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The Chine
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cot_julia (Pathologic)
Yulia Lyuricheva
Aysa Klyonina (Pathologic 2)
Voronika Croy (Pathologic 2)
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The Trammel ("Невод") is a building owned by Yulia Lyuricheva and was once the Town's library.


A former library turned into a study and residence. Yulia moved into it not long after she began her project to pave the town at the request of the Kains.

Pathologic 2

The Trammel contains two large cabinets where items may be stored indefinitely, as well as a clock to save at.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1, while investigating the deaths of Simon Kain and Isidor Burakh, the Bachelor will be directed to speak to Yulia Lyuricheva by Alexander Saburov. Yulia will tell the Bachelor about the Olgimskys, as well as several other prominent women of the Town, namely Eva Yan, Anna Angel, and Lara Ravel.

On Day 2, the Bachelor offers to help Lara with her plans for the 'House of the Living'. Lara tells him that Yulia had offered to donate some money in order to buy supplies for the 'House of the Living'. The Bachelor visits Yulia at the Trammel and receives her donation of 3000 coins.

On Day 4, the Bachelor learns that Vlad the Younger had tasked several women in Town to test various medicines. The Bachelor insists that it is too dangerous and wants to test the medicine himself. Yulia Lyuricheva is one of the women who were going to test the medicines. The Bachelor visits her to take the medicine and after completing the test, he can return to her and she will give him a Repellent Cape.

On Day 6, the Bachelor learns that the Cathedral's quarantine was broken the night before and that everyone inside has died of the Plague. Several women are suspected of having entered the Cathedral and bringing the Plague with them, one of which is Yulia Lyuricheva. The Bachelor must visit Yulia and take a sample of her blood to examine.

On Day 8, the Bachelor can visit Yulia at the Trammel to ask if she was able to purchase a bottle of Panacea from Vlad Jr. at a reasonable price.

On Day 9, the Bachelor will receive several letters from Yulia, Anna Angel, and Lara Ravel. He learns that Lara plans to attempt an assassination on the newly arrived Army Commander, Alexander Block and that Anna and Yulia are conspiring to stop her. If he speaks to Yulia, she will ask the Bachelor to tell Block that she is the one who is planning to assassinate him, not Lara.

After the Bachelor does so, he can return to the Trammel to speak to her. Upon approaching the Trammel, he will find five soldiers around her house, all of whom become aggressive and attack the Bachelor. After dealing with the soldiers, he enters the Trammel and Yulia will give him her bottle of Panacea.

On Day 12, as Yulia Lyuricheva is one of the Changeling's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of the Trammel with Yulia being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Changeling to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Yulia a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Haruspex Route

On Day 12, as Yulia Lyuricheva is one of the Changeling's Bound, there is a chance that an Executor will be stationed outside of the Trammel with Yulia being infected inside. If the player wishes for the Changeling to attend the Cathedral meeting, they must give Yulia a Shmowder or a Panacea to cure her.

Changeling Route

On Day 3, Katerina Saburova will ask the Changeling to convince Eva Yan to leave the Utopians and join the Humbles. In order to learn more about Eva, the Changeling visits Yulia Lyuricheva.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 6, Alexander Saburov suspects that Yulia was responsible for the outbreak of the Plague in the Cathedral. When talking to Yulia, the Changeling discovers that Yulia had given several items to her twin sister, which were found in the Cathedral in the morning.
Significant plot details end here.

On Day 11, as one of the Changeling's Bound, Yulia Lyuricheva may be chosen to be spoken to in relation to the main quest.

Pathologic 2

The mansion of Yulia Liuricheva*, logistician and mathematician. Also the Town's library. Rarely visited.
The Haruspex's map hover

Day 4
The Trammel becomes accessible on Day 4, so that the Haruspex may visit Yulia to administer medicine to her.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Day 6
On Day 6, a young woman named Aysa Klyonina brings the Haruspex to the Trammel by request of its owner. Yulia intends to warn the Haruspex of the visitor who is to arrive the following day - a governmental Inquisitor, sent by order to investigate and 'solve' the town and the outbreak. There is another young woman in the Trammel, named Voronika Croy, who laments the ruthless nature of Inquisitors and how she fears the coming Inquisitor may be her father. The Bachelor will also be present, expressing his exhaustion and sense of failure regarding the quest to cure the outbreak. The following day, Voronika Croy's body (containing her Farewell Letter) may be found at the gallows outside the Cathedral.
Significant plot details end here.

The residents of the Trammel will be under threat of infection on Day 4, Day 8, and Day 10.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Clara the Changeling insists that Yulia is beyond the threat of the plague, being the only person to understand the true logic of what's unfolding. Utter drivel...
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

Located in the condemned part of Town, the Trammel is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Yulia Lyuricheva will be noted as in danger, but alive.


Official Art


  • In original Pathologic English translation the Trammel was called "Seine".
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays in the Trammel is Useless Science.
  • In Pathologic 2, Yulia's last name is spelled incorrectly as "Liuricheva" rather than "Lyuricheva" in the Haruspex's map hover over the Trammel, despite her name being spelled correctly everywhere else.
  • In Pathologic 2, the backyard is inaccessible without first entering the Trammel and exiting to the sitting room. However, bandits may still spawn here at night and during days where the Chine is condemned due to previous infection.