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The Steppe

The Ragi Barrow (Курган Раги) is a ritual site situated in the Steppe, located by the Abattoir.


The Ragi Barrow is located in the Steppe and functions as a gathering place and ritual site for the Kin. It is said to be the place of blood, and as such bulls are sometimes sacrificed here by yargachin - butchers. Herbs are plentiful around the Ragi Barrow.



Bachelor Route

The Bachelor does not visit the Ragi Barrow during his route.

Haruspex Route

On Day 6, the Haruspex learns that there are several Worms preparing to sacrifice a bull at the Ragi Barrow. He requires bull blood and brings them an infected organ to retrieve the blood after the ritual is completed.

On Day 10, Foreman Oyun will inform the Haruspex that several children of Boddho have betrayed the Kin, having stolen sacrificial blood. He asks the Haruspex to find and kill the thieves. Oyun claims that the children of Boddho have left a horrid trail behind them. To discover their locations the Haruspex must sleep at the Ragi Barrow, pushing past his hunger pangs, and listen to the spirits there. The spirits will tell him what their trail smells like, and then he is able to find them.

Changeling Route

On Day 5, the Changeling meets the Albino at the Ragi Barrow at 21:00. If she arrives early, she will find several looters around the site.

On Day 6, the Changeling has another chance to meet the Albino at the Ragi Barrow at 21:00. On her way to the Ragi Barrow, she may find several arsonists who will attack the Albino.

Pathologic 2

The Steppe - Has a thousand eyes.
The Steppe's subtitle

Day 2
On Day 2, Murky approaches the Haruspex in the Cemetery, and tells him that she knows how to speak to the dead, specifically his dead father. If the Haruspex agrees, they will travel together to the Ragi Barrow. Murky's method involves collecting a bundle of herbs - three blades of basic twyre (blood, black, and brown), and one blade of swevery - and imagining the spirit of the person speaking to you. The Haruspex fails at her method and grows frustrated with Murky. She grumbles that there is nothing about the Haruspex to love before he leaves her in the Steppe. While this event does not help the Haruspex speak with his father, it can serve as an implicit lesson in how and where to pick herbs.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
On Day 5, a bull will be taken through the streets of the Hindquaters district, saying farewell to the Town and binding his body with love. Should the Haruspex speak to the Kin gathered in Earth he will be told that they plan to sacrifice the bull at the Ragi Barrow later that evening and they need a yarchagin — a butcher — to do so. The Haruspex may refuse to cut the bull, and end the conversation, or he may accept, and meet the Kin at the Ragi Barrow at nightfall. This event will be available from 18:00 on Day 5 until 07:30 on Day 6.
In the evening members of the Kin will be gathered at the Ragi Barrow alongside the bull. They will tell the Haruspex that the bull will soon become himself, and that the sky and earth will return to their due places. The Haruspex will cut the bull along his Lines, returning his blood to the Earth. The Haruspex will be allowed to take two pieces of fresh meat from the bull and be given a bottle of his blood as the Worms claim that bulls are immune to the Sand Pest.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Located in the condemned part of town, the Ragi Barrow is inaccessible during The Marble Nest.



A Herb Bride dancing at the Ragi Barrow:


  • The Ragi Barrow is sometimes referred to instead as the Ragi Stone.
  • In Pathologic Classic HD, Isidor Burakh's voice can be heard speaking in Buryat by the Ragi Barrow.