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Stanislav Rubin's Apartment
The Hindquarters
Stanislav Rubin
Bachelor (temporarily)
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Stanislav Rubin's Apartment (Квартира Рубина) is the home of Stanislav Rubin, located in The Hindquarters. It is a building in Pathologic 2. Rubin's house is mentioned in Pathologic, but it doesn't exist as a unique location. It is said that it had been tainted by infectious mould and fallen prey to the looters.


Stanislav Rubin's Apartment is a three room apartment on the second floor of the apartment block in The Hindquarters. It is the permanent home of Stanislav Rubin, though he is often found elsewhere. The apartment features many cabinets that can be used for additional storage indefinitely.


Pathologic 2

Stakh Rubin lives here. But he's rarely home.
Haruspex's map hover

Day 1
On Day 1, following the Haruspex's less than warm welcome to the Town, he seeks out his old childhood friends, one of whom is Stanislav Rubin. Upon reaching Stanislav Rubin's Apartment, he will find himself confronted not with Rubin as he had hoped, but with the Bachelor who will inform him that Rubin is furious with him over Isidor Burakh's murder and wishes for his death.
Day 2
On Day 2, Lara Ravel and Rubin can be found in his apartment. Lara will beg the Haruspex to abandon his father's inheretance, insisting that Isidor was a cruel man who did not value the lives of others. Rubin will accuse the Haruspex of not caring about his father's passing, and discourage him from pursuing the killer or his father's lineage.
Day 4
In the early morning of Day 4, as part of the Kin's hunt for Rubin, a pair of Worms will be inside of Stanislav Rubin's Apartment looking for him.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
If The Haruspex does not retrieve at least 1 vial of Panacea from the brewery before 07:30 on Day 7 (which requires brewing a tincture with Living Blood), then Rubin will die. Requirements for obtaining Living Blood during Act 3 can be found on its page.
If Rubin lives to see Act 4 (which starts at 07:30 on Day 7), he can be found sleeping inside of his apartment, where he will remain until Day 11. He and the Haruspex can share words of forgiveness here anytime before then.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Stakh Rubin, one of the few local doctors, used to live here. Now he sleeps in the Army train.
Bachelor's map hover in Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Located in the condemned part of town, Stanislav Rubin's Apartment is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovered over, the apartment will show no portrait, as Rubin's portrait is instead found over Rubin's Hideout.