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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

You may be looking for Pathologic 2 Minor Characters or Pathologic: The Marble Nest Minor Characters.

This is a list of the minor characters that appear in Pathologic.


Ayan Boissa (Аян)
Hook the Herdsman (father)
Oyun (relative)

Ayan is a Herb Bride whom the Bachelor meets on Day 7 and is present until the end of the game in the Bachelor route. She is sent by Andrey Stamatin to ask the Bachelor for his assistance in the search for Eva Yan. Ayan becomes a resident of the Stillwater and stays there until the end of the game.

It is implied that Ayan used to live at the Broken Heart. She comes from the Boissa clan and is related to the Oyun clan through her father's sister.

On Day 8, she sends the Bachelor a letter, asking him to quickly return to the Stillwater as he has some guests. Ayan will be standing in the first floor room with several Dogheads who are looking for the Bachelor.

Ayan's model is the same as other Herb Brides found throughout the town.



Ayga (Айга) is a member of the Kin who worked as a cook for a family in the Town. She was one of the people to talk about Milk turning bad. Ayga, among other people, mentioned that cows have been producing ichor rather than milk lately and that milk had turned completely black.


Beaker (Кружка) was one of the children who made Shmowders during the First Outbreak of the Plague.

Beaker's shmowders were said to be one of the most efficient, alongside Catchfly's and Flanky's. Beaker also had two brothers who made shmowders which were said to be useful in curing the Plague as well. Beaker's brothers were said to have grown up and left, but some children say the two have already died. One of the two brothers is Loafer.

Beaker's own fate is unknown.


Buddy (Корешок) is a member of the Soul-and-a-Halves.

Buddy obtained a firearm for the Soul-and-a-Halves in preparation for their fight against the Dogheads. He hid the weapon along with some ammo in a house located in the Crude Sprawl.


Catchfly (Нюта) was one of the children who made Shmowders during the First Outbreak of the Plague.

Catchfly's shmowders were some of the most efficient mixtures, alongside Beaker's and Flanky's. Children say that Catchfly was the first to make them and created the original ones. However, they were also useless because although it would destroy the Plague, whoever used it would die. Catchfly later died during testing of the shmowders.


Crowfoot (Лютик) was one of the children who made Shmowders during the First Outbreak of the Plague. Crowfoot's mixtures were considered the prettiest and - although not considered amongst the best - was still capable of fighting the Plague.

Crowfoot's true fate is unknown. Some children say that Crowfoot, alongside Smartypants and some other children, went to the Polyhedron. It is possible that he eventually left to join Notkin and the Soul-and-a-Halves when Notkin left the Tower. Several children say that he's lost his skills and become rusty at making shmowders. However, other children will say that Crowfoot died during the testing of shmowders.


Flanky (Бока) was one of the children who made Shmowders during the First Outbreak of the Plague.

Flanky's shmowder mixtures were considered one of the most efficient, alongside Beaker's and Catchfly's. His fate is unknown, but he was not able to make new shmowders during the Second Outbreak, as children mention that there's no one left who knows how to make shmowders anymore.

General Shoin

General Shoin (Генерал Шоин) was a General in the Army. Stanislav Rubin served under his command until he was injured and subsequently discharged.


Gugong (Гугун) is the name of the "deaf and dumb" train driver and is an Odongh. He is said to be the only one capabale of guiding a train through the Steppe. Gugong takes his duty very seriously, as he believes it to be a sacred position.

On Day 2, Eva Yan suggests to the Bachelor that they escape from the Town via train. In order to do so, they would need to bribe the train's driver, Gugong, as living people are not allowed to board the train. Andrey Stamatin seems to know him and Andrey confidently told the Bachelor that he would be able to find some way to convince Gugong to let them onto the train.

Whether or not Andrey was able to meet with Gugong and convince him is unknown, as the group's plan to escape the Town was foiled once Saburov obtained emergency powers and blocked off the Train Station.


Harpist (Арфист)

The Harpist (Арфист) is a friend and associate of Lara Ravel and is described by her as practical, strong-willed and resolute. He is encountered by the Changeling on Day 2 of Pathologic Classic HD.

The Harpist was tasked with gathering supplies for the "House of the Living", but as the infection got inside with some of the supplies, he observed instead how living matter reacts when it comes in contact with the Sand Pest, and got infected himself.

After being sent back to Lara, he witnessed Burakh's arrest on Day 5, and died soon after. Lara suspects that it was the Changeling who killed him for bringing news of the arrest. The Harpist's final wish was to eat a handful of large raspberries.

According to Lara, the Harpist does not play the Harp, but excels at playing dice. In the original translation, his name was sometimes written as "Arfist".

The Harpist's model is the same as other Young Men found throughout the town.



Loafer (Лодырь)
Young child
The Skinners

Loafer (Лодырь) is a young boy whom the Bachelor and the Changeling meet during their routes on Day 3.

In the Bachelor route, he tells the Bachelor that he is testing a Shmowder as part of the children's game "Epidemic". The Bachelor becomes angry at Loafer and the other children for doing something that he believes is dangerous and says he will test the Shmowder in Loafer's place. Once Loafer gives Bachelor the shmowder, the Bachelor will receive a 50% infection with the Plague.

In the Changeling route, Loafer will be preparing to test a Shmowder. The Changeling can talk to him and take the Shmowder from him. While talking to him, Loafer also provides hints as to which houses in the area the Bachelor and the Haruspex are hiding in. The Changeling can use this information to find them and complete two side quests.

Loafer is Beaker's younger brother. In the original translation, Loafer's name was "Idler".

Loafer's model is the same as other Tots found throughout the Town.


Maestro and Rex

Maestro and Rex (Маэстро и Рекс) are members of the Soul-and-a-Halves.

Maestro and Rex write a letter to the Haruspex on Day 4. They tell the Haruspex that another Soul-and-a-Half - Buddy - obtained a weapon stash and hid it somewhere in preparation for their fight against the Dogheads. Only Sticky knows the location of the weapon stash, but refuses to tell them, as he believes the Soul-and-a-Halves will not succeed.

Maestro and Rex, along with the other Soul-and-a-Halves, still intend to engage the Dogheads with a surprise attack. They are very loyal to Notkin, as they end their letter with "Death to the Dogheads! Salute to Notkin."

It is likely that either Maestro or Rex is a Half, rather than another kid.


Smartypants (Умник) was one of the children who went to the Polyhedron several years before the events of Pathologic alongside Crowfoot. It is possible that Smartypants eventually left the Tower to join Notkin and the Soul-and-a-Halves.


Stump (Пень)
Young teens

Stump (Пень) is a young boy affiliated with the Soul-and-a-Halves whom the Haruspex meets several times.

On Day 4, two Soul-and-a-Halves named Maestro and Rex send a letter to the Haruspex, which prompts him to talk to Sticky. Sticky along with Stump were supposed to go together to retrieve a weapon stash hidden by another Soul-and-a-Half named Buddy. However, at the last minute Sticky decided it was too dangerous and refused to participate. The Haruspex goes in his stead and finds Stump near the Cemetery. Stump leads the Haruspex to the house containing the weapon stash.

On Day 9, the bonfires in the Steppe have been extinguished and are being guarded by various townsfolk and Dogheads. The Haruspex needs Stump's help to relight the bonfires. He finds Stump waiting near the Cemetery again and can tell Stump when to follow, when to stay, and when to light the bonfires. Stump can be targeted by the bonfire guards, so the Haruspex must protect him and handle the guards.

Stump's model is the same as other Boys found throughout the town.



Professor Telman (Тельман) is an agent of The Powers That Be. He appears in letters sent to the Bachelor, imploring him to take control in the case of an epidemic outbreak. Telman often threatens the Bachelor by reminding him that the decision of whether or not to allow the Thanatica's research to continue will depend on the Bachelor's results. He informs the Bachelor that in the case he is unable to successfully curb the outbreak, all power will be transferred to a state Inquisitor. Following the Bachelor's failure in solving the epidemic and the arrival of the Inquisitor, it is on the wishes of Telman that Thanatica is destroyed.

Telman only appears in the Bachelor's Route.


Wolf (Волк) was a sergeant patrolman who worked for Alexander Saburov. Saburov considered Wolf his most trusted patrolman and says the man was the sharpest, most skilful, and daring. He was going to replace Yaklakh, after the other man's disappearance.

Wolf was sent out at Saburov's behest to investigate Bad Grief and discover who was the leader of all the bandits in the Town. He had investigated the Works with a squad previously. He discovered that there was a meeting planned by the killers' ringleader and Saburov sent Wolf to the location as part of a trap, certain that they would capture Bad Grief.

However, Wolf never returned. Instead, he was killed by Grief and his head was placed in a bag, which was later used to implicate Barley the Barber as the leader of the bandits.

Wolf is only mentioned in the Changeling's route.


Yaklakh (Яклах) is the name of the man who started the mob that destroyed the Town's water supply. He was originally a taskmaster at the Termitary, but was eventually able to buy his way out of working there and became a patrolman.

Lara says that she told Yaklakh to boil water before drinking it, as it's considered risky to drink natural water. However, he misinterpreted her words and believed the water was contaminated, resulting in his decision to lead a mob and destroy the Town's water supply.

Alexander Saburov attempted to find and arrest him for leading the mob and arrested many people who would not give up Yaklakh's location. When questioning Aspity, the Bachelor discovers that Yaklakh has escaped and is hiding in the Termitary. However, he is unable to find Yaklakh and the man is deemed missing. Saburov later mentions that he had planned to replace Yaklakh with Wolf, before learning of Wolf's death.

Yaklakh is only mentioned in the Bachelor's Route, and briefly in the Changeling's route as well.