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Mistresses are the female counterparts of the ruling families of the city, endowed with prophetic power. Visions visit them only in dreams. The nature of a Mistress is such that she cannot lie.



The three Mistresses in the prologue

Women who weave time into threads of power. They let power go through them and then let the threads back out. Even as men are building a town from wood and stone, the Mistresses weave its soul from intangible substances. The joys and the sorrows, the epiphanies and the lethargies, the feelings, the inspirations, that is the yarn that the Mistresses spin.
Katerina Saburova

Dark Nina Kaina, bright Victoria Olgimskaya, and Katerina Saburova—that's how the balance looked about ten years ago. After the death of Nina, Katerina began to play the role of the dark Mistress to maintain balance. After the death of Victoria, she rushed toward the light, but could not reach it, which undermined her credibility. At the beginning of the epidemic in the city, Maria Kaina and Capella are preparing to receive their powers in full. Clara may also have the power of a Mistress, but if she is to receive them in full, it can only be after the death of Katerina. According to Capella, one cannot be both holy and a Mistress of Earth.

The visions of mistresses have limitations. Katerina claims that detailed truth hurts; Maria's strength could suffer if she starts to doubt her premonitions; Capella said that the visions do not allow you to see through walls.

To receive her full powers and become a Mistress, a future Mistress has to go through a painful process, accompanied by seizures and fainting, and then finally wake up. After that, she will not be the same person. A future Mistress must recognize the next Mistress, passing on continuity. It is not clear whether the role of Mistress is a tradition, or a necessary stage of mystical transformation.

"Scarlet" Mistress

…And you know, Mother, that forge is me. Sometimes I wake up with a burning in my chest, and the sky becomes crimson. In that very moment, if I kiss someone, they can see it too.
Maria Kaina in Pathologic 2

The Scarlet Mistresses rule of the domain of chaos and fear, schism and unease. They are incredibly powerful women who inspire both awe and dread. Maria Kaina describes the visions of the Scarlet Mistresses as a "flight". Her visions are often grim.[1] The Scarlet Mistresses belong to the The Kains.

The Scarlet Mistresses

Former: Nina Kaina

Current: Maria Kaina

"White" Mistress

When mother's radiance comes to full strength within me, I will fold my wings around my children, teach them to build, protect them from harm.
Capella in Pathologic 2

The White Mistresses are symbols of love and care, peace and nourishment. They are beloved Mistresses and protectors of the Town. Capella describes the visions of the White Mistresses as a "pit". She notes that this feeling is unusual as hers are usually joyful.[1] The White Mistresses belong to the The Olgimskys.

The White Mistresses

Former: Victoria Olgimskaya

Current: Capella

"Earth" Mistress

The power of a Mistress stems from the earth, and only from the earth, no matter what Nina may have said. The only true power is in the earth. It feeds us all. We grow as grass in the field, and breathe in its spirit.
Katerina Saburova in Pathologic 2

The Earth Mistresses are outside of the light and dark dichotomy of the Scarlet and White Mistresses, existing as an in-between. The Earth Mistresses are closely connected to the soil and dirt. Katerina Saburova's power in particular comes from the Rat Prophet, which she believed was the earth speaking to her. The Earth Mistresses belong to The Saburovs.

The Earth Mistresses

Current: Katerina Saburova

Future: Clara (potentially)

Other Mistresses

There are some Mistresses who do not belong to the ruling families.


Following the Haruspex's revival of the Town a number of the Termites become Mistresses.

Beige Mistress: Grace

Lilac Mistress: Murky

Malachite Mistress: Taya Tycheek

Pathologic 2

Our Mistresses used to be unbearably straightforward. Black and White. Dark and Light. Evil and Good. Wild and Warm… Too simple. It'll be more compelling now.
Grace in the Nocturnal Ending of Pathologic 2

In the Nocturnal Ending of Pathologic 2 two new Mistresses appear.

Mistress of Bulls: Taya Tycheek

Mistress of the Dead: Grace

Herb Brides

They are no Mistresses, of course... Compared to a Mistress, even a young one, they're merely candles next to a bonfire. They do have powers, however, and impressive powers at that. Brides say that their—that our juices flow in such a fashion that we can do no harm. Our bodies are clean.

While not as powerful as Mistresses, Herb Brides still possess supernatural abilities. They are able to make herbs grow faster and lusher as they call them to the surface. Their dance is considered a sacred art among the Kin. Their blood is special and should a Herb Bride contract the Sand Plague she is unable to infect anyone else.


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