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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

Tragedian (Трагик)
Reflection (Тень)
Russian Voice
Alexander Fisenko (Pathologic)

Tragedians are the actors from the local Theatre. They are nameless extras.


There are the events taking place in the town, which are real. And there is their stage adaptation, which is also real. There are the actors who play the protagonists and reenact the events of their lives (since upon loading, you’re reliving that short—or not so short—stretch of their deathbound journey).

The actor walks out into the town, looking for inspiration, “walking the hero’s paths”.

And there’s a fluid ambiguity in not having a clear way of telling who you are right now: the real Haruspex or Bachelor, living his life, about to die—or an actor playing his part and thus getting a chance to go back to the past?''

Pathologic 2 art book

Tragedians dress in form-fitting black stage costumes and white masks approximating a human face. The Tragedian is a placemarker hero, a shade of what could have been were it not for you. Like all mimes, they're gently compassionate and moderately useless.


In Pathologic the Tragedians are said to be actors from the local theatre. They, alongside the Executors, are the primary characters in midnight performances. Tragedian's often take the place of unnamed and otherwise "extra" characters. On occasion Tragedians will appear outside of the Theatre. In Bachelor Route and Changeling route they accompany Executors in teaching the Healer, and by extension the Player, how to exist in the world. They will teach the player information such as how to sate hunger and sate exhaustion, as well as how to manage time and dialogue.

Tragedians also exist outside of tutorials and performances as on some occasions. During Bachelor Route a Tragedian will require escorting out of an infected district and will reward the Bachelor with a key to the Theatre for his help. On the first day of Haruspex Route a Tragedian is found outside of the Lump, wishing to see Big Vlad on behalf of the Bachelor.

On the final day of Pathologic a Tragedian can be spoken to in the Theatre regarding the events of the game. They, alongside the Executor, are refered to as "The People Who Executed the Whole Thing" and act as virtual stand-ins for the developers.

Pathologic 2

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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

In Pathologic 2 Tragedians act as both tutorial figures and the unmasked versions of major characters. On the first few days Tragedians will appear by important events to aid the Haruspex in his journey. Some give helpful items such as money, Water Bottles, Lockpicks, and Toast.

Some Tragedians act as the reflections of Bound Character's thoughts. They offer insight to the inner thoughts of the character they are shadowing. They are often found either directly behind, above, or otherwise near their subjects. Beak, Aglaya Lilich, Aspity, Oyun, Bad Grief, Katerina Saburova, Alexander Saburov, and Lara Ravel all have Tragedian reflections throughout the events of Pathologic 2. It is noted that both Katerina Saburova and Alexander Saburov have an unusually high number of reflections to their names.

During the Diurnal Ending Tragedians will stand in the place of deceased bound, acting as a reflection of what could have been.

In the Epilogue the Player may choose to take Mark Immortell's place in the Theatre as the director. If this option is chosen the Haruspex will step forward on the stage and take a bow, unmasking to become a Tragedian.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Birdies, birdies... gather ye here, round the marble nest...

This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2: The Marble Nest. Read at your own risk.

In Pathologic: The Marble Nest a Tragedian can be found outside of Georgiy Kain's section of the Crucible. The Tragedian is Georgiy's reflection and explains that the Judge is lifting the quarantine on the Town.

At midday a pair of Tragedian's perform outside of the Cathedral. Flanked by cages they mime a scene to each other. As the Bachelor approaches them they claim that they know how to deal with a dreaded evening appoinement that the Bachelor is to encounter. They dismiss it as for the Bachelor there will be no tomorrow and as such their advice will be useless anyway. If the Bachelor presses the Tragedian's they will say that they could only give the advice to a man with an open heart and lament what a shame it is that the Bachelor has no heart at all. They promise that if the Bachelor is to discover his heart they will be able to provide information.

Should the Bachelor receive a heart from the Herb Bride sacrificed below the Bridge Square he is able to give it to the Tragedians. The Tragedians are shocked by the Bachelor's literal interpretation of their words. Nevertheless, they do provide their promised information in vagaries, telling the Bachelor that in order to win he must first understand the rules of the game in which he is playing and then know how to break them.


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  • Though they are not voiced in Pathologic 2, all Tragedian dialogue is written in iambic pentameter.[1]