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Just like the game-saving clocks are little cathedrals, the stairways to heaven are little polyhedrons: the unsuccessful prototypes.
[from the game’s design documents]

The Stairway to Heaven ("Лестница в небо") is an abandoned project of Peter Stamatin's. Several of them dot the Town, splaying paths to nowhere wildly across the sky. Children are known to play on them, which can be dangerous at the upper heights. At their highest peak, one can hear the faint crying of children coursing by on the breeze.

In Pathologic 2, each Stairway to Heaven has a children's cache associated with it.


Pathologic 2

While Stairways to Heaven are always accessible, the Haruspex has no plot-driven reason to visit them during the game's beginning.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 12
During the Diurnal Ending, the Devisers can be found on the Stairway to Heaven in the Gut district. They are the same characters otherwise found on the Polyhedron in the Nocturnal Ending.
Significant plot details end here.


Official Art


  • The name "Stairway to Heaven" is likely a reference to the Led Zeppelin song by the same name. It is a wistful, sad and abstract song of bigger-than-life goals, which closely reflects the character of Peter Stamatin. [1]