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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

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Varies depending on the note

Notes are items in Pathologic 2. There are a number of notes available throughout the game - some with directions for a quest, and others as flavour text for the world. Below are all notes as seen in the game.

For each note's item id, see Console Commands.

Farewell Letter

This note is acquired from Voronika Croy's body outside of the Cathedral on Day 7. It is worth 15 trade value at the Dead Item Shop. In the English translation of Pathologic 2, Voronika's name is anglicised to Veronica.

A crumpled piece of paper. Smells like a marsh, for some reason. Touch to read it.

"Who can tally the number of drops in the sea? Who can tally the number of tears in this grief?"
I'm so happy it wasn't you, Father.
- Veronica Croy.

Isidor's Notes


This note is acquired on Day 2, when accepting the Haruspex's inheritance from Aspity.

A list of names. The handwriting is clearly Father's. I need to touch this to read it.

1. Sticky, 2. Capella, 3. Murky, 4. Notkin, 5. Khan, 6. Grace, 7. Taya Tycheek, 8. Unknown steppe symbol

Rusty Key

This note is acquired if the Haruspex is able to return to his father's home before the outbreak on Day 3. It is a note written by Vlad the Younger, but he may bring the letter to Big Vlad to ask about it as well.For further details on this note, see Rusty Key.

And a note. Signed "V.O". To read it, I need to touch it.

I've found a spare key, but these key thefts (?) are becoming concerning. Your equipment is far from cheap, is it not? It would serve no one if it gets stolen.

And do keep in mind that if our small arrangement is uncovered, I too will have to bear the consequences.


Kids' Farewell Notes

Below are all the farewell notes that can be randomly found in Children's Caches after the evacuation of all children on Day 9. Any misspellings are intentional as written by the author.

All Hover details are Won't reach the addressee anymore..

Begging Note

PLEASE dont touch my pointy bag if you find it PLEASE they wouldnt let me take much it has a note and everything PLEASE

Coarse Note

Last chance to leave for the Nest. Same price, same place, but I'm no guide. Make no mistake.

Confused Note

You whiners! If you tie a piece of thread to a railing in your house, you'll be back. You sure will!

Crumpled Note


Damp Note

Instructions: choose four favourite things, take them with you, hide the rest under board rocks. Barter one of your favourites to a friend.

Desperate Note


Distressed Note

DONT TIE THЯEADS TO YOUЯ ЯAILINGS! Itll come! It takes it as a sign!

Dropped Note

I'll never forget you.

Final Note

My secret will is: I leave everything to the Big Tree. If you find any of my shit, bring it there. Just don't take anything for yourself!

Helpless Note

To the boy who wrote LETS MEET BY THE TURNER,
I'll wait as long as I can. I like your poems. I'll miss them.

Lonely Note

I gave all of my stashes away to the birds. You do that too. They need it more now.

Memorable Note

My bones remain in this ground. I've buried a tooth by every bridge.

Mournful Note

Howling all night. Our farewell song. TL, with the first start.

Polite Note

To the purson from the very far future: Pleaze remembur me. Your Neela.

Rhythmic Note

Final Chapter: 'Life is fun and life is laughter from this moment hereafter. Life is laughter, life is fun, save me please I have to run.'

Rough Note

Keep this note. It has my memories and my Line.

Sad Note

I don't need a town without Riska.

Scared Note

Teddy bear LOST! I'm not leaving without you! I'll give away ALL MY TREASURES!

Small Note

I suggest we burn TL with honor. I feel we're not gonna return.

Smooth Note

Don't take it away. It wants to stay right here.

Tear-Stained Note

Scared they'll burn me. If they do, I'd rather leave a paper here. I'd rather be a paper.

Kids' Quest Notes

Below are all notes that either drive the Children's Caches quest line or are found in caches but pertain to other related sidequests. Unless specified otherwise, all notes below are found in caches, and all hover descriptions are Touch to read it. It's better to put it back after.

Dusty Note

This note begins the Hide and Seek sidequest during Act 2. The Haruspex will be guided to the Tadpole Yard, south of the Theatre. Upon completing the Hide and Seek quest and gathering enough resources, the Haruspex can receive a Shmowder.

Found the last walnut. Hidden in the Tadpole Yard. Meet you there.

Farewell Note

Given to the Haruspex by a townsman. The townsman asks the Haruspex if he is the one the children call 'Cub'. The Farewell Note is from the townsman's daughter.

Written by a kid with a trembling hand.

We're gone, but our caches stay! We asked jerboas. It's their game now. The jerboas introduced their own rules too.

Nyuta and Sleepy Head left shmowders in their Caches. You'd better find and take them, else the jerbaos will eat them. Maybe they already have. And shwmoders are bad for them!

Hasty Note

This note will inform the Haruspex that Khan has descended the Polyhedron and is living in the Nutshell after Day 3.

Don't even think about going to the Nutshell. Khan got down, and it has solid walls. And he tries to cross them. And they won't budge. I saw it too. He's angry like a ferret.

Mysterious Note

This note is acquired from the children's caches while taking part in the cache trading game. It informs the Haruspex of the location of a murderer.

The handwriting is childish and rushed.

The ripper's murderer will come to Friday's Yard when pigs fly. You hear that, ripper? We found him!

Suspicious Note

This note is acquired from killing and looting the man that attacks the Haruspex in the fenced in clearing located in the Hindquarters.

This handwriting is childish.

Found your thief. He'll come to Friday's Yard. Wait for him there. Just hit him first, he's a nutso. 450.

Tidy Note

This note is found in the second cache in the Children's Game during Act 2. It does not add any new map markers but it does inform the player of the events that occur during the evening at the Train Station.

He doesn't know about the Station, I'm sure. So it's safe. Gingers allowed today.

Warm Note

This note is found in a cache after the Haruspex's first time entering the Nutshell. It tells the Haruspex that Capella and Maria Kaina are no longer in the Nutshell.

She left the Nutshell. The house is ours again, crafting in the evening as usual.

Kids' Stash Notes

Below are all notes that can be randomly found in Children's Caches prior to the evacuation of all children on Day 9. Any misspellings are intentional as written by the author.

All note hover descriptions are Touch to read it. It's better to put it back after.

Angry Note

If a grown-up learns of our game, I'll strangle you one by one, you won't escape.

Cold Note

Remind yourself that I know what you owe.

Curious Note

Here's a new game: two peeples hold hands from the back and draw one picture together on the ground, each standing on one leg.

Exhausted Note

We've combed the district. He's not there. Found Riska though.

Faded Note

BAM! I took your memories. The rule is: now pretend you didn't live the day before yesterday and know nothing of anything.

Fragrant Note

TL, after the street lamps light up: a writer meetup, the readings of Dusty Cap.

Funny Note

Riddle: A step and a step. A person equals one. One equals two of different colors. (seohS)

Lost Note

Guys he needs a way to remove blood stains. If you know one, leave a note.

Loud Note

A brave knight looking for a squire for a dangerous quest. Paying in green marbles. See you at dawn by the Big Tree.

Modest Note

Chapter Two. Said Woodpecker, "You're too late! That's one thing I TRUELY hate."

Moody Note

Black took another one! Let everyone know we're not letting it slide.

Scratched Note

I'll lead you to the Nest for a bunch of good feathers. No peanuts. Leave a stash in the leaving place, by the root.

Sly Note

I'll tell you who wrote the Cap if you leave a bent clock hand on this note.

Snarky Note

to the boy who writes TRUELY I know your a boy. Its TRULY.

Snide Note

I told you, just tie a thread to your finger and it won't touch you!

Stained Note

This note is poisonous.

Torn Note

If you do that once again I'll cut you all fingers off!

Unfunny Note

Two and one: Father's gone. Four and three: Mom hangs from a tree. Six and five: How are you still alive?

Unhappy Note

WHO LET ЯISKA OUT OF THE CAN! At least put the lid back!

Wet Note

FORGET NEELA'S CRAWL! The boards have gone all rotten. I fell down so hard I almost broke my neck.

Wrinkled Note

Two fluffy tails for a teapot. Needed SOON! The tails are good as new. TL, every noon.

Lara's Notes

These notes are acquired after learning of Lara Ravel's plot to kill Alexander Block on Day 10. The first is found in one of the Shelter's kitchen cupboards, the other given to the Haruspex by a soldier in the Town Hall on Day 11 if he did not stop her the day before. The Crumpled Letter is worth 20 trade value at the Dead Item Shop.

Crumpled Letter

The paper is torn. The writing, barely legible.

Remember that time at the Scruff? You said fate doesn't choose people, but people choose fate. So I have. I'm glad you're not here. Would have been scarier with you. I--
The rest is unreadable.

Confession Letter

If I didn't know Lara's handwriting so well, I wouldn't have noticed her hand was trembling.

I, Lara Ravel, conceieved the murder of General Block alone. No one knew of my plans. If anyone called Rubin, Burakh, or Filin claims to be my accomplice, disregard them. I've done it myself.


This item is not able to be obtained through normal gameplay. It is likely an unused version of the Rusty Key.

Unfold to read the text.

"I've found a spare key, but these key thefts (?) are becoming concerning. Your equipment is far from cheap, is it not? It would serve no one if it gets stolen.

And do keep in mind that if our small arrangement is uncovered, I too will have to bear the consequences.

Touch details

Note to Old Man

This note is part of backers rewards that could be acquired during Kickstarter. It starts the quest of finding the invisible cat.

Written by a kid. Touch to read it.

"The invisible cat was seen in the Warehouses. It can be caught during the day on good days. Uncle Old Man, do you know if it can be someone's Half? If so, we can't touch it."

Torn Note

Found during the Prologue in an army tent right after exiting the Theatre.

A dirty piece of paper. Touch to read the barely legible writing.

Schlafer contracted it. Anichkov contracted it. Jaksen contracted it. Lieutenent contracted it. Kurbanov contracted it. Vyuzhin contracted it.

Captain hasn't contracted it. Put a bullet in his head.