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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

Wonder Bull
Noukher (Partner)
Duugai (the Silent)
Mounkhe (Eternity)
Artemy Burakh (owner)

Someone is selling a bull here. Only two hundred for a truly honestly talking pet! Deal of the year!
Then again, it's a good healthy bull.

The Wonder Bull is a character in Pathologic 2. He is sold to the Haruspex by a Kinsman named Loy, and will live in the front yard of the Lair. He is allegedly capable of talking, but will only speak on the scariest day of his owner's life.


Ay-ya, booha, ay-ya! Khatar naada hoog-zhoya... Ay-ya, ay-ya! Khatar naada hoog-zhonya. Do you know this song, good boy?
Artemy Burakh

The Wonder Bull can be bought as early as Day 1, but if one misses the chance to purchase him, the salesman will visit the Haruspex in front of his Lair to offer again. The Haruspex may name him, or choose not to, waiting for the bull to tell him his real name - if he can truly speak.

The Wonder Bull will move around the yard of the Lair over the course of the game. Sometimes he will be in front of the door. Other times, he will be grazing in the grass area behind the building. On Day 5, the Wonder Bull will be absent, and a conversation with the Bachelor will suggest that he may have taken his bull. However, one will be relieved to see the Wonder Bull unharmed the following day. On Day 10, the Haruspex is able to sing to the Wonder Bull, although the bull will not reply.

On Day 11, as the Haruspex is recovering the courier's papers in order to make a decision about the Polyhedron and the future of the Town, he will be able to speak with the Wonder Bull. He speaks in the language of the Kin, to which the Haruspex comments that this must be the scariest day of his life after all.

Buying and eventually speaking with the Wonder Bull will unlock the Wonder Bull achievement.