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The Stillwater ("Омут") is the residence of Eva Yan, located in the Stone Yard. The house is described as an observatory of unseen skies, which used to be a guest house for outsiders.


The Stone Yard was supposed to be a compound of experimental structures serving the same purpose in different ways—that purpose being the greatest possible focusing of the human spirit and the discovery of new capabilities of the soul.

It was Farkhad who built the Stillwater. Not the Stamatins. Farkhad’s was a «horizontal» architecture to the Stamatins’ «vertical» one. He believed that a house that would fulfill Simon’s objective should not be a tower—on the contrary, it must provide grounding and roots. It’s up to humans themselves to construct a vertical aimed at the stars, while the house acts as a counterweight to this dangerous vector. It was also the reason for its colder choice of colors.

Before Simon lost faith in the observatory, it needed to be tested on many people, ideally fresh people with no preconceived ideas. Thus the Stillwater was turned into a guesthouse, to accommodate visitors to the town and see what happened. However, the house was uncomfortable. Simon and Farkhad did succeed in creating an oddball space doing strange things to one’s soul. The soul really did turn into a spring and “stretched out”. The sensation was so strong that people couldn’t manage to stay there for long.

However, the naïve, slightly quirky Eva took a liking to the house for some reason. She had a sort of immunity (which would later become a source of anxiety as her gnawing doubts grew; was there really something wrong with her soul?). Thus after taking residence at the Stillwater five years ago, she eventually remained there in a house-cat sort of manner, becoming the de facto owner of the place. When a stranger, the Bachelor, turned up in the middle of the night, force of habit (with maybe a touch of schadenfreude) made townspeople direct him to that house, saying it was always open and he could stay for as long as he wished.

Or, more precisely, for as long as he’d last.
Pathologic 2 artbook

The Stillwater was built by the former architect of the Town, Farkhad, and created as an extension of the ideology of the Kain family. By their theory, each house and building carries its own 'soul', which either affects or is affected by the inhabitants. Simon Kain was disappointed in the result, as he was seeking, ultimately, a building to carry the immortal soul - but still allowed it to exist, so long as there could be inhabitants to live within it.

Eva Yan moved into the house some time before the story of Pathologic, officially staying as its owner. However, being unaffected by the house's interior and its alleged oppressive atmosphere caused her deep anxiety. She worries that she does not occupy the house as intended.

The Bachelor takes refuge in the Stillwater for the course of Pathologic, though he is welcome to come and go as he pleases in other locations to stay the night. His work station and office is located on the top floor, while Eva lives on the ground floor. The Stillwater remains his temporary quarters in Pathologic 2.


All playable healers may rest in Eva's bed on the ground floor, or the Bachelor's bed in the loft. The Bachelor can use the bedside cabinet as storage. There is also a microscope located in his room, behind a partition, which all three healers may use, but it is only relevant in the Bachelor route.

Pathologic 2

The Haruspex is able to save at the clock in the loft. From Day 5, he can potentially make use of the bed in the same room.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, the Bachelor will wake in the loft of the Stillwater. Upon descending the stairs, the Bachelor will meet Eva Yan, who will ask him to check the yard outside as she has heard worrying noises from her window. Should the Bachelor choose to fulfill her request, he will find two of the townspeople - a man and a Worm. If threatened, they will attack the Bachelor. If they are defeated and killed, they drop a handful of Revolver Ammo. On the same day, if the Bachelor refuses to help Vlad the Younger punish the escaped Butcher, Eva will ask for his help in letting the man escape. She directs him to Aspity's Hospice.

On Day 2, Eva will suggest to the Bachelor that he escape with her, Andrey Stamatin, and Peter Stamatin. She will direct the Bachelor to speak with Andrey at the Broken Heart. They solidify their plans later in the day.

On Day 6, following attempts to take a blood sample from several potential carriers of the Plague, the Bachelor may find the Changeling - one of the suspects - at the Stillwater if the Albino is still alive.

On Day 7, Eva Yan is absent from the Stillwater, and is instead replaced by an Herb Bride named Ayan. After the Bachelor investigates Eva's whereabouts, it is discovered that she committed suicide by throwing herself off the Cathedral, in an attempt to 'purify the building' and make it hospitable for the arriving Inquisitor.

On Day 8, after receiving a letter from Ayan, the Bachelor returns to find several Dogheads on the ground floor. They request the Bachelor to not attempt to cure them and to cease meddling in their affairs, as the Polyhedron provides them protection from the Plague, and cite Capella as an unbiased source to confirm this.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, at 18:00, the Bachelor will be available in the Stillwater. When spoken to, he will provide the Haruspex with a 30% reputation increase. If the Haruspex speaks threateningly to Eva Yan, he will lose a significant amount of reputation.

On Day 2, after the Haruspex learns about his inheritance, the Bachelor will request that he make some tinctures as written in Isidor Burakh's notes for the Bachelor to analyze. After making one, the Haruspex gives it to the Bachelor at the Stillwater for him to examine.

On Day 3, the Bachelor will request that the Haruspex track down some infected tissue for him to study as he does not have the means to collect it himself. The Haruspex may bring him Infected Blood, an Infected Heart, an Infected Kidney, or an Infected Liver. Upon returning to the Bachelor, he may choose between rewards of immunogens (5 Beta-Tablets and 1 Delta-Tablets), painkillers (1 Novocaine, 1 Morphine, and 1 Etorphine), antibiotics (1 Ferromycinium, 1 Neomycinium, 1 Monomycinium), or 2 Bandage Set. On this day, the Haruspex may also be asked to check on Notkin as per Capella's request. If he chooses not to fight the muggers outside of Notkin's warehouse, he will have to talk to Bad Grief, then the Bachelor at the Stillwater, and Bad Grief again.

On Day 4, the Bachelor tell the Haruspex to speak to Lara Ravel who, if his reputation is high enough, will direct him to Stanislav Rubin.

On Day 5, the Bachelor will ask the Haruspex to find a fresh infected heart to study. There are three ways such an item can be acquired. The first two options are done through talking to Aspity who guides him to a Worm gathering hut where he may choose to take hearts from either the Herb Bride or the Butchers that are there. The third option is to kill Willow Mellow by the Broken Heart and taking hers. If the Haruspex gives Bachelor the Bride's Heart, the Bachelor will provide the Haruspex with money and a Blue Vaccine. If he is given a Butcher's Heart, the Bachelor will give a higher monetary reward and 2 bottles of the Black Vaccine. If he is given Willow's Heart, the Bachelor will accept it as a sample, but provide no reward.

On Day 6, Haruspex receives a letter to talk to the Bachelor in the Stillwater concerning testing the blood of bulls. Once the Haruspex is able to collect a vial of Bull's Blood, he is able to return to the Bachelor who will analyze it.

On the morning of Day 7, the Bachelor will send the Haruspex a letter asking him to make haste to the Stillwater if he wishes to discuss the results of their tests. Upon arriving, the Bachelor will advise the Haruspex to go to the Cathedral to meet the Inquisitor.

On Day 9, Foreman Oyun will ask the Haruspex to interrogate the Bachelor in the Stillwater. On arriving at the Stillwater, Eva Yan will inform the Haruspex that the Bachelor has gone to the Polyhedron and is not there. As it happens, the Bachelor has been captured by the Dogheads after attempting to give them blank rifle cartridges instead of live ammo. The Dogheads will request 30 rounds of Rifle Ammo to free him. If the Haruspex did not let Lika live and does not wish to kill the Dogheads, he can ask Eva in the Stillwater for help and she will provide him with all 30.

On Day 10, the Bachelor in the Stillwater will suggest that the Haruspex addresses Foreman Oyun with the question of his inheritance. On the same day, the Bachelor can be spoken to concerning to the unusual blood from the bull in the Bone Stake Lot and the blood pooling at the base of the Polyhedron.

On Day 11, the Haruspex will find the bull in the Bone Stake Lot burned before he could collect more blood for his Panacea. The military men at the Lot will direct the Haruspex to Captain Longin who will in turn direct him to the Bachelor in the Stillwater. The Bachelor will confess that it was he who had the bull destroyed as it posed a sanitary risk. In the evening, the Bachelor can provide the Haruspex with the password to enter the Polyhedron in order to see Khan on Capella's request.

On Day 12, the Bachelor is in the Stillwater, and can be spoken to concerning the final decision.

Changeling Route

On Day 3, the Changeling can visit Eva Yan to convince her of the ideology of the Humbles, in exchange for a 30 reputation boost and 1000 coins from Katerina Saburova. If the Changeling is helping Anna Angel, she can question Eva about the location of the Bachelor's research, hidden at Rubin's Prosectorium.

On Day 5, the Bachelor can be found at the Stillwater. Following conversations with the Cathedral guards and Maria Kaina, the Changeling can ask him for access. While he doesn't have the key, he provides a useful tip regarding their need for water.

On Day 6, the Changeling can find the Bachelor at the Stillwater after 18:00. Although the Changeling can find the Bachelor at other locations throughout the day, after talking to him, she will be brought to the Stillwater and is forced to stay there until the next day. Eva will be in the Stillwater the whole day, and will confiscate many of the Changeling's possessions if she is spoken to before finding the Bachelor. Any of the Changeling's belongings that were taken will be returned to her after talking to the Bachelor.

On Day 12, the Bachelor is in the Stillwater, and can be spoken to concerning the final decision.

Pathologic 2

Eva Yan's house. An observatory of unseen skies. Used to be a guest house for outsiders.
The Haruspex's map hover

Day 3
On Day 3, after meeting with Notkin in the Soul-and-a-Half Fortress and dealing with Patches, the Haruspex is told that the Bachelor wishes to speak with him. The Haruspex will assume that he is in the Stillwater, where is staying. Instead, he will only find the mistress of the house, Eva Yan, as the Bachelor has already left for the Town Hall.
Day 4
On Day 4, Eva can tell the Haruspex of a strange dream she had. She details seeing bones in the snow-melt of a cemetery, one she believes is one that exists in the Capital. The bones may have been hers, or they may have been the Bachelor's, but she is unable to tell. Later in the dream, she saw the Plague come after her. This dreams leads her to question the purpose of her life. (This intereaction remains available through Act 3, which ends at 07:30 on Day 7.) This conversation is one third of those required for the "Three Graces" achievement.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
On the evening of Day 5 (or early morning of Day 6), should the Haruspex receive Bull Blood from the sacrifice in the Ragi Barrow, he will need to bring it to the Bachelor to investigate if bulls are immune to the Sand Plague, and if it can be used for a cure. So long as the Haruspex has not tested antibiotics brewed from 3 or more different infected organs, then the Bachelor can be found in the Stillwater, where he will invite the Haruspex to rest in his bed (which will become available for the rest of the game).
However if the Haruspex has already tested antibiotics brewed from 3 or more infected organs (and thus reached a dead-end), then the Bachelor will have moved to the Broken Heart, where they can commiserate over their collective failure in discovering a panacea. This will also void the opportunity to unlock the Bachelor's bed for the remainder of the game.
Significant plot details end here.

The residents of the Stillwater will be under threat of infection on Day 9. Depending on how the 'Houses of the Dead' quest was resolved, they may also be at risk on Day 6.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

It wasn't the plague that took Eva.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

Uninhabited due to its owner's suicide. Is the house mourning her passing?
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest Demo map hover

Though the exterior of the Stillwater may be visited during the events of The Marble Nest, it cannot be entered. When the Bachelor approaches the Stillwater, he will hear Eva's voice coming from the building. When checking the map, Eva Yan will be noted as dead, having committed suicide some time before the events of The Marble Nest.


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  • In Pathologic, the soundtrack that plays in the Stillwater is Indoor Main.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays in the Stillwater is Delusionist.
  • In the 2005 English translation of Pathologic, the Stillwater is referred to as the Slough.
  • The Stillwater is a portmanteau of the words 'still water'. As such, there is a large pond in the yard.
  • A Russian phrase exists — "В тихом омуте черти водятся" — which directly translates to "Demons live in quiet (still) waters", reminiscent of Eva and the building itself.