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The Cape
Nina Kaina (deceased)
Victoria Olgimskaya (deceased)

The Cape (Мыс) is a location in both Pathologic and Pathologic 2. It is the location where Nina Kaina and Victoria Olgimskaya are buried.


Dream Mistresses sleep here.
The Cape's subtitle

The Cape is north of the Bridge Square and the Atrium. In Pathologic 2 children sometimes play in The Cape, though they are wary not to wake the sleeping Mistresses - especially terrifying Nina Kaina.

Victoria's Tomb

In Pathologic Classic HD, there is an offering of Bread and Milk at Victoria's tomb, available from Day 1, that the player may take to sate hunger. The amount of food items on the tomb will always be three, but whether they will be bread or milk is random. Victoria's Tomb is open and can be easily visited. A statue of Victoria Olgimskaya can be found nearby.

In Pathologic 2 Victoria's Tomb is primarily her stone coffin. A statue of Victoria Olgimskaya can be found nearby.

Nina's Tomb

In Pathologic Classic HD where Victoria's Tomb is open and inviting, Nina's Tomb is closed and haunting. Located towards the back of The Cape Nina's Tomb is hidden away from those wandering past. A statue of Nina Kaina can be found nearby.

In Pathologic 2 Nina's Tomb is primarily the urn where her ashes are stored. A statue of Nina Kaina can be found nearby.


Bachelor Route

On Day 11, the Bachelor will bring the relics of acknowledgement from the other mistresses for Maria to Nina's tomb after discovering that Maria is unconscious. Inside of the tomb, he sees a vision of Maria and gives her the relics.

Haruspex Route

On Day 6, Maria asks the Haruspex to recover something she dropped at the Kain's family graveyard. Inside Nina's tomb, he finds her diary on the floor. After exiting, he sees several infected being attacked by two arsonists.

Changeling Route

Missing Changeling Plot.

Pathologic 2

Nina's Tomb - Nina Kaina the Wild has not found her resting place here. Even in death, she remains passionate and restless.
The Haruspex's map hover

Victoria Olgimskaya the Warm has not found her resting place here. She rests across the Town's streets, houses, and yards.
The Haruspex's map hover

Day 2
On Day 2 the Haruspex may be led to the Cape as part of the children's game, leading him to find a cache hidden along the cliff-face. While looking for cache the Haruspex is able to find and speak to a group of children sitting in a tree by the Mistresses graves who direct him to another cache hidden elsewhere in The Town. Prior to the Haruspex's arrival the children are reciting poetry. (This interaction remains available until the end of Act 2, which occurs at 07:30 on Day 4).
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 6
During the early morning of Day 6, the Dead Item Shop can be found at the northern terminus of The Cape selling 10 Inquisitorial Coupons (called 'Candy Wrappers' at the time) for ¤125 each.
Day 8
On Day 8, Capella requests that the Haruspex meet her at The Cape. When he does she tells him of a troubling dream she had, one where she saw the children under his care "with white flowers growing from each of their heads." Capella explains that she saw the Haruspex "watering them when they were sad, and sometimes picking leaves from them for his potions." She then saw a cart ran over them all, the wheels grinding them to dust. From this vision she concludes that the Haruspex is unable to care for the children under his watch, and takes them from him. She tells him that while they will be allies, they cannot be friends.
Day 12
In the Diurnal Ending, the Mistresses Maria Kaina, Capella, and the Changeling gather at the Cape alongside Vlad the Younger, Big Vlad, and Khan.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Birdies, birdies... gather ye here, round the marble nest...

This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2: The Marble Nest. Read at your own risk.

In the morning the Bachelor is told that despite the growing threat of the Plague there is a group of orderlies celebrating its end in The Cape. Confused and frustrated by the clear shirking of their duties the Bachelor finds the group gathered around a fire. The orderlies explain that they did not abandon their duties, but were rather relieved of them. The orderlies were under the impression that the Bachelor was dead and show him a paper that reads "After a short burst of fever, having woken up from anxious dreams, Bachelor Daniil Dankovsky passed away in hiw[sic] own bed, yesterday after nine o'clock, as the only known victim of the sand plague.".


Victoria's Tomb

Nina's Tomb

Victoria's Tomb

Nina's Tomb

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  • In Pathologic 2, while Victoria is buried in a stone coffin, Nina's body was notably cremated.