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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

Transfusion Blood
Quest Item
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Transfusion Blood is a quest item found in Pathologic. It may be obtained during the Haruspex Route on Day 1 for the side quest "The Survivor."

The Haruspex will find that one of the men who attempted to attack him at the Train Station survived, but was heavily injured, and is bleeding to death in the Cemetery. The Haruspex can choose to save him, which can only be done by performing a blood transfusion.

In order to obtain the Transfusion Blood to perform the operation, the Haruspex must go to the Stone Yard and find Var who will draw his blood. This can only be done successfully if the Haruspex has at least 40 points of health. The process of drawing blood will take away 30 health points.


It is stored in a tightly corked glass flask.
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