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Tailors are a type of store found in Pathologic 2.


Tailors are one of the three recurring stores found throughout the Town (the other two being Groceries and Pharmacies). They sell all Clothes available in the game, as well as some repair and trade items. As with all other stores, each Tailor's daily inventory will offer just a random assortment of said items, and their inventory and purses are refilled each day at midnight. As with townsfolk who barter, Tailors will refuse to serve the player if their district reputation is too low.


Day 4
After 07:30 on Day 4, Sticky will inform the Haruspex that he knows where they can get a Toolkit, specifically in the Atrium district from a man who owes him. When the Haruspex arrives at the Atrium, he will discover that the aforementioned man is the local tailor, whom sticky intends to rob of a Toolkit while the Haruspex distracts him. Should the Haruspex agree to the plan, he will need to make long-winded conversation with the owner as a means of distraction. Afterward, Sticky will be found on a bench outside the shop, with a bag laid on the ground beside him.
If the distraction was a failure, Sticky will concede that he did not manage to steal a Toolkit, but grabbed a few small items before time ran out (which can be found in his bag). If the distraction was a success, Sticky's bag will contain a Toolkit, a piece of clothing, and some other small items. Sticky will tell the Haruspex, "take the heavy things, and I'll carry the rest." Any 1x1 sized items left in the bag will be successfully brought back to the Haruspex's Lair, however anything larger than that will be abandoned during Sticky's journey home. So long as at least one 1x1 item was left in the bag, when next the Haruspex enters his Lair, he will find the bag resting on his autopsy table. The bag can be used for additional storage in the Lair (regardless of item size), however if its contents are ever emptied entirely, the bag will despawn permanently.
Sticky's quest for retrieving the Toolkit will remain available throughout Act 3 (which ends at 07:30 on Day 7), however if the Brewery is repaired before the quest's completion, then the quest will be voided.


P2 Map Tailors

A map of all the Tailors in Pathologic 2

Tailors can be found in the following districts:

Earth Quarter

  • The Skinners, east of the Rod.
  • The Hindquarters, directly north of Stanislav Rubin's Apartment.

Knots Quarter

Stone Yard Quarter

  • The Atrium, on the street that is shared with the Bridge Square.


As with all stores, each day Tailors offer a random assortment of the items listed below, and their inventory and purses are refilled each day at midnight. Some items may not be available on particular days, or at particular shops. All item prices gradually rise until they plateau on Day 9.
On Day 7, virtually all items sold at Tailors (excluding the Repellent Cloak, Sewing Box, and Toolkit) will temporarily drop in their pricing, to eventually resume an upward climb on Day 8. This serves as a good opportunity to buy inexpensive clothing and smaller items.


Clothing in Pathologic 2 is composed of three tiers (Low, medium, and high quality), the items of which share matching resistances and cost excluding an additional plague resistance that is unique to each article of clothing (for example, headwear has additional resistance against plague clouds). While the low quality clothing tier is available as of Day 1, the other two tiers are not available until later in the game, hence the first cost column's "Initial" title, rather than Day 1.

Clothes Resistances Price
Low Quality Fist Blade Bullet Fire Inf. Air Other Initial Day 9+
Cloth Mask
10% 18% 10% 10% 10% 80% Plague Cloud Res. ¤500 ¤1200
10% 18% 10% 10% 10% 70% Inf. People Res. ¤500 ¤1200
Cloth Gloves
10% 18% 10% 10% 10% 80% Inf. Surfaces Res. ¤500 ¤1200
10% 18% 10% 10% 70% Increased Inf. Air Res. ¤500 ¤1200
Med. Quality Fist Blade Bullet Fire Inf. Air Other Initial Day 9+
Gauze Mask*
15% 20% 17% 25% 15% 85% Plague Cloud Res. ¤1520* ¤1920
Repellent Cloak*
15% 20% 17% 25% 15% 85% Inf. People Res. ¤1520* ¤1920
Leather Gloves*
15% 20% 17% 25% 15% 90% Inf. Surfaces Res. ¤1520* ¤1920
15% 20% 17% 25% 80% Increased Inf. Air Res. ¤1520* ¤1920
High Quality Fist Blade Bullet Fire Inf. Air Other Initial Day 9+
Gas Mask
17% 23% 25% 30% 12% 90% Plague Cloud Res. ¤2880† ¤2880
Army Cloak
17% 23% 25% 30% 12% 90% Inf. People Res. ¤2880† ¤2880
Army Gloves
17% 23% 25% 30% 12% 100% Inf. Surfaces Res. ¤2880† ¤2880
Army Boots
17% 23% 25% 30% 90% Increased Inf. Air Res. ¤2880† ¤2880
Other Use Price
Initial Day 9+
Safety Pin
¤64 ¤129
  • Clothes Repair & Inventory Upgrades
¤63 ¤126
  • Clothes Repair & Inventory Upgrades
¤48 ¤96
Sewing Box*
  • Clothes Repair & Inventory Upgrades
¤950* ¤1200
¤950* ¤1200
¤19 ¤39
¤30 ¤60
  • Unlocks cabinets
¤66 ¤132
  • * As of Day 4, Tailors will begin to sell the Gauze Mask, Repellent Cloak, Leather Gloves, Boots, Sewing Box, and Toolkit.
  • † As of Day 10, Tailors will begin to sell the Gas Mask, Army Cloak, Army Gloves, and Army Boots.

Daily Purse

Tailors' daily purses mirror those of Groceries and Pharmacies.

Day 1 2-3 4-6 7-8 9+
Purse ¤500 ¤1000 ¤1500 ¤2000 ¤2500



  • Very rarely, medium and high tier clothing items can be looted from houses before their formal arrival in stores.

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Missing tables of what Tailors sell.

Tailors are a type of store found in Pathologic. The player is able to trade directly with shopkeepers to purchase wares. The majority of shopkeepers will refuse to trade with players if their reputation is below 50, but others will refuse only at lower amounts.


Tailors can be found in the following districts:

Earth Quarter

  • The Skinners, west of Sticky's House (Trades at above 20 reputation)
  • The Works, north of the factories and between the Hindquarters and Crude Sprawl (Trades at above 50 reputation)

Knots Quarter

Stone Yard Quarter

  • The Bridge Square, northwest of the Crucible (Trades at above 50 reputation)