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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

The Steppe
Spoiler: Click to reveal residents.
Taya Tycheek
Herb Brides


Map of Shekhen

Shekhen (Шэхен) is the abandoned steppe village which can be found by following a foot trail from the doors of the Abattoir southeast through a series of standing stones. It only appears in Pathologic 2.


A place of old.
Shekhen's subtitle

The village contains two functional water barrels and three herb gardens, which grow all varieties of basic twyre as well as Swevery. Unlike all other herbs locations -- which respawn at 07:30 -- these herb plots will respawn at 07:30 and midnight each day. It is possible for the player to harvest these herb plots directly before and after either spawn time, however they must physically remove themselves from the herbs' general vicinity between harvests. Herbs will not appear if the player is nearby, however there appears to be a ~30 in-game minute "buffer" of sorts, wherein herbs may trickle in if player proximity is initially too close.

North of the village is a defunct ferryman's dock, which will remain non-functional for the entirety of the game.

Of special interest is a rock formation roughly in the center of the village, referred to as the Ear. Blood flows from it in thin rivers.


Pathologic 2

An abandoned steppe village.
Haruspex's map hover

An old steppe village. Alive once again.
Haruspex's map hover after sending the Kin to Shekhen

Taya's Throne - Soon, the most luxurious yurt our town has ever seen will be built here.
Haruspex's map hover after sending the Kin to Shekhen

While Shekhen is always accessible, the Haruspex has no plot-driven reason to visit it during the game's beginning.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 6
On Day 6, if the Haruspex has witnessed the Termitary Dream, he may visit Shekhen to investigate a source for a possible cure. If he is carrying Empty Bottles, and approaches the bleeding rock formation called the Ear, he can draw up to 2 Living Bloods, which are necessary to create the Panacea. In order to witness the aforementioned Dream, the Haruspex must first have administered three home-brewed Antibiotics made with different infected organs and given Bull Blood to the Bachelor.
Day 7
On Day 7, Oyun can be found in Shekhen, and will remain there unless the Haruspex invites him to stay in Isidor Burakh's House instead.
Day 8
If the Kin leave the Termitary during Act 4, they will return to live in Shekhen alongside Taya Tycheek. This will allow the Haruspex to barter with the Worms, and ask the kin any questions he has for them regarding the death of his father. Oyun will no longer be found in Shekhen and will instead reside inside of the Abattoir.
Day 10
On Day 10, if the Kin have moved to Shekhen, then Taya can be found infected there.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Shekhen is outside the accessible parts of the Town and is not shown on the Bachelor's map.



  • In the Buryat language, the word шэхен means “ear”.
  • Because Shekhen is never infected with Plague, its water barrels can serve as a reliable source for water through the entire game.