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The Gut
Map ID
cot_bigvlad (Big Vlad's wing) (Pathologic)
cot_kapella (Capella's wing) (Pathologic)
Vlad Olgimsky Sr
Vlad Olgimsky Jr (formerly)
Victoria Olgimskaya (formerly)
Save checkpoint Item storage Sleep

The Lump (Сгусток) is a mansion owned by Big Vlad in the Gut district of Town. It is a grand estate that is occupied by the Olgimsky patriarch Big Vlad and his daughter, Capella.


The Olgimsky family estate, the Lump contains two wings: Capella's Wing and Olgimsky's Seat, where Big Vlad can be found.


All three playable characters may rest in the beds in both Capella's Wing and Olgimsky's Seat.

Pathologic 2

Olgimsky's Seat contains a fifteen-slot cabinet (initially containing money) by the entrance where items may be stored indefinitely, as well as a couch where the Haruspex may sleep. Both Capella's Wing and Olgimsky's Seat house clocks where the player may save their progress.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1 the Bachelor speaks with Big Vlad on the subject of Isidor Burakh and his supposed murder. Big Vlad is intentionally unhelpful, not wanting to discuss matters of business with an outsider like him.

On Day 2, the Bachelor must talk to Capella to learn more about the rumours children have been spreading about so-called 'Silent Houses'. After finding proof of the Plague, the Bachelor must confirm with Big Vlad that the Olgimsky family is willing to allow Alexander Saburov to take emergency powers.

On Day 3, the Bachelor has to convince Big Vlad to cease the persecution of three Butchers who have escaped the Termitary quarantine. He may also choose to talk to Capella, who will ask him to find and help a boy named Loafer who is about to test a Shmowder.

On Day 4, the Bachelor will be called to the Lump to discuss the creation of a morgue, hospital, and isolation ward for the upcoming epidemic with Big Vlad.

On Day 5, the Bachelor needs to find the Haruspex and seeks out information of his whereabouts from Big Vlad.

On Day 6, the Bachelor can choose to talk to Capella. She will warn him not to make a rash decision in the upcoming days and then tells him to talk to her brother, Vlad the Younger, about an arsonist attack on the Termitary.

On Day 8 the Bachelor will speak with Taya Tycheek, where in exchange for access to the Abattoir, he must bring to the Termitary the one responsible for locking the Kin up inside. The Bachelor must choose if he will send Vlad the Younger to face the Kin, as he had locked up the Termitary in the wake of alleged riots and the suspicion of the coming Sand Plague, or if he will send Big Vlad, as he is the leader of the Bull Enterprise, and thus wishes to bear the burden of his faults by himself. If Big Vlad is sent, the Lump's main wing will no longer be accessible and an Executor will be standing by the door. The Bachelor can also talk to Capella, who will ask him to bring some medicine to Taya Tycheek.

On Day 11, the Bachelor can choose to help the Kains in obtaining tokens of acceptance from future Mistresses of the Town for Maria Kaina. One of the items he must obtain is a necklace from Capella.

On Day 12, as Capella is one of the Haruspex's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of her wing at the Lump with Capella being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Haruspex to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Capella a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, the Haruspex is guided to the Lump by the Executors at the train station. If the Haruspex arrives before 11:00, a Tragedian will be situated outside of Olgimsky's Seat and will disallow entry and the door will be locked until 11:00. Big Vlad will inform the Haruspex of his father's murder and reveal that he is suspected of patricide. Following the discussion with Big Vlad, the Haruspex will be directed to Big Vlad's daughter, Capella, who will provide him with his list of Bound.

On Day 2, the Haruspex will once again find himself at the Lump. If he speaks to Big Vlad, he will be informed that Alexander Saburov holds the key to the Burakh home. He will also be told of an upcoming epidemic and is warned that once it starts the Lump will no longer be able to protect him.

On Day 3, the Haruspex will be called to the Lump to discuss matters of his family inheritance. He will also discover that the Termitary has been locked due to the epidemic. A side quest can be found from Capella in her wing of the Lump, as she feels that Notkin is in danger.

On Day 7, the Haruspex will receive a letter from Capella, asking him to see her in her wing of the Lump. When spoken to she will ask the Haruspex to check up on Taya Tycheek in the Termitary.

On Day 8, the Haruspex needs to find the Changeling to fulfill a request for Taya Tycheek so that he can enter the Abattoir. He asks Capella for help and she tells him to check Murky's Wagon. The Haruspex also receives a quest from Georgiy Kain, which will determine which Vlad Olgimsky to send to the Termitary. If Big Vlad is sent, the Lump's main wing will no longer be accessible and an Executor will be standing by the door.

On Day 9, Capella will send the Haruspex a letter asking to meet her in the Lump. She will ask him to check on Sticky, who has gotten into trouble with the Dogheads.

On Day 10, the Haruspex talks to Capella about his inheritance as part of the main quest. Capella also sends the Haruspex a letter asking for his help. She will tell him to visit Murky. The Haruspex must also seek out Capella's help to find Grace, as she has gone missing from her lodge at the Cemetery.

On Day 11, Capella will once again request the Haruspex's aid, asking him to talk to Khan on matters of the future between the Olgimskys and the Kains.

Changeling Route

On Day 2, at the request of Alexander Saburov, the Changeling is investigating Aspity. She asks Big Vlad for more information about the woman.

On Day 3, the Changeling asks Capella about the threatening letters that Anna Angel has been receiving. Capella will also ask the Changeling to help her find the Haruspex and the Bachelor.

On Day 5, Capella sends the Changeling a letter. She says she has a bad feeling about the Cathedral and asks the Changeling to investigate. She will also suggest the Changeling talk to Maria Kaina about her premonition.

On Day 6, the Changeling will be asked by Katerina Saburova to talk to Vlad the Younger. To learn more about Vlad Jr., she seeks out Capella.

On Day 7, Katerina tells the Changeling it is time for her to learn about Mistresses and will send her to speak to Capella and Maria.

On Day 12, as Capella is one of the Haruspex's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of her wing at the Lump with Capella being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Haruspex to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Capella a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Pathologic 2

The Olgimskys' mansion. Fat Vlad is the owner of the Bull Enterprise, but many just call him "the Master".
Haruspex's map hover over Olgimsky's Seat

The Olgimsky's mansion. Big Vlad is no more. Now his son lives here, dreaming of a better fate.
Haruspex's map hover over Olgimsky's Seat if Big Vlad goes to the Termitary

The Olgimskys' mansion stands empty now. The Kin has no more masters.
Haruspex's map hover over Olgimsky's Seat if both Big Vlad and Vlad Jr. go to the Termitary

The rooms of Victoria Olgimskaya, also known as Capella, are separate from her father's. Children can often be seen scurrying by her wing.
Haruspex's map hover over Capella's Wing

Day 1
At the end of Day 1, Big Vlad offers the Haruspex refuge in the Lump after he arrives in town, accused of murdering his father. This can prompt a sudden increase in town-wide reputation, if that has not already occured (which happens naturally at 20:00).
Day 2
On Day 2, the Haruspext may speak to Big Vlad about his father's funeral, which is slated to begin after dawn in the Cemetery. Later on, the Haruspex may choose to visit Big Vlad to discuss the key to the warehouse given to Isidor Burakh by someone with the initials "V.O". On the same day, the Haruspex may also discuss the Termitary's recent closure with Big Vlad, citing that he needs to see Taya Tycheek inside. Additionally, on Day 2, the Haruspex is introduced to Capella, who resides in the Lump in a separate wing to her father. On this day, Yulia Lyuricheva can be found on the balcony in Capella's Wing. Directly outside Capella's wing, in the backyard, the Haruspex may choose to help some children bury a doll. If he does, it will prompt a cutscene of the children burying the doll on a stage.
Day 3
On Day 3, workers can be found protesting outside of Olgimsky's Seat, distressed by the closure of Olgimsky's Factory due to a "soot problem". When confronted, Big Vlad refuses to reopen the Termitary nor to explain himself. Big Vlad will also notify the Haruspex that the Kains are trying to take his father's house, and that he must speak to Georgiy Kain before the day is over to retain ownership of the house.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
On Day 7, the Termitary is opened by Aglaya Lilich, and the Haruspex is finally able to enter and speak to Taya Tycheek. The Haruspex discovers that the Termitary has already been hit by the Plague and most of the Kin inside are dead. The Kin want the man responsible for locking them up: Big Vlad. In addition to Big Vlad, the Haruspex can also approach Vlad the Younger about this issue, as he shares some of the responsibility. There are many different ways this can play out:
  • If the Haruspex speaks to neither of the Vlads, both will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Young Vlad, Young Vlad will volunteer to go to the Termitary himself, as he originally gave the order to have it locked. At this point, if the Haruspex goes to the Termitary, the questline will conclude with Young Vlad going there alone.
    • If the Haruspex speaks to Big Vlad after Young Vlad, then Big Vlad will go instead of his son, who who will remain in his Dilapidated Shack.
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Big Vlad, Big Vlad will refuse to go. If the Haruspex then goes to the Termitary, or waits until the start of Day 8, both Vlads will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
    • After speaking to Big Vlad, the Haruspex may speak to the Changeling, who is seated in the Lump's entrance chamber. She says that Young Vlad is already en route to the Termitary, as she has already encouraged him to go.
      • Regardless of whether the Haruspex speaks to the Changeling, speaking to Young Vlad after Big Vlad will produce the results already described above: Young Vlad will volunteer to go, but Big Vlad will take his place if approached afterward.
      • Conversely, if the Haruspex speaks with Big Vlad again after the Changeling, then Big Vlad will send his men to intercept Young Vlad, resulting in both Vlads remaining in the Lump for the rest of the game, where they are safe from the Termitary.
        • Should Vlad the Younger move to the Lump, he will occupy his father's office space, and Big Vlad will move upstairs into Capella's chamber. However the player's map will continue to associate Vlad Jr with his Dilapidated Shack, where his infection status can be observed. Similarly, the Maw district's infection status will continue to impact Vlad Jr, rather the the Gut's.
Either or both of the Vlads sent to the Termitary will die on the following midnight, or when the Kin's schism is laid to rest (details of which can be read on the Termitary page).
Day 10
On Day 10, if Capella is not already infected, then she will become infected automatically. If she is already infected, then she will receive a death roll in addition to the one that occurred at the start of the day.
Significant plot details end here.

On Days 4 & 8, the inhabitants of the Lump will be in danger of becoming infected with the Sand Pest.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Fat Vlad, the ruler of the Bull Enterprise, has disappeared. People like him always have a corner to hide in.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Olgimsky's Seat.

This house looks as though no one's ever lived here.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Capella's Wing.

The Lump is across the river in the condemned part of Town. It is noted that Big Vlad is possibly alive, but he is nowhere to be found in either the Bridge Square or the Atrium. Capella's wing does not show her portrait as Capella's icon appears instead over the Nutshell (in the absence of Khan).


Official Art


  • In the original translation of Pathologic, the Lump was referred to as the Clot.
  • There is a bug in Pathologic 2, regarding Vlad Jr if he survives his encounter with the Kin. While he will be present in the Lump for the remainder of the game, he is still counted as living in the Dilapidated House, and will be endangered when the Plague travels through the Maw.
  • The buzzing of flies can sometimes be heard in the soundtrack while within The Lump: Olgimsky's Seat in Pathologic 2.
  • In Pathologic Classic HD the soundtrack that plays within the Lump is Indoor Main.
  • In Pathologic 2 the soundtrack that plays within Big Vlad's wing is Heavy Hand.