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mnogogrannik (Pathologic)
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Nina Kaina
Simon Kain
The Powers That Be

The Polyhedron (Многогранник) is a joint project of the Stamatin architects and the Kain family. It is said to be a miracle—that it breaks the established laws of the Earth and physics.


A materialized miracle, a work of art, our game’s MacGuffin. It can include “urban decay” elements, but these should leave it open to interpretation whether it is, in fact, shabbiness—or the structure is still growing. It’s often compared to a rose. The Polyhedron is made of paper—it was built out of its own blueprints, as well as outlines and sketches of our game’s universe. Implying that a miracle can only be built out of its own idea. At night, the Polyhedron glows from the inside. The color of this glow may vary—from a cozy, “lampshadey” tone to a disquieting scarlet.
[from the game’s design documents]

It is located in the western part of the town on the other side of the Gorkhon river. It it a large structure, like a hornet's nest impaled on a pin. With one glance at the Polyhedron, it's obvious that it overcomes the laws of gravity. The Polyhedron is the embodiment of a miracle overcoming the inevitable. The Utopians believe it such a valuable and unique creation that they are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of its preservation. It lies on the opposite side of the town as the Abattoir and can be considered the antithesis of the ancient structure.

Peter Stamatin, the structure’s designer, claims that the Polyhedron is "just happenstance". He is one of the only people in Town that humanizes the Polyhedron, referring to it as "his daughter".

It is said that the Polyhedron can make dreams a reality; it can take the unique feelings of childhood and allow people to relive them. Khan feels that this is why he and other children enjoy living inside it. Others, such as Simon Kain, say it is capable of holding a soul.


The Polyhedron was commissioned by the Kain family, designed by Peter Stamatin, and built by Andrey Stamatin five (Pathologic 2) or ten (Pathologic) years prior to the events of the game, after the Haruspex left the Town. It described as a building of mirrors and reflected light, allowed to stand upright with a giant steel-woven "stem" buried deep into the earth; the spring is five-and-a-half meters in diameter and more than 300 meters long. To secure the pin in the ground, they had to mobilize the Kin at the command of Big Vlad.

The land was punctured more deeply than ever before, and even the creator of the tower called it a violent crime against nature. Rumors say that pools of blood sometimes well up near the base of the Polyhedron, though no one can find a reason.

The true nature of the Polyhedron is a point of contention through the story of Pathologic. Some characters believe it is possible to hold a tremendous soul and replicate immortality, such as Maria Kaina and the Bachelor. Others see it as an impossible structure that ails the earth, causing it to suffer - a belief held by the Haruspex and the Kin. The ambiguous nature of the structure allows for plenty of interpretation, both in and out of canon.

The Republic of Children

Music that plays at the base of the Polyhedron in the Diurnal Ending of Pathologic 2

Music that plays at the top of the Polyhedron in the Nocturnal Ending of Pathologic 2

It is said that Simon Kain built the Polyhedron for himself, but, until it is needed, allows the children to play there. The Polyhedron houses about 700 children and still has enough space to let more people inside[1].

Adults see Polyhedron as a glass tower, as they are not able to understand its secrets, while for all 3 healers tower appears to be made out of something like paper. On the other hand, kids claim that they don't see Polyhedron's walls at all - they're able too look right thorugh them. Only children can view the "miracles" of the tower. Children can visit the “facets”, which transport them to a notional dimension that allows them to “maintain their dream” or their “game” — their fictional universe.

Khan considers the Polyhedron the gift of his mother, Nina Kaina, and his own possession. Children under his leadership call themselves Dogheads. Throughout the first outbreak of the Sand Plague, there was not a single case of infection inside the Polyhedron. Khan strictly observes the quarantine measures. According to Capella, there is a device in the Polyhedron which prevents its from letting in any external evil—only hold the evil that it carries in itself.

Capella also says, in accordance with the philosophy of the Termites, there is a price to the miracle of the Polyhedron. The wisest children left the Polyhedron—Notkin and Taya Tycheek among them. Naturally, those who remained inside did not share this view.

Children entering the Polyhedron are forbidden from bringing nuts with them, as they seem to cause dissonant resonating within the structure.



Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 12, if the player has healed all of the Bound of at least one other healer, they will receive a letter from The Powers That Be directing them to enter the Polyhedron and speak with them.
Significant plot details end here.

Bachelor Route

On Day 3, while investigating the disappearance of Simon Kain's body, the Bachelor will be able to climb the Polyhedron. At the top, he will be greeted by a Doghead who warns him against entering. If the Bachelor says he is there to see Khan, he will be allowed to enter the first chamber where Khan is waiting alongside several other Dogheads. Khan refuses the Bachelor further entry and assures him that the Polyhedron is free of infection, and should anything change, he will let the Bachelor know.

On Day 9, the Bachelor climbs the Polyhedron to speak with Khan at the request of Victor Kain. Khan will ask the Bachelor for 5 Rifles in exchange for permission to enter the Polyhedron. Once the Bachelor gives Khan the rifles, he can enter the Polyhedron. He will find many children inside, all of whom are healthy.

Haruspex Route

On Day 9, the Haruspex finds that the Bachelor has gone missing from the Stillwater. Eva Yan tells him that the Bachelor went to the Polyhedron, but upon arriving at the base of the Tower, the Haruspex will be stopped by a Doghead. The Doghead tells him that they have captured and imprisoned the Bachelor somewhere in the Works.

On Day 10, after helping Murky find her doll, she will tell the Haruspex about seeing blood coming from the ground near the Polyhedron. If the Haruspex goes to investigate, he will be able to examine the base and obtain a vial of Abattoir Blood.

On Day 11, Capella will ask the Haruspex to speak with Khan. In order to enter the Polyhedron, the Haruspex requires a password which he learns from the Bachelor. At the top of the Polyhedron, the Haruspex will encounter three Dogheads who will let him in if he gives them the correct password. He is then allowed to enter into the first chamber where Khan is waiting.

Changeling Route

On Day 9, the Aglaya Lilich asks the Changeling to investigate the Polyhedron. After talking to the Kains, the Changeling will be able to climb the Tower and speak to Khan. He will allow her to enter and she can make her way to the bottom of the structure.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
The Changeling will enter a special room once she reaches the bottom, where she will meet The Powers That Be. All Healers get the opportunity to speak with the Powers That Be on Day 12, after curing all of your Bound.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic 2

The tower of children. Defies the laws of physics.
Haruspex's map hover

Day 2
After having received the List, the Haruspex can approach the Polyhedron in hopes of finding Khan, however he is turned away by Dogheads who are guarding its bridge. Access to the Polyhedron will remain blocked for the foreseeable future.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 8
The Polyhedron becomes accessible to the Haruspex on Day 8, after two children at the Train Station inform him that the structure is open for him to climb. There is very little to be seen on the structure, but once he climbs it, the Haruspex notes that the world is rather beautiful.
Day 9
On Day 9, the children on Isidor Burakh's list retreat to the Polyhedron as it is currently the only place in the Town free of infection. Khan, should he be alive, will bar the Haruspex from entering, claiming that he cannot risk the infection the Haruspex might bring inside. If Khan has since perished, Capella will stand in his place.
Day 10
Walking to the top of the Polyhedron on Day 10 or later will unlock the "Another Sky" achievement.
Day 11
Destroying the Polyhedron on Day 11 will lead to the Diurnal Ending. Allowing the Polyhedron to remain on Day 11 will lead to the Nocturnal Ending.
Day 12
During the Nocturnal Ending, the Haruspex will be brought to the Polyhedron, where he will be able to speak with the new Mistresses Taya Tycheek, Grace, and the Changeling. Speaking with the three Mistresses will reveal that they will help lead the Town as it is taken back by the Kin. The Changeling does not acknowledge if she previously saw the Haruspex in the Abattoir. The Haruspex - or, rather, the player - can choose to walk up the Polyhedron to also speak with the Devisers of the story.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

There is no death.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

The Polyhedron cannot be accessed in The Marble Nest, as the bridge is barricaded and two soldiers are standing guard. If spoken to, the soldiers say there are several hundred children inside.

Interestingly, when hovering over the Polyhedron on the map, it is named "the Focus" rather than "the Polyhedron".


Official Art


  • In Pathologic the soundtrack that plays while in the Polyhedron is called Mnogorgannik.
  • In Pathologic 2 the soundtrack that plays while in the Polyhedron is called Air Castle.
  • There's a scrapped soundtrack called "Funeral procession coming down from the Polyhedron staircase". It is not included in game, but can be found on the original Pathologic web-site.

    Funeral procession coming down from the Polyhedron staircase

  • Capella says that the initiative to collect abandoned infants from infected houses came from the Polyhedron.
  • In Pathologic 2, White Whip grows at the base of the Polyhedron, representing anguish and pain.


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