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Voronika Croy (Вероника Крой)
The Trammel
Unnamed Inquisitor (father)

Voronika was a character in the Feverish Feeling ARG (Alternate Reality Game). She later makes a brief appearance in Pathologic 2.

Feverish Feeling

During the Feverish Feeling ARG, Voronika sends interested participants clues and puzzles for them to solve. She tells participants that she is sick and trapped in the middle of nowhere. It is detailed that she likely left the city as she was sick and unsure if her disease was infectious. She details that she is going to die in September and seems ready to accept her fate. Later, it seems as though she is sending emails for a reason - she is ultimately attempting to catch the attention of her father, an Inquisitor. She is exposing her father and the Inquisition's secrets so that they will have a reason to find her in her feverish and ill state. One morning, she wakes to finds a note by her bedside, one she is unsure if she wrote. She details that "The beast of the bog has knocked on my door today. He smells like foxberry. He came after me. Farewell. The old door is open again—one last time." She laments that she was not enough for her Father to bother looking for, and regrets that her trick failed. Her correspondence with the participants ends there.

In the end a letter from her father reads:


I won't ask for forgiveness. For what I've done forgiveness is not asked. The virus of death is in every human, but it sleeps almost all our life long. And it has woken up in you just because you are special. You know it's true. Everything will end soon. We ("We" is crossed out) I have the panacea. I don't know who and what you are. I do, though. You are my happiness and I always love you.

- V

Pathologic 2

Come now, you haven't given us any time to change the set!

This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Voronika appears in Pathologic 2 in the Trammel before the Inquisitor arrives, fearing that it will be her father. She explains the methods of the Inquisition to the Haruspex. Later, Voronika is found dead outside of the Cathedral by the Gallows. It is likely she either committed suicide or was hanged by the Inquisitor. On her body is a letter that reads:

"Who can tally the number of drops in the sea? Who can tally the number of tears in this grief?"

I'm so happy it wasn't you, Father.

- Veronica Croy.



  • Voronika is an infected variant of the Starling NPC.
  • It is possible Voronika's father is Peter Kroy, a known Inquisitor with whom she shares a last name.
    • During the ARG's activity, many participants theorized that her Inquisitor parent may have been Aglaya Lilich, though this was disproven with the reveal of Voronika's surname and her letter.
  • Voronika's letter can be traded at the Dead Item Shop for 15 trade value.
  • The poem that Voronika references in her suicide letter is a quote shared by Maria Kaina and Capella in voiced dialogue.[1][2]
  • In the English translation of Pathologic 2, Voronika's name is anglicised to Veronica.