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Three ruling families historically shared power in the city. These are the Olgimskys, Saburovs, and Kains. They're led by powerful men complemented by the mystical abilities of their wives, the so-called Mistresses. Each family embodies its vision of the city. Each seeks to reshape the world at its sole discretion.

Before the beginning of the epidemic, Simon Kain was a linchpin, and after his death the previous balance was broken. It must be replaced by a new configuration of power. During the epidemic, the families plot against each other in order to prevent anyone gaining too much power, and, as much as possible, use the protagonists to achieve their goals.

The Kains (Каины)


The Crucible, home of the Kains

The Kains were weavers of laws and of dreams...
Saburov's reflection in Pathologic 2

Judicial authority is concentrated in the hands of the Kains. This family has the opportunity to influence the soul of the city and embraces creativity. The Kains are responsible for the creation of a number of buildings within the Town including, but not limited to, the Polyhedron, Cathedral and the Stillwater. They are fascinated with the idea that buildings can contain and capture souls, as well as the idea of time. The current Mistress of the Kain's is Maria, who was proceeded by her mother Nina Kaina.

The Kains embody the ideals of the Utopians and sponsor the Bachelor.

Members of the Kain family


The Olgimskys (Ольгимские)


The Lump, home of the Olgimsky's

The Olgimskys were masters of money and men.
Saburov's reflection in Pathologic 2

The Olgimskys control the Bull Project, and thus all urban production and trade. They are not averse to using dubious methods to manage their profits, but are respected among the Order. The current Mistress of the Olgimsky's is Capella, who was proceeded by her mother Victoria Olgimskaya.

Capella believes in the Termites and sponsors the Haruspex, while Vlad Olgimsky Jr follows the belief of the Utopians. Vlad Olgimsky Sr is unaffiliated with any of the factions in town, and seems to be serving in self interest.

Members of the Olgimsky family


The Saburovs (Сабуровы)

Rod p2

The Rod, home of the Saburovs

To Saburov remained an executive power: Their task was to keep the streets in order, in a town where there was almost no crime.
Saburov's reflection in Pathologic 2

The Saburovs hold the Executive branch. The current Mistress of the Saburov's is Katerina Saburova. Alexander Saburov rules as the Town's mayor. They are resented by the other two families.

The Saburovs are considered Humbles and sponsor the Changeling, whom they adopt on the very day she first appears.

Members of the Saburov family



  • The Kains' name is meant to suggest the suffix of anesthetics such as novocaine or lidocaine. In Cyrillic script, this suffix is spelled exactly the same as their name.