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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

This page is a summary of the actions taken by the Bachelor in his route. It assumes that all quests are completed successfully; however, quests do not necessarily need to be completed in the order presented here.

As this page is essentially walkthrough of the Bachelor Route, there will be heavy spoilers throughout.

Day 1

The Bachelor begins with the following items:

The Bachelor arrives in Town after receiving a letter from his friend, Isidor Burakh, who suggested that he go there as he may find information that could help him in his quest to defeat death. He receives temporary lodging from Eva Yan who lives in the Stillwater. The Bachelor begins the day upstairs before heading down to speak with Eva. She tells him that she heard some noises coming from outside and that there are men in her yard and he agrees to investigate for her. He asks her about where he can find Simon Kain and learns that he must first meet with Georgiy Kain.

When the Bachelor leaves, he will see an Executor and a Tragedian standing at Eva's gates. He may choose to speak with them and they will offer him advice on how to survive in the town and the ways of the townsfolk.

The Bachelor then goes to Georgiy's house, where he learns that Simon had just been murdered.

Mini-Quest: The Squatters

The Bachelor may find a Worm and a factory man huddled around a fire in Eva's backyard. He may ask them what they are doing there. If he chooses to be aggressive or threatening, they will fight him. There is no penalty for leaving them alone.

Main Quest: "In Pursuit of a Killer"

If this quest is not completed by the day's end, a special cutscene will play and the game will immediately end.

After speaking with Georgiy about what is to be done now that Simon's dead, he is sent to meet Victor Kain and Victor's daughter Maria Kaina for more information about the supposed killer. Victor will suggest that he visit the home of Isidor Burakh, as Isidor was the last person known to be in contact with Simon. Maria tells the Bachelor about her vision and hands him a list of people, saying that they are his Bound. When the Bachelor leaves Maria's home, he will find another Executor and Tragedian standing at her gates. He may choose to speak with them and they will offer more advice on living in the town and how he should proceed in the upcoming days.

When the Bachelor crosses town to the house in question, he discovers it is guarded by patrolmen who forbid his entrance and they tell him that Isidor has been murdered. He will have to speak with Alexander Saburov at the Rod to learn more about the investigation into the murderer. Saburov will direct the Bachelor to Yulia Lyuricheva and mentions that some of his patrolmen have been sent to a nearby waste-ground where several citizens wish to burn a suspect at the stake.

The Bachelor may head to the Bone Stake Lot located south of Isidor's home in an attempt to intercept the mob, but will not be able to prevent the killing. Upon inspection of the stake, he discovers the body of two guards along with a Revolver and 6 Revolver Ammo.

He speaks with Yulia who tells him about the Olgimsky family, with whom Isidor had many dealings and apparently met with before his death. The Bachelor heads to the Lump to speak with Vlad Olgimsky Sr. Big Vlad is reluctant to offer any useful information and lets slip that he has a son, Vlad the Younger, who has more direct contact and interactions with the Kin. It becomes apparent that his son might be a far more useful source of information. Upon exiting the Lump, a Worm will appear and run by the Olgimsky's home. The Bachelor can follow the Worm to a boarded up house, but the Worm will notice him upon arrival to the location and attack.

The Bachelor speaks to Vlad Jr who will tell him more information about the Termitary. Vlad Jr reveals that the Termitary was boarded up due to suspicion that an illness may be spreading, and it is highly likely that both Isidor and Simon were victims of said disease rather than murdered. The Bachelor recalls that a man named Stanislav Rubin was scheduled to examine Simon's body that evening at 21:00 and quickly returns to the Kains to warn him. He will find Rubin in Victor's home and the two will discuss the possibility of a plague and what can be done.

Side Quest: "The Many-Legged Fugitive"

While speaking with Yulia, the Bachelor may learn about a woman named Lara Ravel who lives nearby in the Shelter. He goes to meet with Lara and she tells him about her concerns that the children of the Town are playing a dangerous game. She tells him about the Shmowders that the children invented and how deadly they can be and asks him to find their stash.

The Bachelor will find the house that used to contain the stash next to a Stairway to Heaven located in the Spleen district. He may speak to the children inside to learn about their game and what the Shmowders do. There will be a single Shmowder left upstairs and several food items scattered around the house. He then returns to Lara and can choose to either keep it or give it to her.


  • Shmowder if kept
  • 1000 Coins if given to Lara

Side Quest: "The Blood-Covered Fugitive"

While speaking with Yulia, the Bachelor may learn of a woman named Anna Angel who lives in the Willows. He meets with Anna and discovers a dead man inside of her home. She tells him that the man crawled to her house already bleeding and died. She asks for his help in removing the dead man's body. If he agrees, she will send him to the Cemetery to speak with the grave-keeper Grace.

When the Bachelor arrives at the Cemetery, he finds that Grace is not there. Instead, there are two men inside her lodge. He speaks to them about disposing of the body. The men will only remove the body from Anna's home if the Bachelor is able to pay 2000 coins. After the Bachelor pays, he returns to Anna to let her know the body will be removed.


If the Bachelor refuses to help, he will seek out Victor Kain to report what he found at Anna's house. Victor reassures him that Anna had nothing to do with the man's death and offers some insight into her history and that of the Willows mansion. Victor then warns the Bachelor to be careful should Anna Angel request his help again in the future. The quest will be completed, although the Bachelor will not receive any rewards.

Side Quest: "The Beastlike Fugitive"

The Bachelor may be asked to look for a fugitive by either Eva or Vlad Jr.

While speaking with Vlad Jr, he tells the Bachelor that there is a Butcher who managed to escape the Termitary's lockdown. He asks the Bachelor to kill the Butcher for him and tries to convince the Bachelor to do so by implying that the Butcher may have had something to do with Isidor's murder. If the Bachelor does not wish to kill the Butcher, he should reject Vlad Jr's request and speak with his host, Eva. She will tell him about the fugitive as well and ask him to help the Butcher escape.

The Butcher can be found in the basement of Aspity's Hospice, which is initially locked. The Bachelor must then speak with Aspity and convince her to either unlock the basement or help the Butcher sneak out of Town into the Steppe.

If he kills the Butcher:

  • 3000 Coins from Vlad Jr.

If he saves the Butcher, he receives from Eva:

The Bachelor may also leave the basement after speaking with the Butcher without killing him. This will mark the quest as complete, but the Bachelor will receive no rewards.

Mini-Quest: "She Was Here"

Whilst talking with the townsfolk, the Bachelor may have a conversation with a young girl in which she tells him about an invisible cat. Said cat supposedly lives near the train tracks by the abandoned warehouses located in the Works. If the Bachelor is in that area and searches a while for the cat at 21:00, he will not be able to see or hear anything. However, the player will receive the She was here achievement.

Day 2

Main Quest: "The Conflict"

The Bachelor receives a letter from Alexander Saburov to meet after 7:00. They will speak about the threat posed to the Town by the potential arrival of the Sand Plague. Saburov believes the Bachelor's theory, but tells the Bachelor that he needs proof to present to the other ruling families, the Kains and the Olgimskys. The Bachelor visits Anna Angel in the Willows who tells him there are rumours about 'silent houses' and suggests he speak to Capella at the Lump. Capella is more familiar with the children of the Town and knows where he may find someone to ask about the so-called 'silent houses'. Capella tells him that a child named Sticky can show him the way to an infected house.

Sticky will tell The Bachelor that there is an infected house "just across the yard" and the Bachelor discovers that it is Isidor Burakh's House. He also mentions talking to Grace, whom the Bachelor can visit later for more information about the monster everyone has been hunting.

When he arrives at Isidor's house, the Bachelor sees that the building now has large markings which appear to be dried blood, as described by the local children. He finds a lady within who can be spoken to. She reveals that she is infected, gives the Bachelor the Silent House Key, and warns him to run from her sisters. On the way out, two additional infected women will appear. They will chase after the Bachelor. Being touched by them will cause the Bachelor to become infected, so he must exit quickly. He may also kill the two women if he finds it difficult to leave the house with a loss of 10 reputation per woman. The Silent House Key can be used as evidence of the plague and given to Saburov.

Saburov will stress that although he must urgently declare a state of emergency, he needs permission from the Kains and Olgimskys to do so, lest he cause a feud. He will ask the Bachelor speak to Georgiy Kain and Vlad Olgimsky Sr to gain their permission. After demonstrating that proof of a plague has been found, both will allow Saburov emergency power to deal with the epidemic. The Bachelor will return to Saburov with this news.


Side Quest: "The House of the Living"

The Bachelor will receive a letter from Lara Ravel in the afternoon, requesting to see him. Earlier in the day, Capella may have also suggested that he meet with her. Lara divulges her plans to set up a safe-house where she and her friends can safely wait out the Plague. However, she needs to stock up on supplies and the streets are too unsafe for her to venture out. The Bachelor can offer to gather supplies for her, which are to be paid for with donations from three supportive townsfolk:

Lara will ask the Bachelor to purchase three loaves of Bread, three pieces of Smoked Meat, and three pieces of Dried Fish for a total cost of 14850 coins (a net cost of 5850 coins, or 850 coins with Victor's donation). Once he has purchased all the supplies, he returns to Lara. She will show him the house she has decided upon for her shelter and he takes the foodstuffs there.

However, upon arrival he discovers the house is infected and is greeted by an Executor who tells him that everyone in the house is dead. He returns to Lara with the sad news, which will prompt her to set up her shelter in her own home instead. She promises the Bachelor bed and board henceforth, as well as rewarding him with several items and information about the value of nuts in bartering.


Alternatively, the Bachelor may take the donations without fulfilling Lara's request, pocketing 9000 coins (14000 coins with Victor's donation) in total. This will result in an angry letter from Lara on Day 3, but has no material consequences.

This quest can be completed before completing the main quest. If the Bachelor finds the infected house that Lara was planning to use, he may tell Saburov about that house as evidence rather than Isidor Burakh's house.

Note: If the Bachelor finds the infected house outside of the questline by breaking into it with a lockpick the house will still be infected, but it can't be used as evidence in this case. However it might still be useful in case one needs more reputation to be able to buy food for the questline by giving pain relief to the woman inside the house.

Side Quest: "Let's Run!"

The Bachelor receives an urgent letter from Eva Yan and returns to the Stillwater. Eva expresses a desire to flee the town before the Plague reaches them. She also wants to bring her partner, Andrey Stamatin, with them and says that Andrey may be able to bargain with Gugong, the deaf and dumb Worms who operates the monthly train from the town station.

The Bachelor travels to Andrey's pub and recognizes him from college. They reunite happily and Andrey expresses enthusiasm for Eva's plan, but says that he cannot leave without his twin brother Peter Stamatin. The Bachelor travels north to Peter's studio and tries to convince him to leave also, but Peter is not willing to leave behind his most prized architectural work - the Polyhedron - and access to the Twyrine to which he is addicted. The Bachelor returns to Andrey, who tells the Bachelor to pass on to Eva that he cannot leave without his brother.

When the Bachelor tells Eva about what happened, she suggests that he visit Maria Kaina as she appears to have a hold on the brothers. However, the Bachelor has to be careful and not reveal to Maria that they want to leave town. Maria will say that Alexander Saburov has harboured a grudge against Peter Stamatin for a long time. The Bachelor should reveal to Peter that tomorrow, Alexander will receive emergency power status over the town and his life will be in danger. This will change his mind.

The Bachelor reports to Andrey that Peter has agreed to leave, and Andrey will instruct the Bachelor to visit Bad Grief. The Bachelor returns again to Andrey who schedules the escape for 22:00.

Upon reaching the Train Station, the Bachelor will discover that it has been closed off as a quarantine measure. Speaking to the main guard, the Bachelor can decide to either call off the escape or kill the guards. However, killing the guards will cause his reputation to severely drop. Regardless of his decision, the others will not show up and the train will not leave. The Bachelor can ask them about this, if he pleases.


Attempting to complete this quest before giving Saburov emergency powers will have the same result. Guards will be at the Train Station and the train will not leave town.

Day 3

The Skinners District will become infected on Day 3. From Day 3 until the end of the game, the Bachelor may buy maps showing the infected districts from Vlad the Younger for 1000 coins.

Several characters will give the Bachelor various items today if asked (though some of the options only appear in the afternoon):

These items may be refused, but the Bachelor gains no Reputation for doing so.

Side Quest: "The Body of the Immortal"

In the morning, the Bachelor receives a letter from Georgiy Kain, asking to see him as soon as possible. He tells the Bachelor that Stanislav Rubin's house has fallen pray to the Plague, and that both Rubin and Simon Kain's body are missing. He asks for the Bachelor's aid in finding the body and suggests that his brother Victor Kain might have more helpful information. Victor tells the Bachelor to speak to Vlad Jr., especially regarding the silence from the Termitary, which Victor suspects is linked to the outbreak.

Vlad Jr. will refuse to disclose where he thinks Simon's body is unless the Kains remove pressure from the Olgmiskys surrounding the Termitary lockdown. He argues that the lockdown began a day before the quarantines began and that to reopen it would put those inside at risk. When pressed, he urges the Bachelor to investigate the Polyhedron before speaking with Victor again.

Returning to Victor, the Bachelor relays the message from Vlad Jr. that they have no reason to believe the situation in the Termitary is any different from that in the Polyhedron. This forces Victor to withdraw pressure from the Olgmiskys for the time being. Victor also discloses that a stranger known as "The Ripper" has arrived in town and that fragments of human bodies have been found. He suspects that the person responsible is Isidor Burakh's son, and that he is also the body thief.

The Bachelor can now climb the Polyhedron, where he will be greeted by a Doghead, who warns him that the structure will topple if he enters. However, if the Bachelor says that he is a friend of the Kains, here to see Khan, the child relents. Khan reassures the Bachelor that all is well within the Polyhedron, and that if this changes, the Bachelor will be the first to know.

Returning to Vlad Jr., the Bachelor relays that the Kains will no longer investigate the Termitary. Vlad Jr. marks the location of a house in the Spleen district where he thinks the Ripper may be hiding Simon Kain's body.

On the second floor of this house, the Bachelor will find two hostile Butchers, who are indeed harbouring a body, though it cannot be identified. Once they have been neutralized, the Bachelor returns to Georgiy and reports his findings.


  • 4000 Coins

Main Quest: "Enemy Unseen"

The Bachelor will receive a letter from Rubin in the afternoon. Rubin asks the Bachelor to meet with him at his prosectorium in the warehouses. Rubin asks for his help in retrieving some infected tissue so that they can study the disease. However, local tradition restricts the autopsy of dead bodies and so the Bachelor must ask Alexander Saburov for permission to do so.

Saburov insists that he has no authority to allow the Bachelor to violate Steppe traditions, but suggests paying a visit to Aspity. She is harbouring fugitive Butchers, who should have the ability and the right to cut dead bodies.

Aspity is willing to ask the Butchers to help the Bachelor, but only if he can convince Big Vlad to stop prosecuting the runaway Butchers. After he convinces Big Vlad to stop pursuing the Butchers, Aspity will send three Butchers to the infected Skinners district. She tells the Bachelor to meet them there in an hour.

When the Bachelor goes to meet them, he finds that unfortunately they have all been killed by local guards. One Butcher will be at the Bone Stake Lot, another directly behind Isidor Burakh's House, and another at the garden by Sticky's house. Speaking to the guards nearby the dead Butchers will reveal that the bodies they were attempting to dissect are being taken to the Cemetery.

Towards the back of the Cemetery, the Bachelor finds several guards standing in front of a corpse. The guards will demand he pay 10,000 coins for access to the body. If the Bachelor refuses to pay and attempts to fight them, he will be beaten and arrested and lose reputation. He will wake at Saburov's home. The two will discuss what happened and Saburov hints that the Cemetery will be empty for a short while due to the guards changing shifts. The Bachelor hurries to the Cemetery and retrieves a vial of Corpse Blood from the body. He returns to Rubin's prosectorium to examine the blood.

He discovers that the blood appears completely normal, aside from some dead bacteria. He concludes that the disease likely contaminates the blood and causes a stroke in the victims and that the disease dies quickly after the death of its host. From these conclusions, he believes that it's possible to fully contain and fight off the plague.

Side Quest: "Off to Battle Went the Boy"

If the Bachelor speaks to Capella, she will ask him to test out some of the Shmowders that children have been making as part of their game they call "Epidemic."

The Bachelor will be directed to a house to the south-east of Sticky's house. At an inlet in the wall, he will find a small child called Loafer. Loafer will tell the Bachelor about what they are doing and the Bachelor tells the child to run off and leave testing the disease to him. The Bachelor will receive a Shmowder from Loafer, but will immediately gain 50% infection. Using the Shmowder will cure him, but at a severe cost to health. The Bachelor returns to Capella to report what happened.

The Shmowder may also be kept instead of used, but Capella will be frustrated with the Bachelor and the quest will be marked as failed.

Day 4

The Bachelor may visit Sticky today and buy lockpicks from him for 2000 coins each. He may also visit Stanislav Rubin and receive a Blue Vaccine.

Main Quest: "Sanitary Measures"

The Bachelor receives a letter from Big Vlad about preparing the town for quarantine. He meets with Big Vlad and asks about the progress with setting up a hospital, isolation ward, and morgue. Big Vlad reveals that the isolation ward is to be constructed in Lara Ravel's house, which the Bachelor must inspect and approve. He also mentions that Victor Kain needs to speak to the Bachelor regarding the closed off districts (directing the player toward the "The Blockaded District" quest). The Bachelor visits Lara Ravel, who insists that for the sake of her reputation, she must allow her home to be used for the isolation ward. She says, however, that they are out of water and asks the Bachelor to speak to Vlad the Younger about fixing the water supply.

Vlad Jr. mentions the Sugagh Khadugh Spring as a possible source of water. He recommends the Bachelor secure the Cathedral and the Theatre first as these buildings have access to water from the spring. The Bachelor goes to inform Big Vlad of the sabotage to the water system. He will then ask the Bachelor to examine the Cathedral and Theatre and see if either of those might do for a hospital. The Bachelor will have to retrieve the keys to each.

At the Cathedral, a townslady standing by the entrance will tell the Bachelor that a relative of hers has the keys and marks an approximate location on the map. At the Theatre, an Executor will tell the Bachelor where to find a Tragedian who is holding the Theatre Key. The Bachelor must find these two individuals and lead them safely out of infected districts to obtain the keys. The young man holding the Cathedral Key will thank the Bachelor with a bottle of Twyrine.

The Bachelor returns to Big Vlad to give him the keys. After some discussion, Big Vlad reveals that the disease has indeed infected the Termitary.

The Bachelor may refuse to gather the keys himself and order Big Vlad to assign volunteers to the task instead. This will result in one of his Bound falling ill.

Additionally, the Bachelor must secure the location for the morgue, which is designated as a warehouse in the Factory district. He can do so by either killing the outlaws in the "Villains at Liberty" quest or paying 25000 coins to Bad Grief to secure a different warehouse.

Mini-Quest: Water Supply

After learning about the water issues from Lara, the Bachelor may speak with Aspity about the water supply. She will confide that she believes Lara herself was responsible for the destruction of the water supply. If the Bachelor confronts Lara about this, she denies the accusation. The Bachelor gleans that she told one of the Kin to boil water before drinking it, which he interpreted to mean the Sand Plague was waterborne. The Bachelor may return to Aspity to confront her about the deception. She refuses to turn over the true culprit to the Bachelor, but tells him the culprit was seen running to the Termitary, which has just been unlocked. This is a lie, and the Bachelor cannot capture the culprit.

There is no reward for this quest.

Side Quest: "Medicine Test"

While speaking with Vlad Jr., the Bachelor learns that he has asked three women of the town - Lara Ravel, Anna Angel, and Yulia Lyuricheva - to test the efficacy of various medicines found in what is left of the town's medicine supply. Furious at the danger they have been put into, the Bachelor insists on testing the medicines himself instead.

He first collects the medicines from the three women and obtains several Beta-Tablets, Delta-Tablets, Gamma-Tablets, Neomycinium, Feromycinum, Monomycinium, Novocaine, Etorphine, and Morphine. The Bachelor then heads to the infected house marked on his map, outside of which stands an Executor. The Executor will explain what he must do to test the medicines and makes a suggestion as the order he should take them. The Bachelor then enters the house and the door locks behind him. He must survive in the house for one hour (5 minutes real time).

Once the hour is over, the door unlocks and the Bachelor can leave. He speaks to the Executor about his experience. The Bachelor then visits the three women and Vlad Jr. to tell them what he learned.


  • Shmowder from Executor
  • 3000 Coins from Vlad Jr.
  • Silver Ring and 5 Beta-Tablets from Anna
  • Repellent Cape from Yulia
  • Any medicine not used to survive the infected house

Side Quest: "Villains at Liberty"

After receiving a letter from Saburov and at the urging of Big Vlad, the Bachelor goes to meet with Saburov. He will tell the Bachelor that he is concerned about the rising crime rate in formerly infected districts. He asks the Bachelor to speak with Bad Grief about keeping his bandits under control. If the Bachelor agrees to kill the bandits, Saburov will give him 12 Revolver Ammo.

However, when confronted, Grief will deny that his men are responsible. He claims he has banished any of the offenders and tells the Bachelor that their new leader is a man called Barley. Grief requests that the Bachelor do away with Barley so that Saburov's patrols will stop harassing him.

The Bachelor returns to Saburov with this intel, who sends patrols to find Barley's hideout. The Bachelor should head to this location well armed, as he will have to kill approximately 7 bandits in an enclosed space. Once they have been neutralized, the Bachelor can return to Grief and Saburov for his rewards.


  • 5000 Coins from Saburov
  • 10000 Coins from Bad Grief

Side Quest: "The Blockaded District"

Victor Kain will send a letter requesting the Bachelor's presence. He asks the Bachelor to inspect the Skinners district which are apparently no longer infected. He also warns the Bachelor that this news was brought to his attention by less-than-savoury sources. When the Bachelor enters a house within the Skinners district, he will be assaulted by a looter. He must kill the looter and take their Crowbar, which he brings back to Victor as proof.

There are no rewards for this quest, but the looter and the empty house can be looted for money and various items.

Day 5

Side Quest: "The Arsonists"

The Bachelor will receive a letter from Anna Angel in the morning, urgently requesting him to meet her at the Willows. She tells him that she has a plan to get them both quite a bit of money by blackmailing someone with connections to the Ace of Diamonds Caravan. Anna sends him off to the Hunchback's. The Bachelor will attempt to threaten him, but Var offers to pay them extra if he is able to locate Var's daughter. He will offer the Bachelor 10000 coins in advance.

The Bachelor returns to Anna to report the new development. She agrees and tells the Bachelor that it's possible Var's daughter is at Andrey Stamatin's Pub. The Bachelor finds Willow Mellow at the pub and asks her about meeting with her father. She will refuse, but after some gentle nudging will agree to see her father. She asks the Bachelor to meet her at 21:00 at the Silent Yard, a nearby garden located next to Isidor Burakh's House. The Bachelor tells Var that he will see his daughter soon.


  • 60000 Coins from Var (10000 advance, 50000 at the end)

After the main quest "Vaccine" is completed, the Bachelor may speak with Anna again for an additional money reward.

Main Quest: "Vaccine"

Around noon, the Bachelor receives a letter from Rubin. Rubin asks the Bachelor is to bring him the still beating heart of an infected person. For this, the Bachelor will need to request the help of the Haruspex, Artemy Burakh.

Knowing that Big Vlad and the Burakh family were deeply involved, the Bachelor goes to speak with Big Vlad. Big Vlad reveals that he heard from Lara Ravel that the Haruspex has been arrested by Alexander Saburov on unfounded suspicions of murder. The Bachelor may seek out Saburov to ask for Burakh's release, but is unable to convince him. He may ask Saburov's wife, Katerina Saburova, for information, although she will not be very forthcoming, but she will let slip that the Haruspex may be near his lair at the Warehouses. The Bachelor also asks Lara for help and Lara tells him that the Haruspex is being kept somewhere in the Works.

The Bachelor will find the Haruspex in the basement of Factory Building #3, the Butchering Room. The Bachelor speaks to the guards, but they will not be fooled into letting Burakh go. The Bachelor may attempt to kill all of the guards himself or, if he threatens a guard to come back with reinforcements, he can seek out help from Bad Grief, at a price of 10,000 coins. When the Bachelor returns to the Butchering Room, Grief's men will engage and successfully kill two of the three guards, leaving one that the Bachelor must fight himself. Each guard killed by the Bachelor personally will make him lose 25 Reputation. He retrieves the Cell Key from the guards' bodies and releases the Haruspex.

Burakh agrees to help him obtain a specimen for Rubin and arranges to leave the prepared body in The Silent Yard at 21:00. The Bachelor realizes too late that the time and location given to him by the Haruspex coincides with those given to him by Willow, if he had met with her already earlier that day. Unfortunately, the girl was already infected and there was no way for the Bachelor to help her. At night, he arrives at the Silent Yard and retrieves her heart for Rubin. He must deliver it to Rubin within 30 minutes (150 seconds real time). Upon successful delivery, Rubin promises to have a vaccine ready by morning, to present to the Inquisitor who will arrive in a few days.

Side Quest: "The Innocent Ones"

The Bachelor may speak to Vlad the Younger and learns that Saburov appears to have gone overboard in arresting people. There are many innocent townsfolk locked up in the Town Hall prison and Vlad Jr. requests the Bachelor's help in freeing them. He visits the prison and attempts to convince the Executor to let them go, but the Executor will refuse. However, they say they will be willing to turn a blind eye if he pays 10,000 coins per prisoner for a total of 60,000 coins.

The Bachelor returns to Vlad Jr. who is able to provide 20000 coins and directs him to speak with the Kains who are also unhappy with Saburov's actions. He will receive another 25000 coins from Victor Kain. Combining their money and his own savings, the Bachelor pays the Executor to free all of the prisoners. He then reports the good news to Vlad Jr. and Victor.


  • -15000 Coins (net)
  • +30 Reputation (each) from Vlad Jr. and Victor

The Bachelor can also choose to keep the donations for himself, pocketing 45000 coins in total. There are no consequences for this.

Day 6

Just after midnight, the Bachelor receives a letter from Stanislav Rubin. If he meets with Rubin, he will receive a White Vaccine. However, he learns that Rubin intends to turn himself in to Georgiy Kain for desecrating the body of Simon Kain.

The Bachelor can plead with Georgiy to forgive Rubin. Georgiy's replies are cryptic and he speaks about 'the lens of Focus' and his brother whom he considers to be "still living." Georgiy also mentions the Changeling and claims that she is in grave danger, should the Bachelor feel obligated to step in.

Main Quest: "Witch-Hunt"

In the morning, the Bachelor receives a letter from Victor Kain about an outbreak of disease inside the Cathedral. It seems an infected person snuck in overnight and spread the Plague to all who were supposed to be quarantined within.

The Bachelor then speaks with Vlad Olgimsky Sr. who will tell him that although the Inquisitor sent to town is one of the more fearsome kind, he approves of the Bachelor's work so far and will be happy to give him credit. He then speaks to Alexander Saburov. The Bachelor will be tasked with examining blood samples of various women in town for abnormalities to identify the one responsible for infecting the Cathedral.

He will retrieve blood from Lara Ravel, Anna Angel, Aspity, and Yulia Lyuricheva. When speaking with Anna, she will also suggest the Changeling as a potential suspect. To find the Changeling, he talks to Katerina Saburova who will tell the Bachelor that there is another girl, a changeling, impersonating her foster-daughter, the real Clara and that the changeling is the real culprit. She sends the Bachelor to speak with Grace.

Grace tells the Bachelor to search in the Train Station and talk to Murky. Murky tells him the doppelgänger of Clara cannot speak, only murmur and spit. This is how to tell the two apart. The Bachelor must then find Clara again to get a sample of her blood. After analyzing all of the blood samples, he finds that they are all clean. He does note that Clara's blood is unusual and talks to her again.

Clara may be found in different locations depending on what the Bachelor does in regards to the Albino. If you let the Albino live Clara will be found in the Stillwater but if you killed the Albino she will be found by his body. The Bachelor must speak with Clara again after analyzing her blood to complete the main quest.

Side Quest: "The Thing from the Steppe"

The Bachelor will receive a letter from Sticky about the carrier of the disease. After meeting Sticky back at his house in the Skinners, Sticky tells him that there is a creature matching the description of the Shabnak-Adyr roaming around in the Steppe. The Bachelor goes searching for the creatures and finds it at the far end of the Abattoir, north of where the Cemetery is.

However, as he approaches, he begins to feel great pain, as though his face is melting. Proximity to the creature will cause his health to drop every second. He quickly speaks to the creature to try and learn if it is indeed the source of the disease. He learns that the Albino is not the cause of the Plague. The Bachelor may either kill the creature due to its monstrous properties or he may let it run away into the Steppe.

If the Bachelor kills the Albino, Clara will be found standing at the location of its death. If he allows it to run away, Clara will be at the Stillwater.

The Bachelor must return to Sticky to relay his findings on the Albino to complete this quest.

Side Quest: "They Are Going to Burn the Termitary Down"

The Bachelor receives a note from Capella in the morning. She will warn him not to make rash decisions in persecuting the person responsible for the outbreak. She will also tell him that some arsonists are going to the Termitary tonight, led by Var. He is directed to speak with Vlad the Younger about this and accepts Vlad Jr.'s request to help subdue them. At the Termitary, there will be four arsonists plus Var, who will be standing at the end close to the Abattoir's entrance. The Termitary guards may join the fight, but they are quickly overwhelmed. Once he kills the arsonists and Var, the Bachelor returns to Vlad Jr. for his reward.


Day 7

Main Quest: "Lies, Truth, and Everything In-Between"

The Bachelor will receive a letter today from Big Vlad, informing him that the Termitary is now open. He will also receive a letter from the Inquisitor, who wishes to meet him at The Cathedral. The Inquisitor, Aglaya Lilich, believes the Bachelor's presence in the town at the time of the outbreak was orchestrated by The Powers That Be and that the deployment of military regiments into the town under Commander Alexander Block is part of this plan.

Executor Informer Locations

The locations of each Informer, marked in white circles.

Aglaya tells the Bachelor that there are three informers disguised as Executors currently in the town at the behest of The Powers That Be and asks him to retrieve each of their reports. They are located in the Knots District behind the Theatre, the Stone Yard near Var's house, and in a small yard near the Crude Sprawl.

When the Bachelor returns with the papers, the Inquisitor will tell him that their accounts are inconsistent, and urges him to quickly catch the traitor. He can question each in turn, on the premise that one will always lie, one will always tell the truth, and one will tell a mix of both.

If questioned, each informer will say they are the honest one. Knots will claim Earth is the traitor and Stone Yard is the waffler, while Earth will claim there is no traitor, Knots is honest, and Stone Yard is the waffler. The honest informer is in the Stone Yard, the traitor is in the Knots, and the waffling informer is in Earth.

If the Bachelor wears the Executor outfit obtained from "The Mask and the Raiment", he can pretend to be one of the other informers, and through conversation the informers will reveal their identities more directly. The Earth informer takes pity on the traitor and wants to protect him, while the Stone Yard informer despises him.

If the wrong informer is accused, he will kill the Bachelor instantly. When the Knots traitor is accused, he will be brought before the Inquisitor and executed.

After this quest is completed, the Bachelor's reverse side changes to an image of the town.

Side Quest: "Eva Is No More"

When the Bachelor enters the Stillwater after 7:00, he will find that Eva Yan is not there. Instead, a Herb Bride named Ayan will be standing at her usual place, sent by Andrey Stamatin to fetch him. She tells the Bachelor that Eva has gone missing, possibly taken by Worms as a replacement for the Herb Bride killed by the Haruspex on Day 5.

Upon visiting Andrey Stamatin's Pub, the Bachelor will not find Andrey himself, but two other men who tell him that Andrey has gone into the marsh looking for Eva. If the Bachelor asks what they are hiding, he can receive a Rifle and Rifle Ammo. They mark a location on the map and ask the Bachelor to go after him.

When he approaches the marked location, the Bachelor will be greeted by three Butchers and three Worms, all very hostile. Once he makes his way past them, he finds Andrey and a Herb Bride standing outside of the hut. Andrey will confess that he was wrong about blaming the Worms for Eva's disappearance. In reality, Eva was already dead; she had jumped from the roof of the Cathedral. There is no way to save her.


  • Rifle and 10 Rifle Ammo if requested
  • 7 Twyrine Extracts of varying effectiveness can be looted from the combatants

Side Quest: "The Mask and the Raiment"

Later in the day, the Bachelor will receive a letter from the Haruspex, who requires an Executor's uniform consisting of an Executor's Cloak and a Talon Mask. He warns the Bachelor not to give the items to the Changeling, should she make the same request of him. The first step in obtaining the costume is to speak to Mark Immortell at the Theatre.

Mark tells the Bachelor that a cloak may be obtained from a dead orderly who had been assigned to handle corpses. The body may be found beside a pit that had been dug between the Cemetery and Aspity's Hospice.

The mask can be obtained by speaking to Alexander Saburov, then to Peter Stamatin. Saburov's grudge against Peter has prompted him to appoint Peter the task of dealing with the infected dead, which will almost certainly result in his infection and death. Because of his position, Peter has access to the mask the Bachelor needs, but pleads with the Bachelor to buy him three days of protection from performing the work in exchange for it.

The Bachelor can ask the Inquisitor to pardon Peter from his duties. She will do so, but also asks The Bachelor for help with a family matter. In the meantime, the Bachelor can return to Peter, collect the mask and wear both items for an achievement. The Haruspex will not appear to retrieve the items from the Bachelor, so he may keep the clothing for his own usage. The outfit can be used to obtain alternative dialogue from the informers in the main quest.

Side Quest: "The Family Meeting"

The Inquisitor tells the Bachelor that she has a troubled past with Maria Kaina, who is a dear niece to her. However, Maria does not feel so fondly towards the Inquisitor. She asks the Bachelor to broker peace between the two of them and get her an opportunity to speak with Maria.

When questioned, Maria expresses fear of the Inquisitor and is not enthusiastic about meeting her. She threatens to leave and the Bachelor can threaten to tell her father that she intends to venture into the dangerous streets.

Speaking to Victor Kain, he says Maria will probably visit Peter Stamatin as she was concerned about the Polyhedron. The Bachelor can tell the Inquisitor that she may find Maria at Peter's house.

Traveling there to observe the reunion will result in the Bachelor being greeted in the doorway by a furious Maria. The Inquisitor will be upstairs, seeming far less perturbed. Attempting to speak to Peter about what happened will be fruitless, as he appears too dazed to answer the Bachelor clearly.

Despite the reunion not going to plan, the Inquisitor will give the Bachelor his choice of three rewards:

  1. Shotgun
  2. Feromycinum & 2 Neomycinium
  3. White Vaccine

Day 8

Side Quest: "Panacea Black Market"

The Bachelor receives a letter from Vlad the Younger in the morning. Vlad Jr. tells him that there are rumours of a "false panacea" being manufactured inside the Termitary. He says that whoever is responsible has been using the Bachelor's name to back up their product. The Bachelor heads to the Long Block of the Termitary.

On the ground floor, there is doorway into a series of rooms just to the right of the entrance. The Bachelor will find the Haruspex working there. He asks the Haruspex about the false panacea and learns that there are some Worms boiling things upstairs. They will be found on the next floor, in a corner room close to the stairs.

The Bachelor can choose to kill the worms or threaten them to get more information. As they will likely be punished anyway by the Mother Superior, he can just threaten them and the Worms will confess, but claim that Vlad Jr. is much worse. They say that they were just playing, while Vlad Jr. had been buying up the real Panacea and selling it at exorbitant prices. The Bachelor returns to Vlad Jr. and demands to know the truth. Vlad Jr. says that he originally intended to monopolize the market, but had a change of heart and distributed it at a minimal fee. The Bachelor can confirm with Mark Immortell, Lara Ravel, Anna Angel, and Yulia Lyuricheva that they received the treatment for a reasonable price.

Side Quest: "The Mysterious Sample"

While talking to the Haruspex, the Bachelor may be asked to do a favour for him. The Haruspex will give the Bachelor a sample of blood and ask him to examine it. The Bachelor takes the blood sample and examines it under a microscope before returning and tells the Haruspex what he learned.


Side Quest: "Between the Polyhedron and the Termitary"

Around midday, the Bachelor will receive a letter from Ayan. Returning to the Stillwater, he finds several Dogheads who tell him to stop meddling with the Polyhedron and that it is free of disease. The Bachelor is uneasy about their words, as the same was said of the Termitary, so he decides to speak to Capella, who the children claim is a skeptic. Despite her misgivings toward the Polyhedron, she confirms that it is free of disease. She will then give the Bachelor two Feromycinum and asks him to deliver the medicine to Taya Tycheek in the Termitary. Taya's room is in the Long Block of the Termitary, up two flights of stairs and down the hallway lit with torches. Taya will only take the tablets if the Bachelor tells her that they are from Capella. Taya only takes one tablet, so the Bachelor can keep the other for himself.


  • Feromycinum (1 if given to Taya, 2 if not)

Main Quest: "Subterranean Rot"

Later, the Bachelor receives a letter from the Inquisitor. He meets her at the Cathedral where she reveals that sadly, all of his research back in the Capital and his lab Thanatica have already been destroyed.

Despite the betrayal by The Powers That Be, she urges him to keep trying to find the source of the plague. The first step is to confront Vlad Jr. about his well. He will refuse to answer, so the Bachelor talks with Aspity. Aspity will reveal Vlad Jr. was the one originally responsible for the Termitary lockdown; Vlad Sr. only claimed responsibility to protect his son. Confronting Vlad Jr. once again with this new intel, he will confess that he suspects the bacteria originates from the ground, but did not want to reveal this for fear the army would interpret it as an imperative to raze the town. The Bachelor's reverse side will change to show veins of plague in the soil underneath the town.

Next, the Bachelor needs to investigate the Abattoir.

The Bachelor needs to speak to Taya and request that she open the Abattoir and allow him to enter. She will agree on the condition that the man responsible for the Termitary lock-up be turned in for his crimes. The Bachelor can choose to hand over Vlad Jr. or offer to do a favour for Taya instead.

If he chooses to hand over Vlad Jr., he must find Vlad Jr. and tell him that Taya has summoned him. Vlad Jr. will go to the Termitary willingly and asks the Bachelor to warn his father not to go near the Termitary. The Bachelor can then ask Taya about opening the Abattoir.

If he chooses to do a favour for her, she will ask him to retrieve her lost toy. The toy will be in the same house that was originally proposed as the location for Lara's shelter on Day 2. The Bachelor finds the toy - which resembles a small rocking horse - upstairs, on top of a bedside locker. Once the Bachelor brings Taya her toy, she will allow him entrance to the Abattoir.

The Abattoir can be entered at 23:00.

Day 9

Due to what happened the previous night at the Abattoir, the Bachelor will wake up at 14:00 inside of the Town Hall. He learns the army arrived in town at midnight and he was saved and is currently being protected by the Commander Alexander Block. After speaking with Block and thanking him for his help, the Bachelor heads out to complete the day's tasks.

  • Note: Due to the time skip, the play for Day 8 cannot be seen if the Bachelor completed the previous day's quest.

Main Quest: "The Miracle of the Children"

The Bachelor has a letter from the Inquisitor. The two will talk about the Polyhedron and she will request that he gather some data for her. He also receives a letter from Victor Kain, who he then visits. Victor reveals that he believes the whole Kain family is fated to die very soon. He begs the Bachelor to guide his son, Khan, wisely and to prevent him from angering the soldiers that have taken over the town.

At the summit of the Polyhedron, the Bachelor is greeted by three Dogheads. Once inside, Khan will ask for 5 Rifles in exchange for permission to enter the Polyhedron. The Bachelor can receive one Rifle from Block if he requests one for self-defense, and can purchase a second Rifle from Bad Grief. He can ask Block about where to obtain Rifles and learn that there is a heavily guarded train carriage at the Train Station. The Bachelor may also obtain 4 Rifles from the side quest "Yulia Plays With Fate".

Returning to Khan with 5 Rifles, he will allow the Bachelor entry. Inside, there are many children, although the Bachelor cannot interact with them. He must climbs the stairs and observes the interior of the Polyhedron and exits. The visit confirms that the Polyhedron is free of disease. Afterwards, the Bachelor's reverse side changes to include the Polyhedron looking over the town. The Bachelor relays the results to the Inquisitor.


  • 5000 Coins if requested from the Inquisitor after visiting the Polyhedron

Side Quest: "The Messenger"

The Inquisitor's letter had asked him to speak to the Haruspex. However, during their conversation in the morning, she will tell him that the Haruspex has gone missing. He had entered the Abattoir and has not returned. She will ask the Bachelor to look for him. The Haruspex can be found in the Long Block of the Termitary, in the same room where the Worms were brewing a false panacea on Day 8. where he will provide some information about the Abbatoir and its relation to the Plague.

The Bachelor can obtain 7000 money by informing the Inquisitor of the Haruspex's whereabouts, if he tells her that his search incurred expenses.


  • 7000 Coins if requested.
  • 5000 Coins if declined

Side Quest: "The Three Parcae: Lara Resorts to Murder, Yulia Plays With Fate, Anna Participates"

The Bachelor receives several letters from Anna Angel, Yulia Lyuricheva, and Lara Ravel. Each of them will offer him a side quest, all of which are interconnected.

The Bachelor first visits Lara who asks him for a pistol. She will refuse to reveal why she needs the pistol, but begs him to get her one. He then speaks to Yulia who explains that Lara wants to assassinate Block. Yulia asks the Bachelor to tell the Commander that she was the one who will make an attempt on his life and that any other women who enters the Town Hall with ill-intent are likely just hysterical from the rumours.

The Bachelor also makes a trip to see Anna, who knows about the whole situation. She will give the Bachelor a Double Barrelled Pistol for Lara and tells him that it doesn't work anyway.

After telling Block the false assassination attempt information as desired by Yulia, the Bachelor will head back to Yulia to inform her that the task is complete. Upon approaching her house, he discovers that five army patrolmen are already outside. When he attempts to enter, the army men will attack him. The Bachelor kills them, takes their Rifles, and enters to speak to Yulia.


  • 3 Rifles from the guards
  • 3 Panacea (1 from each woman after delivering the pistol to Lara)

Day 10

Main Quest: "Clarity and Focus"

At midnight, the Bachelor receives a letter from the Inquisitor. She needs the blueprints of the Polyhedron for her reports. She suggests he speak to the Kains about it, but the Bachelor knows that Peter Stamatin was the architect who designed the structure, and so decides to speak to him instead.

Upon arrival at Peter's house, the Bachelor finds it overrun with soldiers, but no Peter. He learns that Peter is being accused of murdering disinfectionists. To find Peter, the Bachelor seeks out Andrey Stamatin and learns that it was actually Andrey who attacked the disinfectionists. Andrey tells the Bachelor that Peter is searching for something in the Chine, near a Stairway to Heaven. There, the Bachelor will find Peter in an Executor's robe and mask. Peter says that he wishes to burn himself in Twyrine. He waxes lyrical about his designs and how Nina Kaina had provided him with a tangible canvas on which to construct his Polyhedron. Peter requests five bottles of Twyrine, in exchange for giving the Bachelor his blueprints "as a keepsake." The Twyrine can be purchased from Andrey's pub and Bad Grief.

When the Bachelor returns with the requested Twyrine, he reminds Peter that there are still people who care about him and need him. After some conversation, the Bachelor can convince Peter to delay his suicide by going to Andrey or, if the Bachelor spoke with her earlier, Maria. The Bachelor can now bring the blueprints to the Inquisitor. Afterwards, the Bachelor's reverse side changes to add more detail to the Polyhedron.

Side Quest: "Chimarae: The Kains' Madness"

At noon, the Bachelor receives a letter from Katerina Saburova. She tells him that she feels Simon Kain's presence at the Crucible, the home of the Kains. The Bachelor does not believe her and seeks out Stanislav Rubin, as he was the last person to see Simon's body.

Rubin firmly states that there is no way Simon could be alive and that every part of his body no longer exists. Seeking a resolution, the Bachelor heads to the Kains. He speaks to Maria Kaina, Victor Kain, and Georgiy Kain. The answers he receives are confusing and Victor explains what is about to happen, but asks the Bachelor to spread the rumour that Georgiy is going insane. He offers the Bachelor money to do so. After speaking to Georgiy, the Bachelor tells the Inquisitor about what he heard from the Kains.


  • 5000 Coins from Victor (7000 if more money requested)
  • 7000 Coins from Aglaya

Side Quest: "Chimarae: The Pictogram"

At 14:00, the Bachelor receives a letter from Mark Immortell, requesting an audience at the Theatre. Mark warns the Bachelor that there is a rather large commotion at the Bone Stake Lot and fears there is another sacrifice happening. At the Bone Stake Lot, the Bachelor sees a large crowd of people gathered around a bull that has been impaled. He speaks to the man who appears to be leading the crowd and the man babbles something to the effect that the crowd want to "Purge the Monsters" and threaten the lives of some townsfolk. The Bachelor returns to Mark and they decide that the Army would be of help in shutting down the mob.

The Bachelor heads to Town Hall and tells Alexander Block about the riot that is being incited at the Bone Stake Lot. Block will send flamethrowers to the site.

There is no reward for this quest.

Day 11

Though unrelated to the main quest, the other two Healers may be spoken to today for information relating to the final decision on Day 12. The Changeling can be found next to Block, while the Haruspex can be found in his workshop.

Main Quest: "The Foundation of a Miracle"

In the morning, the Bachelor will hear from the Inquisitor and should visit her for updates. She tells the Bachelor that she is concerned that the Polyhedron might be connected with the epidemic. For more information, the Bachelor heads to Andrey Stamatin's Pub only to find a distressed Herb Bride who informs him that Andrey Stamatin has been taken away by soldiers. When confronted at the Town Hall, the Commander Alexander Block insists that he did not order Andrey to be arrested and agrees to help the Bachelor recover him.

  • If Peter Stamatin is still alive, the Bachelor may speak to him for additional lore about the Kains and the Polyhedron, but this will not advance the quest.

The rogue soldiers can be found at the very far end of the railway tracks near the Train Station surrounding a carriage. The Bachelor will have to fight off 11 soldiers.

If he tries to approach them and speak to the leader, he will be mistaken for Andrey. He can either give up a Panacea and walk away, or be knocked out. The Bachelor will then reawaken in the Cemetery, stripped of all his items and surrounded by hostile dogs. He may attempt to kill the dogs and run into Grace's lodge, where he can ask her for a Tourniquet, a Bandage, and a Knife. Grace will warn him there are more soldiers standing guard beyond the Cemetery entrance. The Bachelor kills them and returns to the train carriage to kill the rogue soldiers and repossess his belongings.

The Bachelor can avoid being knocked out and waking in the Cemetery by not attempting to speak to the soldiers and just killing them.

Regardless, he will not find Andrey at the train carriage. He returns to Andrey Stamatin's Pub and finds Andrey there. The Bachelor speaks with him to obtain some blueprints of the Polyhedron and delivers them to the Inquisitor. He discovers that the Polyhedron's foundation was created by driving a spring deep underneath the town. If asked whether this could have unleashed the Sand Plague, Andrey insists the ground was clean, but the Inquisitor believes the base may have shifted since its creation and released a clot.

After this quest is completed, the Bachelor's reverse side will update to include the Polyhedron's base, which pierces into a cesspit underneath the Town containing the infection.

Side Quest: "The Accusers"

In addition to requesting the blueprints, The Inquisitor will ask the Bachelor to investigate the Kains. She believes that Maria Kaina had something to do with the bull that was impaled at the Bone Stake Lot a few days ago. She also gives him a Panacea to bring to Khan in exchange for information.

Khan will refuse the Panacea and insist that Maria had nothing to do with the Bone Stake riot. He does, however, mention that she was responsible for the suicide of Eva Yan. He suggests the Bachelor ask Vlad the Younger about the Bone Stake riot.

When the Bachelor arrives at Vlad Jr.'s house, there will be a mugger outside who tries to attack him. After killing the mugger and speaking with Vlad Jr., the Bachelor will find another mugger and two hostile townsfolk when leaving the house.

  • Note: If Vlad Jr. was given to Taya Tycheek on Day 8 the Bachelor may still complete the quest by going to the Termitary, which is also guarded by a mugger and hostile townsfolk. Vlad Jr. will be standing next to Taya despite the Executor at the house saying he had died.

There is no explicit reward for this quest, but the muggers drop Bandage Sets and several Beta-Tablets.

Side Quest: "The Execution"

While inside of the Town Hall, the Bachelor may find two children standing by the doorway. When he talks to them, he learns that they are looking for their father who had been taken away by soldiers and they beg for his help. The Bachelor can find the captured townsfolk and the soldiers south-west of the Cemetery.

When he finds them, he must kill the four soldiers quickly before they fire. He returns to Town Hall to tell the children their father will be home soon.


Side Quest: "Getting Ready for the Coronation"

At noon, the Bachelor will receive a letter from the Kains with a cryptic message about a new Mistress. The Bachelor speaks to Victor Kain who tells him that Maria is unconscious as part of her transition to becoming a Mistress and needs to be brought tokens of acknowledgement from the other two future mistresses of the Town. He requests that the Bachelor speak to Capella and ask her about the other successor.

Capella agrees to acknowledge Maria's power and gives her mother's beads as a token. She doesn't seem sure that the Changeling is the other successor, but with no other options, the Bachelor looks for her at Town Hall. The Changeling is less willing to acknowledge Maria, but can be convinced. She offers her foster mother's ring as a token.

The Bachelor brings both of these tokens to Maria's house. However, he finds her door locked and a crowd gathered outside of her wing. The Bachelor talks to them and they will suggest that because Maria is still unconscious and Nina is still the current Mistress, the relics should be brought to Nina's tomb.

Inside of Nina's tomb, the Bachelor will see a vision of Maria. He gives her the tokens, and she tells him information about the Town's history, the Polyhedron, and her vision for making the Town into a utopia.

There is no material reward for this quest.

Day 12

Main Quest: "The Final Proceedings"

The Bachelor receives a letter from the Inquisitor reminding him that at 19:00, the Cathedral will be opened for him to enter and make a decision regarding the fate of the Town, if his Bound are all free of disease. He will also receive letters from the Haruspex and the Changeling at 8:00, both requesting to speak with him and to help cure their Bound so they can also go to the Cathedral and argue their case for the fate of the Town.

The Haruspex will be in the Works, in the same building where he was imprisoned on Day 5. The Changeling will be in the Short Block of the Termitary. The Bachelor may speak with them and choose to cure their Bound using Shmowders and Panacea. Sick Bound members will have an Executor standing outside of their place of residence.

Once the Bachelor heals a set of Bound, he may tell the other healer that their Bound are all cured and invite them to the council that will be held at the Cathedral. When all of the Bachelor's own Bound and another healer's Bound are all cured, he will receive a letter from The Powers That Be which invites him to the Polyhedron. He can enter the Polyhedron and speak with them. If the Bachelor cures every single Bound, then he will receive another letter after meeting The Powers That Be from The Makers, inviting him to the Theatre. Inside the Theatre, he may talk to two people representing the developers of Pathologic. After these revelations, the Bachelor may discuss them with the Changeling.

At 19:00, the Bachelor enters the Cathedral and speaks with everyone inside, including the ghost of Eva Yan if he climbs to the upper balcony. He tells Alexander Block his decision and speaks with everyone again. He may then go to sleep and the game ends once midnight arrives.

Quest Descriptions and Letters

→ See The Bachelor's Route/Text


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