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Farkhad (Фархад)

It was Farkhad who built the Stillwater. Not the Stamatins. Farkhad’s was a «horizontal» architecture to the Stamatins’ «vertical» one. He believed that a house that would fulfill Simon’s objective should not be a tower—on the contrary, it must provide grounding and roots.
[from the game’s design documents]

Farkhad is a minor character in Pathologic and Pathologic 2. He was an architect that worked alongside the Stamatin twins. He was part of The Oneirotects, a group that contributed to building the Town. Farkhad was the one who built the Cathedral, the Stillwater, and other buildings in the Town. His true name is unknown, as the twins posthumously named him after a historical architect.[1]

Farkhad was murdered as the result of his conflict with the Stamatin brothers. It is implied that Andrey was the one who killed Farkhad for Peter's sake. However, Alexander Saburov puts the blame for Farkhad's death on Peter, which later results in him persecuting Peter during the outbreak. In Pathologic 2, Peter blames himself, even saying that he participated in the murder[2].

The brothers erected a grave in the Cemetery for Farkhad. Grace often tends to it and brings flowers to the deceased architect, claiming that he likes the color red.[3]

In Pathologic 2, Peter possesses a key that is connected to Farkhad, possibly for a box containing personal effects or evidence. If he dies, Grace will ask Haruspex to give the Key With No Lock to Andrey on behalf of Peter's spirit.


The epitaph on Farkhad's grave in Pathologic Classic HD reads [4]:

Here lies Farkhad, the most unshakable architect. We assembled this monument on the beautiful foundation. From inconsolable brothers in arms P. et A. gemini.



  1. Peter: We had him buried under a fictitious name—a tribute to a celebrated architect of old, so there's some consolation for him, at least…
  2. My brother and I built [Farkhad's grave]. Killed him ourselves, buried him ourselves. - Peter, Day 4, Pathologic 2
  3. "Ah... Flowers! So beautiful, too... thank you! How did you know? Those are exactly the ones I wanted to offer Farkhad... He likes the colour red... Perhaps you're fond of them too?" - Grace, Pathologic Classic HD