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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

The Marrow
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theater (Pathologic)
Mark Immortell
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Rat Prophet
Fellow Traveller
Rat Catcher

The Theatre (Театр) is located on the Spin-a-yarn Square, in the center of the Marrow. It is apparently the home of Mark Immortell.

An alien thing, like a flying saucer that’s descended upon the town. Through the “theatre of death”, the player enters the meta level—quite literally, since it’s where the game loads from. Like an actor whose character has just died, the player exits through the Theatre doors and back into the world—invulnerable in his or her own way, belonging to the world of death. However, the Theatre also becomes the point where the town’s clinging to life is at its most desperate: it’s where the hospital is set up.
Pathologic 2 artbook


The Theatre puts on several types of performance, including puppet shows. According to Mark, these shows are performed on a regular basis. After midnight of each day, the player may go to the Theatre to view an interpretive performance by the Masks.

Usually, these performances begin with a chorus arguing different views and ideologies pertaining to the events of the day; following this, the Masks display a tableau representing the current conflict in the story.

According to Mark, children are not permitted to view these performances. This does not impact the Changeling's ability to view the pantomimes, however.



All three healers can come here each day between midnight and 07:00 to watch a rehearsal.

The Theatre will be designated as a morgue for victims of the Plague on Day 4, after which corpses may be found lined throughout the building on the floors.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On the final day of each route, should the player manage to save all three sets of the Bound, they will receive an invitation to the Theatre where they will be addressed directly by The Makers.
Significant plot details end here.

Bachelor Route

On Day 4, the Bachelor needs to inspect the Theatre to determine if it can be used as a hospital. However, the Theatre is locked and an Executor tells the Bachelor that a Tragedian is holding onto the Theatre Key.

On Day 7, one of the informants that the Bachelor must find is located in the yard behind the Theatre. He will also receive a letter from the Haruspex, asking him to obtain an Executor's outfit consisting of an Executor Cloak and Executor Mask. The Bachelor visits the Theatre to speak to Mark Immortell who tells him where he can find each piece of clothing.

On Day 10, Mark Immortell requests the Bachelor's presence at the Theatre. He warns the Bachelor of a commotion at the Bone Stake Lot and suggests the Bachelor should investigate it. The Bachelor discovers that a large crowd is gathering at the Lot and several people appear to be on the verge of rioting. He returns to Mark and the two decide to seek the Army Commander's help.

Haruspex Route

On Day 5, the Haruspex will exit the tunnels he was investigating at the request of Vlad the Younger through the manhole behind the Theatre.

On Day 6, the Changeling asks for the Haruspex's help to speak to the Rat Prophet. The Haruspex must enter the tunnels through the entrance behind the Theatre to find the Rat Prophet.

On Day 7, the Inquisitor wants the Haruspex to test if his Panacea actually works. In order to do so, he must visit the Theatre and speak to an orderly who will give him a 50% infection.

On Day 8, Vlad Jr. asks the Haruspex to retrieve his notes that were left behind in the tunnels. As the well in Vlad Jr's house is blocked, the Haruspex enters the tunnels through the entrance behind the Theatre.

Changeling Route

On Day 4, Katerina Saburova asks the Changeling to tell Mark Immortell not to allow the Theatre to be turned into a hospital. When the Changeling visits the Theatre, she finds that it is locked and Mark is not there. The Executors standing by the door tell her that Mark has gone to see Maria Kaina. Mark will tell the Changeling how to enter the Theatre and when she does so, she will find the Rat Prophet standing on the stage.

On Day 7, Alexander Saburov asks the Changeling to investigate the intentions of the Inquisitor and the Bachelor. After obtaining the Executor Cloak and Executor Mask, she can find the Bachelor inside of the Theatre and give him the mask in exchange for information.

On Day 10, the Changeling needs to find Stanislav Rubin and learns that he is somewhere near the Theatre. If she goes behind the Theatre, she will find a manhole through which she can enter into the system of tunnels below the Town. Inside, two young men are guarding Rubin and they will immediately attack her.

Pathologic 2

Strange pantomime shows are performed here every night.
Haruspex's map hover

The game opens with the Haruspex, the Bachelor, and the Changeling all present in the Theatre. There will be an orderly on the second floor. After speaking to the orderly, the Haruspex heads to the Cathedral, where the decision for the Town will be made.
Day 1
The Theatre is accessible upon the Haruspex's arrival in Town once the story begins. Entering it during the day will show that it is empty, save for Mark Immortell being present on the stage. The player is able to speak with him, though it is unclear if this is the same Mark Immortell from the player death interactions, or if there is a difference at all between the two. This interaction will remain available until Day 4.
Day 2
During the early morning of Day 2, outdoor posters featuring a Tragedian will illuminate themselves near the Haruspex while he walks through the streets. If he engages with one of these posters, a map marker will appear over the Theatre, signifying that a performance is being put on there. Watching this performance will reveal the location for the Dead Item Shop, which moves on a nightly basis. If for some reason the Haruspex does not engage with the posters nor the Theatre's show, they will illuminate again on the following nights, until he stumbles upon a poster or a performance.
In the subsequent days, new performances will be put on between 00:00 to 07:30. Viewing these performances will reveal the Dead Item Shop's new locations, and also shed insight on the game's characters and themes.
As of Day 2, if ever the player dies, they will be brought to the Theater of Death.
Day 4
On Day 4, the Theatre is converted to a hospital (and later morgue) for victims of the Plague, which will remain its sole function when not showing its performances during the early mornings. The Haruspex is given daily assignments at the hospital, which are necessary in order for him to earn the following day's Fund rewards. The cabinet in the back of the Theatre's stage will sometimes contain useful items, and there will be bodies available to autopsy free of punishments to reputation.
Rubin and Lara Ravel are both present at the Theatre that day, and the Haruspex is tasked with elliminating the pain for four different patients, each of whom has just a small amount of pain that can be eliminated with a single Morphine or Painkiller. Two Morphines are already in the backstage cabinet, which means he will need to provide two more means of pain reduction. Unfortunately if the player diagnoses any of the four patients before fully eliminating their pain, it will become much harder to complete the day's task, as their pain levels will rise considerably during the diagnostics process.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 5
On Day 5, Rubin and the Bachelor are present at the Theatre. The Haruspex is tasked with administering the correct antibiotic treatment to three different patients. Conveniently, accomplishing this task also elevates the daily Fund meter, making it much easier to finish the day with it maxed out.
Day 6
On Day 6, Rubin and Yulia Lyuricheva can be found at the Theatre. The task is to extract six (healthy or infected) organs from the bodies of the dead and put them inside a box for the Bachelor to examine later. A Rusty Scalpel can be found in the backstage cabinet.
Day 7
On Day 7, only an orderly is present. The hospital has become overcrowded and the Haruspex learns that patients have been mismanaged. The task is to locate four living people who have accidentally been placed among the dead. They may be either inside the Theatre or outside in front of it. Engaging the "focus" button can make it a lot easier for the player to see them.
Day 8
On Day 8, two orderlies as well as Victor Kain are at the Theatre. The Haruspex is simply tasked with remaining inside the hospital for an hour until the orderlies return. However, while waiting, Plague clouds will appear and target the Haruspex. After an hour has passed, the orderlies have still not arrived. After waiting a while longer, they will finally return and relieve the Haruspex of his duties. The plague clouds can be avoided by standing on top of or behind certain bodies on the floor, as the clouds cannot navigate over them.
Day 9
On Day 9, the Changeling is at the Hospital, despairing over her healing touch no longer working. The Haruspex can help by completely curing a patient for her.
Day 10
On Day 10, the Hospital is closed and entry barred by Army soldiers. Confirming this with the guards at the door will earn the Haruspex his Fund rewards for the following day.
Day 12
Each Ending involves the player entering the Theatre to complete their performance, while speaking with their fellow actors and Mark Immortell.
Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

A new pantomime is being rehearsed at the Theatre.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

Located in the condemned part of Town the Theatre is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Mark Immortell will be noted as in danger.



This video plays on Day 12 of Pathologic, after curing all 3 sets of Bound, and after the visit to The Powers That Be in the Polyhedron.

Pathologic 2

Every night, different pantomimes will be available from 00:00 to 07:30.

Theatre of Death

In Pathologic 2, upon dying, the player will be sent to the Theatre to speak with Mark Immortell. There, various townsfolk will be present, so long as they had died throughout the events of the game.

Death Punishments

In Pathologic 2, after Day 1, whenever the player dies they will be transported to the Theatre of Death. The first time they die, they will be scolded by Mark Immortell who says that deaths affect the state of the world and they must be punished for their failure. The player will receive a punishment for each death and will have conversations with Mark and other members of the Theatre of Death. The player may be asked to make decisions whilst in the Theatre of Death that are permanently tied to that specific profile.

After receiving the maximum number of penalties, the player will still be transported to the Theatre of Death upon dying and talk to Mark, but will no longer receive any further consequences other than loss of time and progress.

Consequences of Death

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details about the punishments follow.
Death 1: Decreased maximum health.

Death 2: Decreased maximum health, ability to hug is removed.

Death 3: No punishment. Conversation with Rat Catcher.

Death 4: Decreased maximum health, decreased maximum hunger.

Death 5: Decreased maximum health. Conversation with Mark about being replaced with another actor.

Death 6: Decreased maximum exhaustion.

Death 7: Conversation with the Fellow Traveller who offers the player a deal. He can remove all penalties acquired up to this point and the player will no longer receive consequences for dying, but there will be a cost.

Death 8: Decreased maximum health. The Theatre is empty.

Death 9: Decreased maximum health. Conversation with Mark about overcoming death and the use of multiple actors.

Death 10: Ability to touch is removed - sometimes, when performing autopsies, the Haruspex will now find Cotton Wool or a Button instead of an organ.

Death 11: Decreased maximum health.

Death 12: Decreased maximum hunger.

Death 13: Decreased maximum health.

Death 14: Decreased maximum health. The Theatre is empty.

Death 15: Decreased maximum health. Conversation with Mark about transcending death and that it is not the same as immortality.

Death 16: Decreased maximum exhaustion.

Death 17: Decreased maximum health. Mark will also provide the player with a tally of their deaths so far, although he will incorrectly report it as 16 instead of 17.

Death 18: Decreased maximum health. Conversation with Mark about "healing the wrong people."

Death 19: Decreased maximum health.

Death 20: Decreased maximum health. The Theatre is empty.

Death 21: Decreased maximum hunger. Final punishment.

Death 22: Mark asks the player "What will continue you?".

Death 23: Conversation with Mark about treating people like puppets.

Death 24: Mark commends the player for still trying.

Death 25: Conversation with Mark.

The final punishment is on death 21. Every death after 25 is the same conversation with Mark.

Significant plot details about the punishments end here.


With every additional death the Haruspex wounds the world, creating a growing tumour outside of the Theatre. Once the growth is complete the Rat Prophet inhabits it, taking it as a nest.[1] Depending on the tumour's growth by the game's end, if the player exits the Theatre via its front door, then the Rat Prophet's tumour may obscure the Theatre's view during the closing cinematic.


Official Art


  • In the opening prologue, the children who the Haruspex was meant to save lay in hospital beds, dead.
  • In Pathologic 2, Yulia Lyuricheva and Victor Kain will only appear at the Theatre's hospital on Day 6 and Day 8 respectively if they were not infected by the Plague at midnight.


  1. Me… I'm just a trash rat, Burakh. Field voles make nests from herbs; I make mine from rot, so to speak. I'll climb up there and inhabit it. Spitting down rot on your heads from above, heh heh heh…