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There is a tight spring of power within each of these people. Each of them can break the routine of human existence and become something greater. They are standing on the verge of their humanity, gazing into the realm where they could serve a different, higher purpose—without even knowing it. Moreover, they are bound to make the leap—in one way or another.
Maria Kaina, Day 1

The Utopians are one of the three factions, alongside the Humbles and the Termites. They are represented by the Bachelor.

They are united by a common ideology—the preservation of the Polyhedron. All play an important part in the creation of "Utopia".

The Bound

Andrey Stamatin Eva Yan Georgiy Kain Mark Immortell Maria Kaina Peter Stamatin Victor Kain Vlad the Younger
AndreyHDportrait EvaHDportrait GeorgiyHDportrait MarkHDportrait MariaHDportrait PeterHDportrait VictorHDportrait YoungvladHDportrait
A gifted, capable, and notably dangerous architect who owns a tavern in the eastern part of town. Twin brother of Peter. A young woman who allows the Bachelor to stay at her house. Earnestly believes in miracles. The head of the Kain family. Known as the Judge, and passes judicial law in the The Town. The theater director and a former circus performer. He almost never leaves the theater. Daughter of Victor and Nina Kaina, and the niece of Georgiy. The future Scarlet Mistress. A genius architect and the designer of the Polyhedron. Has a heavy penchant for drinking. Twin brother of Andrey. The father of Maria and Kaspar, and the husband of Nina. He is the political leader of the Kain family. The eldest child of the Olgimsky family and the most probable heir. Son of Big Vlad and Victoria Olgimskaya. Has an interest in money and Steppe lore.


  • While this page is used as a category for characters in both games, the faction system only exists in the original Pathologic.
  • Although Vlad the Younger is a Utopian, he does not appear among the Bachelor's Bound in Pathologic.