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Haruspex's Lair
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burah_home (Pathologic)
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The Haruspex's Lair (Берлога Гаруспика) is a factory building located in the southern portion of the Factory district. Previously gifted to Isidor Burakh by the Olgimsky's, the factory now functions as a home for the Haruspex.


Welcome to the machine.
The Factory's subtitle

The Haruspex's base of operation.


The Haruspex's Lair contains an alembic in which the Haruspex may create twyrine infusions, a brewery machine where dead gruel can be created, a bed to rest in, and a chest where items may be stored.

Pathologic 2

The Haruspex's Lair is home to Isidor Burakh's alembic in which to make tinctures, a brewery to brew painkillers and antibiotics, a workbench for repairing weapons and clothing, another workbench for inventory upgrades, a cabinet to store items, a bed where the Haruspex may rest, and a clock to save at. There is also a sink that functions similarly to water barrels and pumps found throughout the Town, however it may only be used 3 times per day. If the Haruspex drinks directly from the sink, it will reduce his thirst by just ~40%, which is less effective than a consumed Water Bottle (-65%), so it is optimal to fill bottles from the sink rather than drink from it directly. The sink always produces clean water, regardless of the Factory district's infection status.



Bachelor Route

The Haruspex's Lair is inaccessible to the Bachelor for the duration of his route. Any interactions between the Bachelor and the Haruspex are typically within the Termitary.

Haruspex Route

On Day 2, the Haruspex will be directed to a factory warehouse. As he enters the building, he will be greeted by Vlad the Younger who explains that the place was once used by Isidor Burakh, and that it is now the Haruspex's to use. Within the lair, the Haruspex will be required to create a twyre infusion, having received a request from the Bachelor to do so.

On Day 3, Notkin will request ten Twyrine Extracts in exchange for a map of the infected districts. These are created using the alembic and herbs collected by the Haruspex.

On Day 7, after receiving Abattoir Blood, the Haruspex is able to create a Panacea in his brewery in the Lair.

Changeling Route

On Day 1, the Haruspex can be found within the Lair. He will tell the Changeling that the wounded man she is looking for has escaped and run off into the town.

On Day 7, the Haruspex will ask the Changeling to deliver five bottles of Twyrine to a family who helped him. They can be found in the Lair.

On Day 11, the Haruspex will be in the Lair. He will inform the Changeling of his intention to fight Foreman Oyun.

On Day 12, Changeling will be able to speak with the Haruspex in his Lair about his solution for curing the Plague. She can also invite him to the Cathedral if she has cured all members of his Bound.

Pathologic 2

It provides Father's alembic, a bed, light, warmth, and a roof over my head. And a locker to keep my things safe. What else can you ask for?

People who need me will sometimes wait around this place.
Haruspex's map hover

Day 2
On Day 2, the Haruspex is able to explore Isidor Burakh's House, where he may find a Rusty Key that has a note signed V.O. If he arrives too late (past midnight but before morning on Day 3), the door will be locked but the Bachelor will give the Haruspex the key with the note. If the Haruspex speaks to Big Vlad or Vlad the Younger about the note, he will discover that the factory was given to Isidor Burakh by Vlad the Younger.
Upon entry the Haruspex will find Sticky, who claims he helped Isidor Burakh with his work. If he repairs the alembic, the Haruspex will be confronted with a vision of his tumbler toy, who teaches him about the three layers of the body and how to correctly perform prophylaxis, diagnosis, and prescribe antibiotics. Later, the mysterious Herb Bride that has been following him around will be found waiting inside near the entrance. (All of the previously described events will occur upon the Haruspex's first visit to the Lair, regardless of his day of entry.)
Day 3
On Day 3, if the Lair still has not been unlocked, Vlad the Younger in the Broken Heart will give the Haruspex the key and point him there, or a child will deliver the key to him in the street. After helping the Soul-and-a-Halves, three people will be waiting outside of the Haruspex's lair, each with their own requests for the Haruspex. One will ask him to discover a way to open the Termitary, one will ask him to "release [his] brother of evil meat", and the other will ask for help in birthing his sister's child. Aspity will be waiting within the Lair as well.
Day 4
On the morning of Day 4, upon entering the Lair, the Haruspex will be confronted with a distressing hallucination of the children on his List hanging from the ceiling. A mysterious figure in an Executor's cloak will taunt him before disappearing, returning the Lair to its usual state. Murky will be found waiting outside of the Lair. She will ask the Haruspex to search for herbs with her, and later, the Haruspex may offer for her to stay at the Lair with him instead of in her abandoned train car.
As of dawn on Day 4, Sticky will inform the Haruspex that he knows where they can get a Toolkit in the Atrium district, so that they may fix the brewery. Details regarding this event can be found on the Tailor page. After this event has concluded, Sticky will leave a bag of items on the Haruspex's autopsy table. The bag can be used for additional storage in the Lair, however if its contents are ever emptied entirely, the bag will despawn permanently.
In the evening of Day 4, two Worms will be waiting outside of the Lair. They will recognize the Haruspex as a Menkhu, and provide him with a bottle of blood and some organs to be brewed into medicine. If ignored, these Worms will remain there for the duration of the game.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
On Day 5, Sticky will inform the Haruspex of a chemist in the Bridge Square who is embalming the bodies of Plague victims. Details regarding this event can be found on the Pharmacy page. Sticky may also have some dialogue regarding discovering a cure, so long as the Haruspex has made some progress with testing antibiotics brewed with infected organs. Murky will also mention in passing that she has made a new friend.
Day 6
On Day 6, if the Haruspex met Murky's friend by the Crowstone, he will then look for Murky in the Lair, only to find she is not there. Murky can instead be found in her train car. Once again, Sticky may also have some dialogue regarding discovering a cure.
Day 7
If The Haruspex does not retrieve at least 1 vial of Panacea from the brewery before 07:30 on Day 7 (which requires brewing a tincture with Living Blood), then Rubin will die. Requirements for obtaining Living Blood during Act 3 can be found on its respective page.
At some point during Act 4 (which starts at 07:30 on Day 7), Murky will leave a small bag of herbs on the Lair's autopsy table. The sack can be used for additional storage in the Lair, however if its contents are ever emptied entirely, it will despawn permanently.
Day 10
On Day 10, regardless of his prior immunity or infection status, Sticky can be found infected inside the Haruspex's Lair.
Day 11
On Day 11, a Military Courier with the Inquisitor's Orders can be found dead against the door of the Haruspex's Lair. The Haruspex will then be tasked with determining the fate of the Town.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

If only I knew whether he'd made that "panacea" of his...
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover prior to finding the Panacea.

He did manage to find a cure, after all.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover after finding the Panacea.

The Haruspex's Lair is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, the Haruspex will be noted as dead.



  • In Pathologic Classic HD the soundtrack that plays within the Haruspex's Lair is Burah Home.
  • In Pathologic 2 the soundtrack that plays within the Haruspex's Lair is Miracle Workshop.
  • The term used for the Lair in Russian (Берлога Гаруспика) means a bear's lair, specifically. It is also informally used to describe a man cave.