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The Plague is the main obstacle the Healers must contend with during the events of Pathologic. It is a disease of seemingly unknown origin that kills whoever contracts it. It has also been called Sand Plague, Sand Filth, Sand Ulcers, Sand Fever, Sand Pest, Sand Dirt, and Sandy. It is heavily implied that the Plague is sentient, which would explain the total powerlessness of science in the struggle against it.

Five years before the events of the game, the first outbreak of Sand Fever occurred. It broke out in the Crude Sprawl and it was possible to localize; thanks to the unusual layout of the city, the district was boarded up quickly and the infection did not spread. Isidor Burakh was responsible for isolating the outbreak. Citizens remember the first outbreak with horror, and when they learn that the disease came back, do not believe in salvation. Read more.

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