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Artemy Burakh — also known as the Haruspex — is one of three playable characters, alongside the Bachelor and the Changeling. He is currently the only playable character for the main game of Pathologic 2.

Artemy studied the steppe lore and medicine under Isidor's guidance, learning the fundamentals of surgery and herbalism, all closely tied to the Kin's perception of the world through the concept of the Lines - connections between things both of physical and spiritual nature. Isidor came to a conclusion that it would do his son well to seek knowledge outside of the limits of the Kin and the Town, and sent him away to study medicine elsewhere. At some point while studying, Artemy receives a letter from his father, in which Isidor expresses great concern, warning his son of some great trial that awaits him. He urges Artemy to return to the Town. Artemy stows away on a train, and, in the middle of September, arrives in his hometown, only to find it changed almost beyond recognition. Read more.

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