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They are all wicked people. Their souls are as black as soot. Each one of them is either an avowed evildoer, or hiding a sinister secret.

Katerina Saburova, Day 1

The Humbles are one of the three factions along with the Termites and the Utopians. They are represented by the Changeling.

They are united by a common ideology—ones who follow the philosophy of Humility. All are considered liars, thieves, betrayers, and those of blackened hearts.

The Bound

Alexander Saburov Anna Angel Aspity Bad Grief Katerina Saburova Lara Ravel Oyun Stanislav Rubin Yulia Lyuricheva
NPC Alexander.png NPC Anna.png NPC Ospina.png NPC Grief.png NPC Katerina.png NPC Lara.png NPC Oyun.png NPC Rubin.png NPC Yulia.png
Governor of the city who took absolute power in the early days of the epidemic. Husband of Katerina. An agoraphobic singer and former performer with a dark past. According to her, she is an evil spirit of the Earth. No one knows how she appeared. Real name Grigory Filin. The leader of a gang of thieves who live in the Warehouses. The Mistress of Earth and wife of Alexander. Allegedly capable of seeing the future. A young lady who strives to help others, yet sees each person as soon-to-be-dead cause. The Foreman of the Abattoir. Services Big Vlad on behalf of the Kin. Warden, former pupil of Isidor Burakh, and childhood friend of the Haruspex. A rationalist mathematician, who has thought up the theory that stretches the marks of destiny.