourage him to look towards the future. Aspity will speak to him equally morose, telling him that both she and the Earth are dying. The Haruspex will offer treatment, but Aspity says it is from the decision to bleed the Earth dry in toppling the tower. The Haruspex may enter the Termitary, where it is silent and empty — save for the Changeling, who tells him that she, too, is dying, and will disappear alongside the miracles of the Earth.

As he ventures further into town, the Haruspex will see Lara Ravel, Bad Grief, and Stanislav Rubin on a Stairway to Heaven. He speaks with Stanislav, who tells him that he is ready to be taught by him — the Haruspex will tell him they shall learn his father's teachings as equals. Bad Grief seems to still be reflecting on his interrogation by Aglaya Lilich, to which the Haruspex will promise him support in his new, reformed life. Lara asks him about the children he adopted, and ask if he's ready to father them, and if he needs help. The Haruspex can agree or reject her.

On another Stairway to Heaven, the Haruspex - or, rather, the player - may choose to walk up and speak to the devisers of the play they just experienced.

Across the Town in the Cape, the Haruspex will see Maria Kaina, Capella, Khan, Clara, Vlad the Younger, and Big Vlad. Maria will be speaking past the Haruspex, seemingly in contact with her mother's grave. She ignores him, otherwise. Capella and Khan stand together, back to back, and talk to the Haruspex about their plan to one day marry and lead the town together, uniting their families. The Haruspex notes they don't seem enthused, or even love each other. Clara paces around the Cape, and ask the Haruspex if he is prepared for the world that he invited - she also proclaims that she was capable of a miracle, but was once again looked over. Vlad the Younger will be ruminating on several ways to reform the Bull Enterprise, such as applying minimum wage and forbidden child labour. He asks the Haruspex to be his assistant, to which he is blown off and ignored — he tells Vlad that he'll have to do a lot more than meeting basic labour laws to earn the trust of the Kin.

South of the Cape, near the Cathedral, the Haruspex will see Alexander Saburov and Katerina Saburova, as well as Grace. Saburov tells the Haruspex that he will take proper control of the town in the coming future, as the Kains have declared they will be leaving and the Olgimsky reputation is tarnished. Katerina tells him about their adoption of Grace, promising she will be raised as a true Mistress. The Haruspex approaches Grace, who is practising spelling, and asks about her adoption by Peter Stamatin. She says that she wants to visit him, but her new mother forbids her from going.

Behind the Cathedral, Georgiy Kain, Victor Kain, and Eva Yan look across the river. Georgiy tells him that they will be moving across the river, as they have outgrown the town. Eva expresses excitement at the prospect, and says it will be better than the old town.

All of the lights have been turned off - the only place remaining to visit is the Theatre. Mark Immortell asks him if he is content with his decision, but also berates the actor for his indecision and failure to follow script. He will speak of hiring another actor to tell the story once more. Then, he asks the actor - Haruspex, or the player, depending - what they wish to do next. They may choose to remain as Artemy Burakh and walk out into the daylight, embracing the new future they worked to bring to life. They may choose to remain Artemy Burakh, but that they wish to remain in the Theatre a little longer. Or, they may declare themselves tired of the Mask, and suggest they will take the Theatre from Mark. Artemy Burakh will then turn into a Tragedian, who will turn to the camera and bow.

Deal Ending

Requirements: Receive seven punishments in the Theatre of Death from Mark Immortell. On the seventh death, accept the deal from the Fellow Traveller. On Day 11, proceed as normal with choosing either Nocturnal or Diurnal Endings.

But I've done everything right! What's going on?
The Haruspex's map hover upon beginning the Deal Ending

Upon the seventh death of the Haruspex instead of being met with Mark Immortell in the Theatre he will find the Fellow Traveller. The Fellow Travellers offers the Haruspex a deal: permanent removal of death punishments in exchange for a loss to "the real him". If the deal is accepted it's unclear what the deal entailed until the ending on Day 11. On attempting to begin either the Diurnal or Nocturnal ending the Haruspex will instead be greeted with a Tragedian sitting on the ground, head in their hands. If the Haruspex attempted the Diurnal Ending the Tragedian is sitting by the pool of blood seeping from the wound left behind by the Polyhedron. If the Haruspex attempted to begin the Nocturnal ending the Tragedian will be sitting in the grass, having replaced the barrel the Haruspex attempted to burn the papers in.

As the Haruspex turns he will see Tragedians pointing towards the Theatre. He follows their directions and upon entering the Theatre is greeted by the Executors Talon and Beak who inform him that he has signed a contract either that prevents him from ending the performance. The Haruspex then continues onwards towards the stage to see the Changeling sitting on the lip of the stage and the Bachelor rehearsing his part. Mark Immortell is by them and is furious with the Haruspex for ruining the performance with his cowardice. He is angered that the Haruspex has ignored the purpose of the death punishments in order to take the easy way out. He gives up on the Haruspex and tells him to leave through the side door of the Theatre.

As the Haruspex leaves the Theatre he is transported to the train car he started his journey in with the Fellow Traveller sitting in the corner. He tells the Haruspex that he and the Haruspex will be companions for some time now. They are now joined, forever.

Late Ending

Requirements: Fail to find the courier before 22:00 (10:00 PM).

Upon failing to find the courier before 22:00 the lights will die out and the Haruspex will awake in the Theatre. Two Executors - Beak and Talon - will be waiting for him by the entrance and will explain that he is late, mocking the Haruspex for not finding the papers in time.

As the Haruspex steps into the Theatre he will find any of the Bound that has previously died scattered around the Theatre with the Changeling, the Bachelor, and Mark Immortell on the stage. The Changeling speaks cryptically but suggests that it does not matter what the Haruspex does, she will be the one to clean up his mess regardless. The Bachelor is rehearsing Latin as he paces. Both are, as the performance had always suggested, actors waiting to play their role. Mark Immortell is furious at the Haruspex, admonishing him for not completing his task on time despite being given ample time to do so. He tells the Haruspex that he has let everyone down and he is now banned from continuing. He tells the Haruspex that there will be no tomorrow for him and that he should leave through the side door.

As the Haruspex leaves the Theatre he is transported to the train car he started his journey in with the Fellow Traveller sitting in the corner. He tells the Haruspex that he and the Haruspex will be companions for some time now. If the Haruspex returns to the world he will take the Fellow Traveller with him, and his harvest will be plentiful.

Unlike other endings the Haruspex (and player) does not get to choose how they end their journey and the credits simply roll.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

At the beginning of "Pathologic: The Marble Nest", the Bachelor is confronted by an Executor and asked if he is ready to die. This repeats at the end of every day until a conclusion is reached. The Bachelor must come to terms with his fate and choose whether to die, or continue trying to stop the day's events from happening. There is ultimately no way to save the Bridge Square from infection. If the Bachelor manages to die before the end of the day, the Executor insults him for dying a meaningless death.

Ending 1

Sometimes death is not the end, but merely a new beginning, but not in this case.
This loss was pointless. It teaches nothing.
Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Ending 4

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, confirm that you are ready to die, and accept your fate.

The Bachelor can accept death in the very first conversation with the Executor. The Executor happily takes him to die. The end title expresses disappointment and views this as a pointless death.

Ending 2

Anew the day begins.
This is also a way of conquering death, to return once again to the time petrified. And again. And again.
It's a cycle. A pause. Things will change.
And the day starts anew.
Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Ending 2

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt at the day. In the evening, ask to try again. After this ending, you will be woken again at 09:00 by Sticky.

While this provides an ending card like all others, Pathologic: The Marble Nest itself does not end upon making this choice. This option allows the Bachelor to repeat the day and make different choices. However, the day's conclusion will not change. In the final conversation, the Bachelor denies death and the Executor for another day and promises to find another option. The Executor promises to see him soon.

Ending 3

It turned out to be true.
The transition is real, and the timeline continues. So does the entity I call myself.
More emotion. Less words. They are all obsolete.
It's all different now.
Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Ending 1

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt. In the evening, agree that you are ready to die.

The Bachelor can choose to accept death (and, in the Executor's opinion, reality) after reliving the events of Saturday. The Executor applauds him and takes him to die.

Ending 4

The Laws we think immutable are false. The laws of nature that dictate morality. The laws of games we play.
Well done. One doesn't have to follow them indefinitely. Rules are made to be changed.
Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Ending 3

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt. Talk to the Tragedian outside of the Cathedral and agree to return with an open heart. In the evening, ask for a moment to think, then question the Executor about the rules.

To be able to make this choice, the Bachelor must provide the Tragedians with a heart. During the day, the Bachelor must help Cookaroo steal from the pharmacy. He can use his share of the stolen goods to help the injured Worm at the camp behind the cathedral, and receive a heart in return.

If the Bachelor completes the required lines of inquiry to speak with the Tragedian about games, the player can confront the Executor that evening. In this conversation, the Executor addresses the player directly. They praise the choice, but also acknowledge that the player themselves must make the same choice one day.