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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Nara (Нара)
Narana (Нарана)
The Kin
The Town
The Haruspex's Lair
The Abattoir

Nara, or Narana, is a Herb Bride from the Town. She claims to be familiar with Haruspex and that their fates are intertwined.


Nara appears to the Haruspex as early as Day 1. She says that they know each other, though even if the player chooses options that imply she is familiar, she says it is not yet time for her to reveal who she is to the Haruspex.

She appears again inside the Haruspex's Lair not long after it is unlocked, sharing more that suggests familiarity with the Haruspex, saying that they are bound and enjoining him not to send her away. Later still, she will appear outside the Haruspex's Lair, and reminds of him of her name and tells him that he will spill her blood. She seems to have accepted this fate of hers, and offers the Haruspex comfort that his fate will bring such an ending.

On Day 9, when the Haruspex enters the Abattoir, Nara is present among other Brides in the pulse of the Plague. She is lain on a sacrificial altar, and the Haruspex is given a tool to carve her open. The Haruspex may choose to give her a quick or violent death, but her sacrifice is unavoidable. Inside of her body is a spindle, which is used to progress the quest in the Abattoir.


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  • Nara shares her model with other Brides, though she is the only one with direct plot significance.
  • Nara's role in the plot is reminiscent of Willow Mellow's in the original Pathologic. However, they are different characters.