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The Tanners
Map ID
termitnik (Long Block) (Pathologic)
termitnik2 (Short Block) (Pathologic)
termitnik_mat (Taya's Room) (Pathologic)
Taya Tycheek
Overseer Tycheek (formerly)
Oyun (formerly)
Many unnamed Kinsfolk
Save checkpoint

The Termitary (Термитник) is an enormous slaughterhouse located in the eastern part of the Town in the Skinners District. In Pathologic 2, it is sometimes referred to as "the Warren". It sits lodged into the Abattoir, an ancient temple and a place of great significance to the Kin. At the beginning of the game the Termitary is closed for unknown reasons, with Big Vlad refusing to let anyone in. Despite there being two Termitary blocks, only the first can be accessed.


The Termitary consists of two giant concrete building, Block #1 and #2. It is owned by Big Vlad, who had the buildings constructed after a great fire in the Earth district to house workers from the Kin. While those in the Abattoir oversee the slaughter of bulls, the residents of the Termitary blocks handle the actual processing of the meat to fuel the Bull Enterprise.

The workers live in communes in an oppressive, work-addled lifestyle. Despite this, there is a living, though far from thriving, community of Kin housed within the Termitary. Their leader, "Father Superior" Tycheek recently passed, preceding the Haruspex's first visit to the Termitary. They are currently led by Tycheek's daughter, Mother Superior Taya Tycheek.

Although many townsfolk seem to share a similar opinion to Big Vlad, who looks down on the worker Kin as nothing more than primitive cattle or a "singular, multi-headed organism", many like to avoid speaking about the Termitary and when brought up, speak of it as a blemish on the town. Vlad the Younger posits himself as a more compassionate master than his father, but is a master nonetheless, and one without the strength or will to effect real change. He describes the Kin as "water", which his father shaped into mindless beasts.

The Kin housed in the Termitary speak frequently of their disdain for the Olgimsky family.



Bachelor Route

On Day 6, the Bachelor receives a letter from Capella. She tells him that some arsonists led by Var are going to attack the Termitary and asks him to warn her brother, Vlad the Younger. Vlad Jr. will request the Bachelor's help in taking down the arsonists. If the Bachelor goes to the Termitary, he will find a few guards and several arsonists, with Var standing at the far end near the Abattoir entrance.

On Day 8, Vlad Jr. tells the Bachelor that there is a false Panacea being produced and distributed inside of the Termitary under the Bachelor's name. The Bachelor will find the Haruspex in a room on the first floor, right next to the Termitary entrance. The Haruspex tells the Bachelor where he can find several Worms who have been producing the false Panacea and he can choose whether or not to punish them. The Bachelor must also find Taya Tycheek to get permission to enter the Abattoir. In order to do so, she asks that he either bring her Vlad Jr. or retrieve a toy she lost. While speaking to Capella on this day, she will give him some Ferromycinium and ask that he deliver the pills to Taya.

On Day 9, the Inquisitor asks the Bachelor to find the Haruspex. He will find the Haruspex in the Long Block of the Termitary in the same room where he found the Worms on Day 8.

On Day 12, the Changeling can be found on the first floor in the Short Block of the Termitary.

Haruspex Route

On Day 1, in order to enter his family home, the Haruspex needs to get the key from two guards near the Termitary.

On Day 6, the Haruspex needs to obtain Bull's Blood for the Bachelor. In order to find a bull, he goes to the Short Block of the Termitary and finds Taya Tycheek on the top floor alongside two Butchers. She asks him for 50 Alpha-Tablets in exchange for information on where to find a bull.

On Day 7, while looking for the Inquisitor, the Haruspex is sent to search the Termitary. He asks Taya if she has seen the Inquisitor, and Taya tells him that the Inquisitor has already left. Taya will ask the Haruspex to find some Worms who have been hiding in the Short Block of the Termitary. After finding them, when the Haruspex attempts to leave, he will be attacked by two muggers. He can then tell Taya what he learned from the Worms.

On Day 8 the Haruspex, having received a letter from Georgiy Kain, must decide how to deal with the results of the Termitary's closure. Though it was Vlad the Younger who closed it and left the Kin inside to starve, the Haruspex is able to send either Vlad the Younger or Big Vlad to face judgement by talking to Taya Tycheek. If the Haruspex sends the Younger Vlad as Georgiy requested he will receive 3000 coins from him. If he sends Big Vlad instead he will receive no reward, but the quest will be finished regardless.

On Day 12, the Changeling can be found on the first floor in the Short Block of the Termitary.

Changeling Route

On Day 6, the Changeling will find her sister's followers in a fenced area next to the Termitary.

On Day 7, the Changeling needs to find information about the Inquisitor. In order to do so, she has to find the Executor Cloak and give it to the Haruspex who will be found in the Short Block of the Termitary.

On Day 8, the Changeling asks Taya Tycheek for permission to enter the Abattoir. Taya will only allow her to enter if the Changeling is able to tell her a story that she has never heard before. The Changeling has to ask Sticky for a good story, after which she can return to Taya and tell her the story.

On Day 9, the Changeling goes to the Short Block of the Termitary in search of Stanislav Rubin. Rubin will not be there, but she will find the Bachelor on the first floor and the Haruspex on the top floor.

Pathologic 2

A behemoth bunkhouse for the Bull Enterprise workers. Closed.
Haruspex's map hover for Block #1 and Block #2

The concrete tomb of my people... and its protective shell.
Haruspex's map hover for Block #1 after freeing the Kin

Day 1
On Day 1, the Haruspex can find a crowd of people standing outside the west side of the Termitary. The crowd has gathered to look at a Kin woman who is standing outside a window many stories up. Shortly after, the woman jumps to her death. The crowd explains that the Termitary has been locked for reasons unknown, and speculates what could have driven the woman to end her life. (If this event can also be observed on Day 2)
Day 2
On Day 2, a collection of Kin townsfolk can be found sitting outside the northern perimeter of the Termitary. They ask the Haruspex to approach Big Vlad about reopening the Termitary, and offer him money as a means of convincing Vlad to do so. This same couple can later be found in Aspity's Hospice, where the Haruspex can return their money after being rejected by Vlad Sr.
Once he has received the list from Aspity, the Haruspex will be able to visit the Termitary's locked doors in hopes of finding Taya Tycheek, but will be turned away by its guards. The Termitary will be inaccessable for the indefinite future.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 7
On Day 7, the Termitary will become available to the Haruspex, either after speaking with Aglaya Lilich in the Cathedral or after speaking with Foreman Oyun in Shekhen. The Haruspex discovers that the Termitary has already been hit by the Plague and most of the Kin inside are dead. The Kin want the man responsible for locking them up: Big Vlad. In addition to Big Vlad, the Haruspex can also approach Vlad the Younger about this issue, as he shares some of the responsibility. There are many different ways this can play out:
  • If the Haruspex speaks to neither of the Vlads, both will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Young Vlad, Young Vlad will volunteer to go to the Termitary himself, as he originally gave the order to have it locked. At this point, if the Haruspex goes to the Termitary, the questline will conclude with Young Vlad going there alone.
    • If the Haruspex speaks to Big Vlad after Young Vlad, then Big Vlad will go instead of his son, who who will remain in his Dilapidated Shack
  • If the Haruspex speaks to just Big Vlad, Big Vlad will refuse to go. If the Haruspex then goes to the Termitary, or waits until the start of Day 8, both Vlads will be forcibly brought to the Termitary by the Kin.
    • After speaking to Big Vlad, the Haruspex may speak to the Changeling, who is seated in the Lump's entrance chamber. She says that Young Vlad is already en route to the Termitary, as she has already encouraged him to go.
      • Regardless of whether the Haruspex speaks to the Changeling, speaking to Young Vlad after Big Vlad will produce the results already described above: Young Vlad will volunteer to go, but Big Vlad will take his place if approached afterward.
      • Conversely, if the Haruspex speaks with Big Vlad again after the Changeling, then Big Vlad will send his men to intercept Young Vlad, resulting in both Vlads remaining in the Lump for the rest of the game, where they are safe from the Termitary.
        • Should Vlad the Younger move to the Lump, he will occupy his father's office space, and Big Vlad will move upstairs into Capella's chamber. However the player's map will continue to associate Vlad Jr with his Dilapidated Shack, where his infection status can be observed. Similarly, the Maw district's infection status will continue to impact Vlad Jr, rather the the Gut's.
Either or both of the Vlads sent to the Termitary will die when next one of the following occurs: Day 8 begins, or when the Kin's schism is laid to rest.
Once the aforementioned event involving the Vlads is resolved (ie a Vlad[s] has been taken captive by the Kin, or both are safe in the Lump), it is revealed that a schism has formed within the Kin, which must be resolved before Taya and the Kin that follow her leave the Termitary for Shekhen. There are two ways to resolve this issue. Both remain available to the Haruspex regardless of the Vlads' fates.
  • If the Haruspex chooses to solve the schism through strength, he can climb the stairs of the Termitary to kill four aggressive Worms. If the Haruspex consults Oyun about this course of action, Oyun endorses it.
  • Alternatively, if the Haruspex waits until he returns from the Abattoir (which becomes available on Day 9) and has had the ensuing Abattoir Dream, the four worms will become friendly. If the Haruspex approaches the Worm named Apostate, who is positioned at the top of the Termitary's side entrance stairway, the schism will be mended.
Once the schism is healed, the members of the Kin still living in the Termitary will leave and move to Shekhen (this includes Kin found elsewhere in town, who will also depart for Shekhen). If the schism is ignored, then the Kin (and Taya) will remain in the Termitary for the rest of the game.
Day 10
On Day 10, if she still remains in the Termitary, Taya can be found infected there.
Day 12
In the Diurnal Ending, one of the Changelings will be found in the now abandoned Termitary.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

The Termitary is blocked from the inside. No one knows what happened there.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Termitary, Block #1

Located in the condemned part of Town, the Termitary is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Taya Tycheek will be noted as dead.


Official Art


  • In Pathologic, the soundtrack that plays within the Termitary is Termitnik
  • In original Pathologic English translation the Termitary was called the Apiary.