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The Spleen
Khan (temporarily)
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The Nutshell (Скорлупа) is an abandoned house in the Spleen district of the Knots Quarter. During the events of Pathologic 2, it is the temporary residence of Khan.


The Nutshell, named as such "because it's empty", is a meeting place for the Town's children - most notably those who prefer it to the Polyhedron. The Nutshell is close to the Train Station where children gather after dark. It is considered unusual for adults to enter the Nutshell and children attempt to conceal its existence from the Haruspex.


Pathologic 2

Only children live in this house.
Haruspex's map hover

Only children live in this house. Its windows glean[sic] with a strange light.
Haruspex's map hover if the turner is fixed

Khan lives here - temporarily. His leaderless kingdom of children remains in the Polyhedron.
Haruspex's map hover after learning Khan has moved into the Nutshell

Day 2
The Nutshell becomes accessible to the Haruspex on Day 2. Its location will be marked on the Haruspex's map after a conversation with one of the Town's children, who informs him that Capella has forbidden them from entering the house until evening. Should the Haruspex choose to go there, he will find Capella and Maria Kaina inside in the middle of a disagreement. He is asked to leave by both. When he steps outside, he will find the Changeling, who warns him that he should not get involved with the business of the girls (ignoring her warnings unlocks the "Mute Curse" achievement). If the Haruspex re-enters the building, he will find the Changeling's twin sitting in a corner.
Day 3
Starting from Day 3, the Haruspex may find two children sitting around a broken turner inside of the Nutshell. They will ask the Haruspex to fix it for them, which he can accomplish with a piece of Metal Scrap.
Day 4
If the Haruspex completed the House of Death event on Day 3, then he may learn that Khan has moved from the Polyhedron to the Nushell on Day 4. When asked about this, Khan will explain that he is quarantining himself before returning to the Polyhedron, for fear that he could spread infection by returning too soon. However if the House of Death was neglected, then Khan will remain in the Polyhedron, not to appear in the Nutshell until Day 10 (which will spare him from risk of infection on Days 5 and 9.).
After 07:30 on Day 4, a Doghead named Maera can be found in the Nutshell. Maera explains that in order to prove herself to the Dogheads, she must give them a Leash as evidence of her "battlefield glory." In her desperation for a Leash, Maera offers the Haruspex a Shmowder in exchange for one.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 10
On Day 10, if Khan is not already in the Nutshell, he will move there and promptly become infected. If he is already there, he will become infected. If he is already there and infected, then he will receive a death roll in addition to the one that occurred at the start of the day.
Significant plot details end here.

Residents of the Nutshell will be under threat of being infected with Sand Plague on Day 5, Day 9, and Day 11.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

At night, a light glimmers in the windows of this house.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

The Nutshell is located across the river in the condemned part of Town, making it inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovered over, the Nutshell shows Capella's icon, rather than Khan's, placing her in danger.



  • The Nutshell is a location exclusive to Pathologic 2. Khan is met within the Polyhedron during the events of Pathologic, with much different requirements to speak with him. Additionally, while there is no Nutshell, several abandoned buildings are mentioned to be occupied by children, such as Sticky's House.
  • The soundtrack that plays within the Nutshell is Childhood Grave.
  • It's likely that the intended word in the Haruspex's hover text for the building is "gleam" rather than "glean", but glean is the word used in the game files.
  • According to design notes and an article by level designer Elena Alt[1], the storytelling lantern in the left corner of the Nutshell was created from childhood memories of special children hideouts in Belarus, where children would share scary stories together.