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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Isidor Burakh's House
The Hindquarters
Map ID
d2q01_house1 (Pathologic)
Isidor Burakh (formerly)
Spoiler: Click to reveal residents.
Artemy Burakh (formerly, later potentially)
Sticky (potentially)
Murky (potentially)
Oyun (potentially, temporarily)
Item storage

Isidor Burakh's House (Дом Исидора Бураха) is a home located in the Hindquarters in the centre of the Earth Quarter.


Isidor Burakh's house was the home of Isidor Burakh and his son Artemy Burakh. The house was once the medical centre of the Town, as Isidor Burakh was their only doctor.

Pathologic 2

As of the evening of Day 4, the many cabinets in Isidor's house can reliably used for storage. Any items stored during previous days are liable to despawn.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, after learning that the immortal man Simon Kain has died, the Bachelor will be sent to Isidor Burakh's House to speak to Isidor Burakh about the suspicious circumstances surrounding Simon's passing. Upon arriving at the home, the Bachelor will discover a guard waiting by the doorway. The guard will inform the Bachelor that Isidor Burakh has also died. Worse, it is theorised that he has been murdered either by his son or by a shabnak-adyg, a creature of Steppe legend.

On Day 2, while in search of proof of the Plague, the Bachelor will be informed by Sticky that there is a "silent house" nearby. Upon entering Isidor Burakh's House, he will be confronted with a delirious woman who has clearly contracted the Plague. She will give him the Silent House Key which the Bachelor may bring to Alexander Saburov as proof of the Plague. The woman will also warn him that her two sisters are also infected and they will chase after him, and asks him to have mercy on them.

On Day 5, Willow Mellow can be found near Isidor Burakh's House.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, upon returning to his hometown, the Haruspex will find his father's home locked. A guard is standing by the doorway and will attack the Haruspex regardless of what he says. If he goes to the Termitary, he will find two more guards who can be killed, one of whom has the key to Isidor Burakh's House. Upon entering the house, he will be attacked by several rats. Standing on a table in the bedroom will be Sticky, who will tell the Haruspex that he overheard the murder of Isidor Burakh.

Changeling Route

On Day 10, the Changeling's evil twin's followers can be found in the yard behind Isidor Burakh's House.

Pathologic 2

My father's house. My house. Locked.
Haruspex's map hover

My father's house. My house. Locked.
Haruspex's map hover after learning of Isidor Burakh's death

My father's house. My house. I've no intention to live here.
Haruspex's map hover after finding out the house is being robbed on Day 4

Isidor Burakh's House is first visited during the dream-state of the Prologue. While inside, voices will laugh at the Haruspex, increasing in volume if he stops to loot any items.
Day 1
On Day 1, the Haruspex will be guided to Isidor Burakh's House, insisting that due to the worrying nature of his father's letter, it is urgent he returns as quickly as he can. Once he arrives, he will find a crowd (including the then unnamed Anna Angel and Peter Stamatin) outside of the house who will inform the Haruspex that Isidor Burakh was murdered moments before the Haruspex arrived in town (assuming that the Haruspex has not already learned of his father's fate from Bad Grief, the Bachelor, or Lara Ravel). The crowd theorizes that Isidor Burakh was killed by a shabnak-adyr, a monstrous clay creature of Steppe legend. Sticky can be found seated in front of the house, though he will have little to say for himself aside from comments regarding the Haruspex's bloody clothes.
Day 2
As of the dawn of Day 2, Isidor Burakh's house is available to the Haruspex. It is initially locked, and requires either the key or a lockpick to gain access (Despite it being his family home, should he use a lockpick, Artemy's reputation will suffer for it.). The Haruspex may speak to Alexander Saburov in the Town Hall to receive the key. If the Haruspex arrives at the house after 20:00, but before midnight, it will be guarded by Alexander Saburov's men. They will inform the Haruspex that in order to gain entry, he will need an additional permit from Saburov, who can be found once again in the Town Hall. If the Haruspex initially approached Saburov about the key after 20:00, then he will have already received the permit.
Should the Haruspex enter Isidor Burakh's house on Day 2, he will discover that things are not quite right. The house seems haunted: Voice lines from several major characters can be heard in the distance, as well as the sounds of people running over floorboards. A chest inside the second floor bedroom will contain a note with the Rusty Key, which unlocks the Haruspex's Lair. After securing the key, the Haruspex will find a door on the second floor that was previously locked to be open, revealing a static Plague cloud. The cloud will not affect the Haruspex's immunity, and will disappear if he approaches it. Two more doors will now be unlocked on the first floor: One will reveal a room where a few herbs can be found, and the other will lead to an encounter with the Changeling. Upon exiting the house, the Haruspex will be greeted by the Bachelor, who informs him that the house is now suddenly covered in red lesions. Onlooking townsfolk will offer similar concerns regarding the house's condition.
Day 3
Regardless of whether the Haruspex managed to gain access to the house on Day 2, it will become locked at midnight (effectively at the start of Day 3), and an Executor will take up post on its doorstep. The Executor cannot be spoken to and is presumably there to investigate the infected house. If the Haruspex failed to enter Isidor Burakh's house during Day 2, the Bachelor will also be present, and will give the Haruspex the Rusty Key should they speak before the dawn of Day 3. The house will remain temporarily locked for the foreseeable future.
On Day 3 at dawn a messenger will inform the Haruspex that Big Vlad wishes to speak with him. Vlad tells the Haruspex that the Kains are trying to take control of Isidor Burakh's house, unless the Haruspex can speak with Georgiy Kain to convince him otherwise. When asked, Georgiy will promptly forfeit control of the house, on the terms that the Haruspex forward Georgiy's signed approval to the Hindquarters district prefect. The prefect can be found in a house within the Hindquarters district, and accepts the papers with no questions asked. If the player fails to do any of this before the town meeting later that day (which starts at 19:00 or after the Haruspex has exited the Stillwater in search of the Bachelor.), the house will be temporarily locked for the foreseeable future.
Day 4
On Day 4, regardless of how events concluded during the prior days, at 17:00 a messenger will inform the Haruspex that Isidor Burakh's House is being robbed (at this point the house will be unlocked for the remainder of the game). Should the Haruspex return to the house, he will find a looter standing guard outside. The looter will inform him that three additional men are inside the house. The Haruspex may choose to kill the four men and loot the house, or abandon the challenge and come back later (as the house's loot will not despawn in the coming days). Curiously, the looter standing guard outside can be autopsied at no loss to reputation (However his peers cannot). Should the Haruspex enter the house, he will find a door on the second floor that was previously boarded up is now open, revealing a chest that often has a Toolkit or Sewing Box, plus other valuable items. The bedroom chest that once held the Rusty Key sometimes has a Toolkit or Sewing Box as well. As of this event, the many cabinets in Isidor's house can reliably used for storage.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
On Day 7, Oyun can be invited to live in Isidor Burakh's House, where he will stay until Day 12. If Artemy witnesses the Abattoir Dream, Oyun will then move to the Abattoir (where he is only accessible after speaking with the Kin in Shekhen).
Day 12
During the Diurnal Ending, Sticky and Murky will be standing outside of Isidor Burakh's House, presumeably because the three of them will live in the home following the game's end.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

It all began here.
Bachelor's map hover in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Located in the condemned part of Town, Isidor Burakh's House is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Isidor Burakh will be noted as dead.



  • Isidor Burakh's House is one of the few places in Pathologic 2 where Cotton Wool can be found.
  • In Pathologic, the soundtrack that plays within Isidor Burakh's House is Тermitnik.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays within Isidor Burakh's House is Dreamhouse. In the later parts of Pathologic 2, the soundtrack in Isidor Burakh's House will change to Archaic Way.