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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

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The following synopsis covers each route of the three paths in Pathologic Classic. This page is not spoiler free! This only covers the relevant plot details and should not be considered a direct walkthrough. With information taken from the Pathologic Classic guide created by Halfgild Wynac, this may serve as an overview of the story's events through a narrative lens. Certain side quests are included in each route to bolster that narrative, but some (such as quests that serve as resource gathering) are omitted for a more concise narrative.

Summary[ | ]

The events of Pathologic take place over the course of twelve days in the remote Town-on-Gorkhon on the Steppe. When an outbreak of a unique strain of Plague grips the town, three healers—a Bachelor of medicine, a Haruspex surgeon, and a blessed Changeling—must race to discover the cause of the Plague and destroy it.

The Bachelor's Path[ | ]

Daniil Dankovsky, a Bachelor of Medicine, was brought here by circumstances most unfortunate. Dankovsky's lifework, his theory challenging the existing notions of human mortality, is being harshly persecuted by the Powers That Be. Suddenly a letter arrives from a colleague, suggesting that there is previously undiscovered evidence which may support Dankovsky's claims. There is a settlement, the letter says, ruled by an extraordinary man who may well be seen as objective proof of Dankovsky's daring hypothesis. Grasping at straws of hope, Dankovsky decides to follow what he believes to be a sign of divine providence. Without further ado, he sets off for the settlement.

For a straightforward walkthrough, please refer to The Bachelor's Route. All letters and quest logs can be found on The Bachelor's Route/Text.

Bachelor Day 1[ | ]

Daniil Dankovsky wakes in the Stillwater, Eva Yan's home. He heads downstairs and acquaints himself with the owner of the house as he ruminates on the purpose of his visit - to provide proof for his research about a way to suppress the claws of death and bring about eternal life. Dankovsky tells her that he will be meeting with Simon Kain, the patriarch of the Kain family, and heads to Simon's family home, the Crucible.

When Dankovsky arrives, he discovers that Simon has been murdered by an "inhuman force". Simon's twin brother, Georgiy Kain, speaks with him on what happened the night before, as does Victor Kain, the youngest of the brothers. Dankovsky learns that shortly before his death, Simon was visited by Isidor Burakh; a healer who was respected throughout town, and the man that invited Dankovsky to the town.

Dankovsky marches across town to visit Isidor, but sees volunteer patrolmen standing outside of his house. It seems that Isidor, too, is dead, having been murdered the night before. Though none may inspect his body, it is suspected that Isidor's own son, Artemy Burakh, killed him. Dankovsky is directed to Alexander Saburov by the patrolmen. Saburov informs Dankovsky that Isidor came to speak with him before his murder and believes that Isidor wanted to talk about his eventual succession to leading the Kin. Therefore, Saburov suspects Artemy to be responsible for Isidor's death. After speaking with Dankovsky, Saburov sends him to a mathematician named Yulia Lyuricheva who may know more. Once Dankovsky meets with her, she tells him that Isidor had visited Simon late at night as well and returned to the town before dark. It is likely that Isidor also spoke with Vlad Olgimsky Sr., the industrial leader of town who worked with him at times.

Dankovsky visits Vlad Sr's abode, called the Lump. Vlad Sr refuses to talk about Isidor and instead curses about his son, who has been sympathizing with the indigenous Steppe people of town. After leaving the older Olgimsky, Dankovsky follows a Worm to his son's house, a brick building with covered windows. He speaks with Vlad the Younger, who tells him that Isidor came to their house to speak about the potential start of an illness. His father allegedly didn't believe him, but Vlad the Younger had the Termitary - the large housing block of workers - locked by his father to prevent any risk of infection, despite a current riot going on.

It becomes evident to Dankovsky that Simon died of the same illness that killed Isidor. He is told that Stanislav Rubin, the protégé of Isidor, wants to examine the body. Dankovsky knows he must warn Rubin before he is able to inspect the body and potentially become infected. He seeks out Rubin at the house of the Kains, where they speak about their next step with great urgency. They discuss the possibility of the Sand Plague - a deadly pandemic that swept through the town five years ago - returning.

Bachelor Day 2[ | ]

Infected house guide

Infected house visited by Bachelor

As Dankovsky returns to Eva's house to rest, she speaks to him about her fears regarding the possible Sand Plague's return. She begs him to arrange for their escape and asks him to speak with Andrey Stamatin who may be able to get them on the shipping train leaving town. Before he begins this plan, he receives a letter from Alexander Saburov, requesting Dankovsky to find proof regarding the epidemic so he can properly take action for the Town. Dankovsky begins an investigation to bring Saburov proof of the epidemic.

He speaks with Anna Angel who tells him of "silent houses" that the children are playing in. Capella, the young Olgimsky daughter, has more information regarding it. Capella tells Dankovsky that some of the children told her about the houses when they were playing in, and how they seemed quite dangerous. Though she doesn't know where they are, she introduces Dankovsky to Sticky, who tells him about the local houses, one being Isidor Burakh's. Cautiously, Dankovsky enters the building, and realizes several infected individuals are currently squatting in the house. He flees with a key that he provides to Saburov, using it as his conclusive proof that there is an infectious pandemic on the horizon. He requests Dankovsky tell the other rulers of this proof to begin pooling resources.

In his journey to tell the leaders, he finds himself assisting Lara Ravel in establishing a 'House of the Living', where people may find refuge in her Shelter. However, as he is collecting resources for her, he finds himself baffled by the skyrocketing prices in grocery stores with the rumour of a growing plague. As he scrapes together the food Lara requested, he goes to deliver it to the house that will serve as the Shelter, and realizes it, too, is a condemned house, infested with rats and sick squatters. He returns to Lara with the supplies, which she imparts some to him, mournful that they will not be able to make a shelter out of the home.

He finally brings to the leaders' attentions that Saburov will be taking action. Now that the Town is preparing, he investigates what he can do for Eva's escape plan. Andrey understands the plight, but states he will not leave without his brother, Peter Stamatin. Peter will not leave Town, as his creation, the Polyhedron, is across the river. With the machinations of Maria Kaina, Dankovsky discovers Alexander Saburov's resentment for Peter, due to his belief that he caused the death of the former architect that lived in town before they arrived. As Saburov now has emergency powers and thus endangers Peter's life, Peter is partially convinced to escape. However, when Dankovsky attempts to see them off that evening, he discovers that none of the others have arrived and there are several guards blocking the train station, forbidding even shipment trains from leaving. Horrified that they now must remain in town, Dankovsky returns to planning for the coming days.

Bachelor Day 3[ | ]

After the bitter revelation the night before, Dankovsky wakes to discover that the infection has begun to spread through town, being told that the Tanners district has fallen to widespread sickness. He wakes to a letter from Georgiy Kain, who requests he come to speak with him as soon as possible.

Georgiy tells him that Simon's body has been stolen and that Rubin is missing. He suspects several circumstances, such as Rubin being sick or dead, but the two of them quickly make plans to look for him. Dankovsky seeks out Vlad the Younger, who provides him with both a map of the infected districts as well as a piece of information: that they might have to inspect both the Termitary and the Polyhedron to ensure there is no extended quarantine break. Dankovsky agrees to investigate the Polyhedron, but is frustrated that both Rubin and Simon's body are still missing. Vlad the Younger gives him a letter that will persuade the child guards to give him access.

At the top of the Polyhedron, Dankovsky speaks with Caspar 'Khan' Kain, the son of Victor and self proclaimed ruler of the Polyhedron. Khan is quick to send him away, but assures him that everything is fine, and that he is keeping a close eye on his Dogheads. He returns to Vlad the Younger to confirm the quarantine measures in the Polyhedron are secure, and Vlad imparts something he learned when investigating the Abattoir - that it is possible several Butchers stole the body of Simon. Dankovsky sets out to investigate an infected house that the men are hiding in. He slips inside and finds a room occupied by two men and a dissected corpse. Dispatching the two suspicious figures, Dankovsky investigates the corpse, and is disappointed to find that it is not Simon.

He reports his findings to Georgiy, and is paid for his efforts. He also finds a letter waiting for him, its envelope unsigned, but upon opening it, sees it is from Rubin. He requests Dankovsky's presence at his warehouse, not far from Bad Grief's lair. Though Dankovsky is wary of wandering around criminals, he makes his way south of town. In Rubin's hideout, Rubin blindsides Dankovsky with the information that he is hiding Simon's body, and plans to experiment on it. He tells Dankovsky that the local beliefs forbid anyone from cutting flesh, both alive and dead, and tells him that he ought to seek out permission from Alexander Saburov to proceed in their search for a vaccine. Before Dankovsky can curse Rubin for wasting his time working with Vlad the Younger, he is sent off to the Rod, the residence of Alexander and Katerina.

Saburov is powerless to grant him such authority - if anything, the Indigenous people of the town will have to grant him such a blessing. Dankovsky seeks out Aspity, a mysterious woman who has been allegedly hiding Butchers who left the Termitary and are sought out by the Olgimsky family, who says she will only help him if he receives confirmation from the Olgimsky patriarch that he will not persecute these men. After a conversation with Big Vlad - and convincing him to cooperate, or Dankovsky will speak to the Kains about the Haruspex - Dankovsky sets off with instructions from Aspity to find some men he can work with. However, at each of the three locations he was sent to in order to meet a Butcher, he finds each man to be murdered or dead. One of the bodies they were attempting to dissect was sent to the cemetery, where Dankovsky heads to next.

After speaking with the young caretaker, a child named Grace, he marches to the grave, which is guarded by two patrolmen. They demand a high sum of money in exchange for the body. Dankovsky attempts a confrontation with the patrolmen, but is arrested and only gains access to the corpse after Saburov arranges for a gap in patrol duties, leaving the Cemetery unguarded. As it seems he will be unable to cut up bodies reliably, Dankovsky takes a blood sample to Rubin, and analyzes it.

Bachelor Day 4[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes to find he has letters from both Big Vlad and Alexander Saburov. Big Vlad requests his presence to establish measures for a hospital, morgue, and an isolation ward, while Saburov shows concern for the growing crime rate. He deems Big Vlad's request a more pressing matter, and sets off to the Lump. There, they discuss and plan the steps to establish these locations: the morgue will be in a warehouse across the river; the hospital will be in Lara Ravel's house; and the isolation ward will be in the Cathedral.

Grief happy hands

Bad Grief is eager to help the Bachelor in his quest to save the town

He goes to speak with Lara regarding the hospital, but discovers that she does not have access to clean water for the hospital, having accidentally given a townsman the idea that water must be boiled before drank, and he led a mob to destroy the water pipes. Dankovsky seeks out the Theatre to find a back up, but discovers it is locked. Unable to find assistance with Mark Immortell, he hears that there is a theatre worker who may have a key. After leading the worker from an infected district and retrieving his key, he tries to access the Cathedral, which is also locked.

Dankovsky finds the young man who is able to provide him with a key to the Cathedral in another infected district. He then quickly heads back to Big Vlad and delivers the keys. Exhausted, but with work to be done, Dankovsky finally goes to pay Saburov a visit.

Saburov is concerned about the crime rate - with the Tanners now clear of widespread infection, there seems to be a new epidemic of its own, of bandits looting homes. It makes sense, therefore, to speak to the leader of the town's criminal underworld, Bad Grief. When Dankovsky interrogates him, Grief insists that he and his men aren't responsible for the robberies, but that it is Barley the Barber and his crew. He sends Dankovsky to take care of the gang with nothing more than the advice to be armed. Somehow - with great caution, stealth, and a lot of bullets - Dankovsky eliminates the seven men inside the warehouse he arrives at. After relieving the men of their former riches, he returns to Grief, who enthusiastically rewards him for doing him the favour.

With enough blood on his hands to feed a heart, Dankovsky returns to Saburov, to inform him there will be less trouble with looters. Without asking too many questions, Saburov thanks Dankovsky with more funding and a reimbursement of the bullets used.

Bachelor Day 5[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes to a new letter from Rubin, requesting his presence. In his hideout, Rubin requests a still living heart of an infected individual to test a vaccine on. As Dankovsky questions him just where he's meant to retrieve a heart if neither of them is permitted to cut open bodies, Rubin bitterly regards that the Olgimskys may be able to fetch him the Haruspex to perform the task. When Dankovsky speaks with Big Vlad, it seems that Saburov has begun mass arrests, and has incarcerated Artemy Burakh among the jailed. Though Dankovsky attempts to appeal to Saburov, the man is adamant about the conviction of everyone, including Burakh.

To find where the prison is located, Dankovsky speaks with both Capella and Lara Ravel. He marches to the Factories to inspect the prison blocks, and finds Burakh behind bars. His visit is discreet, and knows he can't just make a scene to break anyone free - he instead goes to visit Bad Grief, who takes a payment to dispatch the rest of the prison guards, leaving Dankovsky the responsibility of killing the only one to survive the conflict. With blood on his hands but a clear conscience, Dankovsky unites with Artemy Burakh, and explains he requires the still living heart of a Plague victim. Artemy agrees to assist him, and says he will make his delivery that night, and to find the heart behind his father's house.

During the afternoon, Dankovsky receives a letter from Anna Angel as he speaks with Victor Kain, demanding he come and assist her with protecting herself. Before he leaves, Victor speaks with him about Saburov's mass arrests, and explains there are innocent locked in the Town Hall's prison. Dankovsky investigates, discovering both that there are healthy people forced to live with infected individuals, and an Executor who is willing to take massive bribes to free them. Dankovsky figures Anna can wait. He hurries to collect funds from both Vlad the Younger and Victor, and frees the innocent.

Finally, Dankovsky pays a visit to Anna Angel. She explains her elaborate plan to bribe Var, and old acquaintance of hers. Dankovsky deduces that they likely knew each other within the Ace of Diamonds Caravan, but begrudgingly goes along to assist her, if only to investigate if this may pose a threat in the future of curing the town. Whilst speaking with Var, Var explains that he wishes to find his daughter, and promises Dankovsky a hefty reward for finding her. With Anna's guidance, he discovers a dancer in Andrey Stamatin's pub named Vera, who agrees to reunite with her father that evening. Giving Var the good news, he is given a large reward, which he leaves with Anna.

That evening, Dankovsky discovers the corpse of a girl right where Artemy told him to visit, with her heart nestled in her chest cavity - it is still warm. He realizes it is Vera, the girl he sent to Isidor's home. Burakh is absent. Dankovsky hurries back to Rubin, where they begin their study. As Rubin works, he sends Dankovsky away, and he retires to the Stillwater.

Bachelor Day 6[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes to a number of letters delivered to him as he slept - the most pressing matter being from Victor, stating an infected person broke into the Cathedral's isolation ward, spreading infection among the people inside. He consults with the three leaders of town, who agree to search for the likeliest carriers, being Anna Angel, Lara Ravel, Aspity, and Yulia Lyuricheva. Justifying their actions as either insidious or well-meaning, Dankovsky sets off to collect blood samples from the four women. The matter is urgent, as a member of the Inquisition will be arriving in town tomorrow. As he travels, he reads the other letters sent from him - one being from the child Sticky, speaking about a possible discovery of the infection, and another from Capella, who he visits as he leaves the Lump. She tells him her brother wants to see him. Dankovsky doesn't know why Vlad the Younger didn't just send a letter himself.

He visits the women to draw their blood and verify their innocence. While taking Anna's blood, she puts on quite the spectacle in an attempt to avoid being investigated. Anna also accuses the young Clara of being the one who broke into the Cathedral, due to her asking Anna for a way inside the day before. Not willing to sacrifice a potential lead, Dankovsky hunts Clara down inside the Saburov's mansion, where she seems content to stand by her foster mother Katerina Saburova. Clara accuses 'Changeling' of bringing the disease into the Cathedral, a creature who conveniently takes the form of her sister. Refusing to entertain her, Dankovsky requests Katerina permission to take Clara's blood, but finds that all of his needles have disappeared and Clara runs away once Dankovsky's back is turned. He learns that only Grace believes Clara to be truly sinless, and must march across town to the Graveyard.

As the Bachelor journeys south of town, he takes the opportunity to speak with the child Sticky, who lives in proximity to the Rod. The boy claims to have knowledge on who carries the disease, but reveals that he suspects it to be "the last vampire", a beast that came from the Steppe. Furious that he wasted his time, Dankovsky leaves and continues south past the Termitary and the Abattoir. As he marches to the Graveyard, he is struck with a deep pain, and turns to see the very Steppe creature Sticky spoke of. In its proximity to him, he can feel his skin burning, and though he tries to fire upon it, he finds himself in too much pain to commit to the task. He runs, feeling the pain ebb away slowly. Though it staggers with otherworldly form, he does not believe the pain he felt was illness.

When he arrives at the Cemetery, he speaks with Grace, who does not seem to know where Clara is. As he returns to the Stillwater to study the blood he extracted earlier in the day, he is shocked to see Clara standing in Eva's parlour. He extracts her blood, and takes the samples upstairs immediately. Frustratingly, however, it seems that not a single sample shows signs of infection. Exhausted, irritated, and feeling his mind at its limits, Dankovsky rests, and awaits the arrival of the Inquisitor.

Bachelor Day 7[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes to discover that Eva is absent. A young woman named Ayan stands in Eva's parlour, saying that Eva is missing and Andrey Stamatin requests Dankovsky's presence. Allegedly, the death of a Steppe girl from a few days ago has caused the earth to stop providing for the odonghe, and they must sacrifice a woman in turn - or so says Andrey. Reading a note left by Eva, she claims that she wished to "purify" the Cathedral for the town's guest.

As he hurries to Andrey Stamatin's pub, he finds that Andrey is gone, having run into the Steppe to interrogate the Worms there. As Dankovsky arrives at the settlement, he is forced to subdue several angry Butchers and odonghe, who are irate with his presence. After finding Andrey, they are forced to accept the reality - that Eva committed suicide by jumping from the Cathedral's balustrade, giving her life for the cause the Stamatins believe in.

Upon arrival in town once more, Dankovsky recieves a letter from a carrier - one from the Haruspex, and one from a woman named Aglaya Lilich, the Inquisitor. She requests his presence in the Cathedral, where she reveals that she has been studying his reports about the Plague. She explains that she has been sent to assess the situation and apply any steps she deems necessary to solving the problem. She also explains that the Army will be deployed in town very shortly, and are not armed for sanitation efforts. She notes, as well, that it is highly likely all three of them - herself, Dankovsky, and the Commander - have all fallen into the same trap that the Powers That Be organized.

Aglaya tells him that there are three informants in town that were directly keeping track of his behaviour and actions in service to the Powers That Be. She sends him to find their locations and take their reports, and then correctly assess which ones are to be persecuted. Disease is running rampant in the Stone Yard; he carefully walks through the infected districts and speaks with the Executors, who he suspects to have these informants among their ranks. After traversing across town, he brings their reports to Aglaya, and she assesses there is a traitor among them, seeking to escape the critical eye of the Powers That Be. After re-examining the suspected three, Dankovsky identifies the traitor. Aglaya seems pleased.

Dankovsky finally attends to the other letter he had been given that day - a note from Artemy Burakh, requesting he come up with an Executor mask and cloak for him. He warns not to give the disguise to Clara under any circumstances. The costumes were provided by the Theatre at first, but it seems that Mark Immortell is unable to give him any more. Though he discovers a discarded robe, Dankovsky speaks with Saburov - the one responsible for the uniform distribution - for a mask. It seems that he put Peter Stamatin in charge of burials, and Peter will have a mask to provide for Dankovsky. Peter says he'll only provide the mask if he can be promised Inquisitor protection.

As Dankovsky bargains with Aglaya, she reveals an interesting point of her backstory - she is the aunt to Maria Kaina. While trying to negotiate a direct meeting, Dankovsky arranges instead for Aglaya to unexpectedly arrive as Maria speaks with Peter Stamatin. However, it seems the reunion may not have been as innocent as planned - Maria is beside herself with fury at Aglaya's presence, and Aglaya's conversation with Peter seemed to exhaust his mind. Dankovsky begins to wonder if this was a purely familial visit, or a political one.

He retrieves the equipment for Burakh and prepares for its delivery. Midnight comes.

Bachelor Day 8[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes not long after to find two letters - one from Aglaya, and another from Vlad the Younger. Aglaya provides him with her insight on the current events in town and request to speak with him the following evening. Vlad the Younger summons Dankovsky to his house, which he tells him that there is evidence of a fake cure for the Plague being made in the Termitary. Though Artemy Burakh is allegedly making a real panacea, it will be in limited supply, and naturally, people may try to copy it, and are claiming to do so with Dankovsky's authority.

Without much time to spare, he makes his way to the Termitary. There, he speaks with Artemy, who provides him with a blood sample to experiment on later. He warns Dankovsky of the odonghe creating the false Panacea, but when Dankovsky speaks with them, he finds he is able to convince them to cease their product, and they inform him that Vlad the Younger has confiscated the real vials of panacea that Artemy was distributing.

He immediately confronts Vlad the Younger, who admits to the crime almost flippantly, claiming he was preventing a market from being formed. However, he also claims that he understood the necessity of proper action, and sold the entire stock of panacea for mere pocket change. He encourages Dankovsky to speak with Mark Immortell to prove that the product was cheaply bought. Mark, ever the harlequin, gleefully confirms that Vlad the Younger gave him the stock, and ensured that doses were given to Yulia Lyuricheva, Anna Angel, and Lara Ravel. Dankovsky finds himself weary of the Olgimsky machinations, but is relieved to see the panacea in the hands of those who need it.

With the vial from Artemy still warm in his hands, Dankovsky retreats to his study in the Stillwater, and investigates its contents. He is bewildered to see its contents and how different it is from human blood. He returns to the Termitary and questions Artemy of its origins. Though Artemy seems hesitant to answer, he does impart with Dankovsky a vial of the Panacea. As they depart, Artemy reveals to him his service to the land, and his dedication to preserving history through the future.

Come the evening, Dankovsky receives a letter from Aglaya, requesting his presence after her complete assessment of their notes. Upon his arrival, she tells him that Thanatica has been burned down. There remains nothing of his work, even if he is to succeed in the Town and create a miracle cure. Aglaya explains to him the function of the Law - which is the very logic of their world that dictates the destruction of anything unnatural. The Plague itself is a tool of the Law, seeking to destroy that which is not "true" to the world's existence and tries to break its binding and place. As Thanatica opposed the very aspect of inevitability with delaying death, it was destroyed. As the Town is an aberration of the world, contained in its own isolated cosmos, the Plague emerged to punish its transgressions.

With this - Aglaya proposes an investigation as to where the Plague must have come from. Though it may be a weapon against them, she knows that it still has a source. She proposes the idea to investigate specific water supply sources, from sanctioned wells to new, young rivers. Dankovsky wants to investigate Vlad the Younger and the well inside his house. To his surprise, Vlad has buried the well, smothering it with dirt. He refuses to explain his actions. He seeks out one of the Olgimsky's enemies for more information, Aspity. She reveals that it was Vlad the Younger who locked up the Termitary and lied about a growing strike to his father once they became aware of the coming plague from Isidor Burakh, sealing the town's workers inside a mass grave. However, even when pressuring him with blackmail, Vlad the Younger refuses to accept that his digging was the cause for the Plague.


The Bachelor's confrontation in the Abattoir

Seeking access to both the Abattoir and the solution to his current problem, Dankovsky seeks out the head of the Termitary - little Taya Tycheek, Mother Superior to the Kin. She tells him that she'll let him into the Abattoir for inspection only if he brings the Kin the one responsible for locking them inside the Termitary. Though Dankovsky knows it to be wise to condemn Vlad the Younger, for he made the order, he knows that he is bound to him by necessary fate... so he speaks with Big Vlad instead. Dankovsky tells Big Vlad that if he is to take responsibility for the actions of his family name, he will visit the Termitary and submit himself before the Kin. Big Vlad agrees, and leaves the Lump to surrender himself. At the Termitary, Taya promises to open the door to the Abattoir thirty minutes to midnight. Attempting to wash his conscience of the actions he took, Dankovsky waits until late in the evening, and enters the Abattoir for inspection. After travelling through a long, dark cavern, he meets several Butchers inside of the complex - but it seems that the news of his arrival and permission to enter was not delivered ahead of time, and he is quickly attacked and subdued...

Bachelor Day 9[ | ]

Dankovsky wakes late in the afternoon in an unfamiliar bunker. He is met by Commander Alexander Block, the acting head of the Army in town, who explains that it was a timely intervention with his squadron and the men in the Abattoir that he managed to save Dankovsky's life. Exhausted and worn, Dankovsky retrieves the mail given to him, and offers his thanks. As he walks into the afternoon, he realizes he is in the Town Hall.

He reads the letters - one is from Aglaya, requesting his presence later that day. The rest appear to be a strange collection, each from Yulia, Lara, and Anna, and is bewildered to see each of them request his presence about the same situation. When he confronts each girl, he discovers a plot against Alexander Block - Lara requests a pistol, to which she won't explain why. Yulia explains Lara plans to commit an assassination, and that she will sabotage the plan by falsely framing herself for the crime. Anna hands Dankovsky a fake pistol to give to Lara. Dankovsky does as Anna requests and receives a vial of panacea from both Lara and Anna. He then reports to the Commander of Yulia's alleged intentions, and returns to speak with her. Several of the soldiers outside her house confront him, and Dankovsky is forced to defend himself. Yulia gives him a vial of the panacea provided to her days before as a thanks for his hand in her confirmation of fate.

With the sun high in the sky, Dankovsky visits Aglaya in the Cathedral. She explains that Artemy Burakh has gone missing after her request of him to go to the Abattoir. Deeply hesitant, due to his prior confrontation there just the other day, he heads out on her order, knowing at least the value of Artemy's panacea, as well as his connections to the bowels of the earth.

He finds Artemy in the Termitary, researching and working. Artemy confirms that he is well, but that he has disappeared beneath the earth in part due to the Foreman of the Abattoir testing him in egregious ways, and that he will not be able to speak with Aglaya any time soon. Dankovsky asks him if it is at all possible that the disease has originated beneath the earth, due to his hypothesis that there exists caverns that run underneath the town, filled with sick soil. Artemy tells him that he will investigate such a claim, and sends him back to Aglaya. She is dissatisfied with the Haruspex, but does not linger on the problem, considering other options if Burakh is to be uncooperative. They speak on Dankovsky's next investigation, and he considers looking further into the Polyhedron.

Knowing he will not be as lucky to seek out the Polyhedron's occupants a second time, Dankovsky speaks with Victor Kain, who suggests that the Kain family will be 'falling asleep' soon, with only Maria ascending afterwards. He also expresses concern regarding his son up in the Polyhedron, if his actions will anger the Army and spur their cannons against the structure. Victor understands the great value of both the Polyhedron and the town's very nature, and wishes to preserve it. He wishes to see Dankovsky enter the Polyhedron to understand its secrets, and to help him make amends with his son, Khan, and comprehend the Kain's beliefs to their very core.

Carefully, Dankovsky ascends the Polyhedron, amazed by its structure and ability to carry him. By all means, it should be impossible to support itself, let alone his body and the hundreds of children inside. He looks over the town, watching it slowly disappear beneath a haze of sickness and fog, just as he reaches the top. He speaks with several of Khan's dogheaded companions, and is allowed inside. The structure persecutes him by its very design, oppressive and claustrophobic, but it is also vast and beautiful, like sitting inside a kalediscope.

It is not long before Khan approaches him, requesting several military rifles. He pulls from Dankovsky the situation regarding the Inquisitor and the Commander - how they hate one another and seem to be pretending the other doesn't exist for as long as possible. He explains he must protect the children inside the Polyhedron as much as he can, as he has spent the last nine days protecting every soul inside from contamination and disease. Khan also explains that if Alexander Block understands that there are children inside the Polyhedron, and that they are willing to fire rifles at him, he will likely spare the structure from the desolating strikes on the town. Though Dankovsky is still hesitant to provide weapons to children, he understands the reasoning, and agrees to find the weapons.

Polyhedron interior

The interior of the Polyhedron

Back on the ground, he wonders where he may acquire such weapons. He is in possession of his own rifle, but to acquire four others will most certainly draw ire from the military. But, he soon remembers the three bodies of the soldiers in front of Yulia's house he was forced to dispose of. He hurries to her house, praying that the weapons are still on the ground, and to his surprise, they are. His final rifle is quickly purchased in Bad Grief's warehouse a short time later, and with weapons in arms, he marches back to the Polyhedron, delivering the guns right to Khan's feet.

Pleased, Khan welcomes him further into the Polyhedron. It is then Dankovsky realizes that he had only crested the surface of the structure by arriving at the boy's 'throne room'. Inside, he sees staircases that lead to nowhere; children play, curious as to the new presence inside. The walls are covered in the writings and blueprints of Peter Stamatin, stretched high to an impossible ceiling. It is beautiful. He regrets that he must leave to speak with Aglaya.

Aglaya is appalled at his accounts of a building with mirrors and miracles, but Dankovsky insists that it is true. She sends him away, considering his account entirely false and sentimental. Dankovsky leaves, but he feels as if he is an automaton - he still feels as if he is in a dreamlike state, his mind open to the reality of a miracle. Though he returns home to a letter delivered by Clara detailing her decision to purge the town of sickness through the kindness of sinners, he rests easy, knowing that he himself has finally come to understand his own path.

Bachelor Day 10[ | ]

Dankovsky doesn't sleep for long. At midnight, a courier visits to request his presence at the Cathedral immediately.

As Aglaya speaks with him, she explains that they will need to get information regarding the Polyhedron through documents. She expects the Kains to be approaching the time of their family tradition, where all communication ceases upon one's proposed death bed. Without wanting to jeopardize their chances, Aglaya sends Dankovsky to speak with Peter Stamatin for any remaining information he can spare about the structure. It becomes apparent that she wishes to investigate it and possibly destroy it, despite the children living inside.

When he arrives in Peter's loft, he discovers several men of the Army inside, those who report to Captain Longin instead of Alexander Block. It seems that Peter stands accused of murdering several sanitary soldiers, that which Dankovsky refuses to believe is at all true. He goes to speak with Andrey about his whereabouts, and finds him furious and seeking blood for soldiers threatening his brother. It appears that Peter has left his apartment to visit the grounds of his former works - the "Stairways to Heaven" scattered among town - with unclear plans regarding them. Dankovsky knows he cannot risk Peter getting hurt due to their bound fate, so he quickly goes to search for him.

He finds Peter in Executor garb standing among a fallen stairway in the Chine. He seems delirious, swept up in his own mind and desires to burn himself alive. He confesses his greatest crime, that he could never truly encapsulate the soul of greatness inside just a building, no matter how he tried to construct and create a living, tangible thing. But when he met Nina Kaina ten years ago, he realized that he could design exactly what he wanted, and he built the Polyhedron. He is driven mad with grief that the town's sickness is poisoning his Focus, and wishes to die for his greatest love. He demands that Dankovsky bring him bottles of twyrine in exchange for the Polyhedron's blueprints, that he is willing to burn himself alive with.

Dankovsky returns with the twyrine, but manages to convince Peter to step away from his attempted suicide with the knowledge that Andrey has been arrested for murdering several people in his name. Though Peter seems spiteful, Dankovsky guides him from the flames, and sees Peter return to his loft. He returns to Aglaya and delivers the blueprints; as they study them, he is once again mesmerized by the beauty and miracle work of the Polyhedron - even in Peter's unclear notes, he still describes the miracle if the structure. Aglaya does not allow him to stay for long; she sends him away so she can study the blueprints herself.

As he leaves the Cathedral, he is approached by a mail carrier, who gives him some letters. One is by the request of Katerina Saburova. Curious as to why Katerina requests him, he hurries through Town, and in her wing of the Rod, she reveals a most shocking claim - Simon Kain is alive, and Rubin can justify her vision. Though deeply doubting the situation, he seeks out Stakh Rubin - who seems to be on the same page as Dankovsky, though he supposes the Kains may have insight regarding their deceased relative's alleged return. Frustrated at the mysticism of the Kains, he speaks to Maria first, who tells him that her awakening should come any day now - but if he wishes to press the matter, speak to her father.

As Dankovsky tries to speak with Victor, he becomes concerned that something is amiss - that he is perhaps not speaking to Victor at all, but another presence entirely. The force that embodies Victor Kain suggests he speaks with Georgiy, to corroborate the idea that this presence of Simon is simply an act of madness by the elder Kain brother. When he speaks with Georgiy, he finds a similar phenomenon has occured, and he understands that he is not speaking with Georgiy, but someone else. The force that has taken Georgiy's body tells Daniil to inform the Inquisitor that he has gone mad, and the Kain family will perform ritual suicide in several days. Dankovsky accepts this task, to further the cause of the immortal soul.

Reporting to Aglaya, she seems suspicious and skeptical at the suggestion the Kains will just choose to kill themselves. But with Dankovsky's dubious testimony, she begins to draw her own conclusions. For the sake of their partnership, neither engage in either argument or debate.

Bachelor Day 11[ | ]

Early in the dawn, Dankovsky wakes to a letter from Aglaya, requesting his presence for the "final meeting". He collects his things and arrives promptly, and she begins to discuss how she has come to understand the Polyhedron - it works like a machine. They both believe that it is causing the infection, due to both its literal energy and its corruption of the dirt. In order to truly understand its purpose and the possibility of extracting a cure, Dankovsky embarks to speak with Andrey Stamatin, the man who physically built the masterpiece.

However, he finds that he is not in his pub - he has been arrested for the murders the day before, and he is to be executed. He hurries to speak with the Commander, and is surprised to see Clara beside him. Alexander Block is just as surprised as Dankovsky that Andrey is to be murdered, but regretfully states that the schism in the Army is too great, and that half of his men respond only to Captain Longin now - he would not be able to order to stay the execution. Clara warns him that Aglaya is not his ally, and that she is seeking to preserve only herself in the wake of orders by the Powers That Be. She tries to explain that Artemy Burakh is dead and Aglaya will try to destroy the Polyhedron, but Dankovsky refuses her lies.

Dankovsky hurries to the train tracks to stop Andrey's execution. He discovers the soldiers standing on guard near some rocks, but Andrey is nowhere in sight. The soldiers seem hostile and unwilling to give any information, so Dankovsky disposes of them and searches for Andrey, but is still to find him.

He returns to the pub, hoping to find Andrey among the patrons. He is relieved to find the Stamatin brother stands alive and well. After assessing Andrey's condition, Dankovsky asks for the details on how the Polyhedron works. Andrey has the very design on him to explain how it works, and shows him. There exists a nail deep in the earth, from the west Gorkhon to the Abattoir itself. Dankovsky can see just where it infects the soil, sickening the people. He hurries to discuss this with Aglaya, who agrees with the assertion. She asks of him to come to the final meeting tomorrow. Dankovsky wonders if they truly must destroy the Polyhedron. In his eyes, the Town is beyond saving. Must they destroy a beautiful miracle?

He is given a letter as he ruminates by a passing courier. It seems he is wanted in Victor's study. He wonders just who he may be speaking to this afternoon. But he is quick to visit him, where Victor asks him about the Mistresses of their Town, and how Maria is ready to become one. The pestilence will be eradicated by Dankovsky as Maria heralds a new leadership of the Town. Victor requests that Dankovsky 'introduce' Maria to her fellow Mistresses who will exist in Town after her coronation - Capella and Clara. With this task, Dankovsky leaves Victor's study to retrieve the items that will awaken Maria's senses.

Dankovsky speaks with Capella, first. Capella gives him her personal necklace as she speaks of her uncertainty regarding the Mistress of Earth - she wonders if it can truly be Clara, as Clara is a saint. The ideas of Mistress and saints are incompatible, so she says. She laments that the Town could be changed for the better, but that she must accept she will live in whatever role Maria creates for her. Dankovsky then sees out Clara, and though she pleads for him to understand the reality of her coming miracle, he takes her ring, and brings the gifts to Nina's tomb. There, he speaks with Maria - though the woman claims she is neither the daughter nor the Scarlet One - but someone in between. Her ascension has not yet taken form. She speaks of creating an ultimate Utopia come the next day, should the dream prevail, and that the disease was ultimately unintentional. He leaves with her the necklace and the ring of Capella and Clara.

Bachelor Day 12[ | ]

The Town feels different. As if there is no one to distract, persuade, or ultimately speak with Dankovsky today. Even before he reads his final letter from Aglaya he knows what is to be expected of him - that he must be present to speak with the Council, which will decide the fate of the Town. He bearily reads the other letters of both the Haruspex and the Changeling, both requesting that he consider their angle of the problem and that they may provide an adequate solution.

What he does is consider, instead, who is well. If those on the list he was given so many days ago are still well. All of them - from each still living Kain, to the Olgimsky's heir, to the Stamatins, to even the Theatre's director - stand alive and well, secure with medicine and the vials of panacea that the Haruspex had created. He cannot be certain if his actions secured the livelihoods of the others that the Haruspex and the Changeling wished to preserve, be it the sinners the Changeling swears to redeem, or the children that the Haruspex entrusts the Town's future with. He speaks with his bound allies - Maria tells him that the Polyhedron will become a cornerstone of their Utopia the way the Abattoir was for the 'old' Town. Dankovsky understands more than ever that he believes in this dream, and wishes Maria well.

Bachelor ending

Maria and her attendants, viewing the remains of the Town.

It is far too early to attend the meeting in the Cathedral - neither Aglaya, or Alexander Block, or even the other attendees are prepared. Instead of wasting time, Dankovsky looks to the Polyhedron, and begins his ascension. He does not seek Khan or his Dogheads; he wanders farther in, lost in the mirrors and pages, until he wanders just far enough, and realizes he has then discovered the truth.

There is a sandbox. There stand children around it, reaching down and playing with the figures and dolls they make dance among the buildings. They watch him carefully as he approaches their garden. It is then he understands they are the Powers That Be. They speak to him with a manner of childish affection, though he wonders if they can see him as he seems himself, or if puppetry can be seen if you are aware of it.

Bachelor leaves the Polyhedron. He walks to the Cathedral. He does not feel his own legs guide him there. Inside, there stands each player of the field; the Inquisitor, the Commander, the Dark Mistress, the Haruspex, and the Changeling. He speaks with the Inquisitor, who tells him that the matters of Utopia are incomparable to destroying the aberration. The Polyhedron must be destroyed. Bachelor is furious that he worked so closely with someone who couldn't possibly understand what the dream could be.

He approaches the Commander and presents his argument: destroy the Town, and preserve the Polyhedron. He says to escort the healthy survivors into the Polyhedron - then, they will destroy the land that the Town once stood upon. A new Town, the Utopia, can be built across the river. The Polyhedron poisons the land, but it is a structure of incredible power, and it must survive. He presents the evidence - a vaccine, blueprints, the details of the tower - and leaves to make arrangements.

And like children beating down the structures of their sandbox, the cannons fire upon the Town. It is obliterated - but the Tower still stands.

The Haruspex's Path[ | ]

Artemy Burakh is coming back to his home town after an absence of ten years. Born to a family endowed with a caste right to cut living beings open, he was preparing himself for this line of work since childhood. Artemy's father, Isidor Burakh, a wise man and philosopher well-respected by the locals, had admitted to the limits of traditional knowledge and sent his son off to study modern medicine in the academy. Artemy has been travelling from town to town learning theoretical and practical surgery for several years now. Suddenly a mysterious letter appears with his father giving him notice of his impending demise and begging Artemy to return and accept succession. Unwilling to wait for a regular freight train, Artemy follows the rails through the Steppe until he's caught up with by a small shunt locomotive. This is how young Haruspex arrives in the Town.

For a straightforward walkthrough, please refer to The Haruspex's Route. All letters and quest logs can be found on The Haruspex's Route/Text.

Haruspex Day 1[ | ]

Artemy Burakh arrives in Town at the behest of his father Isidor Burakh who sent him a concerning letter. Upon exiting the train carriage, Artemy finds himself attacked by three men. He is forced to fight them and kills two of them, severely injuring the third who escaped. Two Executors nearby who witnessed the entire scene suggest he visit Big Vlad and direct him towards the Lump. On his way to the Lump, Artemy runs into a group of men surrounding a bonfire who spot him and give chase. He runs away from them and hides in a nearby warehouse, which turns out to be the Soul-and-a-Half Fortress, where he meets Notkin.

Notkin asks Artemy if he is part of Bad Grief's Gang. Notkin explains that Bad Grief is the kingpin of the criminal world and that his lair is in the northern warehouses. He says that every criminal and murderer has some connection to Bad Grief and again questions if Artemy is connected to Bad Grief. Artemy says that he isn't a criminal and explains his situation seems to have arisen from a misunderstanding. Notkin believes him and allows Artemy to stay and rest in their warehouse. The young boy regrets not being able to help Artemy more, as they were recently robbed by one of their own members named Lika who stole some medicine and sold out their group - the Soul-and-a-Halves - to their rival gang, the Dogheads. Notkin becomes angered while recounting Lika's deeds and asks Artemy to help him find and kill Lika.

Artemy agrees to help find Lika, although he gives no assurance for Lika's death. On his way to the Factories where Lika is hiding, he enters the northern warehouses and meets Bad Grief who says he already knows about Artemy's situation. Artemy asks if Bad Grief's gang is the only one in the warehouses and Bad Grief tells him that there seems to be a new gang developing, who have hired Dogheads to guard their belongings. However, Bad Grief suspects the hired Dogheads and the new gang have begun stealing from him. He had found a traitor amongst Notkin's group - Lika - who readily sold them out, but Lika also turned on him by stealing from Bad Grief and poisoning one of his thieves. Bad Grief also asks for Artemy's assistance in finding Lika and requests the boy be punished for what he did.

Just outside of the Factories, Artemy finds Lika. He scolds the boy for his actions, but ultimately decides to let him go. Lika runs away into the Steppe again and Artemy returns to tell Notkin and Bad Grief of the news. Although disappointed, Bad Grief still offers Artemy information that may be helpful. The first is that there is another ambush waiting for him at the Train Station. The second is that the injured man who survived the morning's ambush is at the Cemetery, but is bleeding out and will likely die soon. However, Bad Grief hints that if Artemy is somehow able to save the dying man, it could help restore his reputation.

At the Cemetery, Artemy meets the caretaker, a child named Grace standing over the bleeding man. He asks if there is anything he can do to save the man and Grace suggests that he perform a blood transfusion. She directs him to Var who lives in the Stone Yard. Still wary of walking through the Town, Artemy makes his way east through the Steppe and avoids the ambush waiting for him at the Train Station. Var draws Artemy’s blood so he can perform the transfusion, and also hints that he is willing to take organs and blood in exchange for healing items. Artemy hands over some organs he retrieved from the men who attacked him in the morning for bandages and tourniquets to treat his own wounds.

He quickly returns to the Cemetery and performs the blood transfusion. The man is healed and he thanks Artemy for saving his life and vows to spread his good name throughout the Town. He also gives Artemy a knife that he had been carrying around. With his reputation improving, Artemy makes his way to the Lump and finally speaks with Big Vlad. The Olgimsky patriarch has already heard about what happened to Artemy earlier in the morning and asks him not to hold grudges against the townsfolk. Big Vlad says they have become fearful due to the recent deaths of Simon Kain and Artemy’s own father, Isidor. Artemy is shocked both by his father’s sudden death and the assumption that he had committed patricide. Big Vlad expresses sympathy for Artemy’s situation and tells him to speak to his children, Capella and Vlad the Younger who know more about what is going on in the Town and could have information to help clear his name.

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Artemy visits Capella first, as she is just in the next wing. She tells Artemy that there were several children in the Town who used to spend a lot of time with his father, herself included, and that their fates are bound to Artemy’s. She also mentions Notkin and Grace may have something to tell him, and then shows him how to get to his father’s house. He then makes his way to Vlad Jr.’s house.

Vlad Jr. directs him to Bad Grief’s lair. Seeing as both Notkin and Bad Grief seem to have information for him, Artemy enters the warehouses and speaks to Notkin first. Notkin tells him that he overheard someone heading to Bad Grief’s lair in search of him. When he talks to Bad Grief, Artemy learns that a Bachelor arrived from the Capital around the same time as he did and that the Bachelor has been asking around about him. Bad Grief tells him the doctor is staying at the Stillwater, but advises against seeing him for now, as the doctor seemed hostile. Artemy decides it would be best to wait a while before confronting the Bachelor, so he makes his way to his father’s house.

Artemy is surprised to find a patrolman standing guard outside of the house. As he approaches the house, the guard stops him and demands to know who he is. Artemy in turn asks him what is going on and the patrolman reveals that the house has been locked, they key taken by one of the guards near the Termitary, and that it is part of an investigation into Isidor’s death by order of Alexander Saburov. Artemy says that he is Isidor’s son and wishes to enter his house and upon hearing this, the guard attacks him. He is forced to fight and subdue the patrolman. He then heads to the Termitary in order to obtain the key to his house. Two patrolmen he meets just outside of the Termitary entrance attack him as well, and after yet another fight, he finds the key upon one of the guards’ bodies.

He returns to his father’s house and unlocks the door. He makes his way through the empty house, filled with rats, and finds the backrooms and hallways have strange growths on the walls. In the bedroom, he finds a boy named Sticky standing on top of the table. He asks the boy if he knew his father, and Sticky says he did. Sticky explains why he is in the house and tells him that the cemetery caretaker, Grace, may know more about what exactly caused his father’s death. Since both Sticky and Capella told him to see her, he decides to return to the Cemetery to speak with Grace again. Grace, unfortunately, was unable to provide many details but suggests he speak to another orphan girl by the name of Murky who lives in a small train car out by the Train Station. Murky tells him that she witnessed Isidor’s final moments in the Town before his untimely death.

The details of Isidor’s death still remain a mystery to Artemy, but now he has more information that could help prove his innocence. As the evening comes, he heads to the Stillwater, ready to confront the Bachelor. At the Stillwater, he is first met by Eva Yan who is at first frightened of him, but he insists on meeting the Bachelor and she allows him upstairs. Prepared for a confrontation, Artemy is surprised when the other man greets him enthusiastically and introduces himself as Daniil Dankovsky. Dankovsky tells Artemy that he has been investigating the deaths of Simon Kain and Isidor Burakh and believes they were both killed by a disease and that Artemy is innocent.

Haruspex Day 2[ | ]

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In the morning, Artemy receives a letter telling him to meet with Big Vlad at 07:00 regarding his inheritance and another letter from Dankovsky. He decides to attend the meeting with Big Vlad first, who tells him to see Katerina and Alexander Saburov. Saburov gives Artemy a key and tells him to see Aspity.

At Aspity's Hospice, Artemy meets Aspity who hands him a chest left by his father. Within it, he finds some money, a Brand, and some twyre herbs and herbal recipes. Upon further prompting, Aspity tells Artemy how to gather twyre and then shows him the locations of three Worm huts located in the Steppe.

After discussing his inheritance and questioning Aspity, Artemy heads to the Stillwater to speak with Dankovsky. The other man asks Artemy what he learned that day and expresses interest in the herbal recipes left behind by Isidor. He wants to analyze them for their medicinal properties and see if they'll be useful for the potential outbreak and asks Artemy to try making the mixtures.

In order to make the mixtures, Artemy seeks out Vlad Jr. who brings him to an old factory building which he had given to Isidor to use. Vlad Jr. shows Artemy the machines that Isidor used to make mixtures and Artemy creates several twyrine extracts. He returns to the Stillwater and gives them to Dankovsky.

Later in the day, he receives a letter from Andrey Stamatin who requests Artemy meet him at Andrey's bar. There, Artemy meets both Andrey and his twin brother Peter. Andrey asks Artemy for 10 sprigs of Brown Twyre in exchange for 4000 coins, as well as the location of a shop that is buying items at a premium that day. Artemy leaves the pub and gathers the requested herbs before returning, only to be stopped by Maria Kaina who says that she'll give him 5000 coins and a herbal recipe she acquired if he can convince Andrey not to leave town. Needing the money and not having much to sell anyway, Artemy agrees to help Maria and convinces Andrey and Peter to stay in town.

Haruspex Day 3[ | ]

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At 7:00 in the morning, Artemy receives another letter from Big Vlad. He is prompted to speak with Aspity, who tells him that there is a Butcher hiding somewhere in the town whom he must find. After finding and speaking to the Butcher, Artemy returns to Big Vlad.

Artemy soon receives a letter from Dankovsky as well and visits him at the Stillwater. Dankovsky asks Artemy to help him procure a sample of infected issue, as the town's traditions prevent him from autopsying a body and retrieving it himself. Artemy agrees and makes his way towards the Cemetery in search of a body.

Along his way, he stops by to speak with Capella who asks him to check up on Notkin. She has a feeling that the boy is in danger and asks Artemy to ensure his safety. He hurries to the Warehouses and discovers two muggers are standing outside of Notkin's warehouse, apparently ready to attack the boy. Artemy quickly dispatches them when they become hostile and attack him and enters the warehouse to speak with Notkin and make sure the boy has remained unharmed. Satisfied with Notkin's condition, Artemy prepares to leave and discovers more muggers have gathered around the Warehouses during this time. He quietly sneaks past them and fights off a few who noticed him, but safely makes it out of the Warehouses and continues to the Cemetery.

At the Cemetery, Artemy sees the corpse of an infected person, but it is being guarded by a patrolman. Artemy attempts to reason with the guard, but is attacked for his troubles and he fights off the guard to gain access to the body. He retrieves some blood from the corpse and begins to return to the Stillwater. He drops by Capella's first to let her know Notkin is safe and she thanks him.

Artemy arrives at the Stillwater and gives Dankovsky the vial of infected blood. Dankovsky examines it and determines that the disease causes the host to die rapidly, thus leading to its own rapid deterioration, and thus the blood appears to be free from bacteria. He thanks Artemy for his troubles and gives him several types of medicine.

Haruspex Day 4[ | ]

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Main Quest: “The Mysterious Blood”

The Haruspex receives a letter from the Bachelor at 7:00. Bachelor will ask Haruspex to speak with Lara Ravel at the Shelter. However, she won't talk to Haruspex unless his reputation is 70 or higher. If his reputation is high enough, she will ask the Haruspex to meet with Stanislav Rubin at a warehouse. The Haruspex may attempt to find Rubin at Rubin's Prosectorium, but it will be abandoned. However, there is a sample of Dead Tissue in the desk, which he may bring to the Bachelor.

Rubin will be found in the warehouse indicated by Lara. However, after speaking with Rubin, attempting to leave the warehouse before the day's end will result in the Haruspex being beaten and captured by guards and imprisoned until 14:00 the next day. Everything that the Haruspex is carrying will be permanently removed, but he can store items in Rubin's hideout. If the Haruspex remains in the warehouse with Rubin until the date changes, he may exit the warehouse without being attacked.

Before meeting with Rubin to complete the main quest of the day, the Haruspex may choose to complete the following requests first.

Side Quest: “The Looters”

After receiving a letter from Notkin, the Haruspex meets with him in his warehouse. Notkin will request four Crowbars from looters in abandoned districts. Once the Haruspex obtains 4 Crowbars, he may give them to Notkin in exchange for Revolver Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, and Rifle Ammo.

Side Quest: “The Weapons Stash”

Haruspex receives a letter from two Soul-and-a-Halves, named Maestro and Rex, who say that Sticky has refused to fulfill a request for them. Talking to Sticky leads the Haruspex to a boy named Stump who is waiting near the Cemetery. After talking to Stump, he will lead the Haruspex to another house. Three muggers will appear along the way who will ignore Stump, but attack the Haruspex. The house requires a lockpick to enter and inside, the Haruspex will find a weapon stash containing a Shotgun and 10 Shotgun Ammo. If Haruspex returns to Sticky with the weapon stash, Sticky will tell him to keep it.

Haruspex Day 5[ | ]

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The Haruspex will receive a letter at some point on Day 5 about rat racing. He is invited to an abandoned warehouse and discovers a Doghead inside who explains to him how to compete in rat racing. From this point onwards to the end of the game, the Haruspex may come to the warehouse if he has either a Rat or a Brown Rat and participate in rat races to potentially win 500 money. If he participates in a rat race on Day 5, the player can receive an Achievement.

If the Haruspex left the warehouse Rubin was hiding in yesterday before the date change and was captured by the guards, he will wake up in a cell at 14:00 with 30 health and 20 reputation. A dead body is just outside of the cell and due to infection, plague clouds will constantly appear and chase the Haruspex. The body can be looted for 2 Beta-Tablets, 1 Gamma-Tablets, a Revolver, 3 Revolver Ammo, and Herbal Recipe #10. The Haruspex must attack the patrolling guards so they will open the cell door in an attempt to subdue him. Haruspex may escape after killing both guards who each have 4 Revolver Ammo, 1 Meradorm, 1 Morphine, 3 Alpha-Tablets.

There are sick people inside of the building who may be given painkillers in exchange for a reputation boost, but the Haruspex needs to leave as quickly as possible to avoid getting infected himself. He may stop by Rubin's hideout to retrieve any items he stored the previous night.

Main Quest: “The Quivering Heart”

The Haruspex will find he has several letters. The first one is from the Bachelor who wishes to speak with him urgently. He will ask the Haruspex for a fresh Infected Heart. The Haruspex has three options to fulfill this request.

First, Haruspex can speak with Aspity about the Bachelor's request and his own decision to help the other doctor. She will direct him to the western-most Worm gatherer hut. At this hut, he will find a Worm, a Herb Bride, and three Butchers. He may choose to kill the Herb Bride to extract the Bride's Heart and receive Herbal Recipe #4, as well as 50 reputation. The Bachelor will give Haruspex 2000 to 3000 money and a Blue Vaccine in exchange for her heart. Haruspex may also choose to kill the Butchers and take the Butcher's Heart. If he gives the Bachelor a Butcher's infected heart, he will receive 3000 to 4000 money and 2 Black Vaccine.

The third option involves finding a Herb Bride named Willow Mellow at the Broken Heart. The Haruspex can talk with her to discover that she has promised to meet with the Bachelor that evening behind the tavern at 21:00, although after leaving the Broken Heart the Haruspex can find her there immediately. Approximately an hour after speaking with Willow, Haruspex will also receive a letter from Anna Angel. She will ask the Haruspex to kill Willow for her. If Haruspex kills Willow, he will lose 10 reputation, but can still take her heart from her corpse. Haruspex returns to Anna to tell her that Willow is dead. He will receive 3000 money or up to 10000 if he insists that she pay him properly. If Haruspex gives Willow's heart to the Bachelor, he will receive no reward.

After analyzing the sample, the Haruspex and the Bachelor will discuss what was found from the infected heart and the quest will be complete.

Side Quest: “The Well”

Another of the Haruspex's letters invites him to Vlad Jr's home. Vlad Jr will ask the Haruspex to inspect the tunnels dug beneath the ground through his well. Vlad Jr will offer 7000 money for this request, although the Haruspex can press him to receive 14000 money in total. After agreeing to inspect the tunnels, Haruspex will be given 7000 money and 50 Kerosene and enter the well. Eventually, the Haruspex will find an exit point next to which sits the Rat Prophet. Haruspex will speak to the Rat Prophet about what is happening in the town and then leaves through the sewer lid on the ceiling. Haruspex then returns to Vlad Jr for the remaining 7000 money as well as Herbal Recipes #2 and #3.

Haruspex Day 6[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “Bull’s Blood”

Haruspex receives a letter to talk to the Bachelor after 7:00. 30 minutes after speaking with him, Haruspex will receive another letter from the Changeling who asks to see him at Grace's lodge. She will offer Haruspex her help in obtaining bull blood for the Bachelor and after accepting, he can head to the Short Block of the Termitary. At the top floor, he will meet with Taya along with two Butchers. Taya asks him for 50 Alpha-Tablets in exchange for information about where to find a bull. After giving her the tablets, she will give Haruspex Herbal Recipe #1 and tell him that some Worms are preparing a sacrifice at the Ragi Barrow. Haruspex must bring them an infected organ, after which the Worms will finish the ritual and Haruspex can obtain Bull's Blood and return to the Bachelor. The Bachelor will analyze the blood and the two discuss the results. Side Quest: “The Changeling Seeks an Answer”

Later in the day, Haruspex receives a letter from Anna Angel. Upon entering her home, he will find the Changeling there as well. The Changeling will ask Haruspex for his help to get information from the Rat Prophet. Haruspex can enter the tunnels through the sewer behind the Theatre and find the Rat Prophet there. After speaking with the Rat Prophet, Haruspex returns to Anna's home and tells the Changeling what he learned. She will give him Herbal Recipe #7 as a reward.

Side Quest: “They Call the Mistresses Out""

Haruspex will receive a letter from Victor Kain. Victor asks him to speak with Maria Kaina. She asks for his help in retrieving something that she dropped at the Kain's family graveyard. At the northernmost tomb of their graveyard, the Haruspex will find a diary on the floor. Upon exiting the tomb, the Haruspex sees several infected individuals wandering around who are being attacked by two arsonists. The Haruspex may choose to kill the arsonists before heading back to Maria and returning her diary. She will give him 2000 money as thanks for retrieving her diary.

Haruspex Day 7[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Starting from Day 7 until the end of the game, the Haruspex may choose to compete in the Ring of Suok. Only hand-to-hand combat is allowed. He will receive a vial of blood if he wins.

Main Quest: “Neither Man Nor Bull”

Haruspex receives a letter to speak with the Bachelor after 7:00. He will advise Haruspex to go to the Cathedral to see the Inquisitor who has just arrived. Haruspex finds that the Inquisitor is not currently at the Cathedral. An Executor says that the Inquisitor went to the Termitary to speak with the Mother Superior. Haruspex makes his way to the Long Block of the Termitary and finds Taya on the third floor, in a room down a long hallway lined with torches. She tells Haruspex that the Inquisitor has already left for the jail at Town Hall.

At the jail, Haruspex finds a guard who tells him that the Inquisitor is not there anymore. He directs the Haruspex to Var's home. Haruspex does not find the Inquisitor or Var there, but a young man inside Var's house mentions Victor Kain several times. Victor tells the Haruspex that the Inquisitor has already left and returned to the Cathedral. Finally, the Haruspex can enter the Cathedral and meet with the Inquisitor, Aglaya Lilich. After speaking to her, the Haruspex learns that the Abattoir has been opened again. The Haruspex travels to the Abattoir and finds his way to Foreman Oyun. He will give the Haruspex a vial of Abattoir Blood. Haruspex returns to his lab to mix the Abattoir Blood with a Twyrine Extract to produce a Panacea. He brings the Panacea to the Inquisitor for her to inspect and after their conversation, the main quest is over.

Side Quest: “The Sacrifice”

Haruspex will receive a letter from Capella asking him to check up on Taya. Taya will ask Haruspex to look for some Worms who are hiding in the Short Block of the Termitary. The Haruspex enters to find that there are several plague clouds hanging around the Short Block. He will find the Worms at the top floor and speak with them about why they are there. Two muggers will appear when Haruspex leaves the Short Block. He can attempt to fight them or quickly run to the Long Block. He tells Taya what he learned from the Worms and the quest is completed.

Side Quest: “Testing the Panacea”

After completing the main quest, Haruspex speaks with the Inquisitor again. She asks him to find out if the Panacea actually works as a cure to the Plague. To do so, Haruspex will infect himself with the Plague and then use the Panacea on himself. He is sent to the Theatre where an Executor is waiting for him. Speaking with the Executor will give the Haruspex a 50% infection. He returns to the Cathedral and cures himself with the Panacea. Haruspex speaks to the Inquisitor again and proves that the cure is effective. He will receive no reward for completing this quest.

Haruspex Day 8[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “Whose Blood Was It?”

Haruspex receives a letter from the Inquisitor to speak with her after 7:00. She asks him to enter the Abattoir, but it has been locked up again. Haruspex must speak with Taya to reopen it. Taya asks the Haruspex to find the Changeling to learn the ending of a story and suggests he ask Capella where the Changeling may be found. Capella will direct him to speak with Murky. Inside of Murky's wagon, Haruspex finds Murky and the Changeling. Haruspex tricks the Changeling to tell him the story ending by saying that the Souls-and-a-Halves thought her story was funny. If Haruspex is unable to trick the Changeling, she will refuse to tell him the story ending and he will fail the quest.

After finding out the ending, Haruspex returns to Taya and tells her the correct ending to the story. If Haruspex is unable to correctly recall the story's ending, he will fail the quest. Satisfied with learning how the story ends, Taya reopens the Abattoir. Haruspex enters and speaks with Oyun. Oyun will say that the Haruspex is not ready to fully take up his duties and responsibilities with the Kin yet because he is still missing something from his inheritance. Haruspex suspects Aspity has been hiding it from him and seeks her out. After some questioning, Aspity will give him the Bone Horn. Haruspex returns to Oyun to show him the Bone Horn and then goes to the Cathedral to tell the Inquisitor what he has discovered.

Side Quest: “A Son Will Not Be Punished For His Father’s Sins”

Georgiy Kain will send Haruspex a letter and asks him to meet at the Crucible. Georgiy will tell Haruspex that the truth of what happened to the Termitary cannot be hidden and someone will be punished for it. He asks Haruspex to speak with Katerina Saburova to get further information to make a decision as to who will be held responsible for the Termitary's affairs. After speaking to Katerina, Haruspex returns to Georgiy. He may choose to agree with Georgiy's decision or disagree and pick a different person to be held responsible. If he agrees with Georgiy's decision, he will receive 3000 money. If he disagrees, he will receive nothing, although the quest will still be completed.

Side Quest: “Below the Ground”

Haruspex must speak with Vlad the Younger to begin this quest. Vlad Jr will ask the Haruspex to return to the tunnels below town and find a book that has been lost in them. However, the well has been closed off and the Haruspex must enter from the manhole behind the Theatre. Upon entering the manhole, Haruspex will find that it is locked and he cannot return. There are four muggers located throughout the tunnels whom the Haruspex can kill. The Haruspex finds Vlad the Younger's Notes and returns to the manhole which is now unlocked. He gives the book back to Vlad Jr and is rewarded with 4000 money.

Haruspex Day 9[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “The Defilers”

Haruspex receives a letter from Alexander Block, the Commander of the army that has been sent to the Town. Haruspex meets with Block at the Town Hall after 7:00 and he will direct the Haruspex to the Abattoir and Oyun. Oyun will tell the Haruspex to find the Bachelor and question him. After speaking with Oyun, the Haruspex's exhaustion will greatly increase and continue to increase to 100% within an hour and it cannot be reduced.

The Haruspex heads to the Stillwater, but learns that the Bachelor has gone to the Polyhedron. At the Polyhedron's base is a Doghead who informs the Haruspex that the Bachelor had been captured and imprisoned. The cell is located in one of the abandoned factories and is the same one where the Haruspex may have been taken to on Day 5.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, the Haruspex will see the Bachelor locked up in the cell and two Dogheads standing guard. If the Haruspex spared Lika on Day 1, he will be there as one of the Doghead guards and allow the Bachelor to go. If not, the Dogheads will ask for 30 Rifle Ammo in exchange for the Bachelor. Haruspex can speak to Bachelor through the bars and he will tell the Haruspex that Eva Yan had been holding onto 30 Rifle Ammo for him. Haruspex may choose to head back to the Stillwater to retrieve the ammo or he may kill the two Dogheads to open the cell door and lose 6 reputation.

After freeing the Bachelor, the Haruspex questions him and returns to Oyun. He informs Oyun that he has completed the task. The quest will be completed and the Haruspex's exhaustion rate will return to normal.

Side Quest: “The Signal Fires”

At 18:00, Haruspex will receive a letter from Capella. She'll ask him to check on Sticky. When he arrives at Sticky's house, he learns that Sticky has disappeared and there are some Dogheads inside. The Haruspex can ask them if they know Sticky's whereabouts. If the Haruspex threatens them during the conversation, the door will lock and he will be forced to fight them.

Haruspex learns that Sticky may be near the Cemetery. He heads to the location marked on the map and finds a boy named Stump there. Stump tells the Haruspex that he needs to relight some of the bonfires around the Steppe. Haruspex has to guide Stump around to light all four of the bonfires marked on his map while protecting him from getting killed by the ones responsible for dousing the fires. If Stump gets killed, the quest will be failed.

At the first bonfire is a Doghead and two Worms. At the second bonfire are two muggers and a Doghead. At the third bonfire is a young man, a looter, and a Doghead. The last bonfire is guarded by three Dogheads. The Haruspex must kill them for Stump to be able to light the bonfires. The young man will have a Shmowder on him. The rest will have random loot including Twyrine, Earrings, Silver Rings, Bracelets, Feromycinum, and Coffee.

Once all the bonfires are lit, the Haruspex returns to Sticky's house only to find that the door is locked. A girl standing outside of the house warns him about what might happen to Sticky. The Haruspex returns to Capella and relays to her what he knows, completing the quest.

Haruspex Day 10[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “The Udurgh”

The Haruspex receives an urgent letter from the Bachelor after 7:00. He requests the Haruspex to gather more details about his inheritance from Foreman Oyun. Oyun states that he will tell the Haruspex more if he is able to pass another trial. Agreeing to the trial will cause the Haruspex's hunger to start increasing rapidly. Oyun warns the Haruspex that eating anything will be deathly, although that is not true, but the effects of food will be lessened compared to usual.

To perform the trial, after accepting the drink, the Haruspex must head to the Ragi Barrow and sleep on the tablet. He will listen to the spirits and learn where he should go next. The three Worm huts will now be marked on his map. Haruspex will find a Butcher at each of the huts. Regardless of what he says, the Butchers will attack him and they must be killed. After killing the third one, the Haruspex's hunger rate will return to normal and he goes back to Oyun to report he has completed the trial. The Haruspex questions Oyun about his inheritance and returns to the Bachelor who will direct him to speak with Capella and Katerina Saburova. Capella will suggest speaking to Taya Tycheek as well. After speaking with them, the Haruspex returns to the Bachelor to discuss what he has learned.

Side Quest: “Who is Going to Feed the Dolly?”

Capella sends the Haruspex a letter asking for his help as she believes on her friends to be in danger. She will ask him to check on Murky. Upon talking to Murky, he learns that she has lost her doll somewhere in the Steppe and asks him to find it. She marks the location of where she last remembers seeing her doll on the map.

Nearby the rock formation where the Haruspex begins his search is the army's train car. There will be several soldiers guarding it. They are hostile and will attack if they notice him. The Haruspex must sneak past them or he can choose to kill them if he is noticed.

The Haruspex notices that there are various sprigs of Herbs like Twyre growing nearby the rocks. He collects and follows the trail of herbs down into the Swamp. At the end of the trail, he finds Murky's Toy. He returns the doll to Murky who then gives him a vial of Abattoir Blood and tells him that she found it near the base of the Polyhedron. The Haruspex goes to inspect the Polyhedron and discovers that there is a dark spot of blood at the base which he gathers for another vial. He returns to Murky to tell her what he found. The vials of blood that he obtained from this quest can be used to craft Panacea.

Side Quest: “Bos Turokh is Coming”

Haruspex receives a letter from Taya which states that the prisoner they have wants to tell him something. The prisoner is whomever the Haruspex told Georgiy to hand over on Day 8. The Haruspex visits Taya and speaks with their prisoner who tells him that something interesting is happening at the Bone Stake Lot. Haruspex will find a large bull, an Aurochs, stuck on the stake which is surrounded by four Worms.

The Haruspex speaks to the Worms and asks them if he can take blood from the auroch. They will tell him to speak to four members of his Bound; Notkin, Sticky, Murky, and Grace. Notkin, Sticky, and Murky will be found in their usual locations. However, when trying to find Grace, Haruspex discovers that she is not there. A girl inside Grace's home suggests that he ask Capella about where to find her. Capella directs him to speak to Alexander Block who will tell the Haruspex it is likely related to some mutineers that are hiding out near the cannon.

The Haruspex heads to the Train Station and finds a wagon with a soldier standing outside. He tells the soldier the code "four hundred and thirteenth" and is allowed to enter. Inside, he finds Grace and another soldier. She tells him that she was captured because she did not want them to burn the dead. He has to convince her to let them burn corpses before he can ask her about the Bone Stake Lot situation.

After talking to those four members of his Bound, the Haruspex returns to the Bone Stake Lot and reports what each of them suggested should be done to the bull. He is then allowed to draw a vial of Abattoir blood from the bull, for a total of four vials, which can be used to create Panacea.

Haruspex Day 11[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “The Ultimate Trial of the Warden”

At 7:15, the Haruspex receives a letter from the Changeling telling him that she needs to speak with him before he enters the Abattoir to do the final trial with Foreman Oyun. She asks him to meet her in Grace's lodge at the Cemetery. She will tell the Haruspex that he will need her help in the upcoming trial. He can choose whether or not to accept her help.

Haruspex then enters the Abattoir and speaks to Oyun. Oyun tells him the details of the final trial and in the previous chamber, rocks will have been cleared away to reveal a large hole. The Haruspex will then jump into the hole.

If the Haruspex did not accept the Changeling's assistance, he will die. If the Haruspex did accept the Changeling's assistance, he will find himself in a chamber facing a dead body and surrounded by Executors. They cannot be spoken to, but he will also find the Changeling who will tell him to enter the nearby tunnel and pick from one of three individuals. The Haruspex speaks to the three people and chooses one of them and exits the tunnel to find himself back in the Abattoir.

He returns to Foreman Oyun and speaks with him about the trials. Regardless of the conversation, the two will end up in combat and the Haruspex must defeat Oyun with his bare hands. His inventory is temporarily cleared for the fight so he will not have access to weapons, healing items, or defensive clothing. The fight will be extremely difficult, as Foreman Oyun is very strong, but eventually the Haruspex defeats him. The quest is completed, but he may choose to visit Aspity and whichever Vlad Olgimsky still remains to learn more about his father, the Kin, and his role within the Kin.

The Haruspex can refuse the Changeling's assistance and still complete the quest. He must first speak with Aspity, whichever Vlad is still alive, or the Bachelor after speaking with Oyun about the final trial. From these conversations, he will discover information that allows him to speak with Oyun and initiate the fight without having to jump into the pit.

Side Quest: “Bos Turokh Departs”

The Haruspex receives a letter from Notkin inquiring about the bull from the day before. He goes to speak with Notkin who advises him to check out the Bone Stake Lot. He discovers that the bull has been burned and is now gone. The Haruspex asks the head soldier about what happened, who directs him to Captain Longin who is located in the same wagon at the Train Station where Grace was being held on Day 10. Longin tells the Haruspex to speak with the Bachelor. Haruspex talks to the Bachelor about the Bone Stake Lot and the quest ends. Side Quest: “The Spirit Will Bow Before the Power”

Capella will send the Haruspex a letter asking him for help. She asks him to speak to Khan who is inside of the Polyhedron. To enter the Polyhedron, Haruspex seeks out the Bachelor and finds out the password to enter the tower. At the top of the Polyhedron, he finds three Dogheads. Telling them the password or that he's there on the Bachelor's orders will allow him to enter and meet with Khan. The Haruspex relays Capella's offer to him and then returns to Capella to tell her what Khan said. Capella gives the Haruspex her necklace as a reward.

If the Haruspex is unable to convince the Bachelor to give him the password, he will fail the quest. If the Haruspex is unable to provide the correct password to the Dogheads or is unable to trick them into letting him enter the Polyhedron, he will fail the quest. If the Haruspex is unable to properly relay Capella's message to Khan and receive a satisfactory response, he will fail the quest.

Haruspex Day 12[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: “The Final Proceedings”

The Haruspex receives a letter from the Inquisitor reminding him that at 19:00, the Cathedral will be opened for him to enter and make a decision regarding the fate of the Town, if his Bound are all free of disease. He will also receive letters from the Bachelor and the Changeling at 8:00, both requesting to speak with him and to help cure their Bound so they can also go to the Cathedral and argue their case for the fate of the Town.

The Bachelor will be at the Stillwater while the Changeling will be in the Short Block of the Termitary. The Haruspex may speak with them and choose to cure their Bound, which requires a total of 5 to 7 Panacea and Shmowder. The sick Bound members will have an Executor standing outside of their place of residence.

Once the Haruspex heals a set of adherents, he may tell the other healer that their Bound are all cured and invite them to the council that will be held at the Cathedral. When all of the Haruspex's own Bound and another healer's Bound are all cured, he will receive a letter from The Powers That Be which invites him to the Polyhedron. He can enter the Polyhedron and speak with them. If the Haruspex cures every single Bound, then he will receive another letter after meeting The Powers That Be, inviting him to the Theatre. Inside the Theatre, there are two people he can talk to.

At 19:00, the Haruspex enters the Cathedral and speaks with everyone inside. He tells Alexander Block his decision and speaks with everyone again. He may then go to sleep and the game ends once midnight arrives.

The Changeling's Path[ | ]

Clara wakes up. Could the dream have been prophetic? She has prophetic dreams often, she's no longer surprised by them—she knows they are sent by the powers that want to warn the herald of what the future holds for her. There were a lot of clues hinting at the veracity of the message. She does indeed know how to treat those in pain with her miraculous hands. She is indeed willing to ease their suffering. She truly strives to do the right thing! She loves her fellow beings. The girl is eager to do good deeds even if that requires her to go through pain and hardships...

Changeling wakes up at the edge of a pit in the ground. Sleep hasn't brought her comfort. Her back and her legs ache as though she has walked many miles. Her hands are covered in mud, there are traces of dried blood on her bare knees. It's dark. The dawn is a few hours away.

For a straightforward walkthrough, please refer to The Changeling's Route. All letters and quest logs can be found on The Changeling's Route/Text.

Changeling Day 1[ | ]

Clara wakes up, paralyzed with fear. She could feel her heart surge to life, like it had to be reminded of its living humanity. As she lifted her body up, she realized she was laying in open dirt, half-lain inside a shallow grave. Standing, she notes she is in a Graveyard, and that there is a lit shack not too far from where she has been buried. Cautiously, she approaches, and finds that there is a young girl inside named Grace, and a woman named Katerina Saburova. They seem to be in discussion, but are curious to the 'resurrection' of this girl in the grave. Grace tells her that she recognizes Clara, but not well - perhaps she has seen her elsewhere.

Graveyard rain

Clara wakes in a shallow grave - is it a premonition for what is to come?

Katerina takes a closer look at the young girl. As if struck by an epiphany, she instructs Clara to return to her home to speak with her husband, Alexander Saburov. He seems to already be aware of her reason for visiting, and speaks with her regarding the accusations against her. There is a rumour that she is responsible for the death of Simon Kain, though Clara is adamant about her innocence - according to her, she is a kind and compassionate girl, with healing hands that can bring even the most gravely ill person back from the brink of death. As well, she has a twin sister, who was the one responsible for the evil done to Simon. Though concerned, Alexander believes her. She admits that she can also hypnotize people to tell only the truth, which interests him. He directs her to his wife as he ruminates on what he has been told. Katerina speaks kindly to her, telling her of a prophecy that involves Clara spoken to her - she is one of the remaining Mistresses, after all. She asks Clara to work with both her and her husband in order to preserve the Town. She knows that Alexander will seek someone to punish for crimes, but Katerina insists that the accused must be spared. She walks Clara back to Alexander. Satisfied, Alexander gives Clara her first task to help him retain order: there has been a knife fight seen at the train tracks, and he wants her to investigate.

Now, as Clara Saburova, she marches south of Town, in spite of the cautious stares she is given from the townsfolk - it would seem that even if the Saburovs trust her, she will not find refuge among the people just yet. She meets with a representative of Saburov, as well as a young teenager in a dog mask. The older man explains that they were to investigate the attack on a man in the trainyard, but several men approached his partner and murdered him. It is by chance now that he yet survives with the boy. The boy explains that he came face to face with The Ripper, who was the one to dispatch the men on his arrival in Town. Clara is sure that she can heal the boy with her gentle healing touch, but when she extends her hand, the boy goes stiff, like a cold wind rand over him, and he falls over dead.

Saburov’s represenarice laughs in shock, that her healing hands could strike wickedness down, too. He tells her that it would be best to prove her healing touch to other people, instead. Knowing she will not be able to heal anyone at the train yard, Clara embarks to find a survivor, to which she meets Artemy Burakh, the Haruspex, in his warehouse. He dismisses her, telling her the lone survivor escaped into town, concerned that he would torture him instead of heal. She marches to the Willows, home of Anna Angel, where among the guests she finds a bloodied man. She rests his head in her lap and offers her healing hands - she offers her miracle to the poor soul, who is soon healed of all malady. Anna and her visitors, including Bachelor Daniil Dankovsky, look on in awe.

Proud, Clara returns to her adopted father, and announces to Alexander that she not only healed a man, but that she had witness in both Anna Angel and the Bachelor. Alexander is pleased to hear that she is as holy as Katerina predicted. For his second task of her, he asks her to find information regarding specific individuals among town, starting with Georgiy Kain, a rival ruler of the Town. Understanding that this is the prophecy that Katerina spoke to her in private about, she agrees to visit The Crucible to speak with Georgiy Kain.

The Crucible is an estate of immense size and wealth, and Clara finds herself amazed. She navigates to Georgiy's study, who beholds her with great distrust. She speaks to him with truth that cuts deep - that he is not Simon's twin, and did not love him as much as he claims to be. Her hypnosis power takes a hold of him, and he confesses his most raw and open belief to her; that he knows Simon was not murdered by a human hand, but by something else. Though he still believes Clara to be responsible, his conscience tells her that he must continue under the delusion of the death being accidental. She sends him to sleep, and returns to Alexander to inform him of her discoveries: Gerogiy believes Simon to be murdered, however indirectly. Alexander tells her of the Bachelor's discovery of a plague, and that they must act quickly. He questions if her twin is possibly the one who brought the coming sickness into Town, and Clara insists that she looks into such a claim.

But, it is now late in the day. Clara retires to her new room, and rests.

Changeling Day 2[ | ]

As she wakes before dawn, Clara finds a letter tucked close to her bedside. She is bewildered to see that its handwriting mirrors her own, and addresses her directly as her sister. Cautious, she pockets the letter and meets with her father.

He tells her that he is going to have her investigate several individuals that he believes to possibly be the cause of the epidemic that is starting to take over Town. Her first target will be the kinswoman Aspity - Alexander is hopeful that she will either confess or point in the direction of the one responsible. Knowing that she will not speak so freely, Clara goes to speak with Vlad the Younger, the heir to the Bull Enterprise. He seems cautious to speak with Clara, presuming ill of her and suggesting that he understands what she is, but he speaks at length about his suspicions that Aspity is organizing violence in the Termitary to strike back at his father.

Hopeful to get some kind of hook to speak with the woman, Clara relays the message to Big Vlad. The senior Olgimsky seems to not take her warning seriously, but pays her as thanks for the warning, and dismisses her. Disappointed neither man could help, she supposes speaking with Aspity alone and improvising might help. But the woman, all drab and bitter, ignores her request, claiming that she is ignorant of her true origin. She will only speak with Clara if she can bring the Haruspex forward to discuss a personal matter. Clara leaves for the warehouses and the old factory building, and convinces the Haruspex to come with her in order to determine Aspity's guilt or innocence.

As she runs back, far ahead of Haruspex, she finally meets with Aspity, and draws her hypnosis with her determined secret: that Aspity is in love with the Haruspex, and to preserve such a secret, she will answer truthfully to Clara. She discovers that Aspity has existed for only five years, but if she is responsible for the outbreak, she has done nothing recently to spur the earth. She only plans to entice discord in the Termitary, in the name of the late Isidor Burakh. Clara lays her to rest for her meeting with Haruspex, and leaves her shack, making way for the Rod.

She remembers, suddenly, that Katerina told her to spare the names of those that her husband would accuse. She realized her dilemma; should she truly spare Aspity? Was such a decision the right one to make? She seems tied to the earth, but many of the Kin and its people cherish the earth in such a way. Surely, they would not cause intentional harm.

Clara explains to Alexander that Aspity is innocent. Though displeased that he could not find the perpetrator right away, Alexander does thank her for her work. He will continue to investigate on his own behalf before giving her another task.

Changeling Day 3[ | ]

Come the third morning, Clara awakes from a dream wherein she wrote a letter to herself. She is concerned when she wakes to another letter, as if it had been written in her sleep - once again, a force that speaks to her as if they are one in the same, threatening to devour the Tanners district today. Clara gets the feeling she should anticipate more letters, and hides it with the other one under her pillow.

Plague infection

Clara walks outside to see her part of town plunged to sickness.

Alexander is in his study once more, and welcomes Clara. He asks her if she knows which steps could be taken to stop the spreading sickness, as it seems the efforts to quarantine the first infected have failed. He speaks of imprisoning anyone responsible for fearmongering the populace, and tells Clara to go investigate Anna Angel, the singer whose house she visited two days prior. The young woman is hysterical about nearly everything, and the epidemic is doing her mental health no favours - and she seems to hide some kind of dark past.

Clara is horrified to see the streets in the early hours of the morning. Did she miss this before, when she spoke to Aspity the other day? Was this in some corner of the Town? The air is thick with dirt and filth, and she covers her mouth with her sleeve. Cautiously, she made her way to the Willows, where she knew Anna Angel would be. Hopefully, she had not fallen ill with the infection in the air...

She steps inside the woman's house, relieved at the clearer air. Anna is displeased with her presence, and immediately jumps to the assumption that the Saburovs are seeking to persecute her, alongside the Olgimskys. In order to get Anna to cooperate, she ventures across the river to the Olgimsky's homestead once more. As she walks, she discovers the air is not yet infected on this side of Town; good fortune, but a bad sign.

She knows that Big Vlad won't speak to her, and it is likely that Vlad the Younger won't care about Anna, so she ventures to the youngest Olgimsky, Capella. Capella takes to her quickly, stating that she is a familiar presence. Capella is initially furious that Anna would accuse her father of having nothing better to do than threaten her, but deduces that it may be Khan, another child in Town, who is threatening her. Anna is a former member of the Ace of Diamonds Caravan, it would seem, a former troupe that would kidnap children and turn them into performers.

She won't be able to speak with Khan, as he hides in the Polyhedron, the impossible structure across the river. But this hook interests her, so she hurries back to the Willows, cautious of the burning in her lungs once she wanders back to her plague stricken home. She remembered Katerina's words once more, and though she knew a terrible person like Anna would face trial for her crimes one day, it would not be wise to condemn her for a different crime she did not commit. She places Anna under her spell, and though Anna speaks of her own past, Clara deduces the Town is not being punished for Anna's crimes. She returns to Alexander and informs him that Anna is not the cause of the plague, and her fear-mongering has been controlled. Alexander's task for her is done for the day.

Changeling Day 4[ | ]

Another day, another request from her father - and another letter that Clara does not remember writing. She's wondering just who is sticking them under her pillow, if there is even an intruder at all. The letter speaks of the Law, and the imposed belief that it has. They call them - both Clara and the author - a thief, for they steal away from the Law. Clara remains unsettled as she heads to speak with Alexander.

Today, Alexander speaks gravely of his belief that Bad Grief, a criminal, may be responsible for the infection, as he was reportedly seen having diseased bodies thrown into the Gorkhon river. Clara is sent to speak with the criminal mastermind himself, south of Town. Within the Warehouse, she walks past a number of older, scarier individuals, no doubt a part of Bad Grief's gang, to speak right with the leader. Of course, he has no interest in speaking with her; but when she asks him about the bodies, he tells her to speak with Notkin, his rival of sorts, as he will be able to provide an alibi for Bad Grief.

Clara is surprised to meet a boy not much younger than her leading his own gang of scrappy thugs. Notkin tells her that while Grief is as untrustworthy as they come, it is possible that he was only involved in the bodies business due to an opportunity to sell illicit twyrine if they disposed of infected corpses. Clara knows she'll have to dig her hooks farther into him, so Notkin provides her with a secret - his full name is Grigory Filin.

In Grief's hideout, Clara reaches her hands out to hypnotize him - but is shocked to see that he does not fall under her spell. It is then that he reaches at his collar and pulls out a necklace - a Steppe charm, capable of warding off magic! He says he'll tell Clara everything he knows about the bodies and murders if she does a favour for him, which is to investigate a rival of his, Barley the Barber, and provide evidence of his crimes to Alexander Saburov. Embittered but determined, Clara sets off to find the alleged true criminal of her investigation. She found the warehouse in short time, and found the man responsible. Though he threatened her, she managed to distract him long enough to find a sack that supposedly held the evidence Grief was looking for. Running for her life, she makes her way directly to the Rod to speak with her father.

Clara is rather anxious to present the evidence, but does so - just as Alexander admits he was planning to have one of his force's captains, Wolf, to confront Grief regardless, and says he may be able to speak to him to renegotiate the attack. As he speaks, he opens the sack, and is horrified to discover that it is Captain Wolf's severed head. He sends Clara away as he furiously begins to make plans to arrest Barley and his men.

If Grief isn't responsible for the epidemic, is he still responsible for the illegal twyrine sale? She hurries to the Warehouses one final time, and manages to catch him unawares without the charm necklace around his neck. Clara pulls his confession that he is actually the one responsible for the murders, and framed Barley - claiming he wanted to feel the urge to kill, let his hands make merry. Furious, but knowing he is not the specific culprit she must persecute, she sends him to a slumber and leaves the Warehouse.

The morality of her quest weighs on her thoughts, but Clara knows what her responsibility is. She is saintly, after all. Her forgiveness is a blessing to men like Grief, and women like Anna Angel or Aspity.

Changeling Day 5[ | ]

In both Clara's dreams and the letter she receives, she dreams she is half-submerged in water while washed up along shore - a terrible premonition, or a nightmare? It reminds her of her 'arrival' in Town, when she woke in her shallow grave.

It would seem that Alexander Saburov's latest target is Stanislav Rubin, the protege to the late Isidor Burakh. He wants to investigate if Rubin could be possibly responsible of the outbreak, or at least know some information regarding Isidor's affairs. Clara is sent to talk to Vlad the Younger, who is cooperating with the Saburovs as diplomatically as possible. It would make sense to speak with him - Big Vlad is unwelcoming and difficult to speak to, but she's heard he's sponsoring the Haruspex. The best course of action would be to strike a conversation with his son.

Clara marched across down to the dilapilated shack she knew Vlad the Younger to be taking residence in, wandering through the infected streets, her heart aching for the victims she sees. At Vlad's shack, he seems disgruntled with his well project, but speaks with Clara about Rubin, suggesting to bring the poor man something to eat. He notes that Alexander is taking to his self assigned duties far too eagerly, and that he is hunting people with unprecedented ruthlessness. With some money to purchase groceries, Clara makes her way to get Rubin his meal.

Arriving in the warehouses, the impossibly tall man took the meal with enough gratitude that gave Clara the confidence to speak with her. As Rubin eats, he explains that he knows both Clara and himself are wanted by the Law - a force that will punish them for going beyond their fate. He admits that he stole Simon Kain's body to create a vaccine, butchering it without permission. The Law is not like the Authorities, and cannot punish people with banal concepts such as judicial punishment - but such Laws needed to be broken to find out that extraordinary people carry the blood necessary to stop the Plague. Rubin strikes a deal with Clara; ask for legal immunity from Georgiy Kain, and he'll tell her everything he knows.

She knows that he cannot possibly ask the elder Kain for forgiveness after he carved up Georgiy's brother. Clara visits the Crucible, much to the chagrin of the Judge. Clara requests clemency for Rubin, and Georgiy says he will receive it for long as he surrenders himself after his medical success. Georgiy also says that he knows Katerina is vouching for her, and that Clara is being recognized as a future Mistress. Humbled and excited, Clara returns to the Warehouses and tells Rubin he has the Judge's mercy. Rubin, having finished his meal, tells her that he truly believes that Isidor spoke with a Shabnak-adyr, the true cause of the Plague.

Perhaps this is the answer Saburov is looking for. She returns to the Rod and delivers her testimony. It seems with every failure to find the culprit, Clara worries more and more about returning home, in case her father will get fed up and cast her out. It would seem she is not to be scorned today, however, as Saburov says they will investigate Yulia Lyuricheva tomorrow, since the Plague carrier is supposedly taking the form of a woman. Clara takes two letters that were left for her - Grace requests her presence at the Graveyard, and Capella wants to see her in the Lump.

Capella heads to speak with Capella, first - they are both future Mistresses, after all. Capella tells her that she has been having dreams regarding a creature of the Steppe bringing the disease into Town and killing the refugees in the Cathedral, and she wants Clara to speak with Maria to confirm if all three future Mistresses are having this dream. Clara is uncertain, as she knows Maria hates her, but Capella urges her to go - especially to make sure the visitor from the Capital that will arrive will not be at risk of harm. When Clara speaks with Maria, she tries to appeal to her subtly to not earn the Kaina heiress wrath. Maria seems stressed about being unable to speak with her uncle Simon, so to get Clara to leave, she tells her that the Bachelor will help Clara confirm the safety of the Cathedral.

Albino day 5

The creature sways as it stands. Its insides sound like rattling bones.

The Bachelor is home in the Stillwater, but won't give her the keys to the Cathedral. However, he lets it slip that the Cathedral needs water bearer, so Clara runs off to gather clean drinking water for the refugees inside the isolation ward. She makes her delivery in the late afternoon, and slips inside to the isolation ward - inside, the men, women, and children reach for her, and Clara places her healing hands over theirs to bring them relief. Truly, she feels like a girl of miracles. She knows she cannot stay for long; so she departs for the Lump and assures Capella her dream would not come true. As night falls, she makes her way towards the Graveyard.

Grace welcomes her with a tired relief. She tells Clara that she saw a creature near the edge of the Graveyard, patched together by the leftovers of what made humans. She says it looked very sad, and wanted to speak to Clara. She meets it at the Ragi Barrow, a holy place for the Kin, and there the creature speaks with her. In her head, she names it Albino. It declares that it is her brother, created with the fragments that were left over after her birth just five days before. Clara asks if this means she is a plague carrier; it is uncertain, knowing that she is an aberration on the world, but it is not certain if that makes her evil. It warns her that due to her inability to lie, Clara willed the existence of her sister into reality, and that she has been writing to Clara, eager to meet.

Clara accuses it of lying. It laughs - she hates the sound. How can it be born the same day as her if people have known of the Shabnak-adyr for years? Its final warning is not to believe such a tale - the Town is merely weeks old, not years. Clara leaves the Ragi Barrow, an unfamiliar sickness in her stomach. She knows that this creature is bound to her fate, and that salvation possibly lies in its cooperation.

Changeling Day 6[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Starting from Day 6 until the end of the game, the Changeling will have a side quest to find her twin sister as well as her sister's followers. The Changeling will receive letters from her sister every day if she sleeps for at least four hours cumulatively on said day.

If the Changeling does not force her sister to leave, the district that her sister was hiding in will become permanently infected. After the Changeling forces her sister to leave, a group of her sister's followers will appear somewhere in the Town. If the Changeling cannot force her sister's followers to disperse, the district that they were gathering in will become permanently infected.

When she wakes up, the Changeling notices her reputation is dropping twice as quickly as usual. (She will lose 100 reputation in 18 hours, rather than the usual 100 reputation in 36 hours). Side Quest: "Charon"

Katerina Saburova wants the Changeling to convince Vlad the Younger to change to the Humbles. To learn more about Vlad Jr., the Changeling speaks to Capella. Capella asks the Changeling to give Vlad Jr. a book of fairy tales. When she brings him the book, he will refuse to accept it as he wants to sacrifice himself for what happened to the Termitary.

The Changeling returns to Katerina and tells her what happened. Katerina says that results don't matter anymore, as the Inquisitor will arrive in Town tomorrow. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling will find her sister on the second floor of the third house in the row of houses that to the left of the Cathedral. It is the house next to the garden entrance. The Changeling talks to her and chases her away.

Her sister's followers will appear in a small yard behind a food shop located directly across from the empty fenced area next to the Termitary. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for. Side Quest: "Sister"

The Changeling will receive a letter from the Albino who apparently has to escape from the Town. She talks to Grace about it and Grace warns her that there are people who wish to harm him. On her way to Ragi Barrow, the Changeling will find several arsonists.

At 21:00, the Albino will appear behind Ragi Barrow, rather than on the hill, close to the fence. The Changeling will talk to him, she can learn a little more about her origins, and says goodbye. Main Quest: "Angel of Death"

Today, Alexander Saburov wants the Changeling to find who is responsible for the Plague as well as the death of people in the Cathedral. He suspects Yulia Lyuricheva. After talking to Saburov, the Changeling discovers that her reputation is falling three times faster. (She will now lose 100 reputation within 6 hours).

The Changeling can talk to Eva Yan, who knows quite a lot about Yulia. If the Changeling talks to Eva, all of her items except for weapons and drugs may be taken away, but they will be returned to her later by the Bachelor. Yulia will easily tell the Changeling anything she wants to know regardless of whether or not the Changeling asks for Eva's help.

Yulia says that just yesterday, she gave the Changeling the three items that were found in the Cathedral. However, both the player and the Changeling will recall that they did not receive anything from Yulia the day before. After talking to Yulia, the Changeling's reputation will fall even more drastically, at four times faster than it was already. (She will now lose 100 reputation within 1.5 hours).

The Changeling needs to find the Bachelor as quickly as possible. He will examine her blood and prove her innocence. During this day, he will be in various parts of town examining the blood of other women who are under suspicion.

From the morning until 14:00, the Bachelor will be at the Willows. From 14:00 to 16:00, the Bachelor will be at the Shelter. From 16:00 to 18:00, the Bachelor will be at Aspity's Hospice. After 18:00, the Bachelor will be at the Stillwater.

If the Changeling finds him before 18:00 at the other women's houses, he will take her back to the Stillwater and let her stay on the second floor. He will return any items that were taken from her by Eva earlier in the day. Although the Bachelor knows she is innocent, he wants to keep an eye on her and the front door will be locked.

Changeling Day 7[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Starting from Day 7 until the end of the game, the Changeling can report that she has cleansed districts to the Inquisitor at the Cathedral. Today, the Inquisitor will give her 2000 to 3000 money for her report. Main Quest: "Vengeance"

In the morning, the Changeling needs to speak to the Inquisitor, but is still locked in. She talks to the Bachelor who gives her 1000 money and lets her leave the Stillwater. At the Cathedral, the Changeling talks to the Executors standing at the door and learns the Inquisitor will not be back until 12:00.

Until then, the Changeling goes to speak with Alexander Saburov. He wants to know why the Bachelor and the Inquisitor are in Town. In order to get information from them, the Changeling will need to find an Executor Cloak and an Executor Mask. She can take them from a corpse found outside of the pit of bodies near the Cemetery.

After locating the items, the Changeling will find the Bachelor inside of the Theatre. If she gives him the mask, he will tell her about the Inquisitor and The Powers That Be. He also recommends that she ask the Haruspex for more information about the Inquisitor. The Changeling will find the Haruspex in the Short Block of the Termitary and gives him the cloak in exchange for learning about the Inquisitor.

She returns to Saburov and tells him what she learned. He then asks her to speak to Katerina Saburova. The Changeling is then directed to Maria Kaina and Capella to learn more about Mistresses. She returns to Katerina and then heads to the Cathedral.

The Changeling will find the Inquisitor, Aglaya Lilich, inside and speaks to her. If the Changeling says that the Saburovs are guilty, they will both become infected and she will lose 50 reputation. If she says that the Saburovs are not guilty, she will gain 50 reputation. Side Quest: "The Haruspex Will Sow a Seed of Malice"

While talking to the Bachelor, the Changeling will learn that the Haruspex has killed a Herb Bride and her husband, a Worm, wants revenge on him and asked the Bachelor for help. The Bachelor gives the Changeling a Shotgun to deliver to the Worm, who is located at the western-most gathering hut out in the Steppe, south of the Stone Yard.

The Worm will give her 10 stems of White Whip. She then returns to the Bachelor who will give her 5000 money or she can refuse the money for 5 reputation. Side Quest: "The Bachelor Will Sow a Seed of Malice"

While talking to the Haruspex, the Changeling learns a family had been hurt by the Bachelor's actions. The Haruspex will give her five bottles of Twyrine to give to the family. She will find them at the Haruspex's Lair in the Works.

She can choose to keep the Twyrine for herself and tell them about the Haruspex's true nature and lose 5 reputation. If she gives them the Twyrine, she can return to the Haruspex and receive 2000 money, but if she says to him that she's an evil spirit, he will give her nothing. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling's sister will be found in the Spleen district, inside of the house just west of Vlad Jr.'s house. The building will have two entrances and the Changeling should enter the eastern entrance. Her sister will be in a room on the second floor. After chasing her sister away, the Changeling must look for her sister's followers.

The Changeling will find the followers in the Hindquarters district. They will be in a round yard just southeast of the Willows, behind the medicine shop. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for.

Changeling Day 8[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Starting from Day 8, the Changeling can choose to not chase away her sister, and instead hand her over to the Bachelor or the Haruspex. However, doing so will cause her to lose 30 reputation and the district that her sister was hiding in will become permanently infected.

If the Changeling tells the Bachelor where her sister is, he will give her 4000 to 5000 money. If the Changeling tells the Haruspex where her sister is, he will give her a bottle of Panacea.

Today, the Changeling can tell the Inquisitor that she cleansed the Spleen district yesterday and receive 2000 to 3000 money as well as five Beta-Tablets. If the Changeling says that it's undoubtfully her power that caused the district to be healed, she will receive 30 reputation. Main Quest: "The Town; its Entrails"

The Inquisitor wants to test the Changeling's abilities and tells her to start with the Abattoir. To enter the Abattoir, the Changeling needs to get permission from Taya Tycheek. She finds Taya's room in the Long Block of the Termitary. Taya will only let the Changeling into the Abattoir if she tells Taya a story, but only if it's a good story that she's never heard before.

The Changeling knows the Sticky is a good storyteller and goes to look for him. She then returns to Taya after speaking to Sticky and tells Taya the story. The Changeling can now enter the Abattoir, where she finds Foreman Oyun. Oyun tells her that he's interested in Artemy Burakh - the Haruspex - and wants to know what Aspity's opinion of Burakh is.

The Changeling asks Aspity if the Haruspex really is who he claims to be and then tells Oyun what she learned from Aspity. She then returns to the Inquisitor and tells her what happened. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Bachelor"

Maria Kaina will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Bachelor. The Bachelor will be found in the house just east of the Town Hall. There will be a patrolman and two young men guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Haruspex is, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 3000 money and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Bachelor that he is in danger, she will receive 5 reputation. Upon telling Maria that the Bachelor is safe, Maria will give her 2000 to 3000 money and Feromycinum.

If the Changeling tells the Bachelor to stay put and finds the Haruspex, she can tell the Haruspex where the Bachelor is hiding. The Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Haruspex"

The Inquisitor will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Haruspex. The Haruspex will be found in the second house to the right of Sticky's home. There will be two Worms and a Butcher guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Bachelor is and tells the Haruspex where to find him, the Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Haruspex, she will gain 5 reputation. Upon telling the Inquisitor that the Haruspex is safe, she will receive 1000 money, Monomycinium, and another 5 reputation. If the Changeling refuses rewards, she will only receive the reputation.

If the Changeling tells the Haruspex to stay put and finds the Bachelor, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 3000 money and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling's sister will be found in the southern-most house of the three houses lined up across from the Ring of Suok. Her sister will be in a room on the second floor. After finding her sister, the Changeling must look for her sister's followers.

The Changeling will find the followers in the Flank district. They will be in the western yard of the Shelter. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for.

Changeling Day 9[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Today, the Changeling can tell the Inquisitor that she cleansed the Crude Sprawl yesterday to receive 3000 to 4000 money, five Beta-Tablets, one Gamma-Tablet, and 30 reputation. Main Quest: "The Town; its Head"

The Inquisitor requests the Changeling to investigate the Polyhedron. She suggests speaking to Georgiy Kain first. Georgiy is willing to talk to the Changeling, but wants her to find Stanislav Rubin and find out what happened to Simon Kain's blood. He gives her five Beta-Tablets, six Revolver Ammo, and a Repellent Cape.

The Changeling searches the Short Block of the Termitary and finds that Rubin is already gone. On the first floor, she meets the Bachelor. On the top floor, she finds the Haruspex. After talking to them, she returns to Georgiy. Despite not finding Rubin, Georgiy is still willing to talk to her and advises she also speak to his brother Victor Kain for advise on how to enter the Polyhedron.

After speaking to Victor, the Changeling climbs the Polyhedron and enters the tower to speak to Khan. Khan will agree to let her enter. She makes her way to the very bottom of the stairs and enters a special room. She will find two children there and she can speak to them. The Changeling then exits the Polyhedron and returns to the Cathedral.

The Inquisitor will be upset by the Changeling's success and attempts to banish her from the Town. The Changeling seeks shelter with the Army Commander, Alexander Block, who is at the Town Hall. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Bachelor"

Maria Kaina will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Bachelor. The Bachelor will be found in the house just east of the Broken Heart. There will be a patrolman and two young men guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Haruspex is, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 3000 money and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Bachelor that he is in danger, she will receive 5 reputation. Upon telling Maria that the Bachelor is safe, Maria will give her 3000 to 4000 money, a bottle of Morphine, and one Neomycinium.

If the Changeling tells the Bachelor to stay put and finds the Haruspex, she can tell the Haruspex where the Bachelor is hiding. The Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Haruspex"

The Inquisitor will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Haruspex. The Haruspex will be found in a house just west of the Lump. It is the northern of two long houses that are right next to the Lump. There will be two Worms and a Butcher guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Bachelor is and tells the Haruspex where to find him, the Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Haruspex, she will gain 5 reputation. Upon telling the Inquisitor that the Haruspex is safe, she will receive 2000 money and one Monomycinium.

If the Changeling tells the Haruspex to stay put and finds the Bachelor, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 3000 money and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling's sister will be found in the house that is directly southwest of the Stairway to Heaven located in the Chine district. After finding her sister, the Changeling must look for her sister's followers.

The Changeling will find the followers in the yard behind Isidor Burakh's House. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for.

Changeling Day 10[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Today, the Changeling can tell the Inquisitor that she cleansed the Chine district yesterday and receive 4000 to 5000 money, five Beta-Tablets, and 30 reputation. Main Quest: "Simon"

The Changeling will receive a letter from Notkin in the morning telling her that everyone's been talking about her and that Stanislav Rubin has a discovery to share with her. After talking to Notkin at the Soul-and-a-Half Fortress, she heads to Rubin's prosectorium and finds the Bachelor there. The Bachelor tells her that Rubin had gone to the Kains and hasn't been seen since. She goes to the Crucible and talks to Maria Kaina who says that Rubin has been imprisoned.

Soldiers will be guarding the entrance to the prison at the Town Hall and says she cannot enter without Alexander Block's permission. Block says that he didn't order Rubin to be arrested, but instead they arrested someone who had been trying to capture Rubin. Block will tell the soldiers to let the Changeling enter the prison.

The Changeling finds that the prison is infected. She makes her way to the last cell on the right and finds a young man who says that he can guide her to where Rubin is. She convinces Block to release him and will find the young man standing outside the Town Hall. He says that Rubin is inside of Factory Building #3 in the Works. When she gets there, she finds the Haruspex who had also gone there to try and free Rubin. He tells her that apparently Rubin had been taken somewhere near the Theatre.

Rubin will not be inside the Theatre. The Changeling heads behind the Theatre and finds the Rat Prophet standing on top of a tunnel entrance. After talking to the Rat Prophet, she enters the tunnels. Two young men will try to attack her. She finds Rubin and he tells her that she has the power to use her Bound as sacrifices to save the town. Side Quest: "On Traces of the Bachelor"

Maria Kaina will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Bachelor. The Bachelor will be in the Mouth district, in a house directly across from the Park. It will be the house that is directly west of the food shop. There will be a patrolman and two young men guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Haruspex is, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 4000 money and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Bachelor that he is in danger, she will receive 5 reputation. Upon telling Maria that the Bachelor is safe, Maria will give her 4000 to 5000 money and two Feromycinum.

If the Changeling tells the Bachelor to stay put and finds the Haruspex, she can tell the Haruspex where the Bachelor is hiding. The Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "On Traces of the Haruspex"

The Inquisitor will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Haruspex. The Haruspex is in the Hindquarters district, east of the Willows. East of the Willows, there is a grouping of four houses bunched together, across from the medicine shop. The Haruspex is in the bottom right of those four houses. There will be two Worms and a Butcher guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Bachelor is and tells the Haruspex where to find him, the Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Haruspex, she will gain 5 reputation. Upon telling the Inquisitor that the Haruspex is safe, she will receive 4000 to 5000 money, Monomycinium, and Feromycinum.

If the Changeling tells the Haruspex to stay put and finds the Bachelor, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 4000 money and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling's sister will be found in the Skinners district. She is in the house that is right at the northern entrance of the Bone Stake Lot. There will be an army soldier and flamethrower in front of the house. After finding her sister, the Changeling must look for her sister's followers.

The Changeling will find the followers in a small yard north of the Park in a corner of the Marrow district. It will be the small corner space directly north of the house that the Bachelor was hiding in. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for.

Changeling Day 11[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

The Changeling will speak to the Inquisitor about her plans. The Inquisitor says she will help if the Changeling is able to bring defeat the Bachelor and gives her some documents. She goes to ask Alexander Block for help and learns that the Bachelor has gone to the weapon by the Train Station in order to save Andrey Stamatin. If the Changeling goes to the Broken Heart, she will find the place crowded with soldiers and Andrey is missing.

At the Train Station, there will be a large group of soldiers standing in front of an open, empty carriage. They will become hostile if the Changeling approaches. At the rocks near that carriage, she will find two soldiers hiding there and learns that they are there to kill the rebel soldiers, but their officer was wounded. She heals the wounded soldier and watches them defeat the rebels. After the fight, she learns that the rebels had cancelled the execution and Andrey was able to escape with the Bachelor.

The Changeling will find the Bachelor and Andrey at Peter Stamatin's Loft, along with Peter Stamatin himself. She talks to Andrey and Peter who will tell her more about the Polyhedron. She can then talk to the Bachelor and hand him the documents from the Inquisitor. The Bachelor will ask for her help in buying more time; he wants to defeat the Haruspex who he says is working with the Inquisitor.

The Haruspex will be found in his lair. She learns that he is preparing for his final trial with Foreman Oyun. He is surprised to see her and says that her sister had already been there. The Changeling must convince him not to fight Oyun and to wait until the end of the day. She then heads to the Abattoir and talks to Oyun. Oyun will admit to his wrongdoings and failures and agrees to become the first sacrifice. The Haruspex will be standing outside of the Foreman's chamber and she will tell him about Oyun's decision.

She returns to the Cathedral and talks to the Inquisitor who rejects her work and tries to banish her from Town, again. The Changeling talks to Block, who is able to accept the Changeling's solution. She must now decide who to sacrifice from her remaining Bound. She requires a total of seven sacrifices, of which Oyun is already one, so she needs six more.

The remaining Bound whom the Changeling must choose six sacrifices from are Stanislav Rubin, Bad Grief, Yulia Lyuricheva, Lara Ravel, Anna Angel, Katerina Saburova, Alexander Saburov, and Aspity. After choosing the sacrifices and speaking to them to ensure they will be prepared tomorrow, she returns to Block. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Bachelor"

Commander Block will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Bachelor. The Bachelor will be in the northern entrance of the building that is directly northeast of Maria Kaina's wing. There will be a patrolman and two young men guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Haruspex is, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 5000 money and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Bachelor that he is in danger, she will receive 5 reputation. Upon telling Block that the Bachelor is safe, Block will give her 5000 money and one Delta-Tablet.

If the Changeling tells the Bachelor to stay put and finds the Haruspex, she can tell the Haruspex where the Bachelor is hiding. The Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Tracking Down the Haruspex"

The Inquisitor will send the Changeling a letter asking her to find the Haruspex. The Haruspex is in the house directly west of Aspity's Hospice. There will be two Worms and a Butcher guarding him and they will attack the Changeling.

If the Changeling already knows where the Bachelor is and tells the Haruspex where to find him, the Haruspex will give her five Beta-Tablets and she will lose 5 reputation.

If the Changeling warns the Haruspex, she will gain 5 reputation. Upon telling the Inquisitor that the Haruspex is safe, she will receive 4000 to 5000 money, one Delta-Tablet, and one Feromycinum.

If the Changeling tells the Haruspex to stay put and finds the Bachelor, she can tell the Bachelor where to find him. The Bachelor will give her 5000 money and she will lose 5 reputation. Side Quest: "Little Sister"

The Changeling's sister will be found in the Backbone district. She is in the small octogonal-shaped house just south of the Town Hall. After finding her sister, the Changeling must look for her sister's followers.

The Changeling will find the followers in a yard to the east of the Shelter. It is the yard surrounded by a small octogonal-shaped house and several long houses. The Changeling must prove that she is the real harbinger and perform a miracle for them to disperse. She should not pretend to be her sister, the "bad" Clara, whom they are waiting for.

Changeling Day 12[ | ]

This entry is written half-heartedly. It should be reworked.

Main Quest: "The Final Proceedings"

The Changeling receives a letter from the Inquisitor reminding her that at 19:00, the Cathedral will be opened for her to enter and make a decision regarding the fate of the Town, if her Bound are all free of disease. She will also receive letters from the Haruspex and the Bachelor at 8:00, both requesting to speak with him and to help cure their Bound so they can also go to the Cathedral and argue their case for the fate of the Town.

The Bachelor will be in the Stillwater. The Haruspex will be at his lair. The Changeling may speak with them and choose to cure their Bound using Shmowders and Panacea. Sick Bound members will have an Executor standing outside of their place of residence.

Once the Changeling heals a set of adherents, she may tell the other healer that their Bound are all cured and invite them to the council that will be held at the Cathedral. When all of the Changeling's own Bound and another healer's Bound are all cured, she will receive a letter from The Powers That Be which invites her to the Polyhedron. She can enter the Polyhedron and speak with them. If the Changeling cures every single Bound, then she will receive another letter after meeting The Powers That Be, inviting her to the Theatre. Inside the Theatre, there are two people she can talk to.

At 19:00, the Changeling enters the Cathedral and speaks with everyone inside. She tells Alexander Block her decision and speaks with everyone again. She may then go to sleep and the game ends once midnight arrives.