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Ring of Suok location on the map, marked with a red arrow

This is the Ring of Suok, the "gulp of blood". Your service to Suok is only as sedulous as the amount of blood you soak the soil with. It is a barehanded melee fight. You may sink your teeth into them.

The Ring of Suok is a combat arena where two participants fight to the death via fisticuffs as a means to appease Suok through the spillage of blood. It is located in the Earth district of the town, behind the Crude Sprawl and between the Termitary and the Abattoir.

The Ring of Suok becomes active from the morning on Day 7 until the end of the game, and the Bachelor and Haruspex can participate in it. When stepping into the ring, they will go against a butcher, which can be taken down with 3 punches to the head or 7 punches to the body. The reward for winning is a single vial of blood. Since the Bachelor cannot trade with either Var nor the Worms, it is useless to him.



  • In the original Pathologic translation the Ring of Suok was called the Circle of Suok.
  • Changeling is the only playable character that cannot participate in the Ring of Suok.
  • The Ring of Suok is active on Day 12.
  • The Ring of Suok does not formally appear nor is it mentioned by name in Pathologic 2. However, the prologue of the game does place the player within an area that appears similar to it as part of the combat tutorial.