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Pharmacies are a type of store found in Pathologic 2.


Pharmacies are one of the three recurring stores found throughout the Town (the other two being Groceries and Tailors). They sell an array of drugs, clothes, autopsy tools, and trade items available in the game. As with all other stores, each Pharmacy's daily inventory will offer just a random assortment of said items, and their inventory and purses are refilled each day at midnight. As with townsfolk who barter, Pharmacies will refuse to serve the player if their district reputation is too low.

Though not a typical Pharmacy, Var's Place houses the Chemist, whose prices and inventory are identical to those of other pharmacists. Despite Var's indifference toward player reputation, the Chemist will refuse the player's business if their reputation in the Bridge Square district is too low. Var himself offers a simplified version of Pharmacies' inventory, the details of which can be read on his page.


Day 1
The Haruspex will first learn about Var's Place after the conclusion of Bad Grief's Lockpick quest involving Piecework, at which point Var will appear at by the exit from Bad Grief's Nest. Should this not occur, Var's Place can be found by consuming Twyrine. Regardless of whether the Haruspex acquires either of these prompts, he can approach Var at any point in the game to gain access to Var and his Chemist.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
P2 Map BSEmbalm

The house with embalmed bodies

After 07:30 on Day 5, Sticky will tell the Haruspex that he was recruited by a Chemist in the Atrium district to embalm corpses. If the Haruspex presses him for more information, Sticky will reveal that the Chemist wanted Sticky to recruit the Haruspex for the same job. This will lead the Haruspex to the resident Chemist in Var's place in the Bridge Square. The Chemist will insist he is embalming bodies per the Kains' implicit suggestion. Should the Haruspex approach Victor Kain about this, Victor will express disbelief, and ask that the Haruspex to find evidence. The Haruspex is then instructed to mark any houses containing embalmed bodies with a white cross made from chalk.
On his search the Haruspex will find a home with a loud banging upstairs. Should he enter, two men will stop him, demanding that he leave. If the Haruspex tries to get past them they will become aggressive and attack him. Should he survive the encounter, the Haruspex will find that the banging is coming from a man locked in an upstairs bedroom on the suspicion that he was sick with Plague (he was not). He will also find a healthy home with its door already marked with a cross. If he enters, he will find Maria Kaina inside, as she was the one who marked it. She claims that the house is sick, and wants it gone. The Haruspex can tell Victor Kain about his daughter's deeds or leave Maria to her business.
Eventually the Haruspex will find a house so quiet it's remarkable. An upstairs bedroom will contain a number of embalmed corpses, proving the Chemist's claims. When the Haruspex exits the home, its owner begs him not to mark its door, claiming that they will give up their dead in the evening. The Haruspex is able to believe her and leave the home alone, or remain steadfast and mark its door with a white cross. Should the Haruspex mark the house with chalk, he will spare the Bridge Square district from infection the following day, however the Chemist's pharmaceutical services will be lost for the remainder of the game (Var's services will remain available to the player). Whether the Haruspex marks any other houses in the district, or returns to Victor Kain for a follow up dialogue, will not affect the aforementioned outcome.
Significant plot details end here.


P2 Map Pharmacies

A map of all the Pharmacies in Pathologic 2

Pharmacies can be found in the following districts:

Earth Quarter

Knots Quarter

Stone Yard Quarter


As with all stores, each day Pharmacies offer a random assortment of the items listed below, and their inventory and purses are refilled each day at midnight. Some items may not be available on particular days, or at particular shops. All item prices gradually rise until they plateau on Day 9.
On Day 7, virtually all items sold at Pharmacies (excluding the Scalpel, Lancet, and Twyrine) will temporarily drop in their pricing, to eventually resume an upward climb on Day 8. This serves as a good opportunity to buy inexpensive Pharmacy goods.

Health Recovery Effect Price
NPC Player Day 1 Day 9+
- +20% HP ¤192 ¤525
- +10% HP ¤108 ¤334
-25% Pain
  • +5% HP
  • +10% Exhaustion
  • 2hr buff to HP recovery during sleep
    (+6.5% additional HP/2hrs)
¤181 ¤561
Prophylaxis NPC Player Price
Immunity Hunger Thirst Exhaustion Day 1 Day 9+
Immunity Boosters
+15% +25% - - - ¤100 ¤310
+10% +12.5% +10% +30% +5% ¤80 ¤512
Antibiotics NPC Player Price
Infection Health Initial Day 9+
-35%‡ -30%‡ -40%‡ ¤345* ¤465
-35%‡ -30%‡ -40%‡ ¤345* ¤465
-35%‡ -30%‡ -40%‡ ¤345* ¤465
Neomycinium (+)
-50%‡ -50%‡ -60%‡ ¤525† ¤1085
Ferromycinium (+)
-50%‡ -50%‡ -60%‡ ¤525† ¤1085
Monomycinium (+)
-50%‡ -50%‡ -60%‡ ¤525† ¤1085
Weapons/Autopsy Attacks Price
Light Heavy Backstab Initial Day 9+
43.5 85 84 ¤650 ¤1560
47.5 85 86 ¤1767* ¤2232
Clothes Resistances Price
Fist Blade Bullet Fire Inf. Air Other Initial Day 9+
Cloth Mask
10% 18% 10% 10% 10% 80% Plague Cloud Res. ¤500 ¤1200
Gauze Mask*
15% 20% 17% 25% 15% 85% Plague Cloud Res. ¤1520* ¤1920
Other Use Price
Day 1 Day 9+
¤27 ¤45
  • Trading
¤36 ¤72

* As of Day 4, Pharmacies will begin to sell Gauze Masks, Lancets, and basic antibiotic pills.
† As of Day 7, Pharmacies will begin to sell improved antibiotic pills.
‡ Antibiotics' impact on Infection (Player & NPC) and Health occur relative to those stats' current value rather than their total value, such that neither status meter is fully depleted.

Daily Purse

Pharmacies' daily purses mirror those of Groceries and Tailors.

Day 1 2-3 4-6 7-8 9+
Purse ¤500 ¤1000 ¤1500 ¤2000 ¤2500



This entry is painfully incomplete. Perhaps it is your fate to complete it.

Missing tables of what Paharmacies sell.

Pharmacies are a type of store found in Pathologic. The player is able to trade directly with shopkeepers to purchase wares. The majority of shopkeepers will refuse to trade with players if their reputation is below 50, but others will refuse only at lower amounts.


Pharmacies can be found in the following districts:

Earth Quarter

  • The Hindquarters, near the Willows (Trades at above 40 reputation)
  • The Skinners, adjoined to Peter Stamatin's house (Trades at above 40 reputation)

Knots Quarter

  • The Flank, directly north of Lara Ravel's Shelter (Trades at above 50 reputation)
  • The Gut, across the street from the Lump (Trades at above 30 reputation)
  • The Marrow, in front of the Theatre (Trades at above 50 reputation)

Stone Yard Quarter

  • The Atrium, near the Stillwater (Trades at above 40 reputation)