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This entry refers to content from the original Pathologic (2005) and the Pathologic Classic HD remaster. It has nothing to do with the sequel.

Willow Mellow (Вера Верба)
Andrey Stamatin's Pub
Var (adoptive father)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Body Part

Willow Mellow is a young dancer encountered during Day 5 by both the Bachelor and the Haruspex in Pathologic.


Appearance: She has light curls, slanted eyes and dark skin. One could say that she has a Mongoloid-type face, but the golden hair conceals this impression. She has dazzling white teeth and smiles frequently; it's beautiful, because Willow only smiles when she wants to. She loves gold, wears rings, bracelets, and has copper gypsy earrings in her ears.
Pose: Turns back, smiling, throwing her head back a little and exposing her throat.

Personality: Her name is Willow. The older children called her Verba in the Polyhedron from a young age, when she could hardly pronounce her name. She believes she will die soon and “is in a hurry to live”. She is adorned with gold not for the sake of beauty, but because she believes in the saving power of amulets. Afraid of black cats, manholes, odd and even steps, the number "13" in all its manifestations, etc. She is obsessed with a prejudice according to which her thought has a unique quality: as soon as she imagines an event, it will certainly come true. This is probably why she makes a lot of noise and moves constantly - motor activity eliminates mental activity. She blames herself for the beginning of the epidemic, which Willow had a detailed and long nightmare about in August.

From original Pathologic character concepts [1]

Willow Mellow is a young girl that has been raised by Var ever since her kidnapping by the Ace of Diamonds Caravan. When Willow's real father came to rescue her from the Caravan, Var killed him.

Willow received a regular circus upbringing; however, she prefers working as a dancer in Andrey Stamatin's Pub.

Anna Angel describes Willow as a performer that Var cares for tremendously and seeks to use this information as a means to blackmail him for money. Willow Mellow does not seem to be the same girl who was the daughter of the Willows' previous owners and only shares a name.


Bachelor Route

On Day 5, the Bachelor agrees to Anna Angel's plan to blackmail Var. When talking to Var, he requests that the Bachelor find his daughter, as he is concerned for her safety during the outbreak. The Bachelor will find her at Andrey Stamatin's Pub.

Willow agrees to meet with the Bachelor in the Blind Backyard near Isidor Burakh's House and go with him to see her father. She will be found dead, as the Bachelor had previously requested the Haruspex to procure a still beating heart of a plague victim, and takes her infected heart to Stanislav Rubin.

Haruspex Route

On Day 5, Willow Mellow is one of several people whom the Haruspex can kill for an infected heart to give to the Bachelor. The Haruspex will meet her at Andrey Stamatin's Pub and learns that she plans to meet the Bachelor that evening. After talking to her, the Haruspex will find her outside at the Blind Backyard. He will also be asked to kill her by Anna Angel. He may choose to kill her as per Anna's request and also obtain her heart.

If he wishes to spare Willow, he can choose to obtain a Bride's Heart from an Herb Bride or a Butcher's Heart from a Butcher, all of whom can be found in the Steppe near a Worm gatherer's hut.

However, she will still die that evening and never meet her father, as she had already been infected with the Sand Plague.

Changeling Route

Willow Mellow does not appear in the Changeling route. However, the Changeling does learn about who she is and her relationship with Anna as former performers.



  • In Russian the name Вера means 'faith'; the word верба means 'willow'.
  • Willow's death is inevitable. She will always be killed by the Haruspex in the Bachelor route. In the Haruspex route, it is possible to avoid killing her, but she will still die from disease.
  • Her story bears a similar one to Nara in Pathologic 2. However, they are separate characters.
  • Willow's model is the same as that of Herb Brides found throughout the Town, but she is not actually a Herb Bride nor part of the Kin.